Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Tribe Called Quest - Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol 2

Picked this up while diggin' at Play De Record last weekend! Most of these Instrumentals were only available on the Show Vinyl pressed up by ATCQ themselves so I'm not sure whose behind releasing these? If I had to guess I would say these were all taken off the Show Vinyl from their first 4 albums and repressed up on Vinyl & CD! All good tho, it beats paying a few bills at least for one of the actual Test Pressings if your lucky to ever come across one. I've saw The Low End Theory Show Vinyl on Ebay but only Side C & D and it went for a few hundred. Sometime later I saw Aaron from The Tune Up who had the Beats Rhymes & Life Show Vinyl that was given to a friend of his from Ali Shaheed Muhammad. That didn't even last a day on Ebay so I assume he received an offer he couldn't refuse for it. Let's hope there will be a Vol 3 as I still need the Buggin' Out, 8 Million Stories & Keep It Rollin' Instrumentals...

Click The Picture...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Constrobuz Tape 4

Analphatbeat - Calques

Mr anal hooked us up with his new tape.For those who liked that new vlooper dont mis out on this analphat, He even provided his own fast download server, nice!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Christoph El' Truento - Homemade Shit

Download Here
Download Here

Christoph El' Truento -

Gequence - Sunday Lounge


01. Opening Act
02. Just Take a Second
03. Soul Searchin
04. Shut the F*%k Up
05. Motown Heights
06. 7:35 A.M.
07. P. Chase Suite
08. Smoke Break (Blueberry)
09. As the World Turns
10. Midnight
11. Sunday Lounge
12. Don't Matter (Bonus Track)


G Force:
5th Sequence:
DJ Celsius:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knxwledge-Klouds (2010)

01. Enkounters
02. Wait
03. Pattern Klear
04. Bibimbap
05. Pastry
06. Give
07. Exekutive
08. Kollective
09. Remember Who You Are
10. Kling
11. Extrkt
12. Kollow
13. Fade
14. Idontlikeitanymore
15. Advanced Fiber

Download link removed at artist's request


(props to the homies at hhb for this one)

Tha Silent Partner

Platters Act.1-Lounge Music And Exotica

1 how's this for starters(intro)

2 gissle

3 nanana

4 loveedubby

5 f-ck her in the a-- 2 this

6 no mas

7 brass2rass

8 silverplated

9 time 2 go(outro)

Download Platters Act.1-Lounge Music And Exotica

1 Dj Family Tyz INTRO

2 L town to Beantown featuring Life MC of Phi Life Cypher

3 Just Bowrd


5 care 2 dance

6 could care less

7 2007 to 2008

8 loaded groove patch

9 always

10 Let me love you

11 Foolish Girl


13 Bowrd Fever

14 Enjoy Life Interlude

15 Blu Print

16 Come in

17 horny

18 lite my fire(Bad head)

19 car wont start

20 Don't go

21 4 My Friend Element

22 Rev With the Shoutouts featuring Revelation of EMS

23 the_undisputed_truth

24 Andla

25 might trash this beat

26 CanUgetthisdirty

27 Tom&Jerry

28 Over(Outro)

Download Platters Act. 3-TAPE DECK

Friday, March 26, 2010

Devonwho - Keepthafunkalive EP

Nice little devon ep.


Crazy space apes! ghehe

STATION: Second Round Hits

click here: Second Round Hits

"Immediate download of 20-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire."

you can go there and download the whole thing, track by track.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beat Grinders Vol 1

<a href="">BG 1 by Beat Grinders</a>

Damu The Fudgemunk - How It Should Sound - Promo EP

<a href="">New LP (EP Intro) by Damu The Fudgemunk</a>

This EP features some tracks from How It Should Sound Volumes 1 & 2. H.I.S.S. Vol. 1&2 will be available on April 13th via Redefinition Records.


01 New LP (Ep Intro)
02 Judgement Day
03 Fabreg Discotecas
04 You Know Who!
05 Bills Be Gone
06 Non-LP Bonus -Wonka Beat 3 (2009)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tech Omega Beat Tape

2.Baking Rolls
3.Death Threats
4.Deepest Fears
5.Diggin U Lady
6.Dont Start Shit
7.Heavens Steps
8.Im From Baltimore
9.Jumpin Jacks
10.Meet The Browns
11.Mind State

Name: Thurston (Tech-Omega)

These beats are free to use for mixtapes and promotional song use ONLY.
For full rights and wav
formats you can contact me at for information on how to purchase.

(Don't judge this disc by it's cover, if you like it rate it or leave a comment)

Cognition Studios - instruMENTALS Vol​.​1

<a href="">Summer Breeze by Cognition Studios</a>

On the Bandcamp page you can name your own price to download the album with no minimum(meaning $0) but I advise donating something to dude if you can. Big ups to T-Dot

Kadaj Da Kid - SOULblade

<a href="">shineon by Kadaj Da Kid</a>

Vlooper ++ Neon water planet

Vlooper sends us his new beattape,I dont think this guy needs a introduction.

This is what he said about his new tape:
"Water planet is a collection of water samples gathered from Motherland. Therefore, you might want to hydrate yourself adequately before listening to those vibrations that have been merged together at very high altitude"

download 1
download 2

TOUT'NOU all day

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lee Bannon – Justin Bieber Beat Tape


14KT– Damm U [Mixtape] Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic


1. Yspilanti Intro
2. House Of Horrors
3. Nostalgia
4. Naaaah!
5. MME Mode
6. Futuristic Mode
7. The Violet Hour
8. No Easy Answers
9. Electric Music Maker
10. The A
11. Leave Me Alone
12. Real Appeal
13. West Coast Summer
14. Going Fine (prod. by 14KT & Dibiase)
15. There’s Only One


Monday, March 22, 2010


EN-KI is an 18 year old producer out of Switzerland. Some really nice tracks on this beat tape. Make sure to give it a spin.




Downalod Here


Download Here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Addifi - The Green Diner Mix

Thought this was fresh, check it out...

You can find more of his stuff here

Remember to rate and leave comments on what you like and or dislike.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

RIP Nujabes

So, we have lost a truly unique individual in the instrumental music community. Jun Seba AKA Nujabes was one of the first instrumental artists I heard that gave me no idea on how to classify his music. Hip-Hop? Orchestral? Ambient? Chill? All Of The Above? Haha, he touched on all those thing's. As far as I can tell, it seems like he pretty much set the stage for a long line of asian producer's that followed in his style: Nomak, Uyama Hiroto, Woodblue, Blazo, etc... Way back when, DJ Krush was honestly the only asian producer that I knew about, then I learned about Nujabes, and the rest of the asian roster followed. Honestly, some of my favorite tracks EVER were produced by the man, and his music continues to take me places calm & far away even after multiple listens. He is a master at summoning emotions within his music, almost every track of his paints a clear picture of something in my mind... & This little compilation of 10 Tracks are some of my personal favorites. They paint clear pictures & summon just the right emotions. I hope you enjoy this quick mix, take a moment to listen & imagine the place's Jun was going in his mind when he produced these tracks, & when you see him there, pay due to one of the greatest instrumental producer's ever.

Peace Jun, you will be missed... RIP Nujabes.

Nujabes - 10 Favorites
Nujabes - 10 Favorites << Alt Mediafire Link

1. Voice Of Autumn << This track just sounds like Life. Memories flowing In & Out with the Piano chords.

2. Counting Stars << I see myself counting stars from a beach somewhere.

3. Tsurugi No Mai << This is good wake up & start the day music here. Look outside, sun is shining.

4. Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix) << A car journey down a snowy tree-filled path is what I see when I hear this.

5. Silver Morning << Also another great day-starter. Wait for the Bass to hit, and you know it's time to get outside.

6. After Hanabi (Listen To My Beat) << One of my FAVORITE tracks ever. This is pure Summer, 4th of July nights. Passion.

7. Beat Laments The World << I once told myself that this was the Best beat ever, of all time thus far. 4 Real. PURE HEAT HERE.

8. Blessing It (Nujabes Remix) << With Vocals, had to pay due to the connection made between Fat Jon, FiveDeez & Nujabes.

9. Latitude (Nujabes Remix) << Another epic FiveDeez flip from Jun. I prefer both these remixes to the originals.

10. Mist << This track is great, feel's like I'm on a journey with Samurai Jack in the forest somewhere. & Like the Mist, so is Jun...


A Funny Pic:

Soulful! - The Mellow Life

<a href="">The Mellow Life Intro by Inner Loop Records</a>

Fresh off his recent collaborations with D. Julien (Live.Love.Learn Mixtape) and XO (“She Spose To” – One.One.Ten), DMV producer Soulful! has returned with his new beat tape, The Mellow Life. The album features a blend of melodic mixture of instrumentals and guest features from IhsAn Bilal, Cayan, Shaka and K-Beta.

Check out the 2 video's for the project:

"Wake Up" -

Soulful! - Wake Up from Inner Loop Records on Vimeo.

"Cruise Control" -

Soulful! - Cruise Control from Inner Loop Records on Vimeo.

Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound Vol. 1 & 2

I cant wait for this to drop!

"Damu The Fudgemunk’s latest project, How It Should Sound Vol 1 & 2 will be released in April 2010 on Redefinition Records.

Prior to the release date, we’ll post a free EP version to hold you over until the full project is available.

This 27 track instrumental album is, hands down, the best instrumental album of 2010 (at least until Damu’s next release…).

It will be available digitally as well as physically on CD (digipak) and Limited Edition Vinyl (separate records w/ full color covers for each volume) via Redef & Fat Beats Distro.

Please stay tuned and check this page often as it will be updated with plenty of audio and visual content as the release date nears and long after it hits shelves. For the most up to date info, also be sure to visit our blog check our blog "

As always, we appreciate your support and interest.

Promotional Videos

Dela - The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

<a href="">Kiss by dela</a>

Friday, March 19, 2010

new video and instrumental from STATION

it's short and "sweet"

also he's just finishing up a new instrumental album and working on other stuff that i will be posting as soon as he sends to me, check it out and enjoy

new instrumental album will be posted here on the 29th or close to that date of this month.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I know, I Know, I won't stop with the Pretty Lights hype... & Yea, I WON'T stop with the Pretty Lights hype! Haha. This team is SOOOO Legit I really can't put it into words. Derek is the fucking MAN, and Corey wrecks things. For real, when it comes to Derek & his production I can't think of a single other individual that even comes remotely close to dropping anything nearly as Banging & Refined as what Derek does. TRULY. Who else is making beats this dope?? NOBODY. The guy is true musical mastery, and he's the fucking man. After every show he's out chilling with the crowd partying with everybody, no ego to be found. Also, he's added a new piece of equipment to his arsenal, the APC40. He used to have 2 Laptops at one side of the stage, stacked, with the MPD32 & The Monome holding down the rest. Now, he has both laptops on either side, with the MPD & the APC next to those laptops, with the Monome still remaining front & center. It's like the new DJ Set of our generation. FUCK having 2 Turntables & a Mixer, I'm sorry but those day's are gone. I still love watching a DJ rock out a set using some old analogue gear, but with today's technology & machinery, it's time for a change, & PL is one of the master's of the new that I'm talking about. I'm going to stop ranting about the dude, but for real, ALL of you need to listen to his shit, and especially GO SEE HIM LIVE! Seeing him perform is when his music truly sets in to your soul, I PROMISE that you will feel differently about the team after you see them. EASILY the best live music performances I have ever seen. I just returned from his 5 day Colorado tour, saw the opening night in Fort Collins, and one of the nights in Boulder, and I filmed both with my little cam. Here are both show's from Start 2 Finish, detailing the best parts of each track. Watch the vid's & see what it's like to experience a PL show firsthand, and GO SEE THEM LIVE!!!! Peace...


Lee Bannon - Big Toy Box

01. The Big Toy Box
02. Keep Slippin’
03. Tapanga
04. I
05. The Crook-ed
06. Out The Blue
07. Baaannnon!!
08. Gone Bad
09. Whats Your Zodiac
10. The Return
11. Them
12. Aaa
13. Whats The Answer
14. Bowl Of Rice
15. Arguements
16. I Be The Man
17. For You
18. Outro


props on this go to the homies at hhb.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Soul Starr - Legend in itz own time

Soul Starr hits us up with his legend in itz own time tape.
Download 2


3L - Digital

I heard 3L's track 'Without Destination' in the SS Instros march episode, So i did a google search to find more of his music and et voila here is a 2010 beattape

3l's blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spencer Doran

I recently got put on to Spencer Doran by a freind of mine.

Unfortunatley, I dont know a whole lot about him except that I really like his music. Two of his note worthy projects include "Puzzles" and "Styles" both of which are Japaneese releases.

SPENCER DORAN - "Puzzles" 4 Beats

SPENCER DORAN - Light (Our Time)

SPENCER DORAN - Dollar Signs

Ohrackraim a.k.a O'Ckraim

Ohrackraim is based out of Chile.
If you like soulful/jazzy style beats definatley give this a listen. In addition to the beat tape I also decided to post a remix project he did. As some of you may already know I am a "Huge" Kev Brown fan. The Kev Brown remixes Ohrackraim did are amazing in my opinion and I just wanted to share them with everyone.... Enjoy!


Download 3ple Vibe EP

01 - D'angelo - Devil's Pie (Ohrackraim Rmx)
02 - Kev Brown - Work in Progress (Ohrackraim Rmx)
03 - De la Soul - Itzsoweezee (Ohrackraim Rmx)
04 - Kev Brown - Always (Ohrackraim Rmx)
05 - Dabrye - Game over feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat (Ohrackraim Rmx)
06 - Kev Brown - Life's a Gamble (Ohrackraim Rmx)
07 - Declaime - Heavenbound (Ohrackraim Rmx)
08 - Slum Village - Selfish Feat. Kanye West (Ohrackraim Rmx)
09 - The Roots Feat. Musiq - Break You Off (Ohrackraim Rmx)
10 - Slum Village - Get Dis Money (Ohrackraim Rmx)
11 - Big L - Flamboyant (Ohrackraim Rmx)

Download Remix Vibe Materialz Vol.1

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joell Ortiz Remix Contest + More

Joell Ortiz Remix Contest
BPM is 77.5

"Send your versions to
Winner gets placement on PreAgent with Credits and shout out.NO PAYMENT! Dont waste your time asking. If you wanna get paid dont submit a remix. NO ONE on the mixtape got paid. INCLUDING ME

With that said, Good Luck and a Yaowa to you all."

I was cyphering with some homies and after I was showing off some samples I had but explaining I couldn't find a proper producer for them, so my friends were giving me all kindsa links of different producers to check out, this dude is from CA and has some pretty nice stuff, check him out - InsightfulOne:

Pooternoodle Tape

Raw Beat Tape


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Metawon: Electric Dyslexic

If you dont already have this album make sure to give it a listen at the very least. I originally posted this a few years back but decided to re-post it again in order to "Spread the Love" sort of speak :-) This album is a classic in my book!

Enjoy! Bomboclottttttttt!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

1.Unite Them
2.Metasoul3.The Known
5.Tear Shit Up
6.Smoke Out the Drums
7.The Sweet High8.My Visions
9.Nice to Meet You
10.Assassination11.Codename Who
12.The Darkness
13.Lost Our Cool
14.Leave Tonight
15.The Shawl16.Spacerock
17.Force of Nature
18.Psalm 23
19.To Weed Out the Weak
20.It’s All Good
21.Snoopin’22.Go On Keep On
23.The Ecstasy
24.Real Original
25.Late Night Lights
26.Hungry Basehead
27.Well Spoken
28.One Time Through
30.The Six We Found
31.Sure J


The ARE – Uphill Piece of Mind EP & Still Climbing EP

01 – Intro
02 – New
03 – Piece Of Mind (feat. Truth Enola)
04 – Warrior
05 – No Excuses
06 – These Days (feat. Kay Of The Foundation & Nicole Hurst)
07 – Shine
08 – Buy This Record
09 – Fed Up
10 – Uphill
11 – Interlude
12 – O.C. (feat. O.C.)
13 – Hope (feat. Nas) (The ARE Mix)
14 – Please Stay
15 – City
16 – Livin’ It
17 – You
18 – Untitled
19 – Interlude
20 – Fly
21 – Let’s Give It
22 – Get That (feat. M.E.D.)
23 – Love
24 – Given So Much
25 – Interlude
26 – More Than U Know
27 – Marchin’ On / Bullyfoot
28 – Get Familiar (feat. M.O.P.)

1. Intro
2. Taking Flight
3 Still Climbing
4.The Name’s ‘Krack featuring Headkrack
5. Lonely Piano
6. The Street
7. It’s The Drums Interlude
8. The Reason
9. Important featuring Kay of The Foundation & Nicole Hurst
10. It’s The Drums Part II Interlude
11. Down
12. Catapillar
13. On The Run
14. Dialogue
15. Hip Hop featuring Strange Fruit Project (‘88 Trunk Mix)
16. Closer To God
17. Love Is
18. Dialogue
19. Watered Down
20. I love Hip Hop featuring Lords of the Underground
21. Caught Up
22. Fly featuring Cardiac
23. Alright
24. No Time
25. We’ve Come Too Far
26. Focused featuring Supastition
27. Darkness
28. How Can I
29. Your Life

Download The ARE – Uphill Piece of Mind EP & Still Climbing EP

Jazzed Solace

1. 40 Winks - Are You Comfortable?
2. Treehouse - Suite for Humphrey
3. IQ - Canon
4. Nico Suave - I Say Yes
5. RaZor - Blueberry Skies
6. Grimeshine - Freefall
7. Christoph El Truento - Cry
8. Myke Forte - Dreamy
9. Funky Drummer - Funky Luv
10. DJ Cam - A Supreme Love
11. Dela - Tomorrow Isn't Promised
12. Gramatik - What More Can I Say
13. DJ Tran-Bert - Think Twice
14. Rebel Clique - Gotta Let You Know
15. Thallus - Lonely Roads
16. King Elam - Laws Flute Joint
17. Pete Rock - Hop, Skip & Jump
18. J-Boogie - Alive
19. IQ - I Wanna Love U Tonight
20. DJ Tran-Bert - Voyage
21. Grimeshine - Chronic of Narnia
22. Quiet - Oh Lord
23. Thes One - Pretty Girls
24. The Roots - What They Do
25. Til Broenner & Samon Kawamura - Jazz Musician
26. Chief Xcel - Make You Feel That Way
27. Forest Hill - Claire de Lune
28. The ARE - Million
29. Noza - Dear Old Budapest
30. Gramatik - Loungin'
31. Tha Silent Partner - Brass2Rass
32. Freddie Joachim - What A Woman Really Needs
33. Dot.Matic - Love
34. Cold Legistics - Sunshine
35. DJ Mitsu the Beats - Mine Lady


DJ Grumble - Freestyle Tools Vol 5 (2010)

Another DJ Grumble banger:

24 tracks deep. Confidential to all golden-era heads: Don't sleep on Grumble.

More here.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Maw - The 1974 EP

Maw - The 1974 EP

Posted by Maw on the STMB last year.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Tribe Called Quest - Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol.1

A Tribe Called Quest - Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol 1

Now this is what I'm talking bout! Hope to see more releases like this in the future.. Shout out to Franky Bunz @ HHB for the link!


01. Push It Along
02. The Infamous Date Rape
03. Clap Your Hands
04. Luck Of Lucien
05. Butter
06. Ham N Eggs
07. Sucka Nigga
08. Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)
09. Jam
10. Show Business
11. Everything Is Fair
12. Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
13. 1nce Again

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Sup again Fam. Gonna be as quick as possible here. New Pretty Lights EP "Making Up a Changing Mind" just dropped today, and it's just about what you would expect. BANGIN. Go grab it for FREE, and make sure you listen to "Understand Me Now" & "Future Blind" as many times as you can, along with the 4 other tracks of course. The opener track "Still Rockin" is as fiery as they come, prob my 3rd fave. Listen & Learn.

Pretty Lights - Making Up A Changing Mind

Next up we have some BRAND NEW stuff from "The Biz" who just released their debut album today. Also based in Colorado I believe, they are a live audio/visual group, and their stuff is pretty damn good! I just barely came across this yesterday and have been enjoying most of the tracks thus far. Peep the entire album here, or follow the link to purchase it at a price that you decide on. Pretty dope concept. Check 'em out.

The Biz - The Ancient Future

<a href="">The Gladness by The Biz</a>
Thought I would add this to the post real quick, some love from "Fresh Hats Tight Beats" out of Nashville I believe. It's on the same tip/wavelength as "The Biz", I'm pretty sure that one of the producer's from FHTB also works with The Biz crew. Pretty similar sound and I'm really enjoying all of the work put out by these 2 teams. I would recommend "The Summer Sessions EP" as I preferred that album over the other EP they have for download, but they are both good and also FREE. Follow the link & check them out!

Fresh Hats Tight Beats

Finally a couple vid's filmed by yours truly. Emancipator just passed through my city along with STS9 and I must say it was one DAMN GOOD show. Emancipator opened & killed it, except I wish there was an extra hour of that dude jamming. I can't wait until HE is the headliner, because watching & listening to him is a great experience. STS9 was dope also, it was my first time seeing them and I was definitely impressed. I didn't know much about them going in, and was pleasantly surprised. They have a cool sound & the light's accompanying the noise was what brought it all together. Check the vid's & try to go see Emancipator on tour if you can. He's doing 5 shows WITH Pretty Lights, one at the end of the month, and the other four right at the beginning of April. So if you can make it, DON'T MISS THAT SHIT!!!