Friday, June 29, 2007


To Kanye's Soul Mix Show!

Musical genius (my opinion) Kanye West has to sample from somewhere. The man is not very subtle in his jacking however, and I found this to be pretty interesting. However unoriginal, you can't blame the man for making dope-ass music. I suggest you check this out, get a feel for how a big name in the business samples as well as just to listen to some good songs. Also, multiple people in the c-box over there had mentioned sampled songs. (We did a little of this as a collective blog team, but it died down some. Variety is good.) Kanye may not chop the song up very well, but he picks some damn good ones to use. This mix is done by A-Trak (Kanye's DJ); Recommended, check this one out definitely.
Also, in case anyone was wondering, I looked into how to set up a forum and how it works. Me and my minimum knowledge of HTML and .php scripts and all that ish was not able to figure it out completely. If anyone's interested in helping set that up, that would be great. It seems like we need it, just to organize requests, dead links/re-ups, recommendations, all that stuff. Enjoy the music everyone!

Original song first, and Kanye song in (parentheses)
1. "Nina Simone – Sinnerman (Get By Intro)"
2. "Al Green – I Wish You Were Here (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)"
3. "Honey Cone – Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Testify)"
4. "Graham Nash – Chicago (The Truth)"
5. "Bobby Bland – The Heart of City (Ain’t No Love)"
6. "David Ruffin – Common Man (Never Change)"
7. "William Bell – Strung Out (Down and Out)"
8. "Hank Crawford – Wildflower (Drive Slow)"
9. "Ahmad Jamal – Ghetto Child (They Say)"
10. "Mandrill – Peace and Love (Two Words)"
11. "KayGees – Heavenly Dream (Celebration)"
12. "The Whatnauts – I’ll Erase Your Pain (Late)"
13. "Luther Vandross – A House Is Not A Home (Slow Jamz)"
14. "Chaka Khan – Through The Fire (Through The Wire)"
15. "Bill Withers – Rosie (Roses)"
16. "Etta James – My Funny Valentine (Addiction)"
17. "Gil Scott Heron – Is Where My Hatred Is (My Way Home)"
18. "Linda Lewis – Old Smokey (Go)"
19. "The New York Community Choir – Since You Came In My Life (Crack Music)"
20. "Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Touch The Sky)"
21. "The New Birth – It’s Impossible (Impossible)"
22. "Marvin Gaye – Distant Lover (Spaceship)"
23. "Lenny Williams – Cause I Wanna Love You (Overnight Celebrity)"

get it here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leaf - Made Into Itself

Yea, so here's the Shit I was talkin about... Somewhat Similar to Pelican City, I'd say it has a little more Electronic Feel, but it is Damn Good. I've had this on Heavy Rotate since I picked it up. This dropped in 2005, and this Fool is out of Dallas, Texas. Don't let that fool ya, because I hear no Texas when I listen to this. It's missing a Few Tracks, but I'm pretty sure they were just Vocal Interludes. I'm droppin Dude's MySpace, in case y'all feel the Urge to Buy The Disc:

Leaf - Made Into Itself

1. Cut The Leash
3. Coffe Drinker
4. Intelligent Design
5. Prism
6. Full Booklet
7. Nonsense Went
8. Lounge Dealers
11. The Ridge
13. His Whole Life
15. Song Of Trees

UPDATE: Stoupe - Various Dub - Some Help...

Yea, what up Beats Fam... Got MASS Stoupe Beats here. The Enemy of Mankind I think not, I feel this fool is right up there with Primo & Pete Rock. I wouldn't say that he is nearly as deep rooted in History like they are of course, but he can Toss up Pure Personality Bangers that can front on Primo & Pete's Shit in My Opinion... I'm sure some of you came across these a while back, it was Two Volumes, with 45 Beats in Each Volume. Anyway, I had to split it up into 6 Sections for it to fit on Zshare, so there's 15 Beats on Each Part, and sorry to say, they're not labeled to each specific album, it either says Stoupe Pt. 1 or 2 for the album, so you're going to have to do some labelling. But all the names are there, so it won't be too bad. I'm just Lazy, you know how it be...

Stoupe Instrumentals (All Jedi Mind Beats Including Interludes, some AOTP, Canabis - Rip The Jacker, + Bonus Tracks)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Onto the Dub... It seems like A Lot of people were feelin that King Stitt Track that I put up a while back, so here's the Entire Album. Let me say one thing, It Is Crack. This Ugly MuthaFucka was on some Lovely Melody Shit. I HIGHLY Recommend the tracks, "Dance Beat 1", and "Soul Language" they're worth the Download itself. Let me know what you think...

King Stitt - Reggae Fire Beat (1970)

1. King Alpha - The Beginning
2. Dance Beat 1
3. Jump For Joy
4. Soul Language
5. Herbsman Shuffle
6. Lick It Back
7. Lee Van Cleef
8. On The Street
9. Vigorton Two
10. Oh Yeah
11. Fire Corner
12. I For I
13. In The City
14. Rub A Dub
15. Sound Of The 70's
16. Christmas Tree
17. King Of Kings
18. Queen Omega At The End

Next up we got some Various Dub Tracks that I found Diggin' around. These are that Real Heavy Dub Shit, Mad Echoes and Mad Bass. I'm sure Eevryone will feel these. First track is from DJ Krush off his First album, and if you haven't heard it, Get Ready... I'm sure everyone will recognize the Sister Nancy track, and the cut from The Aggrovators is FIRE. Also, the last Few Tracks I got from a Trojan Dub Collection, and forgot to Name Them, so if anybody knows either Artist or Title for those, Drop Knowledge in Comments. The last track I straight up Have No Idea where it came from. Some Live Recording from somewhere, but it's Fresh None The Less:

Various Dub

1. Dj Krush - On The Dub Blue
2. Mad Professor - Penetrating Dub
3. King Tubby - Marcus Dub
4. Lee Perry & Prince Jammy - Rude Boy
5. Sly & Robbie - African Culture
6. The Aggrovators - Marshal Dread
7. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
8. Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Steel Plated Bullet Proof Vest Dub
9. Dub1
10. Dub2
11. Dub3
12. Dub4
13. Dub5
14. ??????

Finally, I'm gonna ask for some Feedback from Y'all... Basically I've been going to school for the last year learning Visual Effects for Movies, how to make some Crazy Dope lookin Shit on the Computer, some 3D and some Not. I focused on making Environments. Anyway, our Instructors asked us to show this to AS MANY as people possible who don't know how we make this shit, to see if anything looks weird. Basically I'm trying to make the first Environment shots look like they were Filmed, not created in a Computer. And since I'm trying to Mimic Reality, I just want to know if anything looks Weird, or Not Right to anybody's eye. Please Let Me Know, and thanks for taking the tme to look at my shit. PEACE...

Full Resolution Version

OH. And for all of you that have been Feelin the Pelican City Dope. I got some Shit that is right up there with it, that I'm guessin not too many people have heard, or even heard of. So look out for that in the next few Hours. Pure Dope Coming Up.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blueprint 1988 (Instrumentals)

Blueprint 1988 (Instrumentals)

01 - Intro
02 - Anything Is Possible
03 - 1988
04 - Inner City Native Son
05 - Tramp
06 - Boom Box
07 - Trouble On My Mind
08 - Lo-Fi Funk
09 - Big Girls Need Love Too
10 - Fresh
11 - Where's Your Girlfriend At
12 - Kill Me First
13 - Liberated
14 - Untitled (Bonus Track)
15 - Goin' Off (Bonus Track)

Pelican City - "The Chilling Effect"

1 Over From the Start (Intro/Outro)
2 The City
3 The Bleeding Fader
4 Still Alone
5 The Search
6 The Fool (Neutral Milk Hotel)
7 Danger's Theme Part I
8 Danger's Theme Part II
9 Calling the Birds
10 The Chase
11 Come On Air (Wunderkind)
12 The Bedroom
13 The Rainstorm
14 The End of Life
15 An Exodus

get it

More dope stuff from Pelican City. I personally like the other one a little better, but this is still worth listening to on a consistent basis. (I know I put in both cds and hit shuffle when it's raining out) I also got a request. I need some Jedi Mind Tricks instrumentals. Yeah, I need them. One more time for emphasis - NEED EM! :)
If someone wants to help me out, it'd be greatly greatly appreciated. Enjoy the Pelican City...I do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(Re:Up) Pelican City - Rhode Island

Dope Dope Dope! stuff from Pelican City AKA Danger Mouse
it's one of his earliest works, and it's named after my home state (represent!)
Why the title, I have no idea - some of the sounds remind me of places I know of, but...that's a stretch at the most. Anyway, this is real good stuff no matter where you're from. I highly suggest picking this one up.

1. The Icefields (A Pelican City Experiment)
2. Sesame Street
3. The Northside
4. Chestnut Park
5. The Bordello
6. Jake's Tavern
7. The Beach
8. The Movie Theater
9. El Dorado Diner
10. The Pier

get it

Name That Beat! Part 1...

YO, just came across this little Gem of CRACK yesterday on another Blog that I frequent. I hope it's one that some of y'all Frequent too because Dude knows what's up... I'm not givin' any info on this one, so hopefully somebody drops knowledge in the Comments... Have Fun and, Name That Beat!

Name That Beat.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Goodie Mob - Soul Food (Instrumentals)

Free Image Hosting at

My self-ripped official promo copy. It costs way too much, but what I won't do for some good beats.

01. Free
02. Thought Process
03. Dirty South
04. Guess Who
05. Cell Therapy
06. Fighting
07. Blood
08. Live At The O.M.N.I.
09. Sesame Street
10. The Coming
11. The Day After
12. Soul Food
13. Goodie Bag
14. I Didn't Ask To Come

Frankenstein - Various Instrumentals (1996-1997)

from "The Pain Remix" 12" (1996):
"The Pain Remix" (inst)
"What Does It All Mean" (inst)

from "The Rain is Gone" 12" (1996):
"The Rain is Gone" (inst)
"All Hands" (inst)

from "UV" EP (1997):
"Agony and Ecstasy" (inst)
"Quiet Storm" (inst)
"UV" (inst)
"Sparkin Intellect" (inst)
"Combine with Frankenstein" (inst)

Frankenstein - Various Instrumentals (1996-1997)

As far as more Frankenstein tracks, I know someone (Swann?) has to have the original Pain 12" that has some additional beats...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Massinfluence - Various instrumentals (1997-1999)

I've been surprised by how many instrumental albums there actually are out there (big f*ckin ups to everyone who's contributed), but for some artists who haven't released (officially or otherwise) instrumental comps, we've probably got the resources to construct solid comps ourselves. Some of the other contributers (Andrew, in particular) have already started this, I'd just like to turn it into more of a community effort. So my first offering is Massinfluence instrumentals...this crew was mad underrated:

Massinfluence - Various instrumentals (1997-1999)

(From "Life to the MC" 12", 1997)
"Life to the MC"
"Under Pressure"

(From "Space Cases" 12", 1998)
"Space Cases"
"Rhyme Placement"
"Clown Syndicate"

(From "Analyze" 12", 1999)
"All Out"

...if you've got anything that's missing from this list, you can contribute by dropping a link in the comments; I'll add it to the list and re-up it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Glue - Catch As Catch Can

Damn yo, I've been posting a lot lately. I might chill for a bit, hopefully the other members can pick up some slack. By request, today's post is from Glue.

1 Catch As...
2 Stride
3 Beat Beat Beat
4 A Lot To Say
5 Restless
6 A Fly Can't Bird
7 Making A Mess
8 Belmont And Clark
9 Hometown Anthem
10 Glupies
11 Never Really Know
12 Vessel

download it here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For those of you that don't know who he is, you all need to stop sleeping and wake the hell up. He does the beats for Seattle based duos Common Market as well as Blue Scholars.
New Blue Scholars cd was released today(!) Bayani...and if you don't have that. Be sure to pick it up, i pre-ordered it. Anyway, there aren't many instrumentals released, but here's what I do have. Enjoy it, check out his other releases.

Common Market - Connect Four
Blue Scholars - Back Home
Common Market - Doors
Blue Scholars - Dawn (*personal favorite*)
Common Market - Every Last One Cornerstone Remix
Common Market - Kampo
Blue Scholars - Xenophobia

Download it here, you wont regret it. I promise.

Late Night... King Stitt - "The Ugly"

Damn, it's 2:00 AM and maybe it's just because I'm EXTREMELY lit up right now, or maybe it's just this track, but I've been loopin this Cut for the last half an hour... This is Pure Sweet Lovely Melodic Bless... Straight Head-Nods. It's got some Vocals, but think of them as samples, they're only here & there throughout. It was produced by this Beetlejuice looking Mahfucka (Not Michael Keaton) and it is Pure Fire... This dude was born like that, so don't hate on tha Playa. Obviously he's got Shit figured out, and I guess he got his break by getting hooked up by a Big Producer who seen him at a Dance Hall and was stoked on his Unique Dance Moves?!? CLASSIC. This Zombie Type Head was Real about things and came up with the Genius Title of "The Ugly" for Himself. Sounds about right to me... All I know is, EVERYBODY needs to be listenin to as much of this Shit as possible because this is where Hip Hop came from... The Shit's like Reggae's Baby in my opinion. Kool Herc spawned that Shit... Aight, a lil Bud in my Brain, I'm Out.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

J. Armz - How to be an MC Vol. 43 (2007)

More mixed bags...

01. Takin' Pictures (produced by Cannon Beatz) - DJ Drama ft. Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Young Buck, Willie The Kid, Young Jeezy & T.I.
02. Til' Tha Sun Come Up (produced by Teknizzle) - Kurupt ft. Freeway & Rok Bottom
03. Represent Street Dream (produced by Develop) - Lil Wayne ft. Young Jeezy & Rick Ross
04. We All In (produced by Cool & Dre) - Rick Ross ft. Money Malc, Dre & DJ Khaled
05. Suga Dooga (produced by Fizzy Womack) - Duke Da God ft. Cam'ron
06. Straight to The Bank (produced by Ty Fyffe) - 50 Cent
07. U Ain't Goin Nowhere (produced by Dr. Dre) - Young Buck
08. We Ain't Runnin' (produced by Moss) - Sheek Louch
09. Make Me Better (produced by Timbaland) - Fabolous
10. Caprice Music Remix (produced by Milk) - Tum Tum ft. E-40 & Rick Ross
11. Hold On (produced By Dr. Dre) - Young Buck
12. In The Smash (produced by Sid Roams) - Big Twins ft. Prodigy
13. More Than Music (produced by Swiff) - Duke Da God
14. Come Get Me (produced by Timbaland) - Timbaland ft. 50 Cent
15. My 6-4 (produced by Salih) - Mike Jones ft. Bun B & Snoop Dogg
16. Bout Nothin' (produced by Scott Storch) - T. Waters
17. Be Me (produced by Develop) - Lil' Wayne
18. My Girl (produced By Lil' C) - Young Dro ft. T.I.
19. Fire (produced by Mr. Lee) - Paul Wall ft. Trina
20. Straight Murder (produced by The Alchemist) - Prodigy ft. 50 Cent
21. Buck The World (produced by Jake One) - Young Buck
22. Go Getta' (produced by The Runners) - Young Jeezy ft. R. Kelly
23. Desire (produced by The Alchemist) - Pharoahe Monch
24. I'm Throwed (produced by Jermaine Dupri) - Paul Wall ft. Jermaine Dupri
25. Mouths To Feed (produced by DJ Toomp) - Ludacris
26. Everybody Know Me (produced by Dee Jay Dana) - Boyz N Da Hood
27. We Really Do This (produced by DJ Nasty) - DJ Nasty ft. MIMS, Pitbull, Red Cafe & Currency
28. I'm So On (produced by C-Loc) - Max Minelli
29. White Girl (produced by Drumma Boy) - USDA
30. Return Of The Hustle (produced by Just Blaze) - Fabolous
31. Bing Bing Bam Bam (produced by DJ Marquis) - 2 Gutta ft. Jim Jones
32. Like What I Got (produced by Mr. Lee) - Mike Jones
33. Better Than I've Ever Been (produced by DJ Premier) - Kanye West, Nas & KRS-One

J. Armz - How to be an MC Vol. 43

Peace, 9@home

Triple Threat AKA Rainy Sat. Afternoon

Beanuts - Lost Instrumentals
1. Bum Rush
2. Crab Niggas
3. Gonna Fly
4. Highly Recognized
5. Homo Victim
6. I Can't Relate
7. Jungle Gook
8. Out Of State Case
9. Purse Snatcher
10. Relax Yourself
11. The Chase
12. Throw Your Hands Up

Support the Man Instead
(link removed by artist request)
This got an 8/10 from RapReviews, and I listened myself - this is high quality stuff. Highly recommended.
1 Threshold
2 Keep Keeping On
3 Intergalactic
4 Interlude One
5 Love Is Love
6 Worldwide
7 A Walk in the Park
8 Interlude Two
9 Bon Jour
10 Four Seasons
11 You Have To
12 Interlude Three
13 Humble Pie
14 Emerald Bracelet
15 To The Beat
16 So Be It f/ Raks One and Realson *contains vocals*

Ok, last thing for you today. It breaks the rules of the blog a bit (well, a lot) so if you guys want it removed let me know. I made a compilation, and since this blog gets the most hits out of the three I contribute to, I figured I'd up it here.
"Those Exposed To Rain When It Pours"
kos - call me
brother ali - room with a view
common market - connect for
blu - cold hearted
plat - i wish
nicolay - what it used to be
free speech - everything is different now
lauryn hill - to zion
ayatollah - nowhere to turn
nappy roots - sick and tired
foreign exchange - brave new world
talib kweli - where do we go
kenn starr - if
elzhi - keep on
one be lo - evil of self
mekalek - running in place
ea floe - the torch
supastition - celebration of life

Enjoy everyone, hope the weather is better where you are compared to where I am. The north-east US is getting soaked today.

By request - 9th's Black Album Rejects
All the beats he sent to Jay-Z as possible ones for his album, as you know, he chose "threat". None of these are named, they just got track numbers.

J. Armz - How to be an MC vol. 40

A nice mixed bag of instrumentals... Vol. 43 is coming up soon...

1. Hustlers Produced by Dr. Dre - Nas feat. The Game & Marsha Ambrosius
2. Bury Me A G Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League - Young Jeezy
3. Wouldn't Get Far Produced by Kanye West - The Game feat. Kanye West
4. You Can t Kill Me Produced by L.E.S - Nas
5. Da Boss Produced by Shatek - Fabolous
6. Keep It Gangsta Produced by Key Pushas - Young Jeezy feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
7. City Boys Produced by Unseen - Jim Jones
8. God Must Love Me Produced by Q-Butta - Hell Rell
9. N.I. . .A.S Produced by Ty Phife - Tony Yayo feat. Young Buck
10. Ni a Whats Up Produced by Jake-1 - Lil Scrappy feat. 50 Cent
11. Let There Be Light Produced by Kanye West - Nas
12. G Joint Produced by Poobs - Styles P
13. Cameo Afro Produced by RZA - RZA feat. Big Daddy Kane & GZA
14. Like Me Produced by Drumma Boy - Lil Scrappy
15. Still On It Produced by Midnite Black - Young Jeezy
16. I m Just Getting Warm Produced by Megahurtz - Busta Rhymes
17. Hold Down The Block Produced by Mark Batson - Nas
18. Too High Produced by Bear - Jim Jones
19. Been A Boss Produced by Lil Jon - Lil Scrappy feat. Young Dro & Bohagon
20. You Got It Produced by Knoxvill for Spliffington Management - J.R. Writer
21. Walk On Produced by Versatile - Method Man feat. Redman
22. Back on the Block Produced by Akon - Beanie Sigel feat. Akon
23. That's That Produced by Nottz - Snoop Dogg feat. R. Kelly
24. The N Produced by Salaam Remi Nas
25. Can't Forget About You Produced by Will.I.Am - Nas feat. Chrisette Michele
26. Star In The Hood Produced by S Class - Bleu Davinci
27. Know What I m Doin' Produced by T-Mix - Baby & Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain
28. Return Of The Iron Man Produced by J-Love - J-Love feat. Ghostface
29. Ghetto Mindstate Produced by The Synphony - Lil Flip feat. Lyfe Jennings
30. Tuck Ya Ice Produced by Kane Beatz - Trick Daddy
31. PJs Produced by Pete Rock - Pete Rock feat. Masta Killa and Raekwon
32. Heat It Up Produced by Lil Jon - Trillville feat. Kandi Girl
33. Ghetto Soldier Produced by Green Lantern - Papoose feat. Akon

Part 1 // Part 2

Note: Split archive. You will need both parts to get the whole album!
I say this cos I keep seeing an uneven number of downloads for two parts of one and the same album. ;)

Peace, 9@home

Monday, June 04, 2007

djespionage - Ten Thousand Lanterns (2007)

Downtempo/hip-hop production based on records grabbed in dusty stalls, shops, and dumpsters throughout South Korea.

01 Music chooses you (introlude)
02 Time Left
03 Escape (interlude)
04 Cellular Antiquity
05 Interrupted Ascension
06 Just Like That
07 A Mission
08 One Man Show
09 Four Way Bridge
10 How You Say

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fugees b/w Ayatollah

greatest hits from the fugees - missing some tracks, but this is what's on there.

1. nappy heads (remix)
2. vocab (remix 1)
3. vocab (remix 2)
5. (remix)
6. how many mics
7. killing me softly
8. ready or not


and for anyone who missed it: Ayatollah's other cd: "Personal Legend" - tons of heat on here. Big Ups to Poisonous Dart
That's PD's original link, so if it goes down, let me know, ill re-up it. Enjoy it people.

One last thing, if anyone has this 12'' from Kev Brown - "Allways"...I need that. Pretty damn badly. Much appreciated if anyone has it / knows where I can get it.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Imhotep - Blue Print (1998)

Y'all know France's IAM by now. Their musical architect, as they like to call him, is Imhotep, also known as Kif Kif, Tonton, or simply Pascal. A producer who's written history with the vast majority of beats he's made for IAM since they came into being around the early 90s, but he's behind a lot more than just that. From other hip-hop and reggae groups to movie scores and whatnot else, Imhotep holds it all down, following his fascination for music, for sounds, for atmospheres caught onto records.
This album is not an instrumental version of a hip-hop album, as one might expect, but it's the result of Imhotep's exploration of the sounds, vibes and voices he captured while roaming through Morocco. It just shows that the man is bigger than any individual music genre. So, if KRS is hip-hop, Imhotep IS music. A great aural adventure through Northern Africa.

01. Essaouira's atmosphere
02. Caravan's walk (part 1)
03. Balaphone's fiend
04. Bendir beat 1
05. Deep roots tree
06. Aquatic raga
07. Sahara shuffle
08. Marble mine
09. Something wrong
10. Give peace a last chance
11. Useless sacrifice
12. Bendir beat 2
13. Last drop of the source
14. Something right
15. Straight out of the dune
16. Good old bled
17. Rising clavsun
18. Bendir beat 3
19. Still a war in the east
20. Caravan's walk (part 2)
21. Back to the dune

Imhotep - Blue Print (1998)

Peace to syn for hooking me up.