Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Venture Bros. - The Music Of JG Thirlwell

01. Brock Graveside
02. Tuff
03. Tensssacts
04. 13 Bigmon/Boys As Transformers
05. Node Wrestling
06. Thunder-Bro
07. Damion
08. Assclamp!
09. Mississippi Noir
10. Spag
11. Bolly
12. Gawker
13. Descension
14. Warped Carousel
15. Sexy Sultry
16. In A Spaceage Mood
17. X1 Krashi/Woozzy
18. Warped Span
19. Fumblestealth
20. No Vacancy (VB Theme)

Another one of those "Hey... this isn't hip-hop!" posts.

A selection of scores from one of my favorite TV shows out. If you haven't watched before, it's kinda hard to describe the tracks. There's a variety of moods and instruments on display. I like them, so they get posted.

Go Team Venture!
[link removed at artist's request -- djesp]

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Instrumental Version Collection

01. Billie Jean
02. Thriller
03. Bad
04. The Way You Make Me Feel
05. Man In The Mirror
06. Dirty Diana
07. Another Part Of Me


There's some TV tracks, so background vocals (and Vincent Price) are present throughout.


Las Flores Project - Colores Y Memorias

Alright, somethin new & different here for ya. Just got this over @ HHB, my boy Sniper put this up so I knew it was something to snag. This album is LEGIT. Don't know too much about the artist, pretty sure it is just one guy based out of NY. Just put it on & zone out, good driving/chilling/headphone/workin tunes. Let us know what you think!

Oh, & RIP the king of POP!!

Las Flores Project - Colores Y Memorias << ** Link Removed by Artist Request **
(Y'all should buy it. Don't pass it up)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Egadz. Texas. Book Of Nawledge. The Usual...

Alright, back in effect. Short & Sweet here people. Keep up.

Egadz. Dude is AMAZING. He just released a new album about a week ago, it is AMAZING. I highly recommend that you follow this link to his online store, & purchase the thing. I payed for the $7.99 version, & got all the tracks. He is also on tour right now, check his Space for Tour Dates. I've seen him live & it is a spectacle. If you can make it to a show, GO.

Egadz - Store

Egadz - Space

Cool. Some more Texas stuff here. Nice little compilation with a whole bunch of good tracks. Your usual sound from the Exponential team, stand out tracks from Ernest Gonzalez, Makestapes, [on hiatus]. I think it's a dope album...

Various Artists - Wait Til The Ice Melts << (Thanks HHB)

& Finally, another Volume in The Book Of Nawledge series. A whole bunch of random tracks I've been jamming lately. I think it's a good little mix for these upcoming warm Summer months. Don't pass this one up (It has 2 tracks from the new Egadz album, don't sleep). No Track-List, just have faith. I hope you enjoy.

Book Of Nawledge - Vol.V

There you have it. I hope that keeps things going for a little while. & As always, please feel free to comment. I always appreciate what you have to say about the beats. Let's discuss... PEACE!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

K-Murdock presents: Subsoniq: "Instru-mentals"

Back in January, I was given the opportunity to do a branch off of my show, Subsoniq. I decided to focus it on showing love to fellow producers and beatmakers by showcasing their music and instrumentals! Naturally, I called the show, "SS: Instru-Mentals" as its definitely music to throw on and zone out, smoke, rhyme, etc- to! The show airs once a month (usually every first Wednesday) on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio @ 3pm EST (US) & 8pm GMT (UK). I'm 5 shows deep so far and the feedback has been great! Below is the latest episode and u can download the rest as well as leave me requests at my blog...



1. K-Def - Gettin' Hot
2. Lightheaded - Surprise Cypher Pt. 2 (Instro)
3. dert - Dancin' Butterfly
4. Quantic - Snakes in the Grass
5. Luke Vibert - Voyage into the Unknown
6. London Funk Allstars - Chun Li vs. Wah Wah Man
7. Young Raven - I'm A Player (Instro)
8. Computer Jay - Epiphany
9. Dj Spinna - Computer Love
10. Flying Lotus - Orbit Brazil
11. Cannibal Ox - Pigeon (Instro)
12. Cut Chemist - Spoon
13. Blend crafters - Imagine
14. Quasimoto - Jazz Cats Pt. 1 (Instro)
15. Pharcyde - She Said (Remix Instro)
16. Count Bass D - August 25, 2001
17. Dre King - Smile
18. DJ Krush & DJ Cam - Le Temps
19. Uyama Hiroto - Stratus
20. J. Slikk - One Hittah Quittah
21. Floyd the Locsmif - C'mere
22. DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 3
23. Bottom Fly - Rhyme or Reason
24. K-Murdock - Hey Bonita!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

L o o t p a c k -- T h e A n t i d o t e I n s t r u m e n t a l s

High & Mighty Instrumentals

Oh Mi Mi Mi...

It's weird but I have this on my HD and it's not on here (not that I could find it). Prolly a bootleg of collected High & Mighty beats, mostly from the Homefield Advantage album and era. In great part produced by Mighty Mi, some by Alchemist, some by Reef. Essential listening, if you ask me.

discog entry

High & Mighty Instrumentals

edit: Turns out I got it from our brother blog
Acapella Archives & Instrumentals.
This is the original posting. Give the fellas some love.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oddisee - Instrumental Mixtapes Vol. 1 & 2 (plus more)

I couldn't really find a cover, so click the picture for a double load of the shiznit. Those instrumentals really are off the rocker.

And I take it you've all seen this? All instru except for one joint. Again, click the cover.

For Oddisee's latest work, check his group's website: Diamond District.
(Free album for download. It's bana-na-has.)

DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent (2002)

You know how I do. Re-up. I just re-posted RobSteady's thing. Peace. 9@home

Very tight productions from the A Touch Of Jazz/Low Budget Crew on this one! Make sure to watch out for further releases from Kev Brown, Oddisee, Roddy Rod, Ken Wood ( Bringin that good old boom-bap!

192 kbps

Dj Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent Instrumentals

01 - Da Ntro (Producer: JazzyJeff)
02 - Shake It Off (Producer: KevBrown)
03 - For da Love of da Game (Producer: JazzyJeff)
04 - Break It Down (Producer: P Smoovah)
05 - How I Do (Producer: KevBrown)
06 - Worldwide (Producer: KenWood)
07 - Musik Lounge (Producer: Oddisee)
08 - Rock Wit U (Producer: KevBrown)
09 - Travelz (Producer: KevBrown)
10 - Scram (Producer: KevBrown)
11 - My Peoples (Producer: JazzyJeff)
12 - Know Ur Hood (Producer: KevBrown)
13 - Love Savior (Producer: JazzyJeff, KenWood)
14 - Mystery Man (Producer: KenWood)
15 - We Are (Producer: KevBrown)
16 - Charmed Life (Producer: P Smoovah)
17 - We live in Philly (Producer: JazzyJeff)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Dj Morpheus - Jazzy/HipHop/Middle Eastern Mashup - THE BLACK GYPSY

Alright this is going to be a really short post. Got put on to this dude that goes by Dj Morpheus through my boy Grips! This dudes music is pure fire in my opinion. Will post more of his music once he hooks it up with more tracks!

Download - THE BLACK GYPSY here!

You can find out more about Dj Morpheus here

Check out more of the youtube vids here

You can purcase some of his older joints here

The 45 King (re-up)

I only re-upped the files and adjusted the links. Rest is as posted by Andyman.
To avoid confusion, I posted the same links into the comment section of the original post. So non-readers can't miss it even if they try. ;)

Here Are 3 45 King Compilations Courtesy Of My Man Roy Johnson

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 1)
1. Take Me To The 45 King (Breakmania 1)
2. Forty Dog (45 Kingdom)
3. Hoein' (45 Kingdom)
4. Word To Snow Bird (Breakmania 2)
5. Roach Clip (45 Kingdom)
6. Simply Dope Part 1 (The Red The Black The Green)
7. The 900 Number (45 Kingdom)
8. F: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
9. Breakin' Night (Breakmania 2)
10. Funky Drummer (45 Kingdom)
11. Strong Beats From A Strong Man (45 Kingdom)
12. Mark's Revenge (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Bust The Break (Breakmania 1)
14. Too Smooth (Breakmania 1)
15. E: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
16. Kick The Ballistics (45 Kingdom)
17. High Top Fade (Breakmania 2)
18. Simply Dope Part 2 (The Red The Black The Green)
19. Savage (45 Kingdom)
20. Extra Crispy (Breakmania 2)
21. Catchin' A Tude (Breakmania 3)
Vol. 1

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 2)
1. Get Funky (45 Kingdom)
2. Flip Da Script (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
3. Playin' Bellevue (Breakmania 2)
4. Flavor Unit In Full Effect (Rhythmical Madness)
5. Straight Out Da Crate (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
6. Groove To Get Down (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
7. Got It Goin' On (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
8. Puffin' Bizunts (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
9. Hard Damage (Breakmania 2)
10. The Squad Back In Effect (Breakmania 2)
11. Flipshot (Universal Beat Generation 3)
12. Is It Live (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Joint 8 (Straight Out Da Crate 5)
14. Armed And Extremely Funky (Breakmania 2)
15. Big Willie (Beats Of The Month)
16. Fly Decision (Universal Beat Generation 3)
17. Jazz Break #5 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
18. Jazz Break #8 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
19. Jazz Break #1 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
20. Jazz Break #11 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
21. Jazz Break #3 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
22. Jazz Break #10 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
23. Groove Me (Unidentified Source)
Vol. 2

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 3)
1. Jazz Break #2 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
2. Jazz Break #6 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
3. Who What (Beats Of The Month)
4. Bullet Proof (Universal Beat Generation 3)
5. Channel 9 (Universal Beat Generation 3)
6. Standing Start (Universal Beat Generation 3)
7. Blue Street (Universal Beat Generation 3)
8. No Problem (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
9. Magic Beans (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
10. Side Dish (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
11. It's On Son (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
12. Medium Rare (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
13. Short Fuse (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
14. Meganizm (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
15. Kaboom (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
Vol. 3

originally posted by Andyman187, Dec 07 @ 8:57 AM

Friday, June 05, 2009

K-Murdock presents: Mood Muzik Vol. 1 (Seasons)

"Mood Muzik" is music made to inspire moods via conceptualized themes. For the first volume, i originally dropped 4 instrumental EPs (back in 2k7) that correlated with the changing of the Seasons. Spring was FREE, but Summer, Fall & Winter were all available through paid download links! NOW, 2 years later, i have decided to release this version of Volume 1 to the world for FREE! You get 18 tracks, chosen from each of the EPs, including a bonus song called" 4 Seasons for Reason" featuring DP (of Poem-cees), Wes Felton, Asheru & my man Dialekt.

Also, you can still buy the individual EPs HERE! (Each one contains exclusive tracks NOT found in the above link)


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don Air - Carpenter's Delight (1999)

This is more dub than downtempo, but worth your time regardless (try "No Name Dub"). It was re-released last year via a different label, so you can probably find copies of the (2 x LP) vinyl somewhere if you're feeling it:

Verbal Kent & Kaz One - Brave New Rap (2009)

Two Chicago cats, Verbal Kent on the mic and Kaz One behind the knobs sat their behinds down in a studio and out came a damn decent album, packed with great guest spots. But this is the intru version, so it's Kaz One production (except for track 14, Fast Forward, which is by Wizard) for all who have so far overlooked this dude. Kaz One and Kent have been friends for years now, and Kaz has produced lots of tracks for Kent's previous albums. Definitely some great variety in this one. Some heavy headnodders, some funky shit for your good foot, and even some tripped out weirdo beats. Nice.