Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kenlo - Craqnuques

I have not been able to stop listening to Kenlo's music since The Ape dropped the Noir joint in the c-box. This dude is dope! Below are links to all three of his albums. I suggest to start off listening to Noir, followed by Bleu(Both are full of bangers). The Mauve album is very experimental in terms of its vibe and may not be for everyone.
Kenlo - Craqnuques - Noir
Kenlo - Craqnuques - Bleu
Kenlo - Craqnuques - Mauve
I also wanted to share this Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Theme Remix by Mike Slott.
Dope video and super dope track! Enjoy!

Get the track here!

Monday, November 24, 2008


suggestion #1.USE the search engine at the top left hand side of the blogspot to SEARCH for isntrumentals/beat maker, also check Acapellarchives.blogspot secondly.
suggestion #2.make an image file to show track list'/artists

lastly. below a 'poll/questionnaire'. answer any way you'd like in the comment section.

what can be done to make this site better? or keep this site good? also, what should be stopped from being done?(things like putting the artists name in text of a post(that is a sure way to get a link deleted for some artists/labels) ...

SO all in all... the comment section of this post, WILL be a SUGGESTION BOX, give reasoning... thanks.

NoSleep-Remember Where They Came From...


Fifteen Freestylable Beats from yours truly. A lot of these beats were produced in 2008 earlier this year, some in 2005 as well as earlier this week so, you're lookin' at fairly fresh produce. What now suckaz!!! These are MY beats and I'm sharing because my mother taught me well. I am an emcee, producer, music enthusiast overall and I know what it's like to dig on beats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy and don't forget to floss when you're done and...............Remember Where They Came From...

Crybabies Can't Remove Me

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eternal Junky


Dilate Ya Peoples

Extra P


Eddie Murphy In A Fat Suit

Live At The Liquor Sto'


Big up to all my Old Maid Billionaires rockin' the Chief Chinchilla Coats comin' to you "Live From The Liquor Sto'" for 2008 suckaz...

Cop A 40oz.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prefuse 73 - Extinguished: Outtakes (2003)

(Click Image to Download)

1. Suite for the Ways Things Change: A) Your Family, B) Your Life, C) The Most Beautiful Things, D) Your Seeds (featuring Eva Puyuelo Muns)
2. Tel Aviv's Gravel Toothbrush
3. Pase Rock's Preestyle (featuring Pase Rock)
4. I Got No Time For Rearviews
5. Dubs That Don't Match
6. Between Man and Woman
7. Martinique Was My Girl
8. Culturaluhorgasm
9. Whisper in My Ear to Tell Me You Hate Me
10. One for the Crime Scene, A Bullet for Your Time
11. Vikings Invade the Mediterranean But Don't Leave
12. Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life
13. I Can't Get My Eyes Off
14. For Some But Not for Me
15. Sao Paulo Arkansas
16. Coming Into Something Better
17. Humor Judgements
18. Wronge Posture
19. 3 Sounds From 94
20. Robot Snares Got No Cadence or Balance
21. Kev Intro 99
22. Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap
23. If They Died and They Were Yours

The last piece in the Prefuse 73 collection. All tracks produced by Prefuse 73.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 dj mumbles albums(re-up) and a bonus album

transformation link UPDATED and working

O.k. so for the 500 plus people that downloaded 'hells splinter', here is another one(NOT INSTRUMENTALS, but every instrumental on this mixtape is available at strictly beats and properly titled so you can find it with strictly beats search engine), my rendition of ace' last record(this 1's free and easy/no sign up or waiting download too)
click here to download:NOT SO PERFECT
-heat wave harbor
-keep off the clockwork
-get away from death
-no city bounce
-none shall pass over me
-suprise fumes
-the five finger clock
-dark heart news
-coffee khan
-citronella high
-league of extraordinary catacomb kids
-bring back stoney lodge
-when pigs fly
-false things must perish
-observe the whole family

so since ya'll are digging the mix-tapes, then head over to STRICTLY MIXTAPES

so the above link produced by dj mumbles(who is now a Christian hip hop producer/d.j.) this has been repeatedly requested..
Zakeus- dropped a WAY better quality link of it in the C-box!!! thanks and the above link is THAT one

click here for:Spirit Evolution Via Awareness

-Spirit Evolution Via Awareness

another batch from dj mumbles, thanks to zakeus, for turning me on to this album from mumbles


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Transformations/Illuminations destined to be a CLAS.SIC!

. Prelude - Transformation
2. Freedom Now!
3. Embrace the Mystery
4. Interlude #1
5. Never Ending
6. One Kamau Daaood
7. Courage Under Fire
8. Interlude #2
9. Here You Are
10. Vasudeva
11. Silence of the Heart
12. Interlude #3
13. Laksya Bodha
14. Rise ‘99
15. Rise Reprise
16. Prema’s Dilemma

this is all instrumentals(except for a few tracks...EDITED.. )

this was posted by zakeus in the c-box

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Contribute (pronounced kən-ˈtri-byət): to give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) [...] for charitable purposes.

Here's a vinyl rip of the "Dead Presidents" instrumental including the Nas sample. Ski's masterpiece.

Speaking of really shitty music, here's some for you to enjoy. Please feel free to consider this a beat tape so I can finally get some comments on a post.

This was posted in the c-box a long, long, long time ago but no one ever really paid attention to it besides me. Really nice compilation of jazzy hip-hop.

VA - Beautiful Field

(Click Image to Download)

1. Children of the Earth (Ness Original Re-Edit) (produced by Ayur)
2. Dreams (produced by Jetbeat)
3. Jazz Move (produced by Channel Two)
4. Dazzling Sun (produced by Solime)
5. Love Theme from Spartacus (produced by Quasar)
6. Sexual for Elizabeth (Instrumental) (produced by Fat Jon)
7. Scott Air (Travelling Light Mix) (produced by Ben Human)
8. Cantamilla produced by Tranquility Bass
9. Vem Para Ficar (produced by Lava)
10. I Miss You (produced by Ayur)
11. Mugen Eternal (UDK Remix) (produced by Little West)
12. Cathodical Mirror of Human Beings (produced by Peppermill)
13. Birds Element (produced by Quasar)
14. Suburban (Love2) (produced by Surburan)

If you don't like my contribution (refer to the definition at the start of this post) you can delete it, and then suck my didick.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Buffet... Of everybody else's cooking.

** ALL LINKS FIXED ** Let me know if there are still problems...

** I've noticed a lot of semi-negative discussion going on in the C-Box lately, regarding Contributor's/Posts. I think all this shit needs to stop. Who cares about what people decide to post, who cares about Beat-Tapes, who cares about the occasional Non-Instrumental album, who cares about Hype for other sites. Every post brings new & different flavor to the Blog, and I always enjoy checking out what the other contributor's are into. Sometimes the Beats will work for you, sometimes they won't. But it is pointless to just talk shit and be purely negative about a post. I'm all for discussion, I think we need more of it, but hating on someone for going out of their way to spend time & work on a post for the site, is just plain pointless. And doesn't really get us too excited about continuing to post here... We're all doing it for the love of the music, not for the love of the people downloading it. We just hope you'll enjoy some of shit that we enjoy, maybe you do and maybe you don't. Let's just listen and discuss, instead of straight out shit-talking on the work that we're puttin in. I don't know, that's how I feel. Sorry about the rant, I just feel this spot could be more positive. Onto the Beats, I've tried to make this post mainly shit that you can't find elsewhere (besides the stolen links of course, haha) and I tried to have something for everybody. I hope that you'll enjoy some of them: **

First off, I've been sleeping HEAVILY on this post, I've been adding to it periodically over the last 2 months. But I think I got everything in here that I want to get to you. Let me just say that 90% of these albums were pulled from other various Blogs, the bulk of this post is work put in by others. Most of these are links stolen from Acapella Archives, all thanks going to Zakeus for them. Everybody should go over there and say Thanks to Zak, he continues to drop lots of obscure instrumental shit, and alot of the following albums were some of my favorites found on Acapella Archives...

Alright. First, I'm gonna spread a little hype on a DJ/Producer holdin it down up in Vancouver BC, "The Phonograff". I got a disc of his from a friend and it had a whole bunch of bangin production on it, so I kept up with him, and for the last little while he's been doing a whole bunch of DOPE collaborations with this insane Violinist "Kytami". Together they form the team, "Dream Sequence", and this track below is a good taste of their sound. Check it out, it's a CRAZY dope jam... Also, the video afterwards is a good display of how they both get down, opening for Lady Sovereign at The Commdore in Vancouver. Definitely check that.

Phonograff & Kytami - "Dream Sequence"

And here we got some MORE goods from Chris Stolz AKA Tired Eyes. Like I said a while back, he did a whole bunch of really good production for a Ski Film that came out last year entitled "Idea". So, first off I got the soundtrack for that movie, it has a couple tracks with vocals, but they won't disappoint. After that, I got pretty much the rest of my Tired Eyes collection in the "Full Collection", 28 Bangin Beats that you do not want to pass up. If you felt any of his other stuff, get both of these because it's pretty much the bulk of his music. And it is all REALLY, Really good. Alright...

** NEW, WORKING RAPIDSHARE LINKS ** Let me know if y'all still have problems...

** Links Removed At Artist' Request **

Next up we got the Instrumentals from Reanimator & Prolyphic's album "The Ugly Truth". If you heard the album, or if you picked up Reanimator's previous instrumental release, then you'll know how dope these tracks are gonna be. The advantage about getting these Instrumentals is that it includes the track "Salt" which was not on the Vocal Edition. It was only available on the 12" Single for the album, and is EASILY the hottest beat on this album. Definitely one of my favorite beats that I've heard in the last little while, and I still have it on Heavy repeat. DO NOT pass it up, it's the track below, so you all should get it playing right now while you go through the rest of the post. Do It...

Reanimator - "Salt"

Reanimator - "The Ugly Truth Instrumentals"
Reanimator - "The Ugly Truth Instrumentals" << Rapidshare

Next up, we have a new EP from the Hungarian Producer Phox. This was dropped in the C-Box by somebody who has consistently dropped dope, mainly Hungarian Links. So Thanks alot to whoever... This EP is HOT though, 3 tracks that are all really dope. If you liked any of his past work, pick this up because he is learning to fine-tune his skill, you can tell with these tracks. I'm feeling "The Joker Inside Me" the most, really good for a late-night drive.

Phox - "The Trilogy EP"

Some more BSBD shit here. The 2nd Installment to their "Gifts In Jail" Podcast series. Not too much to say here, it's just some really good laid-back type shit. Good for driving on a road trip. The Gifts In Jail Vol.1 was chopped up, this is just 1 Long Continuous Track, thought y'all might want to know ahead of time. It's dope as 1 track, I left it that way because it flows real well as one long jam, or you can chop it up if you want. Check it out...

Blue Sky Black Death - "Gifts In Jail Vol.2"

And here we have the new Instrumental release from Alias, which is really good by the way... The usual Alias sound, a little less glitchy and more melodic than his previous releases, I would compare this to "Lillian" the most, it's definitely good stuff. And then below there is an EP of tracks that didn't make it to the full "Resurgam" album. I'm not sure why, because I actually prefer some of the tracks on the EP over some on the main album... Anyway, both are good.

Alias - "Resurgam"

Alias - "Resurgam Residual EP"

Next up we got some new shit from Mr. Cooper. This disc is on a super dark/ambient vibe, really different than his first release. Definitely something to pop in and listen to front 2 back when it gets late. It flows really well from beginning to end, and the whole album works as one piece. The album has a really good vibe for this dark & grey time of year. I recommend it...

Mr. Cooper - "What Else There Is"

Think I found this over at Bossplayer's blog. It's a good disc, comparable to Nomak for sure. It's on that Japanese Orchestra type sound, similar to Nujabes a bit, but a lot more like Nomak. I wouldn't really consider the album "Hip Hop" but all the jams are pretty dope. Each track definitely create's an audible "Landscape" so the album title works. Check it out if you like Nomak.

Tsunenori - "Landscape"

Now, this disc is DOPE. Came across this over at Acapella Archives, thanks to Zakeus once again. He has a couple other DJ Marlin discs over there too, but this one is definitely the dopest. Lots of ill sounds on here, some dope guitar shit, a few really bangin Reggae style jams that are really original and make the album stand out, tons of dope samples all the way through. I highly recommend this disc, don't pass it up...

DJ Marlin - "Grid Mode"
DJ Marlin - "Grid Mode" << Rapidshare

Now, this is an album that I know absolutely nothing about. Dropped in the C-Box, I decided to check it out, and it is Super Hot, for sure... I guess "Eternal Morning" consists of two asian producers: Tablo & Pe2ny. I'll quote regarding the album: "Soundtrack To A Lost Film is the first album of its kind. Each of the songs in the album is conceived around an imaginary film and contains raw, unfamiliar sounds marked by irregular rhythm and jarring noise". Not too sure about "Irregular rhythm and jarring noise" because every track is REALLY dope and unique, some laid-back and some bangin. Definitely similar to Nujabes for sure, so if you like them, get this disc. I recommend highly, it doesn't disappoint.

Eternal Morning - "Soundtrack To A Lost Film"

Came across this over at HHB. Downloaded it because the cover was crazy, and I expected to hear some Necro style shit. It is sort of on the Necro tip, definitely sounds similar, but this disc is actually pretty fuckin bangin! More well rounded and versatile than your average Necro Instrumentals, a pretty good medley of sounds found on here. Check it out...

Jnyce - "Vaults Of Horror"

Here is Volume One in the Beats Of A Dirty Old Man Series from The Nothing. Get this if you liked Volume Two...

The Nothing - "Beats Of A Dirty Old Man Pt.1"
The Nothing - "Beats Of A Dirty Old Man Pt.1" << Rapidshare

Don't know that much about Aeon Grey, but I liked this disc... Maybe you will too. Drop some info in the comments about this dude, because I don't know shit.

Aeon Grey - "Placebo Solitude"

This disc is pretty dope. 2Tall is on the same label as Dday One, so if you liked Heavy Migration or any of the other shit from Dday One, then you will probably like this. Some Laid-Back stuff on here.

2tall - "Softer Diagram"

Thought I'd put this last because it is mainly just a Reggae/Dub style Instrumental album. I Fuckin Love reggae, and with Hip Hop being rooted from Reggae, I'm surprised that Reggae isn't used more in Hip Hop, via Samples & Artists etc... Da Beatminerz have dropped some ridiculously ILL Instrumental Reggae Bangers using classic Reggae Samples, and I'm really surprised it doesn't happen more often. So, get on it producers, let's hear some Reggae Beats people!

DJ Rouhl & Golden Locks - "All In"
DJ Rouhl & Golden Locks - "All In" << Rapidshare

Alright, another Massive post has come to a close... I hope that EVERYBODY will find something that they like within this post, I tried to keep it well-rounded with this one. COMMENT if you feel the urge, I would appreciate it and I like to hear what people have to say. Keep an eye out in the near future, I've got some REALLY DOPE EXCLUSIVE shit coming up in the next few weeks/months for y'all. Definitely exclusive... Alright, have a good weekend people, enjoy the beats, and as a favor to me & the other contributor's: Let's try to keep it more positive around here, and let's try to discuss the beats more, as opposed to just talking shit. I think everybody would enjoy it more around here with a more positive vibe. Thanks, PEACE. - nawledge

Thursday, November 13, 2008


V.A. - Trip-Hop Instrumental [2002]

1. Waldeck - Death Of A Piano Salesman (4:56)

2. Akotcha - So Far So Good (6:03)

3. Leggo Beast - Tumbledown (4:41)

4. Mez - D.Loop (4:01)

5. Lardz - Sphynx (5:11)

6. Jimpster - Messages From The Hob (7:23)

7. Victor Malloy - Pussy (4:44)

8. Walkner Mostl - Down (5:15)

9. Seelenluft - Auracar (5:38)

10. Daddylonglegs - Stallion (5:23)

11. Tetris - Mellow (5:42)

12. Alex Cortiz - I'm Out Of Here (5:14)

13. Pre Fade Listening - Homeworx (5:39)

14. Tom Tyler - Carmel Concusion (4:51)

15. Deepfried Tocuma - Ostrich Feathers (Edit) (4:24)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Instrumentals, Not Agendas

Leaf here with the real shit. No beat tapes, and no vinyls that were left laying around, just some fresh instrumentals for you to check out.

First off is Fat Jon's newest release "Repaint Tomorrow". I must say that I was little put off by this release but after a few listens I was impressed. This album goes in a different direction than his other albums but still has that signature Fat Jon sound. The drums are appropriate as with all Fat Jon releases, but his backgrounds are beautiful soundscapes, as usual. "Long Now" will stay stuck in your head for days. Give this record a few spins and tell me what you think of it. Moving on...

(Click Image to Download)

1. Kissed in Shadow
2. Spacesuit Proper
3. Innocent at Once
4. Soundgirl Personal
5. W.Y.P.A.U.
6. Rose Antennae
7. Party Foul
8. Long Now
9. Lighthouse Sleeper
10. Repaint Tomorrow
11. Imagine Seven
12. Muses
13. Leyes
14. Hero Style
15. Tranquilizer
16. Berlin Grey
17. Sunrain
18. Aesthetica
19. Do it Like My Robots

Next up is J. Rawls' new record. I have a lot of good things to say about this one. First of all, J. Rawls has kept his hip-hop sound consistent, but is clearly intent on moving in new directions which is something I admire. Miles Davis did it and constantly evolved as an artist. Imagine J. Rawls' mastery with production, with jazz-influenced themes splashed with some hip-hop. I wouldn't call this jazz hip-hop though. I dunno what to call it. There's definitely more jazz influence than hip-hop, but the hip-hop sound is still there. What you get is "The Liquid Crystal Project 2". There's more to this record than just jazz samples over hip-hop inspired drums. J. Rawls toys with different measures and produces some interesting results. If anyone has the list of songs he sampled for this record, please drop it in the comments. Anyways, enjoy the good music, and drop comments as usual. Oh, and get ready to see more posts like this in the future. Enough of this corny-post bullshit.

(Click Image to Download)

1. The Lead
2. A Tribute to The Beatnuts
3. Digital Funky
4. Rob's Gem
5. Loran's Dance Redux (Pushitalong)
6. A Tribute to Da Beatminer
7. Joshy's Gem (Interlude)
8. Me & Cousin
9. Capricorn's Reprise
10. Charlie Chop's Gem
11. Retreat At Turnberry
12. Bongosss (Interlude)
13. Hebejeebees
14. B's Gem
15. We Fall Down
16. Yinde's Gem (Interlude)
17. The 6th Minute

Monday, November 10, 2008

maroons(cheif X-cel) instrumentals- AND a bonus mixtape

download: 'lateef and the chief' here
-beautiful you
-best of me
-best of me ;bonus version
-don't stop
-first draw
-lester hayes
-matter of time

also check this out, no IT IS NOT INSTRUMENTALS, it IS a remake of chris palko' (kage, with a C not a k..) latest...consider this a break from the monotony of just beats *edit..i didn't mean to be a dick about it*
click here to download

the link is direct download: so u don't have to sign up or wait for anything.. just click and decide where to save the file to..
track list:
1-r.i.p. frank.mp3
2-super bad peeranoia.mp3
3-stuntin scenster.mp3
4-broken stripes.mp3
5-you never had it so heavy.mp3
6-break up the bones subtley.mp3
7-i open a perfect world.mp3
8-left us to kill it.mp3
9-hells splinter hero).mp3
10-new york frame of mind.mp3
11-anti-public deception.mp3
12-oil party crashers.mp3
13-its alright to swallow me.mp3
14-death starts the show.mp3

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skipless - Jazzamentals EP

Hip Hop / Jazz

Strad - Post Apocalyptic Beats

Trip Hop / Hip Hop / Experimental

Smif-N-Wessun - Dah Instrumentalz

Smif-N-Wessun - Dah Instrumentalz (Thanks to Stricktly Ric)

1. Won Time (Instrumental)
2. Next Shit (Instrumental)
3. Home Sweet Home (Instrumental)
4. K.I.M. (Instrumental)
5. Stand Strong (Instrumental)
6. Wrektime (Instrumental)
7. Nuttin Move But Da Money (Instrumental)
8. Sound Bwoy Buriell (Instrumental)
9. Cession At The Doghillee (Instrumental)
10. Lets Git It On (Instrumental)
11. Bucktown (Instrumental)