Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weslee Connerzs – The Other Sides Vol.3

Big ups to the person that dropped this 11 track beat tape in our C-Box a few weeks back. Unfortunatley, I dont know much about this producer and have been unable to dig up any additional info. on him. All I can say is that this beat tape is banging. The track titled "Purple Peas" blew my mind :-)

Download Here!

Check out some more of Weslee's work here!

Grant P - Add About As Abstract As Alwayz

Download Here!

Check out Grant P's page here!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wizard - Massage Parlour Music

Wizard - Massage Parlour Music
01. Relax
02. Shank
03. Noodle Crack
04. Sakura
05. The Chase
06. Crazy Village
07. Wilding
08. Chicken & Rice
09. Hey!
10. Master
11. Tradition
12. Swinging Swords
13. Crab Technique
14. Final Boss
15. Rum Music (Bonus Beat)
16. Why (Bonus Beat)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For those of that you that don't know... PRETTY LIGHTS!

Just caught this display in San Francisco a few nights back for the Treasure Island Musical Festival night sets & let me just say that this was probably one of the LIVEST show's I have ever been to! It was out of control. The place was sold out, stacked with people from front to back, everybody was partying/dancing and having a blast. There was this HUGE wall full of LED's right behind Derek & Cory that was BLOWING UP with light throughout the entire show. It was a spectacle... For those of you that aren't familiar, Pretty Lights consists of Derek Vincent Smith out of Fort Collins, CO. He handles all of the production, using an MPD & Monome with Ableton & Molar software. And then there is Cory Eberhard, he is the man on the Drums when they do live shows, keeping it mainly acoustic except for a digi-snare mixed in. The live drumming is a little something extra that really adds to the show.

Here is a vid from the show, I didn't film this, but Thanks to whoever it was that did.

The music is what I could describe only as a perfect mix of old & new. Derek knows his shit, you can tell he's got a deep history in the culture, using samples that range from recent to decades ago. He blends these samples flawlessly with the new electronic sound that is becoming more apparent in Hip Hop, and the result is something entirely new. He has to release his albums for free due to the fact that he uses all of these samples, but I believe that he is starting a niche that will soon become more popular with artists. RELEASE ALBUMS FREE, TOUR THE COUNTRY DOING LIVE SHOWS. Every single show of his sells out almost every time, & you should go check his myspace to see the tour line-up. They pretty much have a stop in almost every state for the next two months. This is the way things need to go, make money on tour doing shows & partying in every state, bringing people together for a great time. Release an occasional album for free to generate enough hype, then make your money doing shows. Honestly, for independent artists on the rise, I really think this is the way to make money. I'd say the hardest thing about that endeavor is getting your name out there enough so people across the country know who you are, and actually want to see your show. Releasing albums for free is a good way to get the ball rolling with that, in my opinion...

Anyway, this is just a little hype for all of his albums, which are all available on the site, for FREE. So, I'm going to drop a link to the DL page of the Pretty Lights site, where you can get all of them. Here it is:

Pretty Lights - Download Page

They recently updated it & the site looks super dope, really smooth and easy to navigate. While you are there you should check their schedule and if there are any shows coming to your area, DO NOT MISS OUT! It was a REALLY, really live show & a great time, I highly recommend that if any of you have the chance to see them, you should go. It's an epic show, you'll be dancing all night having an awesome time. Alright, here's all of the albums, from oldest to newest. I really like the new disc at the bottom "Passing By Behind Your Eyes", it came out on Oct. 6th & it's great. Hope you enjoy.

PS: I'm hoping to get started on the interview idea VERY, very soon... I have just been extremely busy over the past few months, running all over the country for shows & whatnot. But, I will be back home in the next week or so and from then on I have nothing on the schedule, so I should have plenty of time to get things moving on the Strictly Beats Interview/Artist Insight Digi-Mag. I got some big ideas & I think things will turn out DOPE.

Stay Tuned...

<< check out "Summer's Thirst" from this one...

<< "The Time Has Come" from this album has become one of my all-time favorites...

<< "If I Could Feel Again" is a definite banger on this one...

And here is another vid I tossed together from the Treasure Island Festival of the crowd @ MSTRKRFT's performance that night. I was perched up in a tree & the view from this angle was pretty insane. I hope you enjoy...


Sunday, October 25, 2009

VLooper & Kenlo -bullesbubbles2-instrumentals

directly from Vlooper himself, "Peace & blessings
just to let you know the new bullesbubbles 2 is out for you to enjoy
CLICK HERE to download: 'BULLES BUBBLES 2'(instrumentals)

This music is really what it is __ No more no less_ It's creation like so many other things, can't take it too seriously when you really take the time to contemplate the ultimate creation --

Everything from TOUT'NOU is offer as donation for your well-being purposes. If you vibe it and would love to contribute under any form, please let us know. Donations are the new way we should trade, since there is no third party involved between you & us (TOUT'NOU idea).
So if you feel like making a little donation,

well thank you"_ (taken from vloopers myspace)

For any infos or contacts ::


VLooper & Kenlo





2nd Link (if download limit)

Monday, October 19, 2009

DJ Def Cut - Keep it raw (2009)

Best known for his breakbeats and mixes for some serious b-boy workout, DJ Def Cut from Basel, Switzerland has now decided to drop a whole new album just for shits and giggles. It's absolutely free and recommended to those who dig the electro/breakbeats kinda end of our music. Get it off the man's own website in 320 kbps quality.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

** Attention All Producers! **

Sorry for the major LACK of update everybody, but I got a good explanation. I had to run out to Brooklyn, NY after that Portland/Seattle trip really quick for some Biz. It's my first time here in the city & it is pretty much AMAZING! I just barely ran into a friend of a friend out here who goes by "Cidida", and those of you that follow Freestyle Friday/106th & Park on BET may have already heard of him... Dude is str8 up KILLIN the freestyle scene. He went 5 weeks as champion, won that first heat, and is now waitin until March to start the next heat.

Anyway, while he's just chillin waitin for the heat he's gonna be workin on a tape/album and could use any & all DOPE Beats to mess with, maybe find some that will work for him. I know that alot of y'all are choppin up some proper stuff that you want to get heard in the right place's. I figure this would be a good opportunity to link two parties together, and maybe get somethin happenin! For real, anybody that is serious should send him some of your shit. BIG things are gonna be happenin in the future, so I figure this is a good time to link up early. It could be good for everybody. Anyway, I'm just gonna drop a couple of vids on here, and everybody should check 'em out, you'll see what's up. Hit him up with some tracks if you think you got somethin HOT. It could be good. Alright, I'm gonna have that MASSIVE update for everybody really soon, but I'm headed to San Francisco on Thursday for a PRETTY LIGHTS show!!! Fuck YEAH. So, I'll have that mixed into the BIG update too! Stay up everybody, hit up my man Cidida, get somethin happenin, & I'll be talkin to you again soon.

Here's his email, get @ him!>>:

& Here's his MySpace>>: Cidida - Space

This is WEEK 3, ROUND 1:

& Here is WEEK 4, ROUND 1:

And I JUST barely came across this... Someone that you ALL should be familiar with givin my man some hype. GHOSTFACE!!! Wait until the 3:22 mark... That's Legit.

** Weird, it's giving me problems with the HTML of the vid, it won't embed... Anyway, i'll try & have it up soon, I'm currently on the road. But for real, it's some definite GHOSTFACE HYPE. **


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sound Scientists - Instrumentally Sound (2009)

In case you missed this release over the last few months:

Nice sample selection, good movement/layering, strong drum programming: highly recommended.
Personal favorites: "Evil Violin", "It's Ova", "Life Is Easily Taken"

For additional info, mirrors, multimedia: here

Friday, October 02, 2009

SS: "Instros" (Sept Episode)

As promised, heres the 2nd of 2 episodes of SUBSONIQ: "Instru-mentals" from September.  Its back to basics for this edition which primarily spotlights submissions i got from fans around the world.  Please keep feeding my Soundcloud "DropBox" with goodies, and stay tuned as one of your joints may end up on the show in the future!



1.  Panacea - Coin Toss (Instro)
2.  DJ Devastate - Spinnin'
3.  Robert Glasper - Listen Up (Instro)
4.  Depakote - Octagon
5.  Mushen - Breathe
6.  The Beastie Boys - Ricky's Theme
7.  Nicolay - Saturday Night (Instro))
8.  The Lootpack  - Answers (Instro)
9.  Force of Nature - Set it Off
10. LMNO - Never Stop (Instro)
11. Henning - Nightlife
12. PSY-OPSogist - King of Infinit Space
13. P.U.T.S. - Slow Bullet (Interlude)
14. J. Slikk - Honey
15. Oddisee - Muzik Lounge (Instro)