Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chief - Instrumentals

Chief is a Swiss based producer and is the founder of Feelin’ Music. Chief, recently released an album titled “Collabo Collection”. The album features guests including Blu, Co$$, Kissey Asplund, Dynas, Sene, John Robinson, Les Nubians, Moka Only, Kenn Starr, J Sands and many others. Make sure to check it out. You can get more info. on the release and additional free instrumental projects @ FEELIN’MUSIC! Dont forget to stop by Chief's page and show him some love especially if you are feeling his music. With that said, I hope you all enjoy the beats. Till next year --Boogie!!!!

Chief Collabo Collection - Album Teaser



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slimkat78 – Soundfreakers Vol. 1 [beat tape]

This is a 15 minute instrumental mix that Slimkat78 dropped earlier this year. For those of you not familiar with SlimKat78 he has worked with Musinah, Bilal Salaam, Diamond District, and Finale. He is also one half of the 1978ers with yU of Diamond District.



Presto - So Cocky With it beat tape



Tweleve Inch Consumers Global Connection

Tweleve Inch Consumers Global Connection Instrumental beat tape was produced by Equal Beats(Finland), Aspekt (US) and BeatBrof (Wales). Enjoy!!!!

01 EQual Beats - A Poor Excuse For An Intro
02 Aspekt - Circles (Flaming Ember Flip 2)
03 BeatBrof - In The Sky
04 Aspekt - The Choice Is 4 (Choice 4 Sample)
05 EQual Beats - Hazy Morning
06 EQual Beats - Long Time Trouble (Women)
07 Aspekt - The H(a)unted
08 BeatBrof - Dub Reggae Party
09 Aspekt - Deep Thoughts
10 EQual Beats - God Blessed Me (Whe He Made You)
11 EQual Beats - Helsinki Go (Bang Bang)
12 BeatBrof - Sensi Voices
13 Aspekt - Dreams (Solid Solution)
14 Aspekt - Reaching Out
15 EQual Beats - Gone (Streets)
16 BeatBrof feat. scratches by Skcratzmanz - Scrararararatch
17 Aspekt - Billy
18 EQual Beats - Sky (Remake)
19 EQual Beats - Broken (Heal)
20 BeatBrof - Delayed
21 Aspekt - Lifestyles
22 EQual Beats - Stay (Free)
23 BeatBrof - Smoky Room
24 Aspekt - All For You (Nat Townsly)
25 Aspekt & EQual Beats - November (Home)
26 BeatBrof - Boom
27 EQual Beats - One Day


Da Poet - Instrumentals

Hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, this underground MC and producer goes by the name of Da Poet. Not that I'd understand a single word he says in Turkish on his vocal albums, but his beats speak a wonderful language. Quite good variation across the board, some Turkish music samples here and there give the tracks a fresh touch. These are some instrumentals that he's used on his various releases, solo and collabos. Great listening.

Find out more on him on myspace and facebook.
Click the covers for the albums.

Peace, 9@home

Saturday, December 26, 2009

SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (December Episode)

Thanx to everyone who contributed music to the show, its been a successful first year!  i plan on doing it even bigger for 2k10...


SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (December)  by  Neosonix

Friday, December 25, 2009


Afta-1 is one of my favorite all time producers. Definatley someone to look out for in my opinion. If you like the tracks featured in the following clips make sure to check out his album titled AFTATHOUGHTS. Im sure you will not be disappointed.

Leave comments let me know what you all think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out Afta-1 on myspace here!


Im not sure if this track has been released yet. Its very nice nonethelesss!

Afta-1 - Flor y Uva

A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK):

“Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone as we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know y’all haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn. I can’t believe I’ve been making tracks for over 10 years now. That said, there’s so much to learn still. I hope you all enjoy this mix. Thanks to the Gaslamp Killer for doing an incredible job on this. Can’t wait for you all to hear my album Cosmogramma coming out April 20th 2010 on Warp Records. Enjoy!” ---Flying Lotus



If any of you beatnuts live in Cali and get paid off the books...
Check this out:

I'll be there, and on-top of that theres plenty of other reasons to go.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jon Phonics - Jonathan's Beats & Pieces

01 Intro
02 Chipfunk
03 Bump 'N Ground
04 A Dying Breed
05 Jonnyalizeandthebutterscollab feat. Jyager
06 In the Rumble of the Belly
07 Stunting
08 Hands On The Table feat. Piff Mayo
09 Words from the Brimstone
10 Bunsen Burner
11 Illest shit you ever heard (w_ Toe Jam & Earl)
12 In the Yeah
13 Mama always told me
14 TextYour(d) Links (Hush)
15 Personal Gain
16 Do it
17 White Pain
18 Ice Cream
19 I aint rich baby
20 The Truth
21 Peace Keeper
22 I Love Cats
23 Lipstick on your collar
24 Hitthewetbacksforthegetback
25 The Joint
26 Do you want this
27 Spaceache
28 White Socks (Outro)



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BlackBerryJones – King Of Chop

In this video clip BlackBerryJones showcases his production skills by chopping up Michael Jackson’s “Can’t Get Ready” and Raheem DeVaughn’s “You.”

LMAO at some of the captions in the clip!!!!!

Check out BlackBerryJones myspace page for more info.

Major thanks to for putting me on to this!

The Unknown & DJ Ragz (Jazz Addixx) - DC Airways


Monday, December 21, 2009

aLive - Major Works

QUIET - The Jazz Injection vol.1 (Instrumentals)

Really nice jazz influenced beats. Definatley give this album a listen.

Download Here!

Check Quiet's Myspace page for some of his other free instrumental projects here!

Big up's to IzZi for the heads up!

Dotmatic - The 2009 Beattape(2009)

1.intro 00:25
2.sample one 01:03 games no time 01:21
4.the time is now 01:53
5.pros 01:30
6.the strong survive 01:27
7.hard ain't it 01:28
8.fight back (dub) 02:18
9.father forgive 01:29
10.peace 01:22
11.sample too 01:22
12.waR games 01:46
13.jekyll 02:10 01:17
15.swele 01:32
16.the great houdini 01:26
17.the warrior song 01:39
18.manna 01:46
19.citizen kane 01:14
20.we all belong 01:18
21.vanilla sky 01:34
22.sample thr33 01:26 01:13
24.let me eat 01:08
25.out on me 01:09
26.n.d.str. 01:57
27.hear my dear 01:42
28.shining 01:46
29.sweetness-es 02:02
30.t.i.m.e. 01:50

<a href="">intro by dot.|maTic</a>


Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Emancipator Track... "Nevergreen"

So, our good friend Doug Appling (Emancipator) is dropping his 2nd album "Safe In The Steep Cliffs" on Jan.19, 2010. He has offered up a track from the album for free download, and I have that here for you now. A nice laid back jam, it goes really well with the current weather outside. Take a listen & let us know what you think. Also, mark Jan.19th on your calendar's, because a great album comes out on that day, and you all should go purchase it. That's it for now, but I have a special treat for you in the next few days. Stay Tuned...

<a href="">nevergreen by emancipator</a>

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BUeLLER - Airglow

If you like Vlooper type beats you will definatley want to give this a listen.

Download Here!


Thx to the Apes for putting me on to this!

Cloud - Sluts & Saints


Myspace page here!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Willie Green – …Of Heroes and Villains (2009)

Clip of Willie Green explaining the concept behind the ...Of Heroes and Villains album.

1. Final Adjustments
2. Preparations
3. A Turn For The Worse
4. The Plan
5. Synergy
6. Snitches
7. The Message
8. The Anomaly
9. First Encounters
10. A Thrill A Minute
11. Entermission
12. Nobody Gets Out Alive
13. Maid Service
14. Destination Please
15. Arrivals
16. Exiled
17. The Twist
18. Swords Crossed
19. Final Showdown
20. Victory Lap
21. Infinity Gauntlet ft. Nasa (of The Presence) [BONUS]
22. Family Ties ft. billy woods (of Super Chron Flight Brothers) [BONUS]


Check out Willie's myspace here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

M Slago – Nag Champa Sessions

"Chilled out atmospheric beats with a distinctly southern lean"

01. Digisheets
02. Downtown
03. Elation
04. Felicia
05. Funky Nasa 5
06. Glimpse
07. Jam On 2
08. Keyhole
09. Funky Nasa 9
10. Look of Love
11. Make Love to You
12. On Time
13. Orions Belt
14. Funky Nasa 14
15. Puss in Boots
16. Soul Music
17. Ultra
18. Villiany

Download Here!

Link provided by

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Myke Forte - Zodiak Aries Beat Tape

Myspace page here!

01 April (Freewill)
02 Chocolatesauce (Generously)
03 The ComeUp (Hunger)
04 Turkishdelight (Mystical Future)
05 Streetfighterchronicles (Quiet Rage)
06 Spectrum FM (Scientific)
07 Jayfunkismsoulistickal (Funkisocial)
08 Simmerdale (Impatient)
09 Nineteeneighty (Stargazing)
10 Layitdown (Passion)
11 LabtimeLDBB (Dedication)
12 Elevate Beneath (Courage)
13 Victory (Triumph)
14 Dramology (Fire Nature)
15 Takeitbakeit (Positivity)
16 Crystalmistics (Optimism)
17 Ginsengpsyche (Insightful)
18 Caughtontape (Curious)
19 Butkissfakers (Extrovirtuos)
20 Baptisewater (Moody)
21 Zodiachocolate (Dreamy)

Download Here!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

DJ Vinroc - The Art Of Beat Making

Vinroc's - Beat Freaks(Instrumental) album dropped Jan. 14th, 2009. So, yeah I unfortunately slept on this one.

Check out the short film he made - The Art of Beat Making/Believe and two sample tracks from the Beat Freaks album below.

You can get your copy of the Beat Freaks album at

Click here! for Vinroc's myspace.

A million thanks to the dudes at for putting me on to this.

Beat Freak


Luis Gallardo a.k.a Redd of the Forbidden Dialect - presents Music For People Who Like Music (2007)

Luis Gallardo is a Puerto Rican producer who is part of the Atlanta, Georgia based Forbidden Dialect Hip Hop collective.

1. Exeter
2. São Paulo
3. Leicester
4. Salinas
5. Lafeyette
6. Santo Amaro da Purificação
7. Trancoso
8. Tippo
9. Aperibe
10. Tel Aviv
11. Sarmiento
12. Munich
13. Carpina
14. Ripley
15. Kufur Yasif
16. Minneapolis

Music For People Who Like Music has a really nice jazzy/tropical vibe to it. Definatley give this album a listen.

Check out Luis's page for more of his free projects and to show some love here!

Download the album here!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

DJ Tran-Bert – Music, Friends, Life (2009)

"Eight jazzy and soulful instrumentals, produced and mixed by DJ Tran-Bert aka Tatsuki The Abstract himself".

Check out previews here!

01. Music, Friends & Life
02. Think Twice
03. Le Dimanche Des Salauds (ft. Maestro) (Interlude)
04. Sweet Dreams
05. Voyage
06. Grosse Chaleur (Interlude)
07. Your Smile Is Wonderful
08. Music, It Is Paradise

Note: Download link provided by

Musk - Erok - Tank Y Nuestros MPC's

Really nice beat tape full of Latin American music samples. They are giving away CD copies of the beat tape to whoever donates $5 dollars to their blog. Click on the following link for more details and a link to the mp3 download.

Musk-Erok-Tank Y Nuestros Mpc's

Big ups to read for dropping this in the C-Box

King I Devine - Crown Jewelz PT.2

MPC 1000 King I Divine Beat Making Video- Crown Jewelz Beat Tape Pt.2

Stop by and show some love at his Myspace page Here!

Download King I Devine - Crown Jewelz PT.2

Beat Maker Beat - The Live EP

Beat-Maker-Beat feat.FF Crew - The End of Apocalypse (Live EP promo) from funkfanatix on Vimeo.

Download The Live EP!

Wasiu M. Brion - Shy Tribute

Wasiu M. Brion is based out of Poland. Click here for his myspace page!


1. Intro (Third World War)
2. Disrupted mind (A tribute to Madlib)
3 .If you want it, it is possible (A tribute to Pete Rock)
4 .House party rap (A tribute to Madlib)
5 .THC lamentations (A tribute to Emade)
6. For fans (A tribute to Premo)
7. Overcome with self (A tribute to Pete Rock)
8. Time is running out (A tribute to Boon Doc)
9. RAPegasus 2 (A tribute to Madlib)
10. Sudden wave of energy (A tribute to Premo)
11. Hard work (A tribute to Pete Rock)
12. Wonder of the world (A tribute to J Dilla)
13. Catching my breath (A tribute to Madlib)
14. Catching my breath 3 (A tribute to Madlib)
15. Marek Zientarski (A tribute to Boon Doc)
16. Your name (A tribute to 9th Wonder)
17. Spring '86 (A tribute to Emade)
18. Cries of a contabass (A tribute to Kev Brown)
19. You have to eat (A tribute to Premo)
20. Bollywood (A tribute to Madlib)
21. Landing in the forest (A tribute to Madlib)
22. Uouou (A tribute to J Dilla)
23. Uouou 2 (A tribute to J Dilla)
24. Mystical trans (A tribute to Imhotep)

Download Shy Tribute!

Check out a little preview here!

Latsabb - Introducing Funky Listening Adventures

Latsabb is a producer hailing out of Norway. Click here to go to his page!

Download Introducing Funky Listening Adventures!

Ayiro + J. Bizness - Cali Fire Commission Volume: 1

26 Southern California cultivated beats

Download here!

or bandcamp link below!

Download and or Stream Here!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Making this a brief post

Click the pictures below to hear previews/download.

random collection of beats, random styles, random arrangements, random solos.....random durations....random....It was also randomly released. These beats were previously STREAM ONLY, now you can DOWNLOAD. Please enjoy.

twitter it or the group
Youtube it "