Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dert - Talk Strange (A Beat Tape Inspired by Björk)

"The new beat tape from Los Angeles-based producer Dert. TALK STRANGE features 17 tracks sampling original tunes and remixes by the legendary Icelandic singer Bjork. Just like the Dert Floyd: Westside of the Moon project, TALK STRANGE takes artist-themed beat tapes to another level providing amazing instrumentals to practice your rhymes over or just sit back and enjoy.

Future 2009 releases from Dert include: the synth-driven CMYK EP this spring and DOWNTOWN HEADNOD SUITE, an all piano beat album featuring Blue Note recording artist Robert Glasper."

I am lovin every single track on here! My personal favorite is Track 11 - Dark Currents. Check it out and enjoy!!!!!!

Re-up to Dert's West Side Of The Moon! If you dont already have it check it out.

Dert Floyd West Side Of The Moon

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Capital D & The Molemen - Writer's Block (The Movie) Instrumentals (2002)

Capital D of All Natural fame and member of the Molemen collective. I should not have to say more, I think I've covered All Natural and Molemen enough on here as it is. If you dig Molemen beats, then this is yet another one for your collection.
(By the way: I know, this is not an actual movie. So don't try to peep it in your video player. ;)

01 - Writer's Block Pt.II (Instrumental)
02 - Young Girl Lost (Instrumental)
03 - Paper Chase (Instrumental)
04 - Mrs. Manley (Instrumental)
05 - Du'a (The Deen's List) (Instrumental)
06 - Crossfire (Instrumental)
07 - Currency Exchange (Instrumental)
08 - Final Judgement (Instrumental)
09 - Cause & Effect (Instrumental)
10 - Du'a (Stevie Wonder) (Instrumental)
11 - Mass Transit (Instrumental)

Capital D & The Molemen - Writer's Block (The Movie) Instrumentals (2002)

note: other versions of this floating around have 12 tracks, but that's cos the last two are the same. and mine is the only one with titles to the otherwise nameless tracks.

J-Live - Reveal The Secret (2007)

Almost exactly one year ago, after a two year hiatus, J-Live followed his critically acclaimed full length “The Hear After” with a sneak attack in the form of the 6 song EP “Reveal The Secret”, just before his very latest "Then What Happened?" was to drop.

“I want this to feel like it came outa nowhere. I want the people that have it to feel special, you know. Let them spread the word that I’m back. Pass it on before the album drops. You know… let the cat out the bag, reveal the secret.”

Its no secret that J has worked with his fair share of elite producers in the past. And although this fall’s mini project is just a precursor, it is no different. Reveal the Secret features production by DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, Da Beatminerz, Marco Polo and Oddisee.


J-Live - Reveal The Secret (2007)

Friday, December 19, 2008


1. Intro
2. King Kong (Sean Price)
3. Awesome (The Away Team)
4. The Rap Game (Cormega ft. Little Brother)
5. Still Here (LEGACY)
6. Hearing Aid (Sean Price)
7. That N*gga (Jozee Mo)
8. Talkin Dirty (Ness)
9. Cool As A Fan (Little Brother)
10. Back At It (Little Brother)
11. Money On The Table (The Away Team)
12. N*ggaz Is Commin (Torae ft. Tash)
13. Starvation (LIttle Brother ft. Chaundon)
14. Can I Live (Chaundon)
15. Crazy (Rapper Big Pooh)
16. Keep It To The Side (Rapper Big Pooh)
17. Greedy (The Away Team)
18. After The Party (Little Brother)
19. Waitin On You (Kenn Starr)
20. Sick Em (Smif-N-Wesson)
21. One (Sean Price)
22. Something To See (Torae)
23. Psycho Ward (The Away Team ft. Sean Price)
24. Word Has It (Supastition)
25. Rize (Median)
26. Sum Of Me (The Away Team ft. Evidence)
27. Gun Rap (Smif-N-Wesson)
28. JM Heartbreak (Jozee Mo)
29. The Weirdo Zone (Joe Scudda)
30. Told You That (Chaundon)
31. Real Late (Peter Rosenburg ft. Phonte)

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Incase you missed the first one

A1 Gagle Gakuru 1:22
A2 Yona Yona - Scene#2 4:27
A3 Baah Show Sen (Grooveman Spot) 2:58
A4 Spy Daisakusen (Super Smoky Soul) 3:40
B1 AKAI Shadow 2:27
B2 Hi DJ! 3:52
B3 Listen 6:06
C1 Kuro-Fessional MC 4:52
C2 Runpaaasss! 4:26
C3 Wakaki Takumi Tachie 4:39
D1 Populace (Short Ver.) 3:49
D2 Sennen Ai 5:33
D3 One Lovely Day 4:10

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


All producer's hail from Japan... Japan is slowly rising as a Musical production force in my book. Especially after hearing this Woodblue shit. Both these discs are on the more ambient bangin vibe.. And finally, all praise go to Musical Schizophrenia for turning me onto this shit... Go over there and give him some props. But listen to this shit while you do.

The Woodblue albums are INSANE, really hot shit on there. Don't give up on a Track because you don't like the first minute, almost all of the Woodblue tracks flip about halfway through into a completely different jam. And it is usually better than the first half... I can't say which album I like better, so get them both. Woodblue = DOPE.

Woodblue - "North Source"

Woodblue - "North Letter"

Next we have a disc from Opgave... Don't really know too much besides that he used to be from Japan, but now resides in LA. Someone requested this in the C-Box, so I tracked it down. It's a short 6 tracks, but there is some good stuff.

Opgave - "Writing The Silver EP"

Next up is Kenmochi Hidefumi. Got this from the C-Box because homeboy said he was like Nujabes. It's good, but definitely not up to Nujabes standards. It's not nearly hip hop enough. It's a good album, some cool guitar and shit. Some tracks just aren't my thing though, Check it out and let me know what y'all think. The title track "Falliccia" is the best I'd say...

Kenmochi Hidefumi - "Falliccia"

And finally, the last album has absolutely nothing to do with Japan. Haha, I just came across this over @ HHB via Deap, and I've been a fan of Anomaly for a while now and thought I had all of his shit. This album was new to me... It is almost 10 years old, so the sound is a little different, but it is pretty dope. REALLY, really dark jams with some hot drums, this would have been more appropriate around Halloween time. But check it out, I think alot of y'all will be feelin this. RowanB? Espionage? I think you'll dig it...

Anomaly - "Howle's Book"

Finally, last but not least, A new track from Emancipator... He is workin on a new album currently, and just finished up a tour of Japan. So, I figured this was Legit to add to the post. I CANNOT WAIT to hear some more new shit from this kid. Check It:

Alright... That's about it. Some more crack for all you fiends. Definitely zone out on that Woodblue shit, I have. And keep a lookout getting closer to christmas, I've got some audible presents for all of you mahfuckas. The E-Tree will be filled come Christmas time, and it's definitely going to have an album that will rival all of the rest from 2008. So BE READY! Peace...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1 International Hustler [Instrumental] - 3:19
2 Put Your Weight on It [Instrumental] - 4:27
3 High Life [Instrumental] - 3:30
4 Tell Me Something [Instrumental] - 3:29
5 Hoagies Revenge [Instrumental] - 2:05
6 Pirates of the Mediterranean [Instrumental] - 2:42
7 Master at Work [Instrumental] - 3:24
8 Thundersounds [Instrumental] - 2:58
9 Catatonia (Get ‘Em) [Instrumental] - 6:47

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Evidence Purple Tape

01. 02:25 Take U Back
02. 02:14 Pest
03. 03:26 Lost Cause
04. 02:24 I'm Like
05. 03:29 My Way 90291
06. 02:20 Uh Oh
07. 01:31 Shoot 1st
08. 01:31 421
09. 01:29 Breakout
10. 02:42 Space Gorilla
11. 01:39 On Top
12. 01:37 Darker Clouds
13. 02:41 Ev' N' Al
14. 02:06 Bubbler
15. 03:27 Stomp
16. 03:42 RTD
17. 03:04 Hour Glass
18. 02:48 Memories
19. 01:28 Stockholm
20. 03:46 Wake Up

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Can thank krooked of hhb/fsm fam for this.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Some New...

Word Fam. Back up in it. Gonna keep this short & sweet so let's get started: RowanB made a request for the MF Grimm & Kool G Rap freestyle from the Stretch & Bobbito 5 Year Anniversary show. It is so insane everybody needs to hear it. I am very happy I came across the track on Stretch's Blog, Grimm is easily on my top 5, I love his flow and his true skills are really displayed on this track. He basically takes over, G Rap bows out about halfway through and lets Grimm annihilate the mic. For real, one of the best Freestyles EVER. And afterwards I included the end of the show, where they take phone calls and basically diss on everybody that calls. It is fucking hilarious. One fool calls in and drops some pretty hot rhymes, he gets props, but the rest of the callers get their asses handed to 'em... I got 'em up on Rapid & Zshare, so those of you with working Zshare's can preview the tracks, otherwise get 'em from Rapid. Check them both out, it's some historic shit coming from a historic time.

MF Grimm & Kool G Rap Freestyle, Stretch & Bobbito 5th Year Anniversary <<>

MF Grimm & Kool G Rap Freestyle, Stretch & Bobbito 5th Year Anniversary <<>

Grimm, Kool G, Stretch & Bobb Phone Dissin'... HILARIOUS <<>

Grimm, Kool G, Stretch & Bobb Phone Dissin'... HILARIOUS <<>

So, like I was saying: I'm listening to A LOT of DJ Frane lately, and this his latest album. Really good shit here, Tons of samples and just great music. Flows through many genres, but remaining Hip Hop. This is a really dope album, put it on when you're just chillin around the house blazin. Really good stoned headphone music... You can pick up his other projects at Acapella Archives. Go get 'em if you like this disc...

DJ Frane - Journey to the Planet of Birds

Here we have Beatmakin Troopa's new release. For those of you that have been coming here for awhile and snagged Troopa's other releases, you'll know what's up. Those of you new to Beatmakin Troopa can expect sounds similar to Blockhead & 40 Winks. This disc is dope, it flows like a Day, starts out slow & sunny, gets more busy & layered through the middle of the album, then the last few tracks are perfect for night & driving at dark. I highly recommend the final track, "Last Breath" Check it out.

Beatmakin Troopa - Search For Peace <<>

Beatmakin Troopa - Search For Peace

Now this Aether album, and the following Nozebleed one I came across over @ HHB, via this dude "Sniper" who posted both of them. He's been posting some good stuff. BUT, these two albums are both REALLY good. I'm listening to Aether right now, and have been since last night when I got it. Check that one out first, the Aether disc, it is bangin and really diverse. I guess he is out of San Antonio?!?! I don't know but Texas has got some ILL producer's... Don't pass these up, get 'em...

Aether - Artifacts
[link removed at artist's request...check this link for Aether downloads & remixes. -djesp]

Nozebleed - Heart Beats Digital

And here we have a disc from one half of that Asian producer duo, "Eternal Morning". This is from Pe2ny, who has some other releases also, but I dug this one the most. Real similar to Nujabes & Nomak, that classic Asian Hip Hop sound. More orchestrated/layered tracks. Not too many loops found here. Check this disc out if you liked the Eternal Morning release from my previous post...

Pe2ny - Alive Soul Cuts

And finally, going to finish things off with some new stuff from Yppah... I pulled these 6 tracks from his Myspace, so the quality isn't superb or anything, but all the tracks are really dope. I really liked his first album, and by the sound of these tracks I'm getting more excited for his next solo release... Don't know how many of you saw that movie "21" about the MIT card-counting kids, anyway the track "Again with the Subtitles" from his first album was featured in that movie. Pretty dope exposure. Anyway, enjoy these tracks...

Yppah - Myspace EP

Alright, I'm out... Comment, whatever. Every album in this post is bangin so get 'em all. But put that Aether at the top of the list, I'd say it is the Gem out of the bunch. Enjoy the beats fam, and get excited for the end of the month, I've got a special drop coming around Xmas. PEACE.

back to hiphop

Here is 74 Hiphop instrumentals from my vault that you might have, but probably don't.

There are joints from Babu's Duck Season 3, The Layover, Tronic, and various other projects.

No Tracklist

Click here for part 1

Click here for part 2


Stevo - Another Space Odyssey
Show Your Support.
"I'd consider myself a friend/fan/listener of Stevo for awhile now, and as these guys develop, more and more, I personally feel Stevo & Elaquent are equal to, if not better then Flying Lotus/Gaslamp/Daddy Kev and alot of these other producers who get massive amounts of praise in the industry. Then again, assholes are like opinions, everyone has one.
So who cares what I think, you shouldn't.
  1. Intro
  2. Neutron Star
  3. Aurora
  4. Sky And Diamonds
  5. Solar Wind
  6. Rise With The Sun
  7. Too Much Nebula
  8. Refracting Telescope
  9. Alien Jazz Ensemble
  10. Milky Way Driver
  11. Druggy Astronaut
  12. Evil Forces
  13. Zodiac Collection
  14. Sittin On The Moon
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If you missed the first one from Stevo which some say they liked better;
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