Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SS: "Instros" (November Episode)

I gotta send a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who contributes to SB as well as those who have shared music, be it their own or an artist they like, with me thru Soundcloud. You all are the reason i can keep doing this show monthly, so please keep the instrumentals comin'!


SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (November)  by  Neosonix

Friday, November 20, 2009

Book of Nawledge Vol. VI & Various Whatnot...

Quick little post here. Got another installment of the Book of Nawledge Series, and there's quite a few NEW tracks on here. I'll include a Track-List this time... Hope you enjoy, & as always I would like to hear what you have to say about the mix.
Book of Nawledge Vol. VI

1. Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix) - Flying Lotus
2. Beauty (I titled it that, it's from his Untitled 2009 Beat Tape...) - Teebs
3. Aquarium - Nosaj Thing
4. Sunset Drive - Husky Rescue
5. Live In Knoxville - Pretty Lights
6. Beyond Right Now (Pretty Lights Remix) - Pretty Lights
7. Headroom - Nava
8. I'm Here You're There (Mexicans With Guns Remix) - Ernest Gonzales
9. In & Out Of Weeks - A.M. Architect
10. Coastal Brake (Manual Remix) - Tycho
11. Paper Dolls - Maker
12. Sunup - Thomas Piper
13. Time In Motion - Blazo
14. IProfess - Delay The Daylight

Alright, next up we got some Heat from the Y-Society, which consists of producer, Damu The Fudgemunk & Lyricist, Insight. This is Damu's Instro's for their debut album. If you're familiar with his work, then you know what to expect: classic golden-age boom bap head noddin' gem type stuff. Really good work on here and Damu is one of the few producer's that still holds my attention with that classic sound. Not to say that I'm over it at all, I still love puttin on Stunt's/B's & Hip Hop every now and again, but these days I just want to be listening to what's in the mix above... But, I know that a lot of you will enjoy this album, as I did, check it out.

Y-Society - Travel At Your Own Pace Instrumentals
[link removed at label's request -djesp]

Next, I'm gonna get up as many requests that I can remember seeing in the Box over the last little while. I'm sure there are more, please request again if I miss ya, but these stood out in my mind & so here they are for you now.

TwoFresh - The Baker's Dozen

Alex B - Beat Tape Volume One
Alex B - Brainfood ** One Single Track Continuous Mix **

And I was adding the DJ Frane - Beats To Blaze To Vol.1-3 collections, but the links were down. Sorry, I'll try & get those up sometime in the future...

On a final note, I have a few vid's here I tossed up after the Decibel Festival in Seattle this past September. I was going to post them later with interviews, but I've got some new ideas pertaining to that, & now they can be posted here. Please check them out, especially this Tycho joint up first, it was an epic show. And as always, ENJOY!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

K-Murdock's "Breaks, Rhythms & Loops"

Peace y'all, I just wanted to bring to your attention this new instro album im droppin' independently next month!  Its a 12 track project that i'll be selling both digitally and via cd format.  I know the majority of stuff posted on SB is for FREE download, but i figured i'd at least let you all know about this since i have posted my fair share of free stuff up and will continue to do so moving ahead. Initially, I'm only pressin' up 100 cd copies, which will also contain a bonus track, so make sure u get ya pre-order in HERE!  I'll be playing some tracks from the album tomorrow night, 9pm EST, on my U-Stream show: "Neo-sonix".  As always, i appreciate the support!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

People Under The Stairs - A Question In The Form Of An Answer (Instrumentals) (Re-Up)

People Under The Stairs - A Question In The Form Of An Answer (Instrumentals) (Re-UP)


Live At The Fishbucket (Part 1)

Producer - Thes One
4 Everybody

Producer - Thes One
San Francisco Knights

Producer - Thes One
Afternoon Connection

Producer - Thes One
Blowin Wax

Producer - Thes One
Yehaw Partystyles

Producer - Thes One
E Business

Producer - Double K (2)
We'll Be There

Producer - Thes One

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beat-Maker-Beat -'' Lost Pieces''

Beat Maker Beat is back with 19 joints for your listening pleasure.

Click here to go to his myspace page!

Download Here!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Just wanted to let you all know, in case you didn't know, that there are a few albums of note i have posted up for free on my bandcamp page:

First up, is the redux version of volume one of my "Mood Muzik" series, which features 17 instrumentals that chronicle the season's cycle plus 1 bonus vocal track!

Next is my anime/hip-hop fused mixtape "iMANGANAtion".  Volume 1 is a hodgepodge of some of my own my favorite beats interspersed with clips from my favorite japanime movies & series.

Lastly, its the recently released Panacea EP, "Corkscrew Gaps".  Its not instrumental but i figure its free so you all may dig it!  FYI- this particular download requires an email so i can add you to my mailing list and keep you informed on more instro projects!


Monday, November 02, 2009

DIRT Volume Presents - A Summer Session(Re-Up)

This is a classic in my book. I have not been able to stop playing it since I first got it almost two years ago :-) If you didnt get it the first time it was posted make sure to check it out. All tracks remixed and produced by 2Twyst and Corporate P. I really wish that they would come out with a follow up to this album.

Stop by their page and show them some love if your feeling this @\dirtvolume

Download DIRT Volume Presents - A Summer Session

The Are - Manipulated Marauders 2007

The Are used all of the original samples from A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders and re-produced the tracks giving them his own spin. Major props to everyone at for putting this up. Enjoy!


1. Manipulated Intro
2. Biko
3. Award
4. Million
5. Sucka Who
6. Midnight
7. Get Down
8. Eclectic Relaxation
9. Clap Ya Hands
10. Oh My God
11. Keep It Rollin’
12. The Chase
13. Lyrics To Stay
14. God Lives Through

Download Here!

I love this dude!!! Check these vids of him making beats out!

Part 1

Part 2