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Finally... THE GOLDEN ERA POST!!!!

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** UPDATE ** - Added a little something special to the Post, all thanks to Chris. Check down below, not gonna say much about it, I heard it was coming out but didn't know when... It's Dope.

WORD. Finally got all this shit handled... This is a Bundle of Crack right here. I remember some Hater a while back was claiming that I thought my posts were "Holy" or some shit like that, well I don't, except this one right here. If some of these fools are considered Gods of Hip Hop, then I consider this a Holy Post... ANYWAY, let's get to it, I sat long & hard and tried to decide which producer was most on their game out of all the tracks in this post. Normally Buckwild will always pull to the top, he's probably my favorite producer, but I think within this post itself, the Don himself takes the Cake. The Godfather Don, What the Fuck is up with this guy?? EASILY the most slept on producer from that Era, but yet dropped shit that was in some ways better than anything else out at the time, in my opinion. Every beat from the Don is LACED with Character, it's too bad it's taken so long for him to recieve the recognition he deserves... and Basically, I really can't think of many other producer's from the time that can front on these Five right here, of course P-Rock & Showbiz, possibly DiamondD, and maybe RZA/Lord Finesse, but not too much else is coming to mind... Anyway, I'm going to put all the Track-Lists in the Comments of this post, all of the mp3's are unnamed, which is a Bitch, I know, but I'm Lazy and didn't want to spend an Hour naming 150 Beats, so I'll leave that up to y'all. Alot of the shit you'll probably just remember and will be able to name it yourself... According to the source that I got these from, they are all pulled from 12"s & digitally remastered, some have Vocal Choruses and whatnot which kinda sucks but if they're pulled from the 12's, there's not much we can do about that. Something else interesting too, Track 10 on the Buckwild Part 1 is the Rock On Remix for Funkdoobiest, BUT, I was just over at DJ Espionage's Blog and T&B did a post on the Rock On Remix, I got the tracks and found that the Beat on the Buckwild Part 1 is actually the original DJ Muggs beat, which is interesting... So, it gets me thinkin that possible some of the tracks are labeled wrong in the Track-List that I recieved, so if Anybody comes across Tracks that are mis-labeled or anything like that, please hit us up in the Comments, we'll all appreciate it. Also, I'd like to hear some discussion from people, Who is the Best in the Post?? Who are your favorite producers in general?? Alright, enough Rambling from my Ass. Here's the Goods, some of the Best Beats in Hip Hop History. PEACE.

Actually, before we roll with that, I have a request for a Few Instrumental Tracks that I have been lookin for. Haven't been able to track these Instru's down ANYWHERE. Any help with these would be ILL. I hope these are out there somewhere and I hope somebody might be able to help me out. It would be appreciated...

OGC - "X Unknown"
Fat Joe - "Bad Bad Man"
Kool G Rap - "Executioner Style"
Tek (Smif N Wessun) - #1 Sound -- (Got this one, thanks again dutch)
Extra Prolific - "Go Back To School"
Army Of The Pharaoh's - "Battle Cry"
Smif N Wessun - "Toolz Of The Trade" -- (Got it, thanks Chris)
People Under The Stairs - "Time To Rock Our Shit"

Beatminerz - Unmarked Music Vol.1

** Pass **>>

Beatminerz - Part1

Beatminerz - Part2

Primo - Unreleased Instrumentals Vol.1-3

Primo - Unreleased Instrumentals Vol.4-6

Primo - Unreleased Instrumentals Vol.7-9

Buckwild - Part1

Buckwild - Part2

Godfather Don - Beats

Also, came across a post at this new Blog,, of Godfather Don's Hydrabeats Vol.3 Release. Which is Extremely Rare, and has some REALLY DOPE tracks from the God. Some of his best, he knows how to work those Sleigh-Bells, just peep the Tracks. Give some props to the Blog if ya want because I'm linking his Link, he has some other obscure Vinyl too. I'm going to try to do another Godfather Don post soon once I get more stuff from the man... If anybody has any stuff to contribute into that, drop some knowledge in the Comments. PEACE.

Godfather Don - Hydra Vol.3

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get Your E-Dig On.

Download from the following link, then use the url's inside of the notepad file to download what you want. The following is a mixture of over 2000 beats. . . Some good, some bad, get your E-Digging on by picking and choosing whatcha want. Since rapidshare wouldn't allow me to upload them all in the zip I created due to it's size, and I didn't wanna break it up. I'll let you guys pick and choose.


The password is the same for all.


*please note*
This was not by choice, to have it in this format, it's sorta harder to download it, but your getting multiple albums at the same time. If you have a rapidshare account, just copy and paste in a tab and just open them all. I had about 40 tabs at the bottom and took all the instrus out and dumped em into a folder, then went through that folder and filtered the goodies (like the canibus get retarded instru, and positive balance immortal tech instru etc.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wildstyle instrumentals

Wildstyle instrumentals
(256 kb/s)

01 B-boy Beat
02 Yawning Beat
03 Crime Cut
04 Gangbusting
05 Cuckoo Clocking
06 Meetings
07 Military Cut
08 Razor Cut
09 Subway Theme
10 Busy Bees
11 Down by Law
12 Baby Beat
13 Jungle Beat

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


9@Home musta had the same copy I got

01 - I Used To Love H.E.R. (Instrumental)
02 - Communism (Instrumental)
03 - Maintaining (Instrumental)
04 - Watermelon (Instrumental)
05 - Sum Shit I Wrote (Instrumental)
06 - Resurrection (Instrumental)
07 - Thisisme (Instrumental)
08 - Chapter 13 (Instrumental)
09 - Nuthin' To Do (Instrumental)
10 - In My Own World (Instrumental)
11 - Orange Pineapple Juice (Instrumental)
12 - Soul By The Pound (Remix Instrumental)
13 - Take It EZ (Jazz Mix)
14 - Funk Shit (Japan Only)


Friday, August 17, 2007

No I.D. "Invisible Beats" (1996?)

I thought I had a nice collection of hip-hop vinyl 'til I peeped my man DJ June's stash, and ran across at least a dozen instrumental albums I didn't have (and hadn't seen)...June was generous enough to loan 'em out, which explains the productivity this last week. I hate to push down nawledge's recent posts on 40 winks, Anomaly, and The Nothing...all three of those producers /groups deserve as much attention as they can get, probably more than any of the rips I'm posting.

Got a half-dozen or so rips to go after this early No I.D. record on Opposition. This is probably unnecessary to point out for this audience, but No I.D. is the producer behind Common's immortal classic "Resurrection", which in itself makes this record worth listening to:

No I.D. "Invisible Beats"
(256 kb/s)

01 Bassline
02 On & On
03 Ill Chop
04 Yeah!
05 8 Years
06 Storm Chop
07 Kalimba Chop
08 Specialize in Music
09 Nobody
10 Satisfaction

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Phife Dawg "Ventilation" Instrumental LP (2000)

Phife Dawg "Ventilation" instrumental LP
(256 kb/s)

01 Flawless
02 Alphabet Soup
03 Miscellaneous
04 D.R.U.G.S.
05 Tha Club Hoppa
06 Lemme Find Out
07 Ben Dova
08 Beats, Rhymes & Phife
09 Ventilation
10 4 Horsemen
11 Melody Adonis
12 Outro

Production credits include Pete Rock (6, 11), Hi-Tek(1, 2, 4, 8), and Jay Dee(7, 10). Again, credit is due to DJ June for this joint.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

G-Clef "Jazzy Breaks Vol. 1" (1996)

G-Clef "Jazzy Breaks Vol. 1"
(256 kb/s)

01 Newbop Lounge
02 Melanin from Hannibal
03 Confusion Swings
04 Mad Drama
05 Club Goodfella
06 Peaceful Strut
07 Little A's Vibe
08 Split Personality
09 Sledges Hypnosis
10 Back Up Off Me
11 Hint From The Future

...cover image pulled from discogs (uh, definitely not something i put together). This is similar to what you might find on the Fat Jazzy Groove series back in '96...acid jazz/downtempo/ hip-hop. G-Clef has it listed on his site as a 2002 release, but it says '96 on the vinyl, so I'm going with that.

More G-Clef production at his site, can also purchase albums directly from the artist (the way to go, obviously) via this link.


Hi everyone.
I don't have anything uploaded, I just figured that because this blog gets a hell of a lot of views, I'd just say this here and not have to repeat myself in multiple places...

I'm quitting.
I stopped downloading files. I deleted all my albums that I've downloaded (unless you can't buy them or I'm planning on buying them in the very near future..), all my "borrowed" programs like photoshop and flash, and some movies. Although I was always a follower of the whole "test-drive" idea to downloading, I think I went a bit too far.
Maybe I'm paranoid - but a friend of a friend got a suit the other day. Five g's for one thousand songs. I had way more than that. So, in an effort to help moralize myself and the situation, I deleted all my uploaded links that were still live on Rapidshare. Sorry for anyone of the ones who've missed the old stuff. I'm not going to post on this blog anymore, unless I can feel a little more safe about it. Hopefully I'll remain as a contributor, toss some stuff in now and again, but not often. This blog reaches people. DJ Espionage sent an email to me not too long ago with some numbers of visitors to the site - reaching almost 100,000 page views. That shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (c) Gwen Stefani haha

I'm probably going to continue to post over at the blog Let's Start Over - only because that's a personal blog containing mostly opinions and not very much music. Normally music related topics, but no one's stealing shit off there.

So, finally, in conclusion (thanks to anyone still reading), I'd just like to thank everyone who supported this Strictly Beats project, all the other contributors for their hard work (I know I found some stuff I love - and more recently have bought), it's been a hell of an adventure.

Monday, August 13, 2007

KMD - Various Instrumentals

A collection of KMD inst's from "Mr. Hood" & "Black Bastards", ripped from Fondle 'Em & Money Studies EP's:

KMD - Various Instrumentals
(256 kb/s)

01 Plumskinzz
02 Humrush
03 Peachfuzz
04 Sounded Like A Roc
05 Stop Smokin' That Shit
06 Constipated Monkey
07 Get You Now
08 Popcorn
09 Contact Blitz
10 Garbage Day III
11 What A Nigga Know's a link to a nearly identical collection of instrumentals (good looks, word), originally snatched from here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

J-5 "Power in Numbers" Instrumental LP (2002)

Big ups to DJ June for this record:

J-5 "Power in Numbers" Instrumental LP
(256 mb/s)

playlist at - the instrumental release does not contain "DDT"

Oh No - Ghetto First

Any Italian Psyche or Turkish & Lebanese Funk experts in the house? This is the 007-inch single (nod to dunno's post) which is given away free with Oh No's Dr. No's Oxperiment at some spots. I wonder, who else is sampling Baris Manco and Mustafa Ozkent and making some of the best instrumental hip-hop this year out of them? I'm not going to snitch out any more samples - I don't know them, and if I did, I probably couldn't spell them.

Regarding the title: This 45 is listed online as "Ghetto First" but it doesn't say that on the labels.


+ info: Oxperiment with 45

Grav "Down to Earth" Instrumental EP (1996)

Early production from Kanye West, although a lot of the tracks aren't "true" instrumentals, i.e. they have choruses. I also added a few inst's from the "C'Mon" 12".

Grav "Down To Earth" instrumental EP
(256 kb/s)

01 World Domination
02 Keep Movin
03 Sick Thoughts
04 What
05 One Puff
06 Thought It Was On
07 Down to Earth

08 C'mon
09 Snake Bite

Oh no Bond! That Dr. No has you now!

Free Image Hosting at

How will James ever get out of this one?

Only one way to find out.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

40 Winks & Ratatat

WORD People. Just got all this 40 Winks shit handled. Went to as many various sites as possible and got as many cuts as I could from the team, The Hit The Hay album was in 6 long MP3 Sections and I had to chop it up into the various Tracks... I guessed where I thought the end of the Tracks were and whatnot, and excluded some Tracks with Vocals and some other Interludes that were kind of boring. So, the track-listing on their website say's 26 Tracks in total for that album, the way I chopped it there is only 18 Tracks in total, and I have NO IDEA which Tracks go with which names, so I'm not even going to try and guess. I'll leave that up to y'all, unless 40 Winks is reading this?? You out there?? Hook us up with a Track-List for these... haaa. Anyway, the other Two Packages are ILL. April To July is a Full album and a few of the tracks on it are a whole bunch of dope rhythms within one track, so be on the lookout for that, and the Random Goods is a whole bunch of exactly that, with some Snippets from other albums... GET ALL OF THESE PEOPLE. These two Fools are swiftly rising on my favorite producers list. They DOMINATE the xylophone & horns, some REAL laid back shit... And they're from Fucking Antwerp, Belgium?!? 40 Winks will put you to sleep, Especially the Hit The Hay album... I'm not going to put up any Track-Lists for these, I figure everybody gets all the Track names in the .Zip's anyway, and a whole bunch of Track-Listings takes up so much space in one post it pushes everybody elses posts all down into the Grave and shit... I'm not down with that. Anyway, here it be, OH, some Ratatat too. They're an alright team, nothin ultra special, cool for some high paced Guitar shit (Gettysburg is a fuckin ILL cut). And I've noticed that the Ladies love they're shit, and that always works out when you can roll somewhere with your Chica and not have to worry about the Trick puttin on some Dummy Radio Shit... PEACE.

40 Winks - Hit The Hay
(Track-List in Comments, Thanks Again))

40 Winks - April To July

40 Winks - Random Goods

Ratatat - Various Beats

Anomaly - True Thoughts Video

Thought I'd post this up since we're on the Anomaly tip... A track from Mesa. Dope little vid, the Fireworks Section is ILL. Peace...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anomaly - The Nothing - Low In The Sky

Wassup again Fam... Been going thru the archives and came across this disc from Anomaly. This guy is from around the Chicago area, damn fine stuff here, every track flows in and out of different rhythms... Super laid back shit. I guess he has this new disc called "Mesa" that just dropped in May, I haven't been able to find it yet, if anybody has come across that piece, please hook us up...

Homeboy Stefan left a comment with a Link to Anomaly's new shit Mesa. First off, Thanks for that Stef, I like when people actually read the Posts and don't go straight to the links, help people out that are helpin you. Good Blog Karma or whatever... Anyway, here's that piece, listenin to it right now and it's pretty dope... Reminding me of Since We Last Spoke from RJD2.

Anomaly - Mesa

1. Floating Lanes
2. Fumes
3. It's Him Again
4. Carve
5. Strange Unison
6. True Thoughts
7. Terms And Conditions

Also, Stefan mentioned something about Anomaly's other disc entitled "Mountains Rise" an MC Collabo album, which is a Dope album but I can't post due to the Lyrics... BUT, there are a Few Instrumental Interludes on the Album, which I Do have for your listening pleasure. So enjoy this. Peace::

Anomaly - Mountains Rise Exclusives

1. Intro
2. Mountains Rise
3. Plumsnatcha
4. Plan B
5. Dim Orange Light
6. Responding To Treatment

Nice, think that's about it, but if anybody has anymore to add from the man... Hook us up.

Anomaly - The Long Road

1. Recognize
2. Dust
3. Choose One
4. Chill
5. Tuned Out
6. Unfollowed
7. Biotic
8. The Long Road
9. Devotion
10. Levels
11. Reborn
12. Soaked
13. People Is Crazy
14. He Gone

Next up we got some shit from The Nothing... I'm sure alot of y'all will remember one of these dics gettin dropped in the C-Box a bit back, a link from Boss's Blog. Well, I got that Disc for all those that missed it, and also his first Album, "The Complex Sanity Of Man" which I just ordered and definately didn't mind droppin some loot for it... It's Highly Dope. I Guarantee this is the only place you'll be able to find it without a purchase. On the cover it said "Featuring Instrumentals from Aceyalone/Luckyiam/The Grouch", but I haven't listened to much Living Legends lately, and I don't care for Aceyalone that much so I actually didn't recognize any of these cuts, so maybe y'all will from hearin them on those other fools' albums... There's some tracks with Lyrics, so hopefully everybody can deal with that, think of them as Bonus Tracks. Either way, here's the Crack:

The Nothing - Complex Sanity Of Man

1. Bossano
2. MisFired Neuron
3. The Face Under The Stone
4. Two Robots In Love
5. Gone Are The Days
6. Conversations Dub
7. Versatility (F. Rolo)
8. Talks With Joe
9. Animal Kingdom Dub
10. Beyond The Outer Ring
11. Low Key (F. The Golden Horn)
12. Nothing To Lose
13. Walking On The Grass
14. Parallel Universe Dub
15. Dome Driftin (F. Nomad & The Golden Horn)
16. Music Is My Occupation

The Nothing - Life In Decay

1. Disintegrate Begin
2. They Live
3. Mongols Approaching
4. Slowly Walk Dub
5. Redoubtable
6. Mating Song
7. Wagons Rumbling
8. Cooling Effect
9. Quiet Nights
10. Jurassic Thoughts
11. Dreams To Reality
12. Forgiveness
13. The Crumbling
14. Senescence
15. Nothing And Counting

Finally, I'm going to finish this with some Heat from Low In The Sky... Real similar sound to old Blockhead here, but more layered, more depth. I guess I should say, this sounds like a lot more work went into it. Especially when compared with Blockhead's new stuff... That last disc wasn't that bad, but come on... Anyway, Extremely Dope stuff here. Oh, I'm using a link from Dr. Chlorophyll's Blog for their latest album, so pay him some dues if you get a chance. Pick up all these Discs people, these and all the albums in my last post is basically all I've had on loop for the last while, and I hope all the fam will be ridin the same train shortly... Aight, be lookin out for that Golden Era Post comin up next everybody. It's going to be PURE FIRE... Peace.

Low In The Sky - Dear Birds

1. Cool Sanson
2. Dear Birds
3. The Cowboy Natural
4. Are You For Real
5. Fax Mn
6. Perdendosi Morendo
7. Heavens To Murgatroid
8. Horse In The Sun
9. The Mayors House
10. Go Federal
11. Astronaut Practice
12. At The Source Of The Longest River

Low In The Sky - We Are All Counting On You, William

1. Hello Wide Morning
2. New Amsterdam 1672, New York 1933
3. The Pursuit Of The Giant Squid
4. Animal Expansion
5. Horton
6. O! Zark! How You Make Me Roll
7. And Snow (While Surfacing)
8. Fellow Mice
9. Dialogue With A Shadow
10. Fnd Wax Cylindr At Abandnd Shell Station
11. How To Make A Paper Hat
12. Community Center Shuffle
13. A Hum On The Pond

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Life Rexall - Frequency Response (2004)

You may know him as part of the Shape Shifters, or as one half of $martyr (with 2Mex), or just as the dude who makes ill beats for half the West Coast. But the man rhymes as well, just not on this one, but the vocal album is worth checking just as much. Heavily slept-on, so do yourself a favour and... you know.

This is half of the 2-CD edition, which means the instrumental album comes as a bonus with the regular one.

01 Jumpstart (Instrumental)
02 Surround Sound Table (Instrumental)
03 Sacrifice (Instrumental)
04 Interlude 1 (Instrumental)
05 Cold Touch (Instrumental)
06 Principles (Instrumental)
07 Interlude 2 (Instrumental)
08 Sunflowerz (Instrumental)
09 Uprising (Instrumental)
10 Final Outcome (Instrumental)
11 Interlude 3 (Instrumental)
12 Motivation (Instrumental)
13 Rock Rhymes (Instrumental)
14 Go Soulow (Instrumental)
15 Interlude 4 (Instrumental)
16 Life Before Death (Instrumental)
17 Bonus Track (Instrumental)

Life Rexall - Frequency Response (2007)

Peace, 9@home

DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol.1 (2007)

No need to introduce the guy. Babu's started producing his own beats a few years ago and this is a taste of them. Good stuff.

DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol.1 (2007)

1. Intro
2. Occult City
3. Tempreezy
4. Woodwork
5. Veetee
6. Ebbtide
7. Round And Round
8. Walkawalka
9. Love
10. Rockchuuch
11. Classix
12. Palms
13. Bug Guys
14. Pil 1
15. Lauralee
16. I Can't Go On
17. Leon Is Kool
18. Raggae Rabbit
19. Why Fair
20. Help
21. Be White
22. Head Games
23. Give U More
24. Two In The Dam
25. Sound Music
26. Dee On
27. Effeks
28. Muhreeuh
29. Crisscross
30. Uhreathu
31. Gobbler
32. Pimp Shit

Peace, 9@home

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mr Hill - The Darkest Hour (2007)

Right off the bat, I swiped this from one of my favourite blogs, so props where props is due.

It's Mr. Hill of the mighty Oldominion collective, representing the upper left with an armful of beats. Niceness. This may be the darkest hour, but it's not for hip-hop. In fact it's looking pretty bright.

Mr Hill - The Darkest Hour (2007)

Mr Hill's Myspace
Mr Hill's Site on

Peace, 9@home

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Timbaland - Shock Value (Instrumentals)

Real deals:

01. Oh Timbaland (3:32)
02. Give It to Me (3:55)
03. Release (3:16)
04. The Way I Are (3:34)
05. Bounce (4:05)
06. Come and Get Me (3:31)
07. Kill Yourself (4:07)
08. Boardmeeting (2:26)
09. Fantasy (4:03)
10. Scream (5:37)
11. Miscommunication (3:20)
12. Bombay (2:51)
13. Throw It On Me (2:08)
14. Time (4:25)
15. One and Only (4:17)
16. Apologize (3:07)
17. 2 Man Show (4:26)


UPDATE: RE-UP: Beatmakin Troopa + Other Global Goods

Word, what's up Fam?? FINALLY got all this Shit online to share... I just recently moved and have been fuckin with Wireless Internet for the last few weeks, and I guess my spot isn't blowin up enough or somethin with the Wireless because my shit is all over the place, sometimes Full Connection, sometimes nothin, and I got all those Stations Boostin more Signal and it don't do shit... So, I'm over it, tryin to get some new shit happenin with the DSL Crack. ANYWAY... Wanted to make this Post on some Global Shit since the Troopa is from Iceland, I thought I'd get other Artists from other Countries also, so to start it off we got this here Beatmakin Troopa Re-Up for y'all, so enjoy this once again:

Just got turned onto this fool like 2 Weeks ago and his shit is DOPE. He's straight out of Iceland, so that got me interested right there. Real Laid Back shit, definitely on par with Pelican City & Leaf & The Nothing. I'm sure everybody will be down with this Bless. I couldn't find his shit ANYWHERE except for this Iceland Music page that is similar to the iTunes Store, you can buy individual tracks and whatnot, so I went ahead and bought both of the albums available on there for about $5.50, so I would say that if anybody is feeling generous after listening to his stuff, to visit his MySpace and you can reference the Iceland Music Page from there and buy the albums... $5.50 to help out an ILL Producer shouldn't hurt the Pocketbook too much, but I'll leave that up to y'all. Enjoy This Shit People.

Beatmakin Troopa - Peaceful Thinking & Surprise Visit EP - ICELAND

Peaceful Thinking:

1. 23 Skidoo
2. Between You and Me
3. City Rythm
4. Dream Clock
5. Everything Must Change
6. Forms Of Life
7. Grass Still Grows
8. Mommy, Where Is My
9. Paris 81
10. Peaceful Thinking

Surprise Visit EP

1. I Can't Find You
2. Lost Toy Found

OH, by the way, the Surprise Visit EP is actually 4 Tracks, but I didn't have enough credit to purchase the other 2 tracks from the Music Page, so if anybody feels the urge to buy the remaining 2 tracks, let us all know and I'll add them to this post. PEACE.

Next up we got some Shit from this Fool Nomak. Now, Honestly, I don't know SHIT about this. Came across this on Boss's Blog a while back and been Jammin' it for a while. Pretty sure He's Japanese, judging by his site::

But this whole disc is real smooth... Some Symphonic Shit here, real nice Melodies with Layered Beats. I'm pretty sure this Disc was just a Free MP3 Download Album, but it's Dope & I HIGHLY Recommend it, key tracks are definately "In The Dope" & "Blessing Of Music" (Although, All Tracks Are Dope).

(Not Actual Cover Art)

Nomak - Combine - JAPAN

1. Benevolent Smile
2. Sequence Of The Seasons
3. Bashful
4. Doze Off
5. In The Dope
6. Restriction
7. It Keeps Shining
8. Crescent
9. Blessing Of Music
10. Rebirth
11. Sound (No Title)
12. Stimulation
13. After Peace
14. Samurai Attack
15. Sound Of Soul
16. Ultimate Eternity
17. Rokkasho (Nomak Remix)

WORD. Next up we got this Duo from Belgium who call themselves 40 Winks... DO NOT SLEEP on this, I'm just going to say that it is Highly Ill and you will not be disappointed...

40 Winks - Sound Puzzle - BELGIUM

1. New Day (Introlude)
2. Sketch
3. Progress
4. Welcome To Paradise Island (Interlude)
5. For The Traveller
6. Egyptian Love Poems
7. It's Here
8. You (Interlude)
9. I Bring You Dreams
10. Divine Intervention (Interlude)
11. Planet Anvers
12. Picture This
13. Soulful Sensitivity
14. Mind Lost (Interlude)
15. One Button
16. Old Train
17. Way Past Bedtime (Outro)
18. Melancholia (Bonus)

Alright, last but not least is this Homeboy, Kixnare, from Poland... Don't be Fooled, this guy drops BANGERS!! I'm Serious, some REAL HOT SHIT right here... I'd say it sounds like a Combo between Panik from Molemen, and Pete Rock... That's the first thing to come to mind. REAL DOPE. Don't sleep on this shit...

Kixnare - Instrumentals - POLAND

1. Bangladesz
2. Bluestrain
3. Deltaman
4. Ebony
5. Gods Home
6. Inside
7. Kix Jazz Pt.1
8. Kix Jazz Pt.2
9. Kix Theme
10. Libras Dream
11. Manzanita
12. Margie
13. Nat
14. Natural High
15. Source
16. Travelling Man
17. Tymy
18. War Zone
19. Winter

ALRIGHT. Yeah, that's a Batch of Goods that should last everybody for a Bit until my next Post... I planned on doing some other stuff similar sounding to these posts, but I think I'll wait until I get all those Ebay Instrumentals I had in the C-Box and do a Golden Era Post: Buckwild/Beatminerz/Godfather Don & Dj Premier, so get ready for that BLESS. In the meantime, somebody should do a Low In The Sky post, they have a new album that just leaked called "We're all Counting on you William" and their first album "Dear Birds" is dope as Hell, both albums are Dope... If fo one gets around to upping those, I'lkl do it after the Golden Era Post... PEACE FAM. Enjoy This Shit...