Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pretty Lights - Live @ Moog Factory

This was recently posted on his site and thought some of you might want the track. It's almost 15 min long, so just make sure you wait until the 4:35 mark! I pulled it from the video, which can be viewed HERE

>> Alternate Link <<

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Wizard Beats

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. be me
2. boss
3. candles
4. dal
5. dane
6. esma
7. faceoff
8. fleet the streets
9. got my mind
10. keep you close
11. laboff 7
12. mine o mine
13. only you
14. poppin
15. remix
16. repeat
17. smashshit
18. soul45bell
19. surrender
20. wanted you 2
21. zone-d

Click Here To Download

go here to buy:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Depakote - It Ain't '94 Anymore

1. (00:02:29) Depakote – Eraser
2. (00:02:13) Depakote – Lunch Lady
3. (00:02:32) Depakote – Detention
4. (00:02:16) Depakote – Lunch Ticket
5. (00:02:13) Depakote – Backpack
6. (00:01:51) Depakote – Calculator
7. (00:02:56) Depakote – Paint on the Wall
8. (00:02:00) Depakote – Pencil
9. (00:02:30) Depakote – Quarter Milk
10. (00:01:39) Depakote – School Bus
11. (00:02:00) Depakote – Schoolyard
12. (00:02:32) Depakote – Spork
13. (00:02:17) Depakote – Water Fountain
14. (00:01:56) Depakote – Last Day



new four tet? yes, THERE IS LOVE IN YOU

Get four tet-There_Is_Love_In_You here!

also check this out, mix i made, 1 track... pretty fresh, has a concept, not just random etc, art work is currently being made for it. will be officially released sometime early summer or around Easter.... yeah.

Get hip_hop_the_monkey_named_Charolte here!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

k-murdock PIANORAMA!! go get it!

also taken from k-murdocks blogspot


This brainchild of mine took over 7 years to complete, but i am more than proud to FINALLY share it with you all!  Thanx to all the artist who contributed, Tasteful Licks for assisting in its' release, and last but not least, the legendary pianist/producer Ryuichi Sakamoto, who inspired me to make this album in the first place!  Aside from the obvious digital download sites, i encourage everyone to cop the USB Card version, which is exclusively available through Tasteful Licks website!  My last post details all that the card includes via this fresh, new approach to physical music distribution, which subsequently reflects the way i categorize my own music... progressive!



&lt;a href=""&gt;Intro by Neosonic Productions&lt;/a&gt;"

So the future is here, he's releasing the new album on USB sticks, you don't have to like it, but you might wanna get used to it. Personally i think it's smart, different and allows for more information/music/data than a c.d.

taken via- k murdocks blogspot

"With all the hoopla that has surfaced since i announced a couple weeks back that Piano-rama was being released on USB Cards rather than CDs as the primary physical format, I wanted to quell any concerns that you as the fans may have, by running down exactly what else it is u will be receiving on the nifty little device. So, aside from the actual album (lol), the USB cards will ALSO include:

- 9 bonus instru-mentals of selected album cuts
- Album liner notes
- Wallpapers/Pics (Hi-res)
- An in-depth interview of me discussing the project's creation
- A video tour of my home studio/gear I use

Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial, BUT i guarantee you its well worth the $20... and i look forward to hearing all of you all's personal feedback on it! Piano-rama was 7+ years in the making, so i am more than thrilled to finally share it with you all beginning tomorrow & I thank YOU ALL in advance for your support...


i'm not sure if k was gonna post this here or not, but it's completely instrumental related, highly anticipated for those that have followed murdocks musical endeavors. No you can't download it here and no you can't post it here. BUT you now know exactly what's going on with it and can hear 1 track and download one track(i think) from the player provided by murdock.

please send all non constructive complaints to your own valentines mail box, and ANY critiques are welcome!!! on the music of course.

ALSO check this out, SOMETHING i have been working on, it's 50 minutes or so long, 1 track, old school style as in it's like a tape, you cant just skip to the next track... i don't mind if that's not cool with you. LOT's of acapellas and sound bytes mixed for this one over what WAS an non stop instrumental mix made by one of hip hops living legends...figure it out just by listening???, a concept and soon to come ART work for it, this is the final ruff draft before final free product, just a sneak peak for those of you that love to hear that music!

critiques are welcome.

Get hip_hop_the_monkey_named_Charolte here!

intro is ruffly two minutes... then the meat begins as the potatoes digest... a couple exclusives in there, stuff you won't hear remixed anywhere else, one you have to wait for until the very end. STOP.

Mike Slott - Lucky 9Teen

Mike Slott - Lucky 9Teen
Another dope release from luckyMe family


Sunday, January 24, 2010


2.Duck Season
3.The Hunger
5.Mind(i Miss California)
8.Bring The Heat
9.I Never
10.The Riot
12.Player(I Love Zapp)
13.Needs Spice
14.Melt Me
15.Ear Candy
16.Finale(The End)



Beat-Maker-Beat - ''ASTRAL THEORY MIX'' Vol.1 (2010)

Mostly instrumental mix. Some really nice beats in this one! In parts of the mix there is some MC ryhming in Russian. It sounds pretty ill. Ive never heard anyone ryhming in Russian before.

Note: This is a single mp3 file. The tracks are not split up.

1. Intro
2. Space Kid - Sequence #1 (live on mpc3000)
3. Beat-Maker-Beat - Sunshine
4. Beat-Maker-Beat - Tha Long Way pt.2 (feat. Afri Manik Soul/PricetAG)
5. Space Kid - Mars (live on mpc 3000)
6. Beat-Maker-Beat - Heart non joke
7. Space Kid - RGH13
8. Beat-Maker-Beat - Stone Jungles (feat. Dare)
9. Space kid - Sequence #2 (live on mpc3000)
10. Beat-Maker-Beat - Misl-Volna (feat. Smoky Mo)
11. Mr. AstralDawg - Astral Dawg
12. Mr. AstralDawg - Psychonautica (feat. Ariff Akimov & EzBwoy)
13. Space Kid - Sequence #3 MF rmx (live on mpc3000)
14. Beat-Maker-Beat - Bonus track
15. Beat-Maker-Beat - Galactic Bounce
16. Beat-Maker-Beat - Dime (draft , feat. Afri Manik Soul/PricetAG)
17. Wayne Tweed feat. EzBwoy - Esli Ona...
18. Beat-Maker-Beat - Surprice
19. Beat-Maker-Beat - Big Black Piece (feat. Rasco)
20. Beat-Maker-Beat - We gonna go
21. Beat-Maker-Beat - Funk fanatix
22. Space Kid - Back stage
23. Space Kid - Space Love
24. Space Kid - The Hop'e
25. Space Kid - Sharmanka
26. Mr. AstralDawg - Stars
27. Advertising from 70x
28. DopeDogz - DAWG-42!
29. Beat-Maker-Beat - Street jazz
30. Nibiru (Skit)
31. Jack Harror - Astral hip-hop
32. Beat-Maker-Beat - My Dealz
33. Beat-Maker-Beat feat. Versus - 3sixty5
34. Beat-Maker-Beat - Do ya ready? (Live on mpc3000)
35. Beat-Maker-Beat - Love in You (Draft)
36. Jack Harror - Man from da Street
37. Space Kid - Low Beat
38. Space Kid - Tea (Draft, live on Mpc3000 & Moog)
39. Near Dream (skit)
40. Beat-Maker-Beat - ?
41. Beat-Maker-Beat - Tha Fly Joint
42. Outro



Sourface – The Anxiety LP

01. Intro (The Sourface)
02. If Only
03. Nas - Made You Look (Remix)
04. Thru' It All
05. She Disappeared
06. So Far
07. CL Smooth & Skyzoo - Perfect Timing (Remix)
08. Slidin'
09. The Call
10. Walk On
11. Ghostface Killah - Save Me Dear (Remix)
12. Mind Over Matter
13. One Day
14. Leavin'
15. Nas - Shootouts (Remix)
16. Remember Me
17. Strange Feeling
18. Little Brother, Skillz & Carlitta Durand - Life Of The Party (Remix)
19. Wasting Time
20. Picture This
21. Jay-Z - Song Cry (Remix)
22. An Ending (Outro)



Saturday, January 23, 2010

7even Sun-Free Therapy(2010)



Es-Nine – Light of Day Instrumentals

Es-Nine is a Denver, CO based producer and recording engineer. He is also one third of the hip-hop group 3 The Hardway. He has worked with DJ Babu, Rakaa Iriscience, Defari, Doujah Raze, and more. Check out his Myspace page.

Light of Day is a heavly jazz influnced album. Enjoy!

Download Here!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

KuroiOto - 7 Days of the Breaks

Download 7 Days of the Breaks

Link to his previous release Iro Iro here!

Dibiase / P.U.D.G.E - LA Series #1

Dibiase / P.U.D.G.E - LA Series #1

The first in a series of 10 10’s from LA based producers. Simple premise of 2 producers on each record every month starting from January 010

Get some Dibiase / p.u.d.g.e click clacks below


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. 2 Instrumentals

Label pressed, official instrumentals.

10 year ago, Slum Village released what would be their most critically acclaimed album. For me, it was the first time hearing this Jay Dee guy for a whole album. Let's just say it holds some personal importance.

Now, their label is re-releasing the project with bonus tracks and a instrumentals disc. So again, label pressed, official instrumentals.

01. Conant Gardens
02. I Don't Know
03. Climax (Girl Shit)
04. Hold Tight (Remix)
05. Tell Me
06. Untitled/Fantastic
07. Fall In Love
08. Get Dis Money
09. Raise It Up*
10. Players
11. Eyes Up
12. 2U4U
13. CB4
14. The Hustle
15. Go Ladies


*The label put out an online release for 6 of the instrumentals. This was only on that release, not on the 2 CD one.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I came across this f.a.m.e - truthpics album last month.
When skipping through the album i didn't really thought it was anything special but after listening a couple times it started to grow on me.
So here it is, Let me know what you think
Free all minds everywhere :)

F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience)
Four individuals from the Bay Area, Teeko, Max Kane & Malaguti


Special shout to Espiv for making the beatt-ape strictly beats connection

Monday, January 18, 2010

MidPoint, Dee La Kream, Bejazzled Beats (Various) Emancipator out

Some recent projects you might want to check. I've included a sample cut from each to preview, 'cause I know how upset some of y'all get when you download an album you don't like...

MidPoint - Edumacation

Recent instrumental project from a SF-based producer, heavy on vocal/mixed media samples.

Check "Solitary Confinement":

Download the album "Edumacation" here

Dee La Kream

French hip-hop producer, this album is mostly instrumentals but has four tracks with vocals (remixes of classic Wu-Tang, INI, etc) that I didn't bother to remove.

Check "Kill A Dream". It flips a familiar sample, but he adds his own flavor:

Various Artists - Bejazzled Beats

This was found via ChillCommunication, where a number of similar comps have been posted. Despite the questionable title, it's an impressive compilation. It's 35 cuts deep, so there's bound to be something new for you on here. Includes tracks from Madlib, Aim, Free the Robots, J. Rawls. For a complete tracklist, check this page.

Finally...don't sleep on the new Emancipator. We won't have a link to a full download here, but you can check the entire album via this link, if you're not on it already.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ernest Gonzales & Whatnot...

What up Fam. So, it had been a little while since I last took a look at the Exponential Records site, and was excited to see that Ernest Gonzales' new album "Been Meaning To Tell You" was available when I headed over there. This album was a HUGE project & is available in an awesome Softcover/Hardcover book format (pictured above), which includes 16 remixes from various artists (Daedelus, Yppah, etc...) & also has 14 original art pieces inspired by each track from the album. The book includes a download postcard for the entire album, including the remixes. With the price being $20 for the Soft, or $35 for the Hard, it is an absolute BARGAIN for everything that you receive and I recommend that everybody snag a copy (I got both versions myself!). Only thing is, I believe the books don't ship until Feb.9th, the original release date, so some patience is in order before you receive your download card. BUT, for those impatient ones, you can grab the digital version now for $12, which includes the full album + remixes & the book as a .pdf. I grabbed it because I didn't want to wait until Feb, and it was only twelve bucks. It is a GREAT album, & I would hope that some of you make a purchase on this one. I'm going to post up my favorite track from the album, & also my favorite remix. I hope you enjoy & please follow these links to check everything out...

Book Purchase (Scroll down a bit)
Digital Version
Been Meaning To Tell You Website

Ernest Gonzales "Opening A Lost Sacred Door"

Ernest Gonzales "Purple Heart - Copy Remix"

Next up we have a fresh little batch from Phox, out of Hungary. Dude always impresses me with what he produces, and I can definitely say that "Alone In The Light" holds true to that... Grab this, it's good.

Phox - Propositions EP

Ok, up next we have Shlomo, & two of his EP's. Dude represents Los Angeles, and slowly I'm starting to realize that if LA had a sound, this guy helps to keep that sound going. Along with the likes of Flying Lotus & Ras G, the "Sound" of LA continues to grow, but still it remains the same, to my ears at least. Now, I'm going to be honest & say that I'm not the biggest fan of FlyLo or Ras, or even this guy Shlomo. I dig it a bit & I respect the progressive aspects of the sound, but there just isn't enough there to really keep me going. BUT, I know that a lot of you that follow this blog LOVE that "spacey" sound and so I wanted to get this to all of you... He's been getting quite a bit of press & hype over the last few months, so I wanted to help spread the word. Let me know what you think of these, I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

Shlomo - Shlomoshun EP

Shlomo - Shlo-Fi EP

Finally I'm going to leave you with a nice little vid of Nosaj Thing & his synced visual set @ the Brainfeeder Sessions in LA back in December. Now, Jason here is one of my exceptions to the LA "sound", only as of very recently though. Let me explain, take his album "Drift", that disc exudes the LA sound that I've been writing about, but if you go check his website & listen to a few of the remixes he has released recently, especially the remix of "Forever" by Drake, and the most recent mix of "Islands" by The XX, you'll hear a much more distinct sound, that is at a MUCH higher level than his album Drift, in my opinion at least. I saw him live back in September up in Seattle, and in the few months since then his sound has escalated greatly, once again in my opinion... I'm really excited to hear more from him. Also, I'd like to hear any thoughts from you on this discussion. What do all of you think about the LA "sound" that I am referring to?? In the meantime, enjoy the vid, this would have been a really cool show.

That's about it... Until next time, PEACE FAM!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

VohnBeatz Track Creation Using Reason

12 year old producer Vohnbeatz!!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cold Legistics – Northern Star


01. Dreamin' In My Garage
02. Purple Wednesdays
03. Beatle Juice
04. Happy Endings
05. Prom Nite
06. Appleworm (Extended)
07. Otherside
08. Daisy Jane
09. Wishin'
10. Skippin Schoo
11. Squares
12. Starbursts Bump
13. Time Bump 1
14. Synchronized
15. Blue's
16. Vibe Out
17. Boxin' With God
18. Step To My Girl
19. Northern Star
20. Shelly


Download Northern Star Here!

Here is a link to his first project Deeper Than You Think for those of you that missed it the first time it was posted Download

A Little Something...

Well, my main computer is still all busted so I don't have the FULL post I wanted to drop, but here's some really good stuff to hold you over. First up we have the new album from Edison - "All The Information At Hand". This came out back on Dec.22, and Kid Without Radio, the new label that Edison just signed onto (Erik Nava's ((Egadz!)) Label) has given us permission to release the full album here on SB. Which is something I greatly appreciate, and everybody should go show them some love for giving this to us. I really dug this piece of work, great from start 2 finish. For those of you that like Mr.Cooper/Shadow/Glen Porter, etc. I think you'll dig it too. Edison is based out of San Francisco & KILLS his monome made from an old lunch-box. Check it out...

Edison - All The Information At Hand

& Next up, to follow along in the Kid Without Radio line of things, we have a snippet release of Egadz' new project & alias, MATTERHORN, whose album will be titled "Death Stare" which releases on March 2nd. I LOVE this guy's sound, and you can really hear the new style he's leaning towards with this album. More broken, ambient, & synth driven... Sounds fuckin AWESOME to me & I can't wait to hear more. Check the album hype in the vid, and you can download the snippets in the link below. Enjoy.

Matterhorn - "Death Stare" Album Snip's HERE

Alright, next up I'm gonna get everybody those exclusive Pretty Lights tracks individually. Sounds like some people were having trouble's getting them elsewhere. I hope Divshare works for everybody, let me know if you have any more problems...

"Beyond Right Now" Pretty Lights Remix

"Live In Knoxville" Pretty Lights

Live @ Sonic Bloom" Pretty Lights

Ok, and next up I've got some more snippets for ya. From the man Glen Porter. This dude has been working a lot lately, and it's good to know that more people are starting to follow his stuff. He released that album "Falling Down" very recently, and it looks like he has a new one coming out soon titled "Ooooh, That's Heavy!" slated for release late Jan, 2010. Please check out this interview, it had some dope info on the man & it is where I found the snippet's... (I went back, and the snip's are now GONE, so be glad I got 'em early & I have them here for you now!)

Glen Porter Interview

"Ooooh, That's Heavy!" Snippet's.

Alright, just about out of stuff for all you SB Fiend's! I'm gonna finish this post off with some complete randomness. This first track is from a group called "The XX" based out of London I believe. They are a quartet of singer/songwriter/instrument-player's, but the first track from their debut album is lyricless & REALLY DOPE! I put it on repeat frequently, but wish it wasn't so short. Check it out.

The XX - "Intro"

And these I just found when I accessed my divshare account which I haven't visited in almost a year... I think I was planning on posting them a while back, but forgot or some shit. The first is a track I got from an OLD Souls/Hiero TAPE that I can't even remember where I found. Pretty sure it's the one of the original samples from 93' Til, but I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on that. & Following after it is a joint titled "Tribute To Souls" from J-Rawls of Lone Catalysts fame. It's dope to here the OG, and the J-Rawls flip... Y'all said you wanted somethin fresh, so here ya go!

Souls Interlude

"Tribute To Souls" - J. Rawls

Alright, that should be good for now... I guess the only thing I don't have to post up is the Family Tree Inst. album, released by All Natural Inc. which I told some dude I would get for him. If anybody else out there has it, please drop a link in the comments. I'm sure he, and definitely I, would appreciate it. & On the comment tip, PLEASE share your thoughts about all this music, half the reason I do this is to hear what you all have to say about it, otherwise the shit feels pointless. I truly appreciate any & all words you have to say.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 1

The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 1


1. Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint
2. Diamond D - Best Kept Secret
3. Jamalski - Let's Do It In The Dancehall
4. EPMD - So Watcha Sayin'
5. Biz Markie - Something For The Radio
6. Das Efx - They Want Efx
7. Jungle Brothers - The Promo
8. Brand Nubian - All For One
9. Nice & Smooth - Funky For You
10. De La Soul - Plug Tunin'

Sunday, January 03, 2010

MKULTRA – First Of Forever + A Disturbing New Trend – Year Of The Carnivore

MKULTRA - First Of Forever

MKUltra - First Of Forever


It's something different, If you dig it, show support to the homies at

Also another quick EP with dope shit from a different group

A Disturbing New Trend - Year Of The Carnivore


Big Instrumental Post Coming Shortly.


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Nostaljak - Stronger Than Pride

This got dropped in the c-box a few days ago by Nostaljak himself. The beat tape has a real smooth and mellow vibe to it. I definitely enjoyed listening to it. Check it out!



Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Year from Pretty Lights!!!

SirOj - CrackBeatTape

28 minutes of aural crack. Enjoy!!!!!!!!



Christoph El’ Truento - I Wanna Write A Book One Day But For Now..

Christoph El’ Truento is an Auckland, New Zealand based producer. The beat tape contains 15 tracks rangeing from jazzy/hip hop to experimental.



Haz'trumentals - Euphoria, Sunshine Roses And Rainbow Loops

"Haz" hails out of South Aucks City, Auckland New Zealand. Make sure to give this tape a listen. There are some really nice joints on it.

Track list:

1.Ghetto Morning
3.Counting Candles (For Kath)
4.Hot Wind
5.Castles In The Sand
6.Rainbow Hush
7.You Tell Interlude
8.Extasy Moves
9.Euphoria Sunset
10.The Outro – Just Us



instrumentals-singles and alkoholiks

Get jus_allah-pool_of_blood_instrumental here!

Get jus_allah-hell_razors_instrumental here!

Get kmd-constipated_monkey__instrumental here!

Get kmd-what_a_nigga_know__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-money_ft._mc_lyte__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-amsterdam__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-my_soldier_boy instrumental here!

Get krs-one-mcs_act_like_they_dont_know_instrumental here!

Get krs-one-the_real_hip_hop_feat_das_efx_instrumental here!

also these

Get alkoholiks_instrumentals here! i will post the single versions of these instrumentals to download too for those that only want one or two..


if you have not checked this place out, then DO IT,

ACAPELLA ARCHIVES AND INSTRUMENTAL INHERITORS(interviews, commentary, editorials and more)

Fat Jon & Sonic Brown - Beautiful Killing Machine

01. No Regrets
02. Could You Do Without?
03. Lost Moments
04. Pieces Of Dreams
05. Live And Let Lie
06. Fate
07. Martyers
08. Exact Pace
09. In-Between Loves
10. Intelligent Design
11. Encounters
12. Decide For Self
13. Digital Promises
14. Right Is ...
15. Tomorrowo's Ambition

I kept seeing this as a Fat Jon solo on Google and that's incorrect. Beautiful Killing Machine is actually the group name as well, but that doesn't grab the attention nearly as much. Anyways, a new batch of instrumentals from the producers in Five Deez. Sonic produced Omni and The Rain; Jon produced everything else and has a buncha instrumental releases so you can see why he might get top billing here even when he's listed as a "co-producer" while Sonic is not.

Update: on no post list. BALEETED