Monday, May 28, 2007


Solid producer, his work hasn't been showing up recently (atleast that I'm aware of)...He used to do beats with Rawkus pretty frequently, but has worked with everyone from G-Unit to Ghostface, he also did Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Booty"...
I have both of his instrumental cds, "Listen" and "Now Playing", and his new one entitled "Louder" is coming out in...July? I think.
Dude's very underrated, he never seems to get his due. The point is, check these out; you won't regret it.

1. Nag Champa (Intro)
2. Platinum
3. Devil Is Sweet
4. Hold U
5. Kingston
6. Movement
7. Stomping Grounds
8. Go for It
9. Highway to Heaven
10. I Wonder Why
11. Who Got It?
12. Blood Red Roses
13. This Song Is Over
14. Intimate Connection
download it here.

1. Tha Intro
2. Love's Ghetto
3. Crazy
4. Heavenly Father
5. Nowhere to Turn
6. Let's Git Together
7. Preacher
8. Listen
9. Proud
10. Someone
11. Purple Moon
download it here.

one I forgot, entitled "So Many Reasons To Rhyme"
a bootleg of sorts, it has plenty of unreleased beats on it. heat heat heat on here. check it out. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Sh*t... A Grab Bag Of Sorts.

Wassup Fam... Got some random cuts here that were jumpin out at me for various reasons. First off I'll start with some Primo, I told SevenLeaf waaaay back that I'd hook him with this Intro that I had from one of Premier's Crooklyn Cuts Tapes. This is the Intro from Tape A / Side A (I'm pretty sure), it's the only one I got and I hope to get the rest...

DJ Premier - Intro Crooklyn Cuts Tape A >>

Next off is the Instrumental of The Format from Primo. The Banger he dropped for AZ a while back... Nothin new, just a str8 heater. Feels like your drivin around in Miami at night with Shades on & sheeit... That Wild Night Life Shit.

DJ Premier - The Format >>

This one here is completely random... I was watchin Fulfill The Dream the other day, the old Shorty's Vid, anyway I got to Aaron Snyder's part and forgot about the PURE EPIC BANGER track that he used for his part... It's this track called "Consequences" by some fool "Haj F"?? And it's featuring another fool, somethin like "Karimah" or somethin... Anyway, I was diggin around for that track and came across the Cut that Muska produced for the Intro of the Video... It's a pretty dope beat, if you're familiar with tha vid at all then you'll recognize this jam within the first few seconds. Nothin wack like Muskabeatz... Anyway, here ya go (OH, and if anybody has that track mentioned above "Consequences" by Haj F, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I've been searching for that piece of gold for years with No Luck)::

Chad Muska - Fulfill The Dream >>

Word... Then I got the urge to watch Scarface for some reason... You gotta get that yearly viewing in you know. It's like Half-Baked. Anyway, got to that part in the Flick when they first dip to Colombia and that Jazzy Flute cut is playin. That got me thinkin about the Track "Peruvian Cocaine" from Immortal Technique, in which he uses that sample and how I had that Instrumental sittin around somewhere. So here it is::

Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine (Prod. By Southpaw) >>

I basically was on a Movie Binge because after that I got down with one of the Best Flicks of all time... KIDS. If you ain't seen it, your asleep... Anyway, ILL Flick with an ILL soundtrack, soooo many CLASSIC Instrumentals playin in the Background throughout that movie. First time I heard Crooklyn Dodgers. First Time I heard Wrong Side Of Da Tracks. Pure Classic. Too bad they weren't included in the actual soundtrack... But, this track was included on the other hand. And it's FUCKIN DOPE. It's entitled Jenny's Theme, it's the cut that's playin when they're all walkin down the middle of the street Posse style, that fool Harold is skatin ahead. The scene that's on the cover. Anyway, it's in the movie a few other times, you'll recognize it people... Such a chilling jam, reminds me of Executioner Style from Kool G Rap on 4,5,6... The Drums at least. GET THIS TRACK!!

The Folk Implosion - Jenny's Theme >>

And near the Bottom of this Bag we got some Necro Shit... I tossed up some random cuts and I also put up the links that Merv dropped in the Shout Box a bit back... Didn't want them to get over-looked. Here's the Full Albums::

Necro - Instrumentals Vol.1 >> ** THANKS MERV **

Necro - Gory Days Instrumentals >> ** THANKS MERV **

Merv made a mention about the Vol.1 not being complete, it is missing two tracks, I got one of them right here::

Necro - The Most Sadistic Instrumental >>

The other track missing is "Your F*ckin Head Split" so if anybody has that... OH, and Gory Days is also missing Track #15, "24 Shots" so if anybody has that one let us all know... Then we got the track 4W's from Non Phixion, Necro didn't produce this cut, this other fool 10K put together this Dark Ass Beat. Pure Graveyard Shit. One of my favorite Non Phixion Tracks...

Non Phixion - 4W's (Prod. By 10K) >>

FINALLY... The last track I'm going to present is still on the subject of Non Phixion, but it does go against the rules of the Blog, It's got Vocals, I'm telling you that right now... BUT, it is the first recording of Non Phixion as a group (WKCR 1994) AND it is EASILY one of the DOPEST Necro Beats ever. Produced in 1994... Don't Front. I mean come on, Non Phixion with Serch?? Can't go wrong... I can only imagine if they would have stayed together.

Non Phixion - Revolutionize >>

Aight Y'all, one Heap of a post from my ass, so I'm goin Lazy for a bit... Tell me what y'all want to see. I'm not going to post any more shit until I see some Comments about what everybody wants to see next. PEACE FAM...

Monday, May 21, 2007

First Come, First Served

Dr Dooom - First Come, First Served (Instrumentals)

A1 No Chorus (2:26)
A2 Apartment 223 (4:54)
A3 Neighbors Next Door (3:57)
A4 I Run Rap (4:21)
B1 You Live At Home With Your Mom (4:00)
B2 Housing Authority (4:18)
B3 Welfare Love (3:44)
B4 Dr. Dooom's In The Room (4:32)
C1 Call The Cops (4:16)
C2 Brothers Feel Fly (3:52)
C3 Sideline (4:23)
C4 Bitch Gets No Love (2:58)
D1 Body Bag (3:32)
D2 Mental Case (3:48)
D3 Leave Me Alone (5:03)
D4 Live (3:08)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Necro - Jackie Mittoo - Best Of Various Instrumentals

Sup Again Fam... So all of a sudden I realized that not very many Necro Instrumentals had been posted up here, so I decided to drop Brutality Pt.1 Instrumentals for y'all... Normally I'd start with the Gory Days Instrumentals, but I don't have those, so if somebody could up those at some point I'm sure everybody would appreciate it. Or if anybody has Necro Instrumentals Vol.1, the one with the Yellow Cover, I been needin that for a while so if anybody could help with that, I'd owe you... Anyway, onto Brutality, DEFINATELY some Ill Shit on here, Street Veteran is still one of my All Time Favorite Instant Classic Pure Epic Bangers, Pick this shit up...

Necro - Brutality Pt.1 Instrumentals

1. I'm Your Idol
2. Dopesick
3. Reign In Blood
4. Street Veteran
5. Swordfish
6. Anguish & Aggression
7. The Big Sleep
8. White Slavery
9. Scumbags
10. Frank Zito
11. Our Life
12. Morbid Shit
13. Every Second Someone Dies
14. Fire
15. Talking Shit
16. Watch Ya Toes
17. The Big Sleep (Remix)

Next up we got Jackie Mittoo.... This guy is DOPE. I have no way of describing his sound, the best way to put it is that it sounds like some Bob James Reggae Fusion Shit. Super Jazzy and Melodic, and Jackie's a keyboard player, so there's ill solo keyboard work on every track. This Disc is Fuckin Ill, I've had it on Loop since I got it, listen to the track "Sledgehammer" and you'll see what I'm talkin about... I HIGHLY recommend pickin this up, I gurantee you won't find too many discs or artists out there with a similar sound, cause this Dude was on some original shit when he dropped this.

Jackie Mittoo - Reggae Magic!

1. Too Late To Turn Back Now
2. For All We Know
3. Steady Rock
4. Someday Soon
5. Bananas
6. Wintergreen
7. Alone Again, Naturally
8. Wishful Thinking
9. Smoke Gets In The Eyes
10. Sledgehammer
11. Telstar
12. Reggae Magic!

And finally, I got a little Best Of Various Instrumentals that I tossed up the other night... Basically a whole bunch of Random Bangers I came across diggin thru my Library. Probably some shit you've heard, and some shit you haven't heard. The 2 Instrumentals from PUTS are from these Mushroom Jazz Compilations that came out a few years back, so maybe some of you missed those. I got them on a random Mix CD, and the dude that gave them to me said that's where they were from, I actually haven't investigated it, so if anybody know a different story regarding those Beats, please let us know... Hope everybody enjoys these posts, I decided to hold out on the Best Of Hydra because I'm sure that everybody already has all the shit I was going to post as I got most of it from WYDU, as I'm sure that's where alot of you got your copies as well, so no need to get to that right away... Let me know what y'all want: More Necro?? More Dub?? More Experimental Electronic Ish?? Pz.

Best Of - Various Instrumentals

1. Masta Ace - NY Confidential
2. Cella Dwellas - Good Dwellas
3. Cocoa Brovaz & Afu-Ra - D&D Soundclash
4. Glue - Vessel
5. PUTS & Mushroom Jazz - Instrumental 1
6. PUTS & Mushroom Jazz - Instrumental 2
7. Robust - Instrumental
8. Artifacts - Wrong Side Of Da Tracks
9. A.D.O.R. - Let It All Hang Out
10. Immortal Technique - The Prophecy
11. RZA - Flying Birds
12. Smarties Riddim
13. The Grouch - The March
14. Three Six Mafia - Poppin' My Collar

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Molemen - Panik Vol.12 & Best Of 12" Instrumentals Part II

Here we go, Molemen Update, the Missing Volume in the Panik Instrumental Series, out of the ones that have been posted on this site at least... Can't wait for Volumes 1-4 to come out, and another Volume is sure to drop sometime soon. Anyway, Vol.12 is dope, definately some Banger's. Like I said before, I prefer the older Panik sound, like from Vol.10 and before, but the new stuff is still fresh. 33 Tracks in all, No Track-List, refer to or Here You Go...

Panik - Vol.12 Instrumentals.

And here is Part II of the Best Of 12 Inch Instrumentals Collection... Definately some ILL stuff on here, not as many rare cuts as the first Part, but definately some gems in there that I'm sure will find a nice comfortable place in your libraries. Enjoy the Beats y'all, more Dub coming up soon, and I'm going to do a Best Of the DJ Premier Unreleased Instrumental's Vol.1-9 soon. So Prep Ya Domes... Peace.

Best Of 12 Inch Instrumentals Part II

1. Erule - Listen Up
2. Last Emperor - Charlie Brown
3. Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
4. Brooklyn Zoo - Masters Of The Zooniverse
5. Natural Elements - Paper Chase
6. Group Home - Express
7. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Back On Da Block (DJ Krush Remix)
8. Da Bulldogs - Run For Ya Life
9. Royal Fam - I Declare War
10. Mr. Complex - Feel My
11. Lone Catalysts - Politix
12. Thrust - Emcee Pt.2
13. Frankenstein - The Rain Is Gone
14. Krondon - Thin Minutes
15. World Renown - How Nice I Am

Sage Francis

Beats from his new album "Human The Death Dance"

1 Growing Pains (0:37)
2 Underground for Dummies (4:13)
3 Civil Obedience (4:19)
4 Got Up This Morning (3:11)
5 Good Fashion (1:34)
6 Clickety Clack (3:59)
7 Midgets & Giants (3:54)
8 Broccilude (1:14)
9 High Step (1:53)
10 Keep Moving (4:36)
11 Waterline (2:02)
12 Black out on White Night (4:36)
13 Hell of a Year (4:11)
14 Call Me Francois (3:11)
15 Hoofprints in the Sand (5:01)
16 Going Back to Rehab (6:11)

download here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reggae Jams: Leroy Horsemouth Wallace & Augustus Pablo

Alright, what's up again Fam... Got a taste of the Island here for everybody to relaxe and zone out to. First off is a few cuts off an album from Leroy Wallace AKA Horsemouth. He was part of this group, Inner Circle, back in the late 70's/ early 80's and he did various production work before & after that, mainly a drummer though. You might be familiar with Inner Circle from the theme song from COPS, you know, Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha gon do.... Anyway, Horsemouth is ILL, pure dope, I don't know if any of you have seen the movie Rockers or not, but he has a big role in that, it's a fuckin hilarious flick if you haven't seen it though, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, pure Grimey Greazy Rastafari Street Shit. Gangsta Shit... These tracks are nice, only 6 of 'em but they're all smooth. Heavy Dub Style Stuff. Alright, here's the goods...

Leroy (Horsemouth) Wallace - Original Armageddon Dub

[link removed at artist's request]

1. I Want To Dub
2. Armageddon Dub
3. Marcus Garvey Dub
4. Freedom Dub
5. Rastaman Dub
6. Reggae Dub

Next off, we got Augustus Pablo... Now this guy's claim to fame is that he took the standard Melodica (in picture above) and basically played it as a serious musical instrument. You'll definately recognize the sound... Augustus did various production work around Jamaica, usually focusing on Collaboration Projects. I like his sound, but it's a little much to take in Heavy Dose's, in my opinion, dope to have on a mix or some shit though... Anyway, take a listen and Drop some Comments, I got some more Dub shit if everybody's feelin this stuff. Peace.

Augustus Pablo - This is Augustus Pablo

1. Dub Organizer
2. Please Sunrise
3. Point Blank
4. Arabian Rock
5. Pretty Baby
6. Pablo In Dub
7. Skateland Rock
8. Dread Eye
9. Too Late
10. Assignment No.1
11. Jah Rock
12. Lover's Mood
13. Java Original
14. Guiding Red

Here's the Intro to that Flick ROCKERS I mentioned above. It'll give you a little taste of what it's all about... Check it Out.

Monday, May 07, 2007

RE-UP:: Best Of 12" Instrumentals

Aight, One More Try, and if it doesn't work this time, I'll consider this Bitch hopeless... I took out a few tracks, and made this a Volume 1, didn't know if the Big File size was fuckin with people, so it's the same track-list, minus the last 6 tracks, those will be coming soon in the Volume 2, along with some more 12 Gems... I HOPE THERE'S NO PROBLEMS!! Let me Know...

Best Of 12" Instrumentals

Wassup Fam... I wanted to lace your domes with nothin but Gems since it's been a while since my last post. So, I gathered a whole bunch of Instrumentals from obscure 12"'s. Most of the Inst.'s are from other Wax Only Blogs, so you may have heard some, I know that some of the cuts are from our good friend Mr. DJ Espionage's Blog, so give him some Props... Anyway, here you go, I recommend this to everybody, nothin but Pure Dope on here. OH, sorry 'bout the Sendspace, Sharebee was givin me problems. Be on the lookout for a Hydrabeats Best Of, and some Reggae Island Love comin up soon... Peace Fam.

Best Of 12" Inst.'s --

1. Alps Cru - Check Da Status
2. Alps Cru - Just Can't Explain
3. Craig G - Welcome To The Game
4. Da Grassroots - Last Days
5. Da Grassroots - Price Of Livin'
6. Diamond Mercenaries - Block Drama (Remix)
7. F.A.T.A.L. Fountain - All About Wars
8. F.A.T.A.L. Fountain - Heavyweights
9. Gab Gotcha - Angels
10. Ghostface - The Watch
11. Hard 2 Obtain - L.I. Groove
12. Mafioso Crime Family - Diniro
13. Phi-Life Cypher & Task Force - Showtime
14. Rawcotiks - Going All Out
15. Assylum Seekers - Check My Style
16. Droop - Just The Three Of Us
17. Finsta Bundy - Sunnyside
18. Krumb Snatcha - Closer To God
19. Lone Catalysts - Politix
20. Erule - Listen Up
21. Last Emperor - Charlie Brown
22. Mr. Complex - Feel My
23. Pete Rock - Back On The Blocks (DJ Krush Remix)
24. Thrust - Emcee Pt.2