Friday, July 27, 2007

Slum Village - Dirty District Instrumentals

01. Fall In Love (Remix) (prod. by Jay Dee)
02. Raise It Up (prod. by Jay Dee)
03. Fan-Tas-Tic (prod. by Jay Dee)
04. Untitled (Fantastic) (prod. by Jay Dee)
05. Harmony (prod. by Karriem Riggins)
06. Get Dis Money (prod. by Jay Dee)
07. Climax (prod. by Jay Dee)
08. 2 U 4 U (prod. by Jay Dee)
09. We Be Dem (prod. by Jay Dee)
10. Ess Villa (prod. by Waajeed)
11. Reunion (prod. by Black Milk)
12. Look Of Love (Remix) (prod. by Jay Dee)
13. Secrets Of The Sand (Remix) (prod. by Jay Dee)
14. Players (prod. by Jay Dee)
15. La La (prod. by Waajeed)
16. Tainted (prod. by Karriem Riggins)
17. Selfish (prod. by Kanye West)
18. Disco (prod. by T3 & Young R.J.)
19. Da Villa (prod. by Pete Rock)
20. EZ Up (prod. by B.R. Gunna & Dwele)
21. 2 U 4 U (Remix) (prod. by Jay Dee & Karriem Riggins)
22. S.O.U.L. (prod. by Karriem Riggins)
23. One (prod. by Jay Dee)

Searching high and low, AprilTaurus has compiled this dope
collection of Slum Village instrumentals. Everything on
here is as you would find it on the single; full lengths
without any loops or sound effects.


And I woulda added this, but it put the mix over 80 min, and sounds like a loop even though it's from the 12". If still interested:

Hold Tight (Remix) (prod. by Jay Dee)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pete Rock.

Sample mix of mostly jazz stuff that he used. I gave this a couple listens, it's good stuff.
I don't know very much about it - but here it is. Japanese import; lotsa money for this one.

1. Sittin Duck - Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
2. Summer Song - Ronnie Foster
3. Little Green Apples - Stanley Turrentine
4. We're in Love - Reuben Wilson
5. Olliloqui Valley - Herbie Hancock
6. Shirl (Natural Illusions) - Bobby Hutcherson
7. I Remember Summer - Gene Harris
8. In What Direction Are You - Lee Morgan
9. Repeat After Me - The Three Sounds
10. Hunk O Funk - Jack McDuff
11. Summertime - Lou Donaldson
12. Mystic Brew - Ronnie Foster
13. I Don't Want Nobody - Grant Green
14. Turning Point - Dr. Lonnie Smith
15. Wrong or Right - Bobby Hutcherson
16. Smiling Faces Sometimes - Bobbi Humphrey

download it.

OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Instrumental)

Free Image Hosting at

Yeah, I know one beat shouldn't take up a whole post, but y'all try finding the instrumental.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Madlib - Beat Konducta in India (Vol. 3 & 4 CD)

Not to be confused with LP Vol. 3, this is the full CD, Vol. 3-4 of Madlib's Beat Konducta in India. The back of the promo (enclosed) shows 30 tracks, but the CD contains 34 tracks. Track list taken from the Stones Throw site.

Volume 3.
01. Enter... Hot Curry
02. Indian Hump
03. Movie Finale
04. Raw Tranquility Pt. 3
05. Freeze
06. Masala
07. OnThatNewThing
08. Indian Deli
09. The Rumble
10. Dancing Girls Theme
11. Piano Garden
12. Dark Alley Incidental Music
13. Early Party
14. Fifth Chant
15. The Rip Off (Scene 3)
16. Sitar Ride

Volume 4.
17. Get It Right
18. More Rice
19. Accordion for Raj
20. Indian Bells
21. Club Scene
22. Duel
23. Organ Stroll
24. In the Cave
25. Malfunction
26. Victory
27. Smoke Circle
28. Raw Ground Wire
29. New Bombay
30. Shah Sound
31. Another Getaway
32. Main Title
33. (Variations)
34. No Sitar (outro)


Request: Necro - The Pre-Fix For Death Instrumentals

Yea Fam... Got some Heaters here. Just like any other Necro Release, there are a few CERTIFIED STREET BANGERS mixed in with the other Harsh & Vile, Gore Beats. This album does not disappoint and has many instant classics. Food For Thought/Push It To The Limit/86 Measures Of Game/Nirvana & Death Rap are my favorites... And if ANY of you feel like Dissin on Necro as a Lyricist, listen to Food For Thought & 86 Measures Of Game from the Regular Album with Vocals, and then get back at me. Or try to find a track called "Robbery" released in '93 from him, and then re-examine your thoughts of Hate. He's a Dope Individual In My Opinion... Anyway, here's the Goods:

Necro - The Pre-Fix For Death Instrumentals

1. Beautiful Music For You To Die To
2. The Dispensation Of Life & Death
3. Kill That Shit
4. The Pre-Fix For Death
5. Push It To The Limit
6. Reflection Of Children Coming Up In the Grave
7. Insaneology
8. Nirvana
9. 86 Measures Of Game
10. Empowered
11. Human Consumption
12. Evil Shit
13. You Did It
14. Death Rap
15. Watch Your Back
16. Food For Thought
17. Senseless Violence
18. Push It To The Limit (NYHC Mix)

More Dope Shit Coming Soon... I'm sure my next post will be from this Fool that I'm Hoping NOBODY has heard of. So Check Back. Real Lovely Melodies Comin Up...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Beatmakin Troopa

Just got turned onto this fool like 2 Weeks ago and his shit is DOPE. He's straight out of Iceland, so that got me interested right there. Real Laid Back shit, definitely on par with Pelican City & Leaf & The Nothing. I'm sure everybody will be down with this Bless. I couldn't find his shit ANYWHERE except for this Iceland Music page that is similar to the iTunes Store, you can buy individual tracks and whatnot, so I went ahead and bought both of the albums available on there for about $5.50, so I would say that if anybody is feeling generous after listening to his stuff, to visit his MySpace and you can reference the Iceland Music Page from there and buy the albums... $5.50 to help out an ILL Producer shouldn't hurt the Pocketbook too much, but I'll leave that up to y'all. Enjoy This Shit People.

Beatmakin Troopa - Peaceful Thinking & Surprise Visit EP

Peaceful Thinking:

1. 23 Skidoo
2. Between You and Me
3. City Rythm
4. Dream Clock
5. Everything Must Change
6. Forms Of Life
7. Grass Still Grows
8. Mommy, Where Is My
9. Paris 81
10. Peaceful Thinking

Surprise Visit EP

1. I Can't Find You
2. Lost Toy Found

OH, by the way, the Surprise Visit EP is actually 4 Tracks, but I didn't have enough credit to purchase the other 2 tracks from the Music Page, so if anybody feels the urge to buy the remaining 2 tracks, let us all know and I'll add them to this post. PEACE.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Mitsu

"New Awakening"

I know Lafayette posted this in the c-box, but I had it upped and I didn't want the link to go to waste. His link is here, and mine is here.

Tracklisting is here:
1. Miwa Says...
2. Intro Feat Hunger From Gagle
3. Pursuits Of Clarity Feat Agape From Isosceles
4. Tokyo Feat K-Otix
5. Material War Feat Promoe From Looptroop
6. M.O.O.D. For Otis0
7. Stolen Moments Fezat Audessey The Sound Sci
8. Feeling Alright
9. Jazz Feat Hunger From Gagle
10. Away Feat. Lady Alma
11. Music Mate Feat. Stone Love A.K.A. Mahya
12. Rendezvous Feat. Mark De Clive- Lowe
13. Negative Lon
14. Right Here Feat. Dwele
15. Do Right Feat. Rich Medina
16. Jazzorgy

It's dope, but Amazon has it going for like 40 bucks...I don't feel bad posting this up. Also, since I'm an impatient person myself, I'm not gonna make you guys wait any longer, and here's Mitsu's other stuff, Blue Impressions: Blue Note Mix.
Again, is killing the import game, and I doubt anyone is paying 35 dollars for this, no matter how dope.
Here's the tracklisting:
1. Montara
2. Montara (The Roots Remix 1)
3. Montara (The Roots Remix 2)
4. Distant Land
5. Uno Esta
6. Tuesday Heartbreak
7. New York Times
8. New York Times (Dj Spinna Remix)
9. Clap!
10. Koko And Lee Roe
11. Abdullah And Abraham
12. Think Twice
13. Tidal Wave
14. Ode To Billie Joe
15. Rain Every Thursday
16. Who Knows What
17. Crying Angels
18. Alfie`S Theme
19. Sweet Pea
20. Cirrus

and download it here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DJ Mitsu

I have all four his cds uploaded, but I want to make you guys wait and make sure it's liked and stuff before I go and post it all in one shot. Besides, I know some people hate the rapidshare (But I almost got a premium acnt!), so spreading it out will let you download away without your head exploded. Today is Japanese (i think) DJ Mitsu with his cd entitled "28 Roses". Thanks to Denver for finding the cover.

1 introses
2 lillies of a nile
3 corsarios
4 lets stay together
5 ocean of his might
6 high fly
7 melody to thelma
8 winding roads
9 beach journey
10 astral quest
11 sun goddess
12 i've got you on my mind
13 stefanie
14 moon dance
15 der wurff
17 ghetto child
18 brasswind
19 new found truths
20 affirmation
21 got to be there
22 we've only just begun
23 sweet children
24 bahia
25 welcome new warmth
26 time
27 when she smiles
28 a man for all reasons

get it here

Enjoy it, I know I personally love this one. It's among his best (coin flip between this and 2 others)
For my other blog (RIP) Da Underground Kingz, I posted the entire Madlib discography. The only thing I couldn't find was Mind Fusion Volume 2, so that's missing. One of the main reasons that blog died was the lack of support. I'd get downloads (another reason I use rapidshare - i can see how many are dl'ing), and there would be one comment in the chat box....if I was lucky. Here, I might get more comments either in the box or on the post itself. Gratitude for me sharing helps (again, me, personally, I don't know about the other guys) me feel like it's worth it to share stolen stuff. I'm not a big law breaker, and I don't feel as bad if you guys show the appreciation. :) So, here's to the blog visitors. Big ups to you guys - keep it going. Peace out, have a good 4th for all my US citizens!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Two Nas Instrumentals

Well, I'm a really lazy s.o.b., and I'm not going to try to subtly pass this off as post-worthy, so I'm just gonna go ahead and say that I'm too damn lazy to type and find pictures to make posts for the new albums I get... So instead, I'm gonna post two things I got in the mail, and fortunately for me, they came with no inserts so I don't have to scan anything. But for what it's worth, these instrumentals are worth the download. I don't really need to go and explain these, you know 'em. Salaam Remi kills 'em both. Enjoy, kids.

Bridging the Gap (Instrumental) & Thief's Theme (Instrumental)