Thursday, January 31, 2008

Greyboy (selections from Mastered the Art, 2001)

Greyboy's had some nice cuts over the years, but I always looked at him more as an acid-jazz-type producer than hip-hop; 2001's Mastered the Art changed my mind (although he hasn't released much since then to top it). He flexes his skills on the MPC in variety of instrumentals (and cuts with MCs Main Flow and Muddie - "Dealing with the Archives" was one of my favorites beats in '01), and for what he lays down on this album, shit was mad slept-on. "Bath Music" made it onto a few instrumental comps, but "Smokescreen" is a definite gem. I think you risk all your credibility by slapping a title like "Mastered the Art" on your album, but this was not an exercise in talking shit...

Greyboy - Selections from Mastered the Art
(320 kb/s)

Mastered the Art
Hold it Down (inst)
Bath Music

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Duval Clear.

Duval Clear, also known as Masta Ace. I rate his catalog up there with late 80s, early 90s legends like Rakim, KRS-One, Kool G, and BDK. He's a damn good contender for my top 5, and consequently, has been backed by a range of legendary producers from Marley Marl to 9th Wonder. These are all the Masta Ace instrumentals I could find. If I'm missing any, let me know and I'll look around. I had to look through the producers in my iTunes library to find all of the instrumentals I could. So I'm sure I missed some that I have. If you have any that aren't here, upload 'em. This collection has producers Marley Marl, Masta Ace, Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Domingo (who sampled The Simpsons theme song for "Spread it Out"), The Bluez Brothers (from Ready to Die fame), and more. Njoi

Give your props to my man Illusion (visit his MySpace at He inspired me to drop this one. Look out for him to help fill in the gaps of this collection in the C-Box.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Been A While

Okay...I've got Joe Budden's "Dear Diary" for everyone to listen to...
and since I'm pretty sure these are among the most requested beats in the world (not sure why) we've got some Lupe.
If these are loops, I apologize. I grabbed these from somewhere (don't remember exactly), and I suck at telling if it's a loop or the real thing...the people who do the loops are like magicians.

Touch The Sky
Dumb It Down
Kick Push
The Coolest
Just Might Be Okay

get 'em while they're hot.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rare Shit Pt 4 ReUp

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Roxbury 02119 (2LP Instrumental Test Press)


A1 Streets Of The Ghetto (3:22)
Producer - Diamond*
A2 Busted (4:31)
Producer - Diamond*
A3 Love Comes And Goes (4:24)
Producer - Diamond*
A4 Skinny Dip (Got It Goin' On) (3:47)
Producer - Ed O.G , Joe Mansfield
A5 I Thought Ya Knew (4:26)
Producer - Diamond*
A6 I'm Laughin' (4:11)
Producer - Joe Mansfield
B1 I'll Rip You (3:21)
Producer - Scott Foster
B2 Go Up And Up (3:19)
Producer - Joe Mansfield
B3 Try Me (5:04)
Additional Vocals - Eric Jupiter , Larry Green Jr.
Producer - Desmond Sharief Powell
B4 Dat Ain't Right (3:31)
Producer - Diamond*
B5 Less Than Zero (3:18)
Producer - Joe Mansfield
B6 Check It Out (2:31)
Producer - Joe Mansfield

Monday, January 21, 2008

Atmosphere Instrumentals

Free Image Hosting at

So, I was listening to some of the beats here and I was wondering why Ant (dude on the left) never comes up when mentioning dope producers. Usually when I hear stuff about Atmosphere, it's mostly hate on McNulty. So I upped some instrumentals to show why I enjoy dude's music.

If it were up to me, this would be just an Ant post with more Felt 2 and Brother Ali beats, but they don't have full instro LPs, so here we are.

Atmospheric Instrumentals

No idea where this came from, it's all the tracks from these Lucy Ford instrumentals I was gonna post and then some extra 12" instros.

01. God's Bathroom Floor
02. Between The Lines
03. Abusing Of The Rib
04. Scapegoat
05. Guns and Cigarettes
06. Primer
07. Like Today
08. Tears For The Sheep
09. It Goes
10. Party For The Fight To Write
11. Woman With The Tattooed Hands
12. Nothing But Beats
13. Travelling Music
14. Modern Man Hustle
15. Beatmosphere

God Loves Ugly

01. Onemosphere
02. The Bass And The Movement
03. Give Me
04. Twomosphere
05. Fuck You Lucy
06. Hair
07. Godlovesugly
08. Godlovesugly Reprise
09. Saves The Day
10. Lovelife
11. Breathing
12. One Of A Kind
13. A Girl Named Hope
14. My Songs
15. Shrapnel

Seven's Travels

01. History
02. Trying To Find A Balance
03. Bird Sings Why The Caged I Kno
04. Always Coming Home To You
05. The Keys To Life Vs 15 Minutes
06. Apple
07. Suicidegirls
08. Lifter Puller
09. Shoes
10. National Disgrace
11. Denvemolorado
12. Liquor Lyles Cool July
13. Gotta Lotta Walls
14. Good Times-Sick Pimpin
15. In My Continental

Sunday, January 20, 2008

S.U.B. - EP (2007)

Blazay (MySpace here) sent me this instrumental EP...S.U.B. is a production crew based in Toronto, and this is an EP of their work, mostly interlude-length (i.e., a minute or two). A lot of tight shit on here, definitely give it a listen.

S.U.B. - "EP"
(128 kbps)

Blazay also has a blog - tapes.records.dub - with a few ill dub albums for download.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Milkman - "Saturday Morning"

The Milkman - "Saturday Morning"
(192 kb/s)

Exactly what you think...instrumentals built from the themes and vocal samples from:
Ducktales, He-Man, Rocky & Bulwinkle, Captain Planet, Thundercats, Smurfs, Ren & Stimpy, Inspector Gadget, Underdog, Transformers, and more. I'd forgotten how dope that Underdog theme was...

Enjoy, and check out the man's new blog, One Funk Blog.

His MySpace is here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

MIDIMarc - No Lyrics Necessary Vol. 1

MIDIMarc - No Lyrics Necessary Vol 1
(128 kb/s)

Good soulful downtempo/instros...Marc runs through some classic cuts, but the chopping & layering makes 'em a fresh listen, check it!

MIDIMarc's MySpace, show some love if you're feelin it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Grab Bag Of GOODS... Get ALL of these.

Word People... Back again with another Massive drop of Shit that I haven't seen too many other places... Tryin my best to keep it Fresh. Alright, I'm going to start things off with this fool "Phox". SUPER, Super good stuff here, another producer coming from Hungary, that little spot is Growing in my Book as a Plethora of Power Producers... Whoever left the link for this in the C-Box a few days ago, THANK YOU, I've had this Disc on loop since then. This Dude is DOPE, Trust Me, get this Disc... The Box has really been helpin with gettin' all the Random shit out that I normally wouldn't have found, so Thanks to all of you for droppin links... It would be nice to have a Box without all of the Spam, so I hope those of you reading this will calm things down with that, but I expect the Immaturity to continue, so whatever, keep doing ya thing if you don't have anything else better to do... Alright, onto the Music:

**OH, by the way, any link that says "Right Click & Save As" is a Link that is already uploaded to a Server, so no wait times or redirections to other Sites, just a Quick Save As Download... The only thing is some of them are Saved as .Txt Files, so when it's done Downloading, just delete the ".Txt" part so it becomes a .Rar, then it should open up fine...

Phox - Liquid Forms << Right Click & "Save As"

Word... Next up we got this dude "Guts" I guess he was Born in France, but now lives in Spain. I didn't know what to think upon seeing the Cover for the Album, looked like it might be some Zany Shit. But it's the exact opposite of that, Super Bangin' and Smooth. Sounds like a few producers out there, but has enough unique flavor to put him on his own... Check it out, you won't regret the Download.

Guts - Le Bienhereux << Right Click & "Save As"

Cool... Jones Orchestra up next. Hopefully y'all peeped the Link that Boogie left in the Box a bit back for those 2 Beats from the Orchestra to get a Feel for what they're all about. It's how I got turned onto 'em. From Chicago, with the classic Chi sound, only with a little more time put in. More well rounded than any Molemen shit in my opinion... This is a Collection of Tracks from their first Two Releases, some Good Shit in here:

The Jones Orchestra - Best Of

Alright, some more Bonobo comin up next. After Espionage dropped that Disc from the man a while back, I had to get more... So I tracked down ALL of his Shit. The man is a DOPE Producer, has some real diverse tracks, so this is another collection of Really Good Shit from the rest of his albums. Check the track "Recurring" because it might be a some Real Dope Shit. Don't pass this up, get it...

Bonobo - Best Of

More Shit. It ain't over yet... I got that Pablie Disc I was askin about a While back. It's Short, only a 5 Track EP, but it gives you enough to know that this guy has some Shit figured out. Also coming out of Spain I believe, he has a Nice Laid Back Sound. Get it.

Pablie - Prelude To Anything Exactly Specific << Right Click & "Save As"

Gettin there... I thought I'd get up that "Wal-Martian" disc I saw mentioned in the Box. I knew nothing of the dude then, and I know nothing now, except for the Fact that he makes dope music filled with Mass amounts of obscure Vocal Samples... It keeps the tracks real interesting, some Funny Shit. But the Beats are Ill as well... Like I said, I know nothing, so I'll let y'all just download & decide.

Wal Martian - Martian Law

Word... I remember some people were asking for some New stuff from Maker. He is one of my favorite producers, so I keep my eye on him constantly, he hasn't dropped too much stuff lately besides his Vinyl Singles. Which, Fortunately for us, have just been released. It's only 3 Tracks, but worth it just the same... I tried to track down those Glue Instrumentals, but didn't have too much luck, maybe somebody can drop those in the Box or something. In the meantime...

Maker - The Maker Files

Cool... Now a Few Discs that I have seen elsewhere, but were surprised that neither of them had been posted over here yet. Diplo & Mr. Cooper. Diplo is on some Dope Shit, I'd say the Mr. Cooper disc is better, but Diplo has his own Sound for sure. Plus, he produced what could be One of the Top Five Beats for the year of 2007, M.I.A's "Paper Planes" Banger... I really recommend the Paper Planes track, I got the Instrumental up here, more so than his Full Disc. There are some Really Good tracks on here, "Summer's Gonna Hurt You" is ILL, but it isn't really consistent. OH, there's some tracks with Vocals as well...

M.I.A. (Prod. Diplo) - Paper Planes Instrumental

Diplo - Florida

FINALLY... The last post of this Mega Drop. Muthafuckin Mr. Cooper. In the Great words of Wake Your Daughter Up:

"WHY has this album not yet been posted on Strictly Beats?"

I don't know... But I got that Shit covered for ya. This disc is EPIC, super Dark & Moody, lots of Guitar use, these tracks are HOT. Perfect for some Late Night driving type shit. Real Dark no doubt... Pretty sure this Disc first dropped in Japan, then spread elsewhere. But I'm pretty sure the dude is from Spain once again. Spaniards & Hungarians, nice with the Production. Alright y'all, until the next Massive Post, enjoy all this Fire, every Post is dope so don't sleep on any of 'em... PEACE BITCHES.

Mr. Cooper - Amongst Strangers

OH, let's calm it down in the C-Box with the Spam OK People... The Shit is POINTLESS, let's keep it Music. WORD...

Monday, January 07, 2008

James Pants - Rhythm Trax (Stones Throw)

Prologue: Don't bite my head off but I could only get 4 (of 10) tracks.

James Pants is this dude on Stones Throw with an early 80s electro vibe. Rhythm Trax is a new vinyl-only series of instrumental joints.



"I buy new shoes, just for kicks. Then leave to step in some dog shit." -Espiv

Request for anyone who uses SB. . .
Please recognize the " search " box in the very top left corner, above the search box.
I'm seeing way too many requests in the cbox, for stuff that's currently up and active.

If you dont want to or know how to use the search option, On the left side you have archives, where you can go back and download any previous links that are still active. . . You'd be surprised how many of them still are. Thanks!

Alchemist - Action Drama Instrumentals - Click Here for download

Big Pun - Capital Punishment Insturmentals - Click Here for download

Das Efx - Hold It Down Instrumentals - Click Here for download

DJ Babu - Unreleased Instrumentals - Click Here for download

DJ Shadow - One Night In Bangkok - Click Here for download

Kankick - Serious Business Instrumentals - Click Here for download

Pete Rock - Center Of Attention Instrumentals - Click Here for download

Rza - The World According To Rza Instrumentals - Click Here for download

Click Here for download

The Gospel is FREE is a statement directed at how some people use
the bible as a monetary platform, it also correlates with the sale
of mixtapes with copyrighted material (for example: Dj Drama). The
Gospel is FREE is a 15 track offering that is composed of freeverses,
freestyles, and songs. I am offering this mixtape as a free download
and eventually it will be available in CD form (for FREE). I would
love for you to share this mixtape with at least 3-5 people and if
you are willing to review it great (I am open for criticism). All I ask is that you listen
to the words. I would like to thank all the people that have been
supportive of the music so far, continue to support and help spread
the name.

Please be on the lookout for "The Center of Attention", which will
drop digitally on Domination Recordings.

peace and blessings,

Anyone who creates good music is a friend of mine, and Prav's a StrictlyBeats user who also makes good stuff. So much like the post I made for my homie Elaquent i'm doing the same with this one.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Show & AG + Gangstarr

Show & AG - Goodfellas (Instrumentals)

A1 Never Less Than Ill
A2 Check It Out
A3 Add On
A4 Time For
A5 Neighbahood Sickness
B1 Next Level
B2 Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
B3 You Know Now
B4 You Know Now (Remix)
B5 Got The Flava


Gangstarr - Daily Operation (Instrumentals)

A1 Soliloquy Of Chaos
A2 I'm The Man
A3 2 Deep
A4 Conspiracy
A5 The Illest Brother
A6 Hardcore Composer
B1 Much Too Much (Mack A Mill)
B2 Take Two And Pass
B3 Take It Personal
B4 B.Y.S.
B5 Ex Girl To Next Girl

biggups to Maze @ DiggersSpot for this rip!

What's the Science?

Alright, so here's a decent post, I have a more comprehensive mf doom/madlib instrumental list coming up still, just been mad busy. . . All I ask that you all do before or after downloading all of these, is clicking the freestylemadness link I have on the left side (Yes, it matters, because every hit raises my sites ranking on the internet, same ip address can only count the first time of each day that you click, plus after the next big update you may like the site as i'm building a big blogspot there that'll not have the restrictions of rapidshare/mediafire/zshare etc so links will never die and can be dl'd by all, fast and easily)

So yeah, gathered these below based off of the cbox requests and just good stuff that some peeps may not have, you can find some of these down below or a page or two back but I know people are lazy. So yeah. Have a good new year and happy dl'ing, will add more to this a lil later.

Khrysis On The Boards With The Heat Instrumentals - Click Here

Kanye West - Graduation instrumentals -
Click Here

RJD2 - Magnificent City Instrumentals - Click Here

Alchemist - Action Drama Instrumentals - Click Here

MF Doom Special Herbz 9+0 Instrumentals - Click Here

MF Doom Special Herbz & Spices 1 Instrumentals - Click Here

Cypress Hill Instrumentals - Click Here

DJ Muggs - Grandmasters Instrumentals - Click Here

Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substances - Click Here

Pete Rock - Petestrumentals - Click Here

Timbaland - Shock Value Instrumentals - Click Here

Q-Unique - Vengeance Is Mine Instrumentals - Click Here

Large Professor - Beatz Vol. 2 - Click Here

Biggie Beats - Click Here

DJ Premier 130 Beats - Click Here - Here - and Here

Nas - Surviving The Times Instrumental

Kid Sister - Pro Nails + Switchboard Instrumental

Foxy Brown - When The Lights Go Out + Were On Fire Instrumentals

Pete Rock - Til I Retire + We Roll Instrumentals

Buncha Onyx - scroll mouse over what you want, then right click and save link as, all of these have different instrus.