Monday, August 24, 2009

Obsidian Blue - Soul Conditioning

1- Soul Intro
2- Exhibition
3- Desert Sands
4- Condescension
5- Too Strong
6- Why?
7- Miles Ahead
8- Breath Of Life
9- Stratosphere
10- The Cycle
11- Twilight
12- Oscar & John
13- Crosswords rmx (Feat Eye + Eye)
14- Whatever You Say Rmx (Feat Little Brother)
15- 4th Departure (Away From Here)

Download Soul Conditioning Here!

Make sure to check out his other albums Here!



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue Sky Black Death(lost and unreleased) instrumentals

so 'bsbd' hit up my myspace and asked if i would wanna post this at strictly beats, of course so, i was gonna post it the other day when i was supposed to get it but the link didn't work and i only got the art work/cd cover. i see it's already been posted here and there around the net and figured if it wasn't here yet then i'd do my job.

so here ya go, i broke it down into 2 parts because i think rapidshare still has 100 mb max for non members, it'd had been 120 mb in one file only.

Get BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH-lost and unreleased-instrumentals_A here!

Get BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH-lost and unreleased-instrumentals_B here!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

EB – Green Music Vol. 2 [Beat Tape]

17 year old producer out of Sweden! Check out his page here!

Definatley worth a listen.

Download Here!

Big ups to Crate Kings

Vlooper - Neon Blaster Venus


The Are - Iran

“I was very moved by the people of Iran and their protest for democracy. This album is dedicated to them and their fight for a better future. I used all Iranian music in the making of this album. Hope you enjoy and spread it around.”-- The Are


J Rawls: Hotel Beats Volume 1

Dont sleep on this one! :-)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

14KT- Nowalataz - Instrumentals

I have nothing but love and respect for this dudes music. Enjoy!

Download 14KT- Nowalataz Here!

14KT- Going Fine ft. Dibiase - Get It Here!

Links courtesy of

14KT - the night / the D light in you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Various artists - Kurz und Schmerzlos Soundtrack (1998)

I ran across this soundtrack while preparing some of the vinyl collection for storage and thought I'd share the rip. I picked this up somewhat randomly and thus have no background -- obviously, it's a soundtrack to a late-90's German film based entirely on German hip-hop. The vinyl copy came with instrumentals, which I've linked here:

I haven't provided a track listing here, but the discogs link is here. I'd have to say I only kept this record around for a single track, the "Patrice" joint which is a nice head-nodder.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


CLICK HERE FOR: illinoize_instrumentals

7 full instrumentals, you can also listen to them at the website below if you wanna get an idea of what they sound like before you download them.

thanks to waverider@solesides message board, this is pretty dope, very smooth and the beats progress from verse to verse with excellent hooks/chorus'

this person also made a remix tape with popular acapellas(gift of gab, aesop rock, outkast, big daddy kane, brother ali and a few others which can be downloaded free at the site.

grade A for some one coming outta no where on my radar, not like i hear everything at all.

as usual some of you will non constructively hate these and to you i say, THANKS for your time, COME AGAIN!

Monday, August 10, 2009

bunch of instrumentals

i planned on posting these slowly at acapellarchives(i'm still gonna post them at the rate of maybe ten a month) but i've decided to drop them all here, now, and still post them slowly at acapellarchives for those that never would of gone there and missed out on these somehow. i uploaded singles because to cut down on time it takes to download and so users can pick exactly what they want. if you don't like how i do it then do it your self or complain like some one cares.

Get jus_allah-pool_of_blood_instrumental here!

Get jus_allah-hell_razors_instrumental here!

Get kmd-constipated_monkey__instrumental here!

Get kmd-what_a_nigga_know__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-money_ft._mc_lyte__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-amsterdam__instrumental here!

Get krs_one-my_soldier_boy instrumental here!

Get krs-one-mcs_act_like_they_dont_know_instrumental here!

Get krs-one-the_real_hip_hop_feat_das_efx_instrumental here!

Get reef_the_lost_cauze-big_deal__instrumental here!

Get reef_the_lost_cauze-i_wonder__instrumental here!

Get reef-Tear_it_down__instrumental here!

Get sage_francis-Narcissist__instrumental here!

Get sage_francis-Mourning_Aftermath__instrumental here!

Get sage_francis-Makeshift_Patriot__instrumental here!

Get TI-LiveYourLife_instrumental here!

Get heliocentrics-sirius_b__remix_instrumental here!

Get Latyrx_-_Say_That__Instrumental here!

Get Lyrics_Born_-_Send_Them__Instrumental here!

Get Release_Yo__Delf__Prodigy_Instrumental(method man) here!

Get method_man_and_redman_feat_erick_sermon-mrs_international__instrumental here!

Get method_man_and_redman-a-yo__instrumental here!

Get method_man_and_redman_feat_erick_sermon-mrs_international__instrumental here!

Get At_the_helm__instrumental_hieroglyphics here!

Get You_never_knew__album_version_instrumental_hieroglyphics here!

Get hieroglyphics-You_never_knew__Domino_remix_instrumental here!

Get Heat__instrumental_hieroglyphics here!

Get jakki-da-motamouth-im_trying__instrumental here!

Get jakki da motamouth-stage_fright__instrumental here!

Get josh_martinez-responsibility__instrumental here!

Get josh_martinez-grown_folks_music__instrumental here!

Get josh_martinez-fight_or_fuck__instrumental here!

Get josh_martinez-bobby_loveable__instrumental here!

Get juggaknots-she_loves_me_not_instrumental here!

Get juggaknots-p_rushen_instrumental here!

Get juggaknots-generally__instrumental here!

Get juggaknots-j-solid__instrumental here!

Get juggaknots-wkrp_in_nyc__instrumental here!

Get guru_and_solar-divine_rule__instrumental here!

Get guru_and_solar-fastland__instrumental here!

Get guru-jazzy_ways__instrumental here!

Get guru-who_got_it_on_lock__instrumental here!

Get guru_and_solar-ride_instrumental here!

Get guru_and_solar-after_time__feat._solar___instrumental here!

Get guru_and_solar-no_gimmick_shit_instrumental here!

Get ghostface_killah-all_that_i_got_is_you__remix_instrumental here!

Get Gang_Starr_You_Know_Instrumental here!

Get Gang_Starr_The_Militia_Instrumental here!

Get emanon-Acid-9_-_instrumental here!

Get emanon-Personification_-_instrumental here!

Get emanon-Path_of_the_Divine_-_instrumental here!

Get ugly_duckling-left_behind_instrumental here!

Get ugly_duckling-slow_your_flow_instrumental here!

Get ugly_duckling-bob_your_head_instrumental here!

Get ugly_duckling-left_behind__wichita_mix_instrumental here!

Get ugly_duckling-bang_for_the_buck__instrumental here!

Get ultra_magnetic-industry_is_wack__instrumental here!

Get ultra_magnetic-industry_is_wack__evidence_remix_instrumental here!

Get ultra_magnetic-aint_nobody_happenin__instrumental here!

Get grand_agent-g.a._feat._dj_noize__bonus_beats here!

Get weathermen-5_left_in_the_clip__instrumental here!

Get weathermen-5_left_in_the_clip__rjd2_remix__instrumental here!

Get y_society-at_my_own_pace__instrumental here!

Get y_society-whats_next__instrumental here!

Get y_society-peace_im_out_the_door__instrumental here!

Get zion_i-dont_lost_your_head__instrumental here!

Get fortified_live__hi-tekstramental here!

Get talib_kweli-2000_seasons__chill_out_instrumental here!

Get abstract_rude-shes_always_right__instrumental here!

Get abstract_rude-stop_biting__instrumental here!

Edo G - Situations feat. Pete Rock (RobSteady Remix)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (July Episode)

Sorry for the delay peoples, but the newest episode of my instrumental show is up for download on my blog, so click here and enjoy.

BTW- i got a Soundcloud "DropBox" on there too so u can directly submit music for play on the show, which will be airing back on Sirius XM Satellite Radio from here on out!

As always, thanx for the support...

tech omega-beat tape(no audio tags)

encoded very low, so if your gonna try to record on these LOL your gonna have to hit the man up and work out a deal, as usual these beats will not be for everyone and i want to say welcome to all the people that find the need to say how "Wack" everything is LOL *waives*


Get Tech-Omega BEATS here!

also, the guy has put together an "Album" and is sharing it here with you for free(not instrumentals)


alright so.. this kid can rap/write/freestyle his ass off!