Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apollo Brown - Skilled Trade

01. Intro - Work
02. Migrate
03. Substance
04. Hold Me Down
05. Down There
06. We Almost Lost Detroit (RIP. J Dilla)
07. Shivers Down My Spine
08. Way Back
09. Legend
10. Spoiled Coffee
11. The Turning Key
12. What You Need
13. Ninety-two (Gone)
14. Without Jan (Mom)
15. Can It Be
16. Invisible
17. To My Establishment
18. Press Ya Luck
19. Custom
20. From One To Won
21. Empty World
22. Poverty's Pair Of Dice
23. The Squeeze
24. Born On Halloween
25. Passin' Time
26. The Question
27. My Steelo (Check My Credentials)
28. Too Much
29. Bang Bang
30. Outro - Change


Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sabac-Sabacolypse / Madvillain - Madvillainy

1. (00:04:00) Sabac - Organize
2. (00:03:39) Sabac - Sabacolypse
3. (00:04:22) Sabac - Positive And Negative
4. (00:01:00) Sabac - Revelation 1
5. (00:03:41) Sabac - Protest Music
6. (00:01:26) Sabac - Bacs Anthem
7. (00:05:09) Sabac - Fight Until The End
8. (00:01:18) Sabac - Revelation 2
9. (00:03:47) Sabac - The Scientist (Aids)
10. (00:03:55) Sabac - P.O.W.S
11. (00:04:35) Sabac - Unsolved Mysteries
12. (00:01:33) Sabac - Revelation 3
13. (00:04:10) Sabac - A Change Gon Come
14. (00:04:43) Sabac - Urban Gorillas
15. (00:03:19) Sabac - Speak Militant
16. (00:04:20) Sabac - I Have A Dream
17. (00:03:59) Sabac - A Change Gon Come (Militant Metal Mix)

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01 Madvillain - Accordion
02 Madvillain - Meat Grinder
03 Madvillain - Raid
04 Madvillain - America's Most Blunted
05 Madvillain - Rainbows
06 Madvillain - Curls
07 Madvillain - Money Folder
08 Madvillain - Shadows Of Tomorrow
09 Madvillain - Operation Lifesaver A.K.A. Mint Test
10 Madvillain - Figaro
11 Madvillain - Hardcore Hustle
12 Madvillain - Strange Ways
13 Madvillain - Fancy Clown
14 Madvillain - Eye
15 Madvillain - All Caps
16 Madvillain - Great Day
17 Madvillain - Rhinestone Cowboy

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EGADZ! Best Of 2008 & TEXAS.

Word people. A little late, was trying to get this post a little closer to the New Year but things got delayed a bit. I'm going to start things off with this Best Of mix. The majority of the tracks are from '08, but it's mainly just a bulk of shit I've been listening to. A whole bunch of random shit, something for everybody... Check it out, leave a comment. Ebert & Roeper Muthafuckas.

Welcome to 2009.
Best Of 2008

Alright, onto the more "Texas" part of the post... All of the remaining artists are holdin it down hard in the Lone Star. Except for the Egadz at the bottom, but we'll get to that. Anyway, I never thought that I would be Loving music from Texas so much, a few years ago at least. But Leaf was the first collaboration that got me looking at Texas in a serious way. That shit opened my head. So, here is some stuff from the new album.

BUT, I'm not going to post the full album. This dude works 2 jobs just to support his music, which is highly underrated & unrecognized. He needs support back and we all should at least purchase a digital-download from his website. Only $9.99 people... So, I'll leave you with this: The best 5 tracks from the album, in my opinion. Let us know what you think.
Leaf - Rooted From Within (Top 5)

Leaf - Website

So, I think everybody was feeling that Aether album that I posted up a bit back, well AM Architect is Aether (Diego Chavez) + Daniel Stanush, another dope producer. This is a little EP of shit I snagged from their Myspace. Don't worry, it's pretty good quality. This shit is dope...
A.M. Architect - EP

Cool, onto some E.Gonzales shit. This dude is dope, some really cool stuff on both. I can't really say too much about it, just that everybody should check it out and support. Dude's got kids...
Ernest Gonzales - Chasing The Sun EP

Ernest Gonzales - While On Saturn's Rings

Alright, last but DEFINITELY not least, is DJ Egadz. Keeping things Hot in San Francisco. I knew nothing until Bossplayer dropped the knowledge. This link is from that Blog, all praise go there. I guess this shit came out in 2002, and I wish I would have known about it then because this would have been dope to have rollin through those years... Hot stuff on here, reminds me of Pelican City, a bit more electronic though. I think everybody will enjoy.

** DAMN! As I was posting this, the link got taken down! Shit. I guess hit up your iTunes and BUY that shit. Along with his new stuff too. It Is Worth Every Penny. **
DJ Egadz - Monotony (2002)

Peep this vid to see the fire...

Alright. There you go. I'll try and get some more heaters comin up soon. Stay Tuned People.


Kuroioto - Iro Iro

Download Here!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nefta Beats

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Nefta Beats aka Javier Romero, spanish producer
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Amplive Instrumentals

01. The Drill Instrumental
02. Birds Eye View Instrumental
03. Boom Bip Instrumental
04. Trippin Instrumental
05. One Chance Instrumental
06. Do It Instrumental
07. Silly Puddy Instrumental
08. Stranger In My Home Instrumental
09. Speakerz Instrumental
10. Inner Light Instrumental
11. Mind Blow Instrumental
12. Phone Calls Instrumental
13. Mic Jonez Instrumental

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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1. Son of a Bricklayer - Spying On Dreams (3:55)
2. Shitao - Voices (2:44)
3. Son of a Bricklayer - No Memories, No Plans (3:35)
4. Shitao - Time Scarfaces (2:59)
5. Son of a Bricklayer - The Garden (3:32)
6. Shitao - Peacetime Images (2:44)
7. Son of a Bricklayer - On The 16th Day (3:43)
8. Shitao - We (3:03)


Friday, January 02, 2009

The Admiral / Cold Legistics - "Deeper Than You Think"

The project that we have for you is called Deeper Than You Think and it is a instrumental mixtape that was inspired by Madlib Shades of Blue and J-Dilla. The Admiral stated that "The whole project was inspired by Madlib's Shades of Blue, I bought it on vinyl a few months ago and listened to "Montara" on it and it sparked the light. J-Dilla's production also provided inspiration for the project."

1. Dream
2. Sample Interlude
3. New Phenomenon
4. The Fourth Letter
5. The Dap Dip (Skit)
6. Soft Walking
7. Didn't Want To
8. Fox News
9. All I Ever Wanted
10. 2 Minute Break
11. What's Going On
12. Protect Your Investments
13. Watered Down
14. Deja Vu
15. Love
16. Traffic Interlude
17. Lost at Sea
18. Coming Home
19. Peace
20. I'm Gone

Download it here.
Praverb on the assist.