Monday, December 24, 2007

Cocoa Brovaz + Brooklyn Dubs EP + Hydrabeats Vol.13 + Random 12" Goods

FINALLY got all this Shit together... Took Forever. I Can't even remember when I first mentioned this Cocoa B's Piece. The SB-OG's will remember me droppin Hype on some of this Shit from way back. Anyway, I'm just going to get things movin... Startin off with some Random Tracks that are FUCKIN HOT from Pablie & Glen Porter... Got both of these off that Project Mooncircle Mix Piece that dropped a bit back. Haven't been able to find much else from either of these Fools, there's an EP from Pablie "Prelude To Anything" that I'm sure is dope as Hell, hopefully somebody out there has it. And, this guy Glen Porter, he's Dope. Has kind of a Southwest style, laid back guitars & shit... He has a Disc called "Something Glue" that hopefully someone can link us to... Buy or whatever, I'm sure the Disc is Hot. Alright, here's the Tracks, y'all can decide:

Glen Porter - Tragedy Herself

Glen Porter's Album - "Something Glue" Anybody Got This?

Pablie - Blissful Relpases << This Track is Fuckin ILL...

Pablie - Trying Jazz

Pablie's EP - Anyone Have This Either?

Word... Hopefully someone can come through with the above discs. That would be extremely dope, and I'm sure we'll all appreciate it. Anyway, here's the Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening" Instrumental Test Pressing LP. Super Dope Shit here as you all know, Produced by a whole bunch of various Mahfuckas. Check Discogs if you want to know about that. Alright, here's the Goods, Don't sleep on this, this is the ONLY place you will find this piece. All tracks have been Remastered, Super Butter Sound, No Snap, Crackle, or Pops...

Cocoa Brovaz - The Rude Awakening Instrumentals

Alright... Onto the Brooklyn Dubs EP. 6 Beats from Sittin On Chrome... Once again, some Super Hot Shit here that you will Not find anywhere else. 4 Tracks produced by the God Masta Ace himself, and 2 others from The Bluez Brothers. GET THIS SHIT.

Brooklyn Dubs EP - Sittin On Chrome Instrumentals

Word... Now it's on to Hydrabeats Volume 13 from A Kid Called Roots, FINALLY. Hopefully this Rounds off your Collections, I know it did mine. Some goods in here, I'd say half the Tracks are Bangers. Still haven't found any Info on this Shit, No Pics and haven't got a Proper Tracklist, they're partially titled. Sorry about that, I'll have a Proper Track-List up in the comments here pretty soon. Here's the Goods:

Hydrabeats Volume 13 - A Kid Called Roots

And here's a little Mix of the Various other Tracks that I had in my Vinyl Batch that I thought y'all might want... A couple tracks with Vocals, but some Good Shit on here... It has the Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka Remix/Part 2 in here that I bet alot of you haven't heard, with some other Exclusive Gems no doubt. Get it... Comments are always appreciated, Discuss The Shit.

Random 12" Goods

Alright People... Enjoy the Above Rarities. Got some more Fire comin up sometime soon. PEACE.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

So Elaquent.

Image above by me*actual cover in zip* (click it to download)

So anyways, i'm posting this up here for my homie EQ( Elaquent) who just finished his "In Colour Tape" Mos definitely a skilled producer, up and coming. So yeah, if you like dilla sounding stuff, peep this dude and show him support at Elaquent's Myspace Check it and support him if you like it, as he's one of the few producers who actually does this for the love of the art. I'm not gonna sit here and claim like the post we had awhile back that this dude is a god reincarnated in producer form, but yeah - above average in my opinion.
Big ups to Canada hiphop on the rise.

(And I cant press this enough, if you've got a spare second, click the freestyle madness link on the left side of the blog - anyclick, from any comp, anyday, helps out - plus you may like it. About to do a whole new relaunch around new years.)

40 Winks - Interludes

YO, So Thanks to the "40WinksFan" in the C-Box for dropping this, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have heard it for a while... It's a Free EP from their Site, they did in Collaboration with MC Manifest from Minneapolis I believe. Anyway, I just got the 3 Interludes from the EP here, the Zip file is only 4MB so just some Short Tracks, but it's new 40 Winks, and it's Hot so it deserves a Post no doubt... I really see these Two Fools goin places in the Future, the Production is too good to go unnoticed, and I hope that this Blog inparticular is helpin them too, I have only seen their Full Debut release on a Few Other Blogs, but all their other material I have ONLY Seen at this Spot, so I hope the word is gettin out on the Team... Either way, here's the Goods:

40 Winks - Interludes

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fredwreck - Instrumentals

Str8 Link Jack: Pass

Fredwreck - Instrumentals

No Tracklisting

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seven Ate Nine And Got Phat.

This is One Hundred Fourty Five - 9th Wonder Instrumentals...

No more 9th wonder requests plz~ They all hit the same.


Comp'd by E-nyce.

1 - Unreleased Beat
2 - Unreleased Beat
3 - Thugs Mansion (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
4 - Make Your Move - Heiroglyphics
5 - Sun Splash
6 - The Sun Is In The Sky
7 - Hidazzle - Little Brother
8 - Dollars Circulate
9 - If We Ever Stop
10 - Slippin - Buckshot
11 - The Rain - Murs 3:16
12 - When The Rain Comes Down - Jean Grae, Jeanius
13 - Pardon You - Jean Grae, Jeanius
14 - So High - Jean Grae, Jeanius
15 - Groupie
16 - Unreleased Beat
17 - Made You Look (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
18 - Unreleased Beat
19 - Unreleased Beat
20 - Unreleased Beat
21 - Night Riders (remix) - Boot Camp Clik
22 - Scars - Joe Scudda
23 - Against The Wall - Black Album Rejects
24 - Sixth Sense (remix) - Common
25 - Unreleased Beat - (co-produced by Pete Rock)
26 - Unreleased Beat - (co-produced by Pete Rock)
27 - Unreleased Beat - (co-produced by Pete Rock)
28 - Last Real Nxgga (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
29 - Do I See
30 - The Pain Is Gone
31 - That's Us - Spectator
32 - The Cross - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
33 - Clapper
34 - Just For You
35 - Don't Go
36 - Close Your Eyes
37 - Unreleased Beat
38 - Unreleased Beat
39 - Love Shine
40 - Whatever You Say - Little Brother
41 - Unreleased Beat - (co-produced by Pete Rock)
42 - Unreleased Beat
43 - Away From Me - Little Brother
44 - Speed - Little Brother
45 - Love Joint Revisited - Little Brother
46 - Shorty on the Lookout - Little Brother
47 - Unreleased Beat
48 - Unreleased Beat
49 - The Yo Yo - Little Brother
50 - More and More - Little Brother
51 - Mastermind (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
52 - Revolutionary Warfare (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
53 - Book of Rhymes (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
54 - Hey Nas (remix) - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
55 - Heart of the City - Big Pooh
56 - Unreleased Beat
57 - Each Morning - Jean Grae, Jeanius
58 - Unreleased Beat
59 - Unreleased Beat
60 - Take You There (remix) - Pete Rock
61 - Ether - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
62 - Warrior Song - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
63 - Light It Up - Little Brother
64 - Righteous Way To Go
65 - No Comparison - Buckshot
66 - I Don't Know Why - Buckshot
67 - Sidetalk - Buckshot
68 - Live Life - Big Pooh
69 - Strongest Man - Big Pooh
70 - Good Memories - The Thyrday
71 - Jeanius Intro - Jean Grae, Jeanius
72 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
73.- Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
74 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
75 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
76 - Should Have Been There - Kaze
77 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
78 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
79 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
80 - What More Can I say (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
81 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
82 - Alright - Memphis Bleek
83 - Keep It Thoro (remix) - Prodigy, Mobb Deep
84 - Good Old Love - Masta Ace
85 - The Ghetto - Buckshot
86 - Don't Rush Me - Jean Grae, Jeanius
87 - Second Childhood (remix) - Nas
88 - Unreleased Beat - (co-produced by Pete Rock)
89 - Unreleased Beat
90 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
91 - Get Down - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
92 - Gotta Get Dat - Little Brother
93 - One Love (remix) - Nas
94 - Fall In Love (remix) - Amerie
95 - I Can - God Stepson (Nas Godson remixes)
96 - My Purpose - Jean Grae
97 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
98 - And This Is For - Murs 3:16
99 - Freak These Tales - Murs 3:16
100 - Moment of Clarity (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)

101 - Brush Ya Shoulders Off (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
102 - Threats (remix 1) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
103 - December 4th (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
104 - Allure (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
105 - Threats (remix 2) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
106 - My First Song (remix) - Black Is Back (Jay Z/Black Album remixes)
107 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
108 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
109 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
110 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
111 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
112 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
113 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
114 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
115 - Crouching Writer - Legacy
116 - Warning Shot - The Thyrday
117 - Unreleased Beat
118 - Unreleased Beat
119 - Unreleased Beat
120 - Unreleased Beat
121 - Unreleased Beat
122 - Home - Little Brother
123 - Nighttime Maneuvers - Little Brother
124 - The Listening - Little Brother
125 - So Fabulous - Little Brother
126 - The Way You Do It - Little Brother
127 - Nobody But You - Little Brother
128 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
129 - For You - Little Brother
130 - The Look of Love - Little Brother
131 - Unreleased Beat - Jean Grae
132 - Unreleased Beat - Jean Grae, Jeanius
133 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects, Jeanius
134 - Murs 3:16 - Murs 3:16 (Title Track)
135 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
136 - Unreleased Beat - Black Album Rejects
137 - Stay A Customer - Kaze
138 - For The Record - Kaze

Jay-Z - Can I live Instrumental


Monday, December 17, 2007

Four Tet - Pause (2001)

1. Glue of the World
2. Twenty Three
3. Harmony One
4. Parks
5. Leila Came Round and We Watched a Video
6. Untangle
7. Everything is Alright
8. No More Mosquitoes
9. Tangle
10. You Could Ruin My Day
11. Hilarious Movie of the 90s

DJ Espionage was commenting about how he likes Four Tet's "Pause" better than "Rounds". After giving it another listen, I'm slowly starting to kind of understand what he meant. This record is a gem, if not a classic. Four Tet's arrangements are nice as always; his notes always seem sporadic, but always appropriate. The amount of things going on in each track will have your head spinning. Each listen is special because you can tune into a different layer of the album (if you need an example, listen to "Twenty Three" and you'll see what I mean), and get a completely different listen each time. If you're high, this record is even more incredible because everything comes together, to create a rather mind-boggling experience. Either way, enough of my rambling. Download this album. It's more than worth a listen.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hip Hop Saved Me...

Just some various instrumentals I've compiled from random places. Apologies for not shouting you out if your blog was the first to up it. Cry about it.

Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down
Nas - Surviving the Times
Marco Polo - The Radar
Marco Polo - The Radar (remix)
T.I. - Hurt
Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
Mic Geronimo - Time To Build
Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level
Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again
Tha Alkaholiks - The Next Level (remix)
Kanye West - Flashing Lights
Erykah Badu - Honey
The Game - Get Dollaz
Mic Geronimo - Masta I. C.
Marco Polo - Marquee

I was hoping that no one's got these, or if you do, it's only one or two. I have a feeling I might have tossed some of these in a "various" collection before, but I hope not.
Get 'em here: ell-eye-en-kay

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Phat Kat - Carte Blanche (Instrumentals)

Free Image Hosting at

01. Nasty Ain't It
02. My Old Label
03. Cold Steel
04. Danger
05. Vessels
06. Lovely
07. Cash Em Out
08. Game Time
09. Survival Kit
10. Nightmare
11. Hard Enuff
12. True Story, Pt. 2

1-3, and 8: J Dilla
4, 7, 9, and 11: Black Milk
5 and 10: Nick Speed
6 and 12: Young RJ


Thursday, December 13, 2007

San Francisco Flava: Tycho & Unagi.... + Ulrich Schnauss

Some Different stuff here people... Tycho & Unagi are out of San Francisco, thought I'd put them together and Hype one of the Greatest Cities in the World, the Two Different Sounds of Each Artist represent the City Well. Unagi has your Regular Hip Hop Style, his work is DOPE. You can definately tell that Homeboy is sitting on a SHITLOAD of Samples, because every track is laced with all kinds of Crazy noise. I recommend Unagi to everybody, he's got a Dope Sound, really Layered Beats with alot of Character...

As for Tycho & Ulrich... They might not be for everybody. Super Ambient & Downtempo, "Shoegaze" is what some people refer it as... I Myself LOVE everything from Tycho & Ulrich, when I first got their stuff, I COULD NOT put it down... These Albums are great for Long Road Trips, really dope Landscape Tunes. I really enjoy their stuff when I'm skatin around my City, just zone out and Ride... Goes well with the Big Buildings & Mass People. Well, all I can say is I Love this stuff, but a lot of you probably won't. But check it out either way, some Really great Music here.

First, I'm going to get things started with a New 40 Winks Track. It's Hot:

40 Winks - Walk The Talk

BRAND NEW Tycho Track... Just released on the 11th of Dec. I got it from iTunes so it's a weird Format/Protected File... Sorry.

Tycho - The Daydream

Ulrich Schnauss - Best Of Pt.1
Ulrich Schnauss - Best Of Pt.2

Unagi - Unagi (Self Titled Debut)

Unagi - 3 Albums

The 45 King

Here Are 3 45 King Compilations Courtesy Of My Man Roy Johnson

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 1)

1. Take Me To The 45 King (Breakmania 1)
2. Forty Dog (45 Kingdom)
3. Hoein' (45 Kingdom)
4. Word To Snow Bird (Breakmania 2)
5. Roach Clip (45 Kingdom)
6. Simply Dope Part 1 (The Red The Black The Green)
7. The 900 Number (45 Kingdom)
8. F: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
9. Breakin' Night (Breakmania 2)
10. Funky Drummer (45 Kingdom)
11. Strong Beats From A Strong Man (45 Kingdom)
12. Mark's Revenge (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Bust The Break (Breakmania 1)
14. Too Smooth (Breakmania 1)
15. E: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
16. Kick The Ballistics (45 Kingdom)
17. High Top Fade (Breakmania 2)
18. Simply Dope Part 2 (The Red The Black The Green)
19. Savage (45 Kingdom)
20. Extra Crispy (Breakmania 2)
21. Catchin' A Tude (Breakmania 3)

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 2)
1. Get Funky (45 Kingdom)
2. Flip Da Script (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
3. Playin' Bellevue (Breakmania 2)
4. Flavor Unit In Full Effect (Rhythmical Madness)
5. Straight Out Da Crate (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
6. Groove To Get Down (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
7. Got It Goin' On (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
8. Puffin' Bizunts (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
9. Hard Damage (Breakmania 2)
10. The Squad Back In Effect (Breakmania 2)
11. Flipshot (Universal Beat Generation 3)
12. Is It Live (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Joint 8 (Straight Out Da Crate 5)
14. Armed And Extremely Funky (Breakmania 2)
15. Big Willie (Beats Of The Month)
16. Fly Decision (Universal Beat Generation 3)
17. Jazz Break #5 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
18. Jazz Break #8 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
19. Jazz Break #1 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
20. Jazz Break #11 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
21. Jazz Break #3 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
22. Jazz Break #10 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
23. Groove Me (Unidentified Source)

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 3)
1. Jazz Break #2 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
2. Jazz Break #6 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
3. Who What (Beats Of The Month)
4. Bullet Proof (Universal Beat Generation 3)
5. Channel 9 (Universal Beat Generation 3)
6. Standing Start (Universal Beat Generation 3)
7. Blue Street (Universal Beat Generation 3)
8. No Problem (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
9. Magic Beans (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
10. Side Dish (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
11. It's On Son (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
12. Medium Rare (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
13. Short Fuse (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
14. Meganizm (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
15. Kaboom (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DJ Frane - "Frane's Fantastic Boat Ride" (1999)

DJ Frane "Frane's Fantastic Boat Ride"
(252 kb/s)

01 Boatman
02 420247
03 Spin
04 Every Cloud Can Cause Amazement
05 Ode To Old Toby
06 Innervisions
07 Wet (Part 1)
08 Wet (Part 2)
09 Starfish Poplock
10 Submerge
11 Lost
12 I Can Do My Thang
13 Going Home

This record has been criminally slept has some filler, but a grip of cuts ("Boatman", "420247", "Every Cloud...", and "Going Home") will stick in your downtempo collection for years. Goodvibe Records put out a few nice records around this time (Mystic's "The Life", Pyro's "Propaganda") and this is one of 'em. This was ripped from the vinyl, so there might be some pops and cracks, but it should be skip-free.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Four Tet - Rounds (2003)

1. Hands
2. She Moves She
3. First Thing
4. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
5. Spirit Fingers
6. Unspoken
7. Chia
8. As Serious as Your Life
9. And They All Look Broken Hearted
10. Slow Jam

I started to think of this record when I first heard Emancipator's classic. It kind of brought me back to this. This album is probably one of the greatest instrumental albums of all time. This is a staple in the genre, and gets copied CONSTANTLY. If you listen to this record for the first time and feel like it sounds familiar, that's because it probably does. The album's style and sound have been reproduced and bitten by thousands of producers. "Rounds" is probably in my top ten instrumental albums, along with "Petestrumentals" and "Endtroducing..." Even more reaffirming is the fact that this album has been acknowledged by the masters, with remixes from DJ Premier and Jay Dee for As Serious as Your Life. This certainly is an interesting album, and shows the breadth of Four Tet. It's hard enough to abandon the music that you're best at and try something new, but it's even harder to do the latter, AND MAKE A FUCKING CLASSIC. Four Tet was quoted as saying that he wanted to cut away from the folk instrumental genre THAT HE CREATED, and try a more DJ Shadow-influenced release. What you get, is the amazing "Rounds". Check this out, and Emancipator if you haven't. Or just listen to it again.

Enjoy It. Comment.

Bonobo - "Dial 'M' for Monkey" (2003)

Bonobo "Dial M for Monkey"
(192 kb/s)

1 Noctuary
2 Flutter
3 D Song
4 Change Down
5 Wayward Bob
6 Pick Up
7 Something For Windy
8 Nothing Owed
9 Light Pattern

We should probably avoid a torrent of Ninja Tune posts, but this record is an obvious choice if you dig the dark, chill downtempo. There's an argument about how "innovative" producers that stick to this sound are, but some of us obviously fiend for it, and I'd put Bonobo up as one of the most consistent in the genre (and closer to the hip-hop side than the postrock side of downtempo), but far less experimental than Four Tet (which isn't always bad, IMHO).

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dan the Automator & DJ Shadow - Bombay the Hard Way (1998)

1. Bombay 405 Miles
2. The Good, The Bad, and the Chutney
3. My Guru
4. Ganges a Go-Go
5. The Great Gambler
6. Professor Pyarelal
7. Fists of Curry
8. Punjabis, Pimps & Players
9. Inspector Jay From Dehli
10. Satchidananda
11. Theme From Don
12. Fear of a Brown Planet
13. Uptown Bollywood Nights
14. Kundan's Hideout
15. Swami Safari

Dan the Automator on the boards and DJ Shadow on the wheels of steel.

Guns, Cars & Sitars

Friday, December 07, 2007

Legendary Traxster - Traxster Beats Vol. 1-3

Image Hosted by

Legendary Traxster, as any producer doing it for over a decade, deserves at least a paragraph of description. However I'm feeling lazy, so: mid-90s Chicago; see: Do Or Die, Twista.

Vol. 1

01. Overdose
02. Crook County
03. Still Smokin
04. Time Vs. Life
05. What Y'all Wanna Do
06. Temptation
07. Let It Burn
08. Legit Ballers Remix
09. Cold World
10. Round 1
11. Dead Homies


Vol. 2

01. Adrenaline Rush
02. Front Porch
03. Walk With Me
04. No Remorse
05. The Night We Ride
06. Faces of Death
07. All Hell Breaks Loose
08. Evacuate
09. Fie It Up
10. That Wang
11. Mob Life


Vol. 3

01. It Feels So Good
02. Searchin'
03. Unsolved Mystery
04. We Ready
05. Respect The Mob
06. What The Fuck You Thought
07. New & Untouchable Theme
08. The One
09. Rob Kill or Steal
10. Don't Give No Fuck
11. One More Way 2 Die


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Emancipator. Leaf. Various... & Re-Ups/Requests.

This Emancipator album is some of the Hottest Shit I have heard in a while. Seriously. This kid is only 19, and his shit is Nice. Every Track is dope, they all have they're own Individual Feel and Emotion. Super Diverse shit is basically what I'm sayin. I Recommend this HIGHLY, I know that I'm going to have it on Heavy Repeat for awhile... Those of you that may have downloaded that Hydeout Productions Volume 2 Piece might recognize the cut "With Rainy Eyes" from it, It's Real Nice, some Summer Type Shit. Do NOT Sleep On This, Everybody should give it a Listen...

Let me Reiterate how DOPE this album is... GET IT. Everyone. I included a Pretty Hot "Shook Ones" Remix on there too.

Emancipator's Myspace

WORD... Hope everybody gets that. Now, it's on to Leaf... This Disc is entitled "Prophets Are Lost Data", but it's basically a B-Sides & Unreleased Tracks for his other album "Made Into Itself". This Disc is dope, alot Dustier & Grimier than Made Into Itself, alot of the Tracks have a completely different Sound, there are some Glitches & Cuts here & there, it's a CD-R and it's how I got it directly from the man Leaf himself (his real name is Steve Wick I believe). He's releasing a new album sometime in Late Winter/Spring called "Rooted From Within" that I'm Super Stoked for... It's going to be Dope. Alright, get down with this Shit, it's Nice.

Leaf - Prophets Are Lost Data

Leaf's Myspace

And here is that Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection... It's been posted all over and in the C-Box, but I thought I'd get it up for those that didn't get it... This piece is Extremely Nice.

Hydeout Productions - 2nd Collection
(Link Courtesy of HHB)

It seems like people were Really Feelin the Bayani Instro's in the C-Box, so I thought those deserved an actual Post... And then I got some Shit from this Fool Nocturn, the Producer for Semiotics, he has a Real Nice Sound, Dark & Jazzy... I'm gettin both of these links from Bossplayer's Page, so they're Rapidshare Links... Sorry about that for those of you that don't like Rapidshare...

Blue Scholars - Bayani Instrumentals

Alright, here's this Nocturn piece. This is dope, like I said, Super Jazzy & Dark. Shit's Nice...

Nocturn - Off The Record

Alright, now on to some Requests & Re-Ups... These are all albums that have been asked for in the last WHILE. I think I'm posting some Shit that was requested almost a Year Ago. Sorry about the Delay, haha... Alright, here we go:

NECRO... Some of his Finest Beats right here.

Necro - Brutality Pt.1 Instrumentals

Ill Bill - What's Wrong With Bill Instrumentals (Necro Production)

Here are the Compound 7 - Mr. Goodnite Instrumentals. Compound 7 = A-Plus & Aagee. A-Plus from Hiero/Souls Fame, and I don't know too much about Aagee, I assume he's from Oakland or some Shit. This album is alright, some Cool Shit.

Compound 7 (A-Plus & Aagee) - The Mr. Goodnite Instrumentals

I remember somebody requested this FOREVER ago... The Sound Merchants - Urban Soundscapes. This crew is out of Chicago, and I think they got some knowledge from the Molemen team because their Sound is really Similar, not as structured though, these guys sound a little more Loopish. This album is OK in my opinion, nothin too special... But I haven't seen it anywhere else, so thought I'd get it to y'all...

Sound Merchants - Urban Soundscapes

Here's this Fool Nick Tha 1da... I first found this guy on YouTube searchin for SP-1200 stuff (look him up for some Cool Shit). Then his album popped up over at HHB. This is their link, so go give Krooked some props, he's the one that upped it. He's nice with the Beatmakin', this album had a nice Upbeat Spanish type Feel to me, real smooth... Peep him up on the SP-303 Vid down bottom, He cooks up a Couple Nice Little Heater's on there.

Nick Tha 1da Presents - BossaBang!

WORD... Enjoy all this Shit Fam. Some Goods in this Batch. I gave Badongo a try as the File Host, let me know what you think. I was getting Sick of Zshare's Pop-Ups, Shit Sucks. So I'm thinkin that Badongo/Mediafire is the way because I can never get Sharebee to work for me anymore. Anyway, let me know if things are all good. PEACE.

PBW & Mighty Mi

Peanut Butter Wolf presents B-Ball Zombie War (Instrumentals)

02. MED - Break It Down
03. GUILTY SIMPSON - Make It Fast
04. J DILLA feat. Q-TIP & TALIB KWELI - Lightworking
05. PERCEE P feat. J.ROCC - Legendary Lyricist Pt. 2
06. J.ROCC - Super Sound
07. MADLIB - The Wigflip
08. J DILLA feat. MF DOOM & GUILTY SIMPSON - Mash’s Revenge
09. OH NO - Action (Rap Version)
10. BEAT KONDUCTA - Trouble
11. QUASIMOTO - Hydrant Game (Jaylib Remix)
12. ALOE BLACC - Find A Way
13. DAM-FUNK - Sidewayz
14. BARON ZEN - Electronic (Koushik Remix)
15. JAMES PANTS - Ka$h (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
16. NIKO & DJ BABU - Now You Know
17. KOUSHIK - Basketball Beat
18. ARABIAN PRINCE - Professor X Saga
19. JONATHON BROWN - Bass Creator’s Groove
20. CX KIDTRONIK feat. TCHAKA DIALLO - Big Girl, Skinny Girl


big-ups to Dr. Chlorophyll for posting this

Vast Aire & Mighty Mi - Best Damn Rap Show [2005]

01. Taboo
02. Buck 50 Express
03. The Workover
04. Fighter Pilots


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mykill Miers - It's Been A Long Time Coming (Instrumentals)

Mykill Miers - It's Been A Long Time Coming (Instrumentals)


Doin' My Thang
Do The Math
Straight Dirt
Rock The Mic
The Illest
Cut Throat
Killing Spree
Wanna Be An MC?
Who Am I?
Everyday Ritual
Don't Test
Best Friends Become Strangers
Bigga Brother
It's Been A Long Time Coming

Credits: Co-producer - DJ Dusk (3) (tracks: B3, C1, C4 to D2)
Mastered By - Gene Grimaldi
Mixed By - M-Boogie
Producer - Amed (tracks: A4) , DJ Cheapshot (tracks: A1, A3, B3, C4) , Diverse (4) (tracks: B1, B4, D2 to D4) , M-Boogie (tracks: A2, B2, C1, C3, D1) , Vooodu (tracks: C2)

Monday, December 03, 2007

So, if your picky like I am. . .

You probably meticulously pick through instrumental albums or albums for instrumentals, and maybe save 1-4 out of every 15. With that being said, I posted an "ultimate beat list" basically it has all sorts of instrumental albums from canibus to jedi mind tricks to InI etc...

(I've been MIA for awhile because my comp had a harddrive failure, and I lost everything. Then a few days after that, my yahoo email account pw got changed (8 year old acct) which cannot be 'brute forced' inorder to get back. . . Sooo yeah, just been havin a few issues recently.)

Anyways, I salvaged this. - What is " this " you ask? " this " is a listing of several ( I think over 50 ) albums and single tracks that are instrumentals, some released, some unreleased, some good, some bad, and so-on. But anyways if you care about your instrumentals, and want to sort through some goodies - Check out this grab bag i'm talking about and posting, and also it's very beneficial that you have a rapidshare acct to use inorder to get them:

At the same time, I'm gonna get back into this whole thing and rip some more shit on the side to become more active since I know we have lots of loyal SB heads, and also big ups to everyone making postings and keepin it an active community, much appreciated.

Last but not least . . .

I've got a project inwhich i've been workin on for awhile with a friend/business partner/roommate, which is basically an " OPEN MIC " - for the internet...You can battle, cypher, chat, or listen live, in 100% real-time, 24hrs a day, 7days a week. Free Album and Instrumental Downloads on our forums, Cash Tournaments monthly, theres everyone from producers, to breakers, to graf writers, to emcee's, to dj's to hiphop heads on the site and I definitely feel it needs more exposure. So click this link and check it out. Doing several updates currently so things are only getting better and if you check it out regularly you'll see quite a few changes - Also theres different mc's throughout all times and days(midday or late night being the best). Regardless, it's some next level shit I think peeps should be a part of and know about so i'm spreadin the word any place I can.


Xzibit - 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz (Instrumental LP)

Free Image Hosting at

I coulda sworn this was posted, but apparently not.

01. The Last Night
02. Chamber Music
03. 3 Card Molly
04. What U See Is What U Get
05. Handle Your Business
06. Nobody Sounds Like Me
07. Pussy Pop
08. Shroomz
09. Focus
10. Deeper
11. Los Angeles Times
12. Inside Job
13. Let It Rain
14. Recycled Assassins


Saturday, December 01, 2007

CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres (Instrumentals)

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01. Valley Of Death
02. Dirty Acres
03. K.K.K.Y.
04. Wonderful
05. Yellow Lines
06. The Park (Fresh Air)
07. Summer's Gone
08. Gun
09. Dance For Me
10. Georgia
11. Things I Dream
12. Mexico

Produced by Kno (bottom right square)

Update: not technically on the no post list but they've asked before. BALEETED