Saturday, May 31, 2008

Panik (of Molemen) - Vinyl Edition

This is a re-up of nawledge's post from the year before last, by request.
A collection of Panik's slappers that he made for the crème of MCs. These are just the beats, but the tracklist gives you the names of the cats that got to spit over them, in case you want to go and find the vocal versions. My favourite is definitely "Tiz The Seizen". But each one of the beats is a hard bumper.

Panik (of Molemen) - Vinyl Edition

1. Vakill - Out The Speakers
2. E.C., Rubberoom - Taste Of Chicago
3. Vakill, Rhymefest, Percee P. - Keep The Fame
4. Juice - Key To The City
5. Rasco + Planet Asia - Sophisticated Mic Pro's
6. Vinnie Paz - Raw Is War
7. Much Of Nothing
8. Cali Agents - This Is My Life
9. Vakill - Dungeons 2 Rooftops
10. Coming Through Alert
11. All Natural - It's OK
12. Rasco - Back On The Scene
13. Vakill - Tiz The Seizin
14. Juice - The Anthem
15. Rhymefest - How We Chill
16. Rhymefest & Juice - How We Chill Pt. 2
17. Juice - Freestyle Or Written
18. Mass Hysteria - Vocabulary Spill
19. Juice - Sincerely
20. Exclusive
21. Vakill - Flows U Can't Imagine

Powell - Sextape

20 tracks from French producer Powell

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dj Oll-Zen & Dj Osmoose - When Beats Collide (2008)

46- Beats produced by (Dj Oll-Zen & DJ Osmoose) out of Germany!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Willy Sunshine - Tribute To Myself(2008)

01 Sunrise
02 These people
03 5 A.M.
04 Under the trees
05 Lifetime
06 Til' we see C notes
07 Me & you
08 Napoli
09 Deadly affair
10 Bridge to Bama' (Willy Sunshine remix)
11 Strange flute
12 The journey
13 A gun in her hand
14 Sunset
Thanks to TKO at for the link!

J. Rawls - The Essence Of... Instrumentals (2001)

I've taken the liberty of reposting this. Originally put up by RobSteady.

J. Rawls - The Essence Of...

1. What You Want
2. Superhero
3. Birds Of Feather
4. Elegy
5. Great Live Paper
6. Meniscus
7. Blue 2
8. Cold Turkey
9. Far Away

Peace, 9@home

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Elaquent - In Colour Vol. 2 (Dirtier Loops)

All I have to say about this is "Dont Sleep"! This album is straight fire. Enjoy!

Famicom - Hokkaido Homegrown

01. Intro
02. Yao Beggar Pt. 2
03. Tougeki Champion
04. LH 90
05. Hakodate Special
06. Magic Herbs
07. Natural Fist
08. Tessin Star Pt. 2
09. Battle Opera
10. Torafugu
11. Fresh Applez
12. Comma Shaped Jewels

While I was expecting video game beats, it was still cool to get some lo-fi samples and kung-fu skits. Dude posts at Wu-Tang Corp, so the Rza influence is no coincidence.


And since I don't know where else to put this: Firefox isn't recognizing my profile in the cbox. Is there anyway that can be reset or should I just make a new account?

Monday, May 26, 2008

VA - Listening is Believing (2004)

01. S as in Soul. - Intro (Liberty by us)

02. DEV LARGE THE EYEINHITAE - Trans Tokyo Ghetto Funk Express (Nastyest M.F.'s Experimental Soul Drum Break Mix)

03. Chimp Beams - Calm

04. RIOW ARAI - Break Infection

05. FORCE OF NATURE - Noon Affair

06. Nujabes - Other Side of Phrase

07. Kowloon - Different Perspectives

08. S as in Soul. - Swan Dive

09. Presto ft. DJ Haul - On This Vibe

10. Don Solis - Chasing Charm

11. Olive Oil - Love Elnino

12. FORCE OF NATURE - Just Landed

13. Azzurro - Solaris

14. FORCE OF NATURE - Relaxed Pieces


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Naturtalent - Unbeatable Vol.1

14 - tracks from Naturtalent out of Germany.

Friday, May 23, 2008

SB & FSM Need Your Help!

SBeats & FSM Need Your Help!

Alright, so between may 28th and june 2nd interviews will be going down for the following artists listed above. What we need from you? Is questions. Whether your a fan, friend, foe, or just avid listener, we need some good questions to ask these guys above. . . The interviews will be placed on here in bulk all together, on the same day, and regularly circulating the main page of

Alongside with the interviews is going to be Freestyles or Freeverse(written 16) which will be posted aswell.

So, if you have any contributions question wise or something you may wanna ask, were accepting everything and your questions could get answered.

Just email with the subject line: Questions for ______ .

The more we get the better, and there are a few names not placed on this list.
If you cant think up any questions and still wanna help/be a part of this
Click the: link and spend a minute to make an account.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lootpack re-up

Lootpack - Soundpieces Da Antidote (1999)

bitrate: 192 kbps

1. Long Awaited
2. B-boy Theme
3. Level Zero
4. Crate Diggin
5. Law of Physics
6. Frenz vs. Endz
7. Speaker Smashin
8. New Years Resolution
9. Answers
10. Hityawitdat
11. Verbal Experiments
12. Style Wild
13. Weededed
14. Break That Party
15. Wanna Test
16. Episodes I-V
17. Questions Remix

upped by Swann

Small Pro - Crookyln Gangstrumentals

Hopefully, most of you are familiar with Small Pro by now. He has remixed numerous projects, and made a remix version of Jay-Z's "American Gangster" (Crooklyn Gangster) to critical acclaim on the "blog circuit", if you will, and some even believe it's better than the original.

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dreamin'
4. Hello Brooklyn
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys
7. Sweet
8. I Know
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant Shit
11. Say Hello
12. Success
13. Fallen
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster

Grab the instrumental version here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

500th POST!! Re-Up: Leaf - Made Into Itself + Rooted From Within (Advance Sampler)

Fuck Yea People... 500 Posts goin strong! This Blog has continued to surprise me, it's done nothing but grow where at first I didn't think it would turn into anything big. The SB Community has grown to a level I could have never expected, and the amount of work that we've had posted here is Amazing. I really didn't think that we could maintain as an "Instrumental" Only Blog from the beginning, but with the Help of other Contributor's, and the Countless people just droppin' by & sharing links in the C-Box has REALLY helped us to maintain. For how important this Music is to me, and how in Depth I thought I once was in the Instrumental Game, this Blog has really opened my eyes to SO MUCH Unknown music and all of the other Under-Exposed Producer's out there... Plus, I really feel this spot is something special, we post alot of things that I don't see anywhere else, help out MC's along the way, and provide y'all with a unique viewpoint from each Contributor.

Basically all I'm sayin is that I'm Really Fuckin Hyped about the where the Blog has gone since we started. I feel we've made a unique place in the "Blogosphere" or whatever, and I think we'll be here for a while to come... Thanks to all of you of course. So, let's keep things goin people! 500 Posts Deep, 500 more to come... PEACE! -- nawledge.

Alright, onto the music... Leaf - Made Into Itself. Posted this Forever ago, it was one of my first posts over here. I was planning on Re-Upping this closer to the release of his new album, "Rooted From Within", for a little extra added hype. But have been gettin some requests for it now, so here ya go people. This is an amazing album, up there with the likes of 40 Winks & BSBD, but it is FAR more dark than anything from 40 Winks, partially Electronic, but really layered and well executed. I could NOT put this disc down when I first got it, there are a few tracks I still listen to Daily/Weekly. Anyway, check it out if you didn't get the chance before, and there are 4 Tracks from his new album in there too. They're not the Best quality as I pulled them from his Myspace, but at least you'll get the idea of how BANGIN his new album will be. It Should drop sometime in the next few months, it's already finished he's just getting the tracks Mastered right now.

Alright, Thanks Again Fam for getting this spot to the place it is, and let's keep things goin! Enjoy The Beats. PEACE...

Leaf - Made Into Itself + Rooted From Within Sampler

** The "Made Into Itself" Album is missing Three Tracks, if any of you have the Following Cuts, it would help me out... They are all basically just Interludes, but I'd like to have the Full Album... Thanks in advance for any help with these: **

- Track #10 "Passing By"
- Track #12 "Glitch Exercise"
- Track #14 "Sevenhundredeightytwo Ways To Wake Up"

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Fellow blogger and beatmaker Psy (I'm lazy, so I'm gonna refer to him as that from now on...hope you don't mind man) brings the heat with this release. He's made numerous contributions weekly for I Hook A Beat Up, and this release doesn't disapoint in the least bit. Make sure you check it out, and show the dude some love! (He's got numerous other releases given away for free.99, so if you guys like this, there's plenty more)

1. Intro
2. Birth, Space And Time
3. Between The Keys
4. Transmigration (Stranger)
5. A Quick Reminder
6. Sis
7. Dreamland Happy Times For All
8. Service Preparation
9. Non Music
10. Potent Spirits
11. Opposing Drives
12. Time (A. Not Just Madness B. Clarity C. Anaethetised)
13. Outro

Link courtesy of TreeBeats
Suffused with Static - Get it now.

post 499.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tired Eyes... HMob Productions

Here's that Fire I was tellin everybody about... Get this as quick as you can People, firstly because it is some REALLY, Really good music, and because I'm only leaving the link up for a few days. I got most of these Tracks from a Friend of a Friend, who got them directly from Chris, the man behind the boards, and so I don't want them up for too long. He's out of Mt. Hood, Oregon and is Extremely Fucking Talented: Keyboards, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass, Trumpet, Drums, Violin, Flute... He gets it all done, and the result is glorious. Don't know how many of you are involved in the Snow-Sports world, but he did almost the entire soundtrack for a ski movie that came out last year titled "Idea", it was a Bangin Movie... Anyway, get this before it's gone, you will have No Regrets.

Check out his Space too & give him some more support... It looks like he's getting ready to release a FREE Promo EP, just the cost of shipping required. So, I recommend everybody goes over there to look into that. Alright, enjoy this Quality... Peace.

Tired Eyes - Myspace

** Link Removed At Artist Request **

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yao - "Plantain Is Public" (2006)

(160 kb/s)

Admittedly, this instrumental hip-hop album is more schizophrenic than my taste in beats, but for those fiending for something more experimental (without losing the hip-hop ethos), check it.

For more info on the album and artist, check here, where you can also download a few MP3's from the album if you want to preview a few tracks first. You can also buy the album at that link if you're feeling it.

Dockta Valkus - Skybase (2008)

This is fresh off the presses from producer Dockta Valkus. He comes from the same production team as Metawon (who's a couple posts down), and dude is nice. Just some brief testimonials if you were looking to find out who he is:
"This stuff is dope. It’s like the lovechild between early ninjatune and kool keith’s inner demons."
"Some shit reminds me of old Mark B or DJ Krush … even Vadim in spots."

From the item description:
"It's like time skipped a month and brought us back to speed on a spaceship. Dockta Valkus kicks a high interstellar breakline on this album's worth of sci-fi infused underground minimal hip hop. Outerspace lyrics flow from the lips of Mighty Mega, who laces the album throughout with thick insight, while Dockta Valkus' beats hypnotize for roughly an hour.

I'd say don't sleep, but this is the stuff you'd actually hear if you happened to pass out at a drive-in theater while watching a double feature of 'Cosmic Man' and 'Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers'. Please download it, it's so sick."

I'd post a tracklisting, but there's 29 tracks. So get it (direct link) while it's being offered from the label for free. Hope you like it, leave some comments.

The Roots - The Instrumental Album (2000)

My guess is this is a bootleg comp since I haven't found it on discogs or anywhere else, but it's well worth checking if you like the Roots.

?uestlove before he underwent surgery, ca. 1991.

01 - Distortion to Static (Instrumental)
02 - What They Do (Instrumental)
03 - Proceed II (Instrumental)
04 - Concerto of the Desperado (Instrumental)
05 - Adrenaline (Instrumental)
06 - Clones (Instrumental)
07 - Da Lesson Part I (Instrumental)
08 - Section (Instrumental)
09 - Da Lesson Part III (Instrumental)
10 - U.N.I.verse At War (Instrumental)
11 - Respond-React (Instrumental)
12 - Sweetback (Au Natural) (Instrumental)
13 - Represent (Instrumental)
14 - Proceed Without a Pause (Instrumental)
15 - Distortion to Static (At Ease Remix) (Instrumental)

The Roots - The Instrumental Album (2000)

Peace, 9@home

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rasco - Time waits for no man (1998)

One half of the Cali Agents. Soulfather Rasco.
Just look at the production credits... whew!

LMNO & Kev Brown - Selective Hearing (2007)

It's the work animal from the Visionaries crew together with Kev Brown of Low Budget fame.
(I mean, this is just Kev's beats, but in principle...)

Eastern Conference Records - Greatest Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2005)

EC Records - Greatest Instrumentals Vol. 1 (2005)


01 - Cage - In Stoney Lodge (Prod J Zone)
02 - High And Mighty - Live From The Bullpen (Prod Reef)
03 - Tame One - High Fidelity (Prod Mighty Mi)
04 - Copywrite - Fuck Soundcheck (Prod Rjd2)
05 - High And Mighty - Artillery (Prod J Zone)
06 - Yak Ballz - Ode (Prod Mighty Mi)
07 - Nighthawks - Bomb Beach (Prod Mighty Mi)
08 - High And Mighty - Incorporate Anthem (Prod Rjd2)
09 - Akinyele - Ak Nel The Great (Prod J Zone)
10 - Vast Aire And Mighty Mi - Buck 50 Express (Prod Mighty Mi)
11 - Leak Bros - Gimmesomedeath (Prod Rjd2)
12 - Tame One - Superbad (Prod Mighty Mi)
13 - High And Mighty - Wonderama (Prod Mighty Mi)
14 - Cage - Too Much (Prod V I C)
15 - Royce - Nickel Nine (Prod Reef)
16 - Smut Peddlers - Red Light (Prod Alchemist)

The Demigodz - The Godz must be crazier (Deluxe Edition) (2007)

The collective around Celph Titled, Apathy, Louis Logic, Open Mic and more cats have re-released their collaborative milestone as a double album, including the instrus. And here they are.

part 1
part 2 or part2

BDP - Criminal Minded (1987)

Find the link and win yourself a free download! ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008


click here for: may instrumentals

apsci-bike messenger diaries-instrumental
apsci-see that-instrumental
libretto-volume one-ft_life savas-instrumental
lyrics born-cold call-ft_gift of gab-instrumental
RADIx-rush-ft_mr EON-instrumental
the raw-saigon_inspectah deck_bekay-instrumental (produced by-ILLMIND)
thriston howll III-brooklyn hard rock-instrumental
thriston howll III-spit boxers-ft_master fuol-instrumental

for the acapellas (for the dj') to these tracks click here

Damu The Fudgemunk - Spare Time Instrumental LP

Damu The Fudgemunk - Spare Time Instrumental LP

07. WHATS NEXT (REMIX) | ft. insight
12. TO RBI
13. L.B.
17. RATHER UNIQUE 2 | ft. insight
18. WORK IN PROGRESS (REMIX) | ft. kev brown
19. PARANOID | ft. insight


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dert - The West Side Of The Moon

This one goes out to all of the beat heads that dont have this in their collection. There are some serious bangers in this one!

Note: All 33 tracks are made up of Pink Floyd samples

Check out Dert at:

Download Here!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Lokid - Oldies and Cakes (Beat Tape)

Get Oldies and Cakes Here!

Digital Invaders - Invasion

Get It Here!

Digital Invaders are made up of the following producers:

BLESS 1 - CHICAGO, Illinois
SUFF DADDY - Germany
HAZEEM - Germany
LOKID - France
ELLIPSIS - illadelphia, Pennsylvania
POWELL - France

Check them out here

And now for something a little different that I recently came across. Some high pased funk for that azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Grooverider - On the double

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mr. Green Winter Sampler [2008]

If you've never heard of this cat before you obviously haven't been checking for Pacewon lately. Dude hooked up with the former Outsidaz representative to make an album called The Only Color That Matters Is Green (dropping on March 23rd). There are a couple tracks from the album up on their myspace which you should definitely peep to get an ear for the guys sound. Definitely don't sleep on this.

Mr. Green Winter Sampler [2008]

1. I Want It All
2. Larger Than Life
3. Yeah
4. Anthem
5. missing
6. The Basement
7. Pushin To The Top
8. Life or Death
9. Victorious
10. Sparticus


When I did my interview with him over at my blog he told me a lot of these beats have been purchased already. There will be a Summer Beat Sampler in June so hold tight if you're looking to purchase some. Email/Myspace him if you're looking to buy, dude is really cool peoples.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sabzi Revisited

This has been requested so many times since it was uploaded almost a year ago. I killed the link myself a while ago after I went on my "no-sharing" therefore, this link will be up for one week only. Make sure you get it!
For those of you who still don't know, Sabzi does beats for Seattle-based groups Common Market and Blue Scholars. Some of these are off digital-only releases (Joe Metro EP, Butter & Gun$ EP), but most are off the retail albums you can find it stores. Support please.

Common Market - Connect Four
Blue Scholars - Back Home
Blue Scholars - Loyalty
Common Market - Doors
Blue Scholars - Butter & Gun$ (Loyalty II)
Blue Scholars - Dawn
Common Market - Every Last One (Cornerstone rmx)
Blue Scholars - 27
Blue Scholars - Joe Metro
Blue Scholars - Joe Metro (rmx)
Blue Scholars - Southbound
Common Market - Kampo
Blue Scholars - Town Talk
Blue Scholars - Xenophobia

Support the artist and buy their music instead.

DJ Fab

Sort of ambient, off-the-normal stuff. I like it though, it's good to just chill and relax. Like/dislike? Speak up. As always, this release is under CCL.

DJ Fab - Ocean Dreams
1. Melancolia
2. A Glory's Night
3. Haven
4. Lilith
5. Ocean Dreams Part 1
6. Ocean Dreams Part 2
7. Painful Destiny
8. Sorrow
9. The Unforgiven
10. War Against Life

Some more DJ Fab is coming, probably next week or so. Hope you like it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mash-Up Productions - "Lazy" (Beat Sampler 0.1)

This is an eight beat sampler of chill/mostly jazzy beats -- recommended. 'Mash-Up Productions' is the pseudoname of UK MC/producer Figment.

Check his Myspace here, show some love if you're feelin' it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Infinitskills - Beat Tape 2008

Metawon - Electric Dyslexic
Dowlnoad Metawon Here!

Comfort Fit - Forget and Remeber

DJ Navvy "Ciphers Of Zero Five"(Instrumentals)

Smooth ,Mellow,Soulful Instrumentals from producer Cook!

Get It Here!

Big Ups to TKO for the Infinitskills and Metawon joints!
Note to strictlybeats visitors: Comments/Feedback will be appreciated.

The Heliocentrics - Out There (2007)

After the ridiculously dope EP by MRR-ADM, I went looking for more stuff and found Malcolm Catto's band, The Heliocentrics. Needless to say, this album is just as ill. I could go on listing superlatives, but just do yourself a favour and get this.

1. Intro
2. Distant Star
3. Flight 583
4. Once Upon a Time
5. Beyond Repair
6. Sirius B
7. Untitled
8. They Are Among Us - Part 1
9. The Zero Hour
10. Joyride
11. The American Empire
12. Before I Die
13. Intermission
14. Age of the Sun
15. They Are Among Us - Part 2
16. Winter Song
17. A World of Masks
18. Sounds of the East
19. Somewhere Out There
20. Second Chance (K2’s Prayer)
21. Return Journey
22. Sirius A
23. Falling to Earth
24. Outro

Their page on Stones Throw
Discog entry

The Heliocentrics - Out There (2007)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Allah Universal

Okay, today I've got another two albums released under the Creative Commons Licensing, so they're free to begin with! This dude goes by the name Allah Universal, and he's DOPE. If you're not sure you want to grab this, I'd go ahead and get it for "Love is Insanity"'s amazing. Hope y'all like it, leave some comments so we know whether people like what we're sharing or not.

Allah Universal - Pro.Me.The.Us (link should be fixed now)
1. Victory
2. Read Between The Lines
3. HHT
4. Mayan Dialogie
5. 300 A Test
6. 300 B Test
8. Who Knew (1.5)

This is the better of the two releases in my opinion:
Allah Universal - The UNIverse
1. Love Is Insanity (In Stereo)
2. Second Session
3. Legos
4. $uperman's Bank
5. Moon Music
6. NASA $$$
7. Classic Track 102
8. Manson's Matrix
9. Why We?
10. Revelations Chapter 22, 1-10

Enjoy 'em, have a good safe weekend everyone.