Sunday, February 27, 2011

Caveman - Sticks and Stones(2003)

Dont sleep on this joint.... Definitely worth a listen in my opinion.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Subsoniq: "Instru-mentals" (February 2k11 Episode)

Trying my best to get back into doing these shows on a consistent basis, so i hope you all enjoy and please keep the music comin' right here on SB. Also, you can directly submit tracks via:

The playlist is in the widget; Stream it here & download below! Enjoy...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

strickly beats mix 03

Here is this month's installment of the SBmix

Last month when i posted SBmix02 i asked if anyone was interested in doing a 30 min back to back beats mix. This month we have the honnor to listen to a great mix by "pure" you can check him out from (28:50) Thanks for sharing some dope vibrations.

Also thanks to all who submitted and enquired. I promis you wil get another chance later this year, Im hoping to do this more often.

Multiupload SBmix03 Here

Check the older editions of the SBmix Here

Contact pure via his website Here

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Maximoe & Don Monnet - Beats Vol.1 //ILTS0002//


Intuition & Equalibrum "Girls Like Me" Instrumentals (2011)

1. Hello To Goodbye (Prod. By Equalibrum) 02:05
2. Hold Your Breath (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:21
3. Otis Redding (Prod. By Equalibrum) 02:48
4. Feeling The Emptiness (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:13
5. All I Got (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:20
6. Why Would You (Prod. By Equalibrum) 01:34
7. Don't Try (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:53
8. Ed McMahon (Prod. By Mike Gao) 03:18
9. Homegirl (Prod. By Equalibrum) 03:48
10. Lonely (Prod. By Equalibrum) 05:03
11. Summer Dreaming (Prod. By Equalibrum) 01:45
12. Al Bundy (Prod. By Dibiase) 03:17
13. Future Ex-Wife (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:14
14. I Love California (Prod. By Equalibrum) 03:50
15. Buzzkill (Prod. By Equalibrum) 04:07


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Soul Starr - Is.....MARVELOUS


Dibiase - Sound Palace

Download url removed by author's request

Mndsgn - StatikMumblin

Check out these mndsgn loose joints, Its 9 beats, some are crap some are dope.Decide for yourself.

Mndsgn bandcamp

If you are interested in flying lotus and the brainfeeder crew check out the show they did for benji b last week here And if you are interested in jazzy beats chekc out this open mediafire folder with jazzbeats by QUIET

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Teebs - Unfinished / Unreleased Ardour

1. M.A.H. BBC Radio 1 Mix. (15 mins)
2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent
3. Untitled 4
4. Humming Birds (unmastered)
5. Wind Loop
6. Youve Changed (unfinished cut)
7. Hi Hat. (unreleased populous remix)
8. Personal Winter
9. Blessed Assurance
10. Monterey Park Bells

Star Slinger - Rogue Cho Pa


Latimore Platz - Smokey Part 1


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Kev Brown Instrumentals VoL 1

01. 1% (out the mpc version)
02. Life (rmx instrumental)
03. Gentrification (out the mpc version)
04. Look (instrumental)
05. Sam Jackson On Piano (out the mpc version)
06. Another Private Conversation (instrumental)
07. Mulitply (instrumental)
08. Couldnt Hear Me Over The Music (rmx instrumental)
09. Hardcore Riverdance (out the mpc)
10. Whoever Programmed Us (rmx instrumental)
11. State of Emergency (instrumental)
12. Armada Latina (rmx instrumental)
13. Shotgun (instrumental)
14. Come Back (instrumental)




Kil - Through The Wire (Dirty)

"Through the Wire is the perfect marriage between two of my loves, making beats and the HBO television series The Wire. I've been addicted to the Wire since it first dropped in 2002 and have been using samples from the show to match the mood of my beats ever since. Over the years I've made a rack of beats like this, and decided to put this project together for all the Wire heads out there. If you mess with the Wire and dope beats, this album is right up your alley.

Also be on the look out for the other projects I've got dropping in 2011. Next on deck, we've got Vegas' "You're All Welcome" which is the follow up to last year's "The Grey Area". We've got Lunchboxx's (Washington DC) "The Discipline" and Philly's Finest Driz Lo's debut album "The Missing Element". We also got Khalim aka K Fanat's (former Hydra Records signee with NYC bangers like "Zoo York", "Blowing Up Spots" and "My Style) debut album as well as VI Ghetto Kings' (Fanat with his brothers Sha-1 and Rahim) debut album. Plus my dude E.S. (Brooklyn, NYC) comes through with "Hustler's Prayer". 2011 is gonna be a dope year for hip hop over on this end so stay tuned..."


Chief - Drone Beats & Electric Waves


Chief - Drone Beats & Electric Waves - Trailer