Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple (Instrumentals)

01. Charity Case
02. Who's Gonna Save My Soul
03. Going On
04. Run (I'm A Natural Disaster)
05. Would Be Killer
06. Open Book
07. Whatever
08. Surprise
09. No Time Soon
10. She Knows
11. Blind Mary
12. Neighbors
13. Little Better

link #4

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KUT MASTER KURT(motion man)



another thanks to zakiaus(AGAIN) for these instrumentals, (you can get the acapellas for -'pablitos way' at

Monday, March 24, 2008

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Return Of The Magnificent (Instrumentals)

Image Hosted by

01. Hip Hop
02. Let Me Hear U Clap
03. Run That Back
04. The Definition
05. Touch Me Wit Ur Handz
06. Jeff N Fess
07. Practice
08. Supa Jean
09. The Garden
10. She Was So Flyy
11. Hold It Down
12. All I Know
13. Go See The Doctor 2K7
14. My Soul Ain't For Sale
15. Come On
16. Brand New Funk 2K7


Sunday, March 23, 2008

DIRTvolume presents: 'A Summer Session' --- DIRTvolume instrumental mixtape series

All tracks are remixed and produced by 2Twyst and Corporate P

soulful, mellow and jazzy boombap type grooves!!!!!!!



got this from:

qwel instrumentals

more dope beats^...

"why are these wma format"

because you get what you pay for and y'all ain't paying sheeeet. so be gratefull fawkers...:/ ..*laughs*

these are what ever format they are, your welcome and enjoy, end of story

dr. octagon-instrumentals

got this from:
here it is

dr. octagon-instrumentals


and for all you d.j's/re-mixers

Glen Porter - Blue Sky Black Death - Nick Peace - G(Riot) - P Love & The Book Of Nawledge...

Sheeeeit. Here we go again... Massive drop of dopeness. Finally got enough shit together again to do a Big Post. Mntl came through HUGE with the Glen Porter link, Thanks Alot. After I heard that track "Tragedy Herself" from Glen on the Heart On The Right Spot album, I knew I had to keep my eye out. Pretty sure this album has been gettin pushed back since late last summer... Anyway, check it out, dope for sure. Definately a sick guitar technician this guy...

Glen Porter - I Alone

This is the advance for Blue Sky Black Death's upcoming album "Late Night Cinema", which I'm sure is going to be nothing but Epic... This is only 4 Jams, but you can hear the Potential. Highly Recommended shit here people... Can't wait for the Full album, I'm sure HHB will come through with a Link soon. (Thanks again to HHB for this Link)

Blue Sky Black Death - Late Night Cinema (Advance)

Nick Peace... Thanks again for the link to this. Came across the track "Domani" a while back, and knew this shit would be Hot... He's the resident producer for Andre Nickatina I'm pretty sure, so you can expect the sound. It's dope, the first half of the disc is better than the 2nd I'd say, but there's some bangin Harp shit in here. Real Dope.

Nick Peace - Dope Tracks 4 Rap Cats

Alright, next up we have G(Riot). Very little is known about this fool, at least by me I guess, haha. For real though, he's the Shadow Producer. Been doing production here & there for the All Natural crew out of Chicago, and other than that, I don't know much. His sound is DOPE though, super smooth & eerie. Other than that collabo album with Mr. Greenweedz from a while back, which was just OK, I haven't heard of anything recent. But we need more Instrumentals from this guy, he's Dope. Only 4 tracks on here, 2 Instro's, 2 w/Lyrics, but check 'em out cause they're dope. "The Sound & The Fury" is Fuckin INSANE, one of my favorite tracks ever. I know the Instrumental for it is on this (along with the "50 Years" Instrumental!!) >>Here, but I haven't tracked it down yet, but we all need both of those... PLEASE leave a comment if you have any info on that, Thanks...

G(Riot) - 4 Bangers

Cool... Next up we have a few tracks from P-Love, only 3 on here. I can't remember where I got these, and haven't been able to find the full album. These cuts are Hot though, some real dope Guitar shit on here. About halfway through the track "Isabella Frances" is some Dope, Dope shit you all need to be listening to... If anybody has the Full Album, please let us know.

P-Love - All Up In Your Mind (3 Tracks)

Finally, we have "The Book Of Nawledge - Volumes 1 & 2" haha... I'm basically breaking ALL the Rules with this one, and just droppin a Bangin mix of Shit that I've been feeling lately. 16 Tracks in each volume, some instrumental, some with lyrics. A whole bunch of Random Shit on both of these, just shit I've been jamming Heavy lately, but I think that there is something for everybody, and I recommend both Volumes equally. Please pick these up and let me know what you think. Refer to the Comments of this post to see a Track-Listing for both if you want to know what's involved before you download, and also, don't forget to COMMENT people. Are you feelin these?? I Don't want to have to start Passwording my Files for next time, haha.. Alright, that's about it. PEACE everybody, and enjoy the Muthafuckin Easter Egg Hunin.

The Book Of Nawledge - Volume 1

The Book Of Nawledge - Volume 2

Friday, March 21, 2008

dj mumbles-Spirit Evolution Via Awareness

-Spirit Evolution Via Awareness

-Spirit Evolution Via Awareness

i couldn't find a track list...enjoy~!

another batch from dj mumbles, thanks to zakius AGAIN ;)


This is two albums, one link. Two EP's released under the Creative Commons license (yes!). Feel free to donate. The last album I posted from the CCL (BeatRaider) went over pretty well, hopefully you guys like this as well. One of the EPs only has a running time of ten minutes, just so you know. The files aren't messed up or anything, it's just short.

Virtu-oso - The Short Film EP
1. Time (Can I Get A Moment?) - Opening Credits
2. New Day
3. Hectic Movements
4. The Grind (The Day Goes On)
5. Give Up
6. Russian Winter Blues Pt. 1
7. Russian Winter Blues Pt. 2
8. P on Radio (Audio Crack)
9. The Perfect Woman Pt. 1
10. The Love Jam
11. The Perfect Woman (Reprise)
12. Time (Reprise) - Closing Credits
13. The Love Jam Pt. 2
14. Bare Pain (Stop Crying...)
15. U Confused
16. Trailer

Virtu-oso - Peed Taorht

1. Start
2. First
3. Switch Up
4. That's Good (interlude)
5. Raw
6. Ride Me Baby (interlude)
7. How Much More (semi-interlude)
8. DT Theme (Prelude to...)
9. Piandorg
10. End

Grab 'em both by clicking here.
Visit his myspace.

March Madness baby!

dj mumbles(RE-UP)


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Transformations/Illuminations destined to be a CLAS.SIC!

. Prelude - Transformation

2. Freedom Now! (feat. Aceyalone)

3. Embrace the Mystery

4. Interlude #1

5. Never Ending (feat. Flora Purim / Blu)

6. One Kamau Daaood

7. Courage Under Fire (feat. Aceyalone)

8. Interlude #2

9. Here You Are (feat. Tracy McMillan)

10. Vasudeva

11. Silence of the Heart

12. Interlude #3

13. Laksya Bodha (feat. Rebecca Kleinmann / Shanti Shivani)

14. Rise ‘99 (feat. DJ Marvski)

15. Rise Reprise (feat. Cut Chemist)

16. Prema’s Dilemma

the track list is for the original with vocals, so just discount the features etc...

this is all instrumentals(except for a few tracks...EDITED.. new link with out vocals on any track has been added)

this was posted by zakius in the c-box,

King E (AKA: Marty Mar) - Heart Beats

This is an incredible piece of production in my opinion. The entire album is themed around valentines day. King E's sample usage and beats are on point.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


i shut the beat bunker down and andrew shut the acapella archive down, but a new AA was started

martha and the marvelettes
random motwon
jackson 5
marvin gaye
stevie wonder and rick james
smokey robinson
supremes pt 1
supremes pt 2
temptations pt 1
temptations pt 2

Beat Grinders - Whatcha Talkn Bout !!!

I unfortunately, dont have much background information on this little gem. All I know is that it is pure fire. Enjoy!



lone catylyst

click here for : lone catalyst : instrumentals
[here is the above link updated with a few more lonecatalyst instrumentals -- djespionage]

so the old 'acapella archives' was killed by it's owner for good reason ;)

BUT it has been resurrected(basically)

here is the new link

click here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What, What!

Yo, What, What Up? Andyman Backatcha Wit Da Realness Bringing You 2 Ill Instrumental EPz! These Are The Other 2 Records Belonging To A Set Of 3 On Opposition Records, The Other Being No I.D.'s - Invisible Beats. The Groove Merchants Come Correct Front To Back, Featuring An Artifacts - What, What! Instrumental Which Was Never Released On 12". Smooth Shit Like Super High Which Was Featured On Jazzy Jeff's - Vibe I'm On MixTape. Other Fav'z Include The New Sons, Hallellujah & The Korean Which Was Used For Tame One's - The Moment I Feared! Groove Merchants Hands Down, But The Beatnuts Come Wit Some Shit Too. My Pick Being Shit's Gonna Hit The Fan Which Was Used By Marley Marl For Busta Rhymes - New York Shit Remix. What Which Is The Mad Skillz - Nod Factor Beat. Other Dope Tracks Are Xirtanimod & Northern Lights Which Reminds Me Of A Money Boss Players Beat. Judge For Yourself, Leave A Comment Below The Post, Or Simply Say Thanks. Big Up To My Man Zico ( For Hooking Me Up Wit These To Rip.

Groove Merchants - VIC Beats

A1 Mega Trifle
A2 Super High
A3 What, What!
A5 Hallellujah
A6 The New Sons
B1 Buddah Monks
B2 The Battle
B3 The Korean
B4 King Tubby
B5 Galuta
B6 Survival

Pass= vic

Beatnuts - Psycho Beats

A1 Intro
A2 What!
A3 Thats The Beat
A4 Northern Light's
A5 Buddah
B1 Shit's Gonna Hit The Fan
B2 Raw Dog
B3 Ill Guitar
B4 Xirtanimod
B5 Drunken Gangster

Pass = psycho

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

awol1 and fatjack
panacea-EP(looking forward)
behind bars
broke beat(blockhead)
companyflow(lil john from the hospital)
uncle tonys coloring book(blockhead) PASSWORD IS:
downtown-science(blockhead) PASSWORD IS: tunestop
killahPREIST(heavey mental)

the shining(dilla)
bianary_starCORRECTLY labeled....

hand hurts, i'm not linking the rest...

my bad if theres any repeats... :/

oh and this too


Artist: aesop rock

Title: music for earthworms

nine inch nails/SageFrancis/beasite boys/quasimoto

these are the first 9 instrumentals off of the new 'NINE INCH NAILS' instrumental album/series called "ghosts"

click here for: nine inch nails(ghosts, first 9 tracks)


click here for: beasite boys: the mix up

or this sharbee link from SWANN download
password: dickdarlington

1 B for My Name (3:32)
2 14th St. Break (3:34)
3 Suco de Tangerina (3:17)
4 TheGala Event (3:47)
5 Electric Worm (3:15)
6 Freaky Hijiki (3:06)
7 Off the Grid (4:36)
8 TheRat Cage (3:37)
9 TheMelee (3:10)
10 Dramastically Different (3:57)
11 TheCousin of Death (3:06)
12 TheKangaroo Rat (3:28)

the mix-up - album credits
Money Mark Clavinet, Farfisa Organ, Fender Rhodes
Bill McMullen Package Design, Illustrations
Alfredo Ortiz Percussion
Jon Weiner Engineer
Mike Diamond Drums
Adam Yauch Bass, Bass (Upright)
Adam Horowitz Guitar
Greg Calbi Mastering


(the previous link on strictly beats, for these instrumentals IS i here ya go, for those that wanted this)

Human_The_Death_Dance beats


something from the c-box that i was gonna upload but don't have to now...
click here for: unseen-instrumentals(UPDATED)
(again, th previous link on strictlybeats DIED, so heres a new one for those that want it)

01. Welcome To The Violence
02. Bad Character (Instrumental)
03. Microphone Mathematics (Instrumental)
04. Basic Instinct (Instrumental)
05. Goodmorning Sunshine (Instrumental)
06. Discipline 99 Pt.0 (Instrumental)
07. Real Eyes (Instrumental)
08. Low Class Conspiracy (Instrumental)
09. Come On Feet (Instrumental)
10. Bluffin (Instrumental)
11. Boom Music (Instrumental)
12. MHBs (Instrumental)
13. Put A Curse On You (Instrumental)
14. Astro Black (Instrumental)
15. Green Power (Instrumental)
16. Jazz Cats Pt.1 (Instrumental)
17. 24-7 (Instrumental)
18. The Unseen (Instrumental)
19. Phony Game (Instrumental)
20. Astro Travellin (Instrumental)
21. Axe Puzzles (Instrumental)
22. Blitz (Instrumental)

Goretex (of Non-Phixion) - The Art of Dying (2004)

Goretex - The Art of Dying Instrumentals

Monday, March 17, 2008

BeatRaider - A Journey Through My World

This dude is from Germany, as here on Strictly Beats we try not to just stick to American soil; we branch out all over! Anyway, this was released under the Creative Commons Liscense (the best invention ever), so it's also a free download. I believe you can donate to the artist if you'd like. If you want any information on that, ask, I'll see what I can find for you.

1. intro
2. change
3. push and pull (reload)
4. wavesound
5. psalm
6. into arms
7. take a walk
8. dreamland
9. homecoming
10. hadibakalim
11. butterfly
12. stealing
13. lautlos
14. the last man
15. UWE beat
16. nervton
17. outro

Get the dopeness here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

padmo' (of 40 Winks) - "Change the Channel" (2008)

For those who haven't found this album yet:

A lot of us here are feeling 40 Winks, and padmo has offered this download for free (originally here, where you can also find a detailed playlist). For more 40 Winks info, check their blog, where you can also find a link to pick up their last album on vinyl.

Infinitskills - Non Stop Beat Builders Vol. 1

I could have sworn this had been posted, but apparently not. This is a group of dope producers from Belgium (I think?) This came out in 2005, and they've decided to release it for your downloading pleasure for a grand total of free99! It's a solid release, well worth your time. Check it out!


Interlude 01
Takin It Down
Interlude 02
Golden Music
Bas Fonds
Interlude 03
Interlude 04
Lost Star

Download it here.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Diamond D - Hatred, Passions & Infidelity (re-up)

Diamond D - Hatred, Passions & Infidelity

1. Flowin'
2. MC Iz My Ambition
3. No Wonduh (The Projects)
4. The Hiatus
5. J.D.'s Revenge
6. Painz & Strife
7. Can't Keep My Grands To Myself
8. 5 Fingas Of Death
9. This One
10. Never

11. Cream N Sunshine
12. Gather Round
13. On Stage

Thursday, March 13, 2008

By Request: Danny / Daniel Swain

I tried looking for his newest, Dream, Fulfilled, but couldn't find it. However, I did find this. I've never even heard of it, so hopefully none of you have it.

1. "Intro" – 1:47
2. "Sky's The Limit" – 1:50
3. "Can't Let It Go" – 1:43
4. "You're On My Mind" – 1:38
5. "Salon Des Refuses" – 1:24
6. "Love (Is What You Make It)" – 1:46
7. "Loss For Words" – 1:50
8. "Jaded" – 2:00
9. "Same Song" – 1:50
10. "Stardust" – 1:32
11. "Dream On" – 1:18
12. "Twilight Mist" – 2:18
13. "Child of the Night" – 1:48
14. "Best Of Me" – 2:59
15. "Diggin' On You" – 2:07
16. "I'm Not Ready" – 2:53
17. "Born To Wander ('Til I'm Dead)" – 1:51
18. "Passion Fruit" – 1:33
19. "This Time Around" – 1:52
20. "Listen" – 3:40
21. "Sea of Tomorrow" – 2:36
22. "Outro" – 1:17
23. "Just A Dream...?" – 2:18
Total: 46:00

massmirror link

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nicolay - Time:Line

Beats from his collaborative project with Houston-bred rapper Kay. Get 'em...sorry for posting NY's Finest earlier, I didn't realize that had posted already.
1. Time:Line
2. Blizzard
3. Lights
4. Through The Wind
5. What We Live
6. I've Seen Rivers
7. Tight Eyes
8. As The Wheel Turns
9. Gunshot
10. Grand Theft Auto
11. When You Die
12. Dancing with the Stars



Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Fire. C-Box Mega-Post...

What up People?? It's Been a little while... So, I'm going to get things started off with a track that I've been searching for since 9th grade, and haven't been able to track down until now. "Consequences" by Haj F Karimah. You may remember the track from Aaron Snyder's section in the Shorty's Fulfill The Dream flick from waaaaay back. Anyway, I was pretty deep into Hip Hop when that shit dropped, and I knew Nothing about that cut, or the artist... Couldn't find it ANYWHERE at the time, so I would always record the jam off the video with all of the Skate sounds & shit. It sucked, but worked... Anyway, I searched for the track on YouTube a while ago, and found some fool that made a Re-Edit of the Jam, and made it into an Instrumental Version... It's fuckin ILL. He finally added a link to download the Instrumental Remix he did, after enough people asked. So, after MASS years, finally got this track, and in an Instrumental Version no less. There's still a few skate sounds in this jam, but it's REALLY hot. Sorry about the blabbing, had to give some background on this Jam... GET IT:

Haj F - Consequences

Gonna get the main post started off with a Disc from Blue Sky Black Death. I'm about 6 tracks deep into the album, and it got me so excited I had to post this shit. This album is FIRE so far, and I see no reason why the second half won't be as good as the first... Really though, this shit is AMAZING. From hearing the Collabo album he did with Hell Razah last year, I knew he had Talent on the boards, that track "Audiobiography" with Shabazz was a fuckin BANGER... Anyway, this shit is Heat. The first track starts out with a Sample from that movie "Primer". Don't know if any of y'all caught that flick, it was a pretty complex concept and kind of hard to understand, but the sample usage is Hot. Don't sleep...


Blue Sky Black Death - Broken Images

** EDIT **
Had to add this new Phox disc in too, because this shit is TOO Hot... For real, these Hungarians are KILLING IT. Get this Disc.

Phox - The Cinema Fiction

Next up we got some Damu The Fudgemunk... Got this in the C-Box a while back and said I'd post it then. Definately lagged on posting it, but here it is now for y'all. This fool is ILL, definately on that classic golden sound. Some real nice shit here, definately alot of classic samples on the disc but he flips 'em properly. Peep this vid to hear some shit from the man and wait until the 4:45 mark to hear the JAM. It's real nice:

Damu The Fudgemunk - Spare Time

Alright, up next I'm just goint to post a shitload of C-Box posts from a while back... Most I downloaded and I am posting the stuff I thought was dope... Some goods here for sure:

Tha Silent Partner - Platters Act 1

Delofi - Dirty Tapes Vol.1 << Right Click, Save As, Delete .txt when finished

O.S.T.R. - Polish Instrumentals


Oh, one more thing. A little bit of self hype... I got another Blog up & runnin' with a whole bunch of random Graphic Design shit I've done from the last year or so. Thought I'd drop a link and y'all can go check it out if you feel the urge, there's some entertaining shit on there. I'll be updating the Bitch frequently now that it's all runnin smoothly... Thanks in advance for checkin it out. PEACE FAM.

Brett Edmunds Visual Design

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

jel-10 seconds

click here to download: instrumentals-jel-10 seconds(22 tracks)

2002 album by the kid from anticon, very dope hip hop head he is.


01. 11. Multi Pitch
02. 12. Multi Level Play
03. 13. Exit Multi Mode
04. 14. Dynamic Button
05. Close..
06. 15. Define Mix
07. 16. Select Mix
08. 17. Channel Assign
09. 18. Decay/Tune Select
10. Forget It
11. European4
12. ..Your..
13. Changing Patterns
14. 19. Loop/Truncate
15. 20. Delete Sound
16. 21. 1st Song/Step
17. 22. Midi Parameters
18. 23. Special
19. ..Ears.
20. Tip Unfiltered
21. Time Signature
22. Subsong
23. Auto Correct

Release Date: 10/22/2002

Running Time: 56:59

Format 1: 2XLP/Out Of Print
Format 2: CD/Available

U Kno what I mean...






White Albulum Remixes

Two of the tracks don't work for some reason. If anyone has a better copy... you know.

Peace, 9@home


click here for: buck65-situation-instrumentals

1 Intro (1:40)
2 1957 (3:55)
3 Dang (2:38)
4 Lipstick (3:08)
5 Shutter Buggin' (3:27)
6 Spread 'Em (2:50)
7 Ho-Boys (3:46)
8 Way Back When (3:32)
9 Cop Shades (4:07)
10 TheBeatific (3:16)
11 Mr. Nobody (3:02)
12 TheRebel (3:15)
13 Benz. (2:32)
14 Heatwave (2:59)
15 TheOutskirts (3:12)
16 White Bread

Monday, March 03, 2008

Pete Rock - NY's Finest

1. Intro
2. We Roll
3. Till I Retire
4. 914
5. Questions
6. Best Believe
7. Don't Be Mad
8. Bring Yall Back
9. The Best Secret
10. That's What I Am Talking About
11. The PJ's
12. Made Man
13. Let's Go
14. Comprehend
15. When I Need It (Bonus Track)
16. It's So G (Bonus Track)


Muneshine - Opportunity Knocks

Image Hosted by

01 Welcome... (Intro)
02 Overdrive
03 The Sun Goes Down
04 Move On
05 City Of Dreams
06 Luke Warm
07 Aight, Chill...
08 Imagine That
09 Industry Ills
10 Reality Bites Pt. 2
11 Ode ToThe Realness
12 Nine To Five
13 Pre-Thereshold... (Outro)
14 Imagine That (Remix)

Production credits are heavy on Illmind and M-phazes with some Pete Rock and DJ Spinna on the side. Only one self produced beat on here.