Monday, June 30, 2008

aesop rock-none shall pass(full album)-instrumentals

click here to download

1. Keep Off the Lawn
2. None Shall Pass
3. Catacomb Kids
4. Bring Back Pluto
5. Fumes
6. Getaway Car - (with Cage/Breezly Brewin)
7. 39 Thieves
8. Harbor Is Yours, The
9. Citronella
11. Five Fingers
12. No City
13. Dark Heart News - (with Rob Sonic)
14. Coffee - (with John Darnielle)

the accapellas are @ acapellarchives

click here to download: aesop rocks-NOT SO PERFECT (this is what i did with it) hear more at goodwillprojects.blogspot

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BSBD - Tired Eyes - Tycho...

Yea, gonna make this short & sweet. Holocaust Instrumentals, get 'em because the shit is FIRE. BSBD is definately on my Top 3 right now. And our Homeboy Tired Eyes just dropped his Free EP, which is nothing short of Top Notch Dopeness. Really, REALLY good music on it, Mass Talent from this guy. I wish I had as many instruments on lock... Feel Sorry for yourself if you don't get it. And then forgot to add this other "Cascade" single from Tycho to my last post, so I'll drop it here. This Banger is far better than that "Adrift" single down below... Well, just different. The Drums on this is what makes it special. The track was featured on a Ghostly Records Sampler. Check it all out & I hope you Enjoy.

BSBD - The Holocaust Instrumentals

** Link Removed At Artist' Request **

Tired Eyes Myspace

Tycho - Cascade

And here are 3 of my Favorite Beats from Tired Eyes... Not featured on the EP or on the previous Tired Eyes post. Exclusives from my Personal Vault... Hope ya dig 'em. Peace Fam.

** Links Removed At Artist' Request **

Dave Notti - Hello My Name Is!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lil Wayne - Carter III

One or two loops, but mostly legit. Just a quick post, as I'm sure most of you are familiar with the tracks.

Get 'em.
(Link courtesy TSS)

that's how you let the beat build....


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue Sky Black Death - Nujabes - Tycho - Skalpel - Shameless Self Promotion...

Yea People, firstly a little self Hype. I just won a Design Contest for Akomplice Clothing! Really surprised about it, and really amped they thought my work was Hot. The contest was hosted at >> and you can see the Results page here >> Results Anyway, you can head over to my Design Blog to see all the Designs if you're interested, I'd like to know what everybody thinks of them...

Brett Edmunds Visual

And don't forget to check out >> Akomplice Clothing

Alright, got that out of the way and now onto some really Hot stuff. Blue Sky Black Death. I can't say enough about these dudes, their sound definately does not fall into a single genre, it's just Great Music. In my opinion, I feel that they should start doing soundtracks for movies, this Podcast fits PERFECT with a Slow Road Trip through some Farm/Desert Country,(just like the Cover Pic) and it brings imagery like that to mind while listening... Anyway, check it out and comment, it is definately worth discussing.

Blue Sky Black Death - Gifts In Jail Vol.1

Now some New-jabes... Their latest album "Modal Soul Classics", I've seen it posted in the C-Box a few times but wanted to get it up on here because it is Bangin. Some true orchestration on here. Get it.

Nujabes - Modal Soul Classics <<(Link courtesy of HHB)

And now a new single from Tycho (Scott Hansen) out of San Francisco... This guy is one Dope Individual, Epic Musician & Great Artist. I am always waiting to see or hear more from the man. Check out this track, it's really similar to his others, and as always dope. Pretty sure he has an album due for the Fall. Check it:

Tycho - Adrift

Then, just came across these dudes from Scott Hansen's Design Blog. Skalpel, a duo from Poland on NinjaTunes, they sample a lot 50-70's Polish Jazz. I only listened to one track, but it was nice. Really dusty and laid-back shit, it reminded me of DJ Cam. Alright people, hope you enjoy these, and once again don't hesitate to comment. Peace


Andrew is right... MONSTROUS.

Tune (Germany)

This guy from Germany has released his "Reise der Erinnerung" instrumental album for free. It's pretty good, but all the song titles are in German and I can't translate, so I'm not even gonna bother typing out a tracklisting. If you speak German, let us know and get the song titles for us.

It's twelve tracks, running just short of an hour.

download it here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Gao - "in a world of masturbation he invented oral sex"

Sending beatboxing through midi? Was he the first to ever do it?

Groundbreaking shit if you ask me

Special thanks to: Nick Sena who also worked on the Osanyato joint.
For More Exclusives Click Here.

Even More Fire (Im taking this link down in 7 days)
Ide - Force Fed Instrumentals
Click Here

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mike Gao & Damone - The Hand Movement... (On the Mike Gao Tip)

Word. I've had this forever and don't know why I haven't posted this yet, been sleepin'. Some Hot shit on here, I hope Gao approves of this one atleast (and the picture too), haha. If that really was him in the C-Box shaming himself for that other "Foliage" release a few posts below. Anyway, can't remember where I got this, but I used to be HEAVY on the Galapagos4 scene and am down with any Instrumentals from their Crew, I wish there was more because they got their own Flavor for sure... Anyway, I hope y'all are feelin this, peep the "Moodswing Riddim" & "Montezuma" Tracks, they're Bangin... And as always, don't hesitate to comment. Peace.

** It's missing 2 Tracks, but I'm pretty sure they both had Lyrics... **

The Hand Movement

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hive - Working With Sound (1997)

Hive is out of California and is a well known and respected Drum and Bass producer. However this album is full of smooth/mellow jazzy hip hop samples. Note: This is not the full album!!! Three of the tracks are missing. Oh and I almost forgot "Bump" if your feeling this :-)

Cloud Productions Minimix

I've talked to producer Cloud who we've shouted out a while back...and although he wasn't willing to share any EP's or anything he'd done, he was willing to construct a "mini mix" for us to give people a sampling of his dopeness.
This link will be up for 24 hrs, by request, so make sure you get it while you can. No re-ups will be done.

Just kidding. :) My man Cloud approved of the permanent link. Enjoy!
Grab it here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 Instrumentals

Resurrection of Andrew's post which jacked biffhop's post... and who knows where they found that... ;) The sound quality's a little bit muffled, but not too bad. Might be a vinyl rip or something.

1. loungin'
2. when you're near
3. transit ride
4. no time to play
5. down the backstreets
6. take a look
7. trust me
8. slicker than most
9. le bien le mal
10. sights in the city

Grab it while it's hot.


(Oh, btw, has anyone seen this website yet? We should ask the guy who runs it if he'd like to exchange links...)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike Gao - Foliage & Qwel - The New Wine

Mike Gao - Foliage


01. Lights Under the Sky
02. Tunnelvision
03. Omen's Rustling
04. Catsdogsmouse
05. Snow Angeles
06. Black Los Angeles
07. The Clearing
08. Die Tonight
09. A Walk to the End
10. The Cliff
11. Drowning
12. Sink
13. Paradise

01 03:05 Adam and Eve (Instrumental)
02 03:41 Big Eyes (Instrumental)
03 02:58 Agape Rain (Instrumental)
04 01:44 Innuendo (Instrumental)
05 03:22 B.Rainwashing (Instrumental)
06 01:31 Starved Rock (Instrumental)
07 04:35 The New Wine (Instrumental)
08 04:37 Can't Fool The Blues (Instrumental)
09 03:43 Frost Seeding (Instrumental)
10 03:27 Reality Tv (Instrumental)
11 03:21 Grinding Gear (Instrumental)
12 03:22 Bonita Bitrell (Instrumental)
13 02:19 Heliocentric (Instrumental)

Thanks to Krooked & Gutter.

and for good measure and consistency

Sunday, June 08, 2008

DeLofi - Dirty Tapes Vol. 2

01. Gill Speaks (Intro)
02. New Beginnings
03. Blow Wind (Magik Trees)
04. Astral Bodies (Projections)
05. 2GetHer
06. Greyskull
07. Don't Stop!!!
08. Magnet
09. Magnetics
10. Previous Alien (Contacting...)
11. Thund Era
12. UR Love (Play Games)
13. Sunshine
14. Jazz Catz
15. Wooden Boat - MGR & DeloFi
16. They With Themz & We!
17. Vibes & Stuff (Interlude)
18. Magician Hand (Superior Hustle)
19. Data - EAE
20. Basement Swing
21. Tyson Bit-8 (Blood Sport)
22. Evergreen
23. It Can Be...
27 Tracks - Limited CD & CassetteCD & Cassette Version Available Summer

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rob Viktum - Progress - An Audio Tribute To The Cambodian People

Click Image to Download - Track listing:

01. A word from our (Von)ser - Feat: Von Pea
02. Strange Fruit Project - The Feeling Phnom Penh Remix
03. Dibbs visits Senmonorom
04. Progress
05. Siem Pang
06. Boung Long
07. Bavu Blakes & Element 7d - Orangutans
08. Prey Veng
09. Phum Tani
10. Banlung
11. Sihanoukville
12. Kampot
13. Phnom Kulen
14. Siem Reap
15. Svay Rieng
16. Reflect June - Through The Ash ( A tribute to the spirit)

This album was produced entirely by Rob Viktum. All cuts were composed by Mr Dibbs. All artists appear courtesy of good faith on some real human being ish!!!

A little background on why I did this record. I have had the pleasure of being a part of a Cambodian family for the last 4 years, through my girlfriend. I was completely oblivious to the Khmer Rouge and the horrors they put their people through. I made this record to hopefully raise awareness to this, and to put the power in your hands to do research and find out for yourself, what our government did to the people of Cambodia, and what our involvement in Cambodia gave birth to. Okay, go research, and learn.... off my soap box...all the beats on this record were made with Vinyl that my Girlfriends father brought over from Cambodia years ago, and gave to me. I will forever be in debt to him and his family for taking me in and teaching me about Cambodian Culture. This record is for them.

Peace and Blessings, Rob Viktum. (because what's a Espiv post without a madness plug?)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Hubert Daviz - Beatnicks Tape #01

Rez - Deleted Scenes

DJ Premier...

Swiped wicked bad...but I thought you guys would appreciate this.

DJ Premier - Instrumental Set (4 Discs)
The tracklisting should be there when you click the download link right here.
Enjoy, and go thank TSS while you're at it!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

40 Winks - The Lucid Effect

Nothing To Say... Just Listen.

** Link courtesy of ** << Thanks Son!


Panik Instrumentals (Molemen)

Quick and dirty. (If you want pretty pictures, buy an album from Molemen and hang up the artwork over your desks. Stuff is pretty cheap, actually.)

So, for your previewing pleasure...

rest of 12:

Peace, 9@home

Monday, June 02, 2008

Beat Street-beat tape

click pic ^above^ to download or copy and paste link below

beat street web page

Featuring 2 tracks each from (nearly) every artist on the Beat Street roster.

01) The Basic Chemistry of the Seas - "Early Morning Eyes"
02) The Basic Chemistry of the Seas - "Clean Them Shits Out"
03) Chocolate Chuck - "Danielle"
04) Chocolate Chuck - "Take a look at what we're made of (Stars)"
05) DJ Laptop - "We'll Last 4ever"
06) DJ Laptop - "Win Ur Love"
07) Dubby Waters - "Atlas"
08) Dubby Waters - "Friday"
09) Evolve - "My Brain"
10) Evolve - " Slummin' "
11) Linus - "Feelin' Wounded"
12) Linus - "Reminisce"
13) Milla - "James Brown"
14) Milla - "Lovely"
15) Rcade Digital - "Bombing Science"
16) Rcade Digital - "Silicone Holocaust"
17) Salvage - "Can't Believe"
18) Salvage - "Shotgun Betty"
19) Tre - Doris Duke"
20) Tre - "Alone"

Sunday, June 01, 2008

JunkFood - Algorythm of Shadows

This beat tape is heavy on the middle eastern/south asian type samples. Very interesting piece of production.