Monday, May 31, 2010

Raw Stiles - Guest People EP

Guest People is Raw Stiles' third release of 2010 and features some of Raw's favorite underground lyricists. The release welcomes the likes of DOOM, Aesop Rock, and Ghostface Killah to a rugged Raw Stiles treatment over psychedelic rock and Afro-funk instrumentals.

01. Aesop Rock - We're Famous (Raw Stiles Remix)
02. Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids (Raw Stiles Remix)
03. Doom - Vomitspit (Raw Stiles Remix)
04. We're Famous (Raw Stiles Remix Instrumental)
05. Apollo Kids (Raw Stiles Remix Instrumental)
06. Vomitspit (Raw Styles Remix Instrumental)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corporate Nemesis

Phil the Kritik and Project-kay are two producers based in Lesotho and South Africa respectively.


35 tracks of "Boom Bap" in its purest form!!!!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!

Download CYPER - I MISS THA 90's VOL.04

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Samian sends us his new beattape,
Its a nice tape with lots of easy sounds, just the way i like it!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Chief - Tribute to Chick Corea

Download Chief - Tribute to Chick Corea

Phraim & Tall Black Guy

This is Chicago based producer Phraim's latest project. Proceeds from all of the free downloads will go towards the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti via So, at the very least click and give the album a listen.

Download Phraim - Silver Lined

TBG, is another Chicago based producer. The Hollywired EP contains sounds ranging from electronic, hip hop and ambient. Check it out!

Download Hollyweird

All links courtesy of

MonoPoly - Paramatma

This album is a mix of dub-step beats, astral soundscapes, Eastern philosophy, Metaphysics, and politics. So if you are into that golden age boombap kind of beat tape, this one is not for you.

[experimental music inside]

If you decide to buy Paramatma you get a USB Card which contains the full album as 320kps MP3s, artist interviews, exclusive photos and artwork, unreleased tracks, remixes, and some other neat stuff.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (May 2k10 Episode)

Been a minute since i posted up on SB, but i wanted to let everyone know i still been doing my monthly instrumental show and am actually expanding it to rebroadcast on a few worldwide platforms!  In the meantime, go over to my show's homepage, HERE, to download the May edition of SS "Instros".  Im always looking for music, so aside from the dope stuff you guys post up here, feel free to drop some stuff in my Soundcloud dropbox too!

Send me your track
Also, you can listen to my tribute mix to Nujabes below... I will be using mixcloud from here on out to post my shows, so make sure you follow my profile!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

StyleWars - TheDustyMovement



Style Wars - Real Life

Shout outs go to Fats over at HHB for putting me on to this.

Friday, May 21, 2010


As much as I hate bandcamp pages. . . This guy deserves your attention. (not to mention his flip of summer madness is pretty

"So, why is it the last one? Well, I often find it difficult to explain what exactly I felt that made me come to the decision to make this my last beat tape. I began producing a little under a year ago and for the most part had fun with it. The problem was...I stopped making them for the love and started making them to be seen. This affected my actual output, which in turn made me less and less happy with the outcome. After going back to my roots as a DJ for a wedding I remembered what truly made me happy as an artist: moving the crowd. So it was somewhat of a simple decision after that: either go with what I liked, or go with what I love. I hope no artist EVER has to make that decision. "

Black Rose- O…So Sexy EP [beat tape]



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Element - Beat Mixes

Two very short beat mixes.

Element​ - ​This Is How I Chill (Beat Mix)

Element​-​Lonely Nights (Beat Mix)

Cook Classics


New Link!!! Link Fixed!!!!
Download - Good Things Come

Download - The Original Recipes a 20-minute beat mix

Thaione Davis & Rashid Hadee

Emanuelle's Theme Music is Chicago based Producer/MC's latest instrumental effort!

Thaione Davis Facebook

Download Thaione Davis - Emanuelle's Theme Music Instrumentals

Also, make sure to visit Thaione's bandcamp page and check out two of his other instrumental projects which you can own for just $5.

BURGUNDY (The Antebellum Collection)


While we are at it. Another producer out of Chicago to look out for is Rashid Hadee. Unforunatley, I dont know of any instrumental projects that he has put out. However he does have a few mixtapes/remixes that I recommend checking out especially if you like that "Boom Bap"!

Scheme - The Manifesto EP (Remixes by Rashid Hadee)

Rashid Hadee - A Change Gonna Come Mixtape (Hosted By Rapper Big Pooh Of Little Brother)-2008

Rashid Hadee - 808s Hadee Mixtape

Rashid Hadee - Mising Pieces (Instrumental)

Rashid Hadee - Surrender (Instrumental)

Chapter 13 - Watchin' My Moves (Instrumental) (2005)


Download Autumn Colors

Download/Preview an additional 58 tracks by Kuroisoul by clicking here!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Slickness and SicksentZ as: SLiCkSentZ

New instrumental nugs for the late night sessions. As fans of hip-hop, SicksentZ and The Slickness have spent countless nights behind the boards and in the crates. In their collective debut, the duo dons the SlicksentZ moniker as they drop back to back takes on boom bap for your ears. Samples, breaks, and vintage keys fill this one as each producer handles 10 tracks a piece, with enough variety for everybody to get baked to.

01. SLiCk - Intro
02. SentZ - Hustle
03. SLiCk - Get Em
04. SentZ - Misery
05. SLiCk - War
06. SentZ - Vagabond Ninjas: Opening Credits
07. SLiCk - Wipeout
08. SentZ - Tuck
09. SLiCk - Ease In
10. SeNtZ - What Girls Made For
11. SLiCk - The Heist
12. SentZ - Suicide Heartrate
13. SLiCk - Groove
14. SentZ - DMZ
15. SLiCk - This is Goodbye
16. SentZ - Firstborn in Capetown
17. SLiCk - Smokebreak
18. SentZ - Night Circuits
19. SLiCk - Fiyah
20. SentZ - On the Comeup


another link (<-- unrar to a folder)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Professa & Elevated Soul

Thanks to Gloam.
hopefully bandcamp doesn't slow down the page..

Mellow Orange & Organology - A​.​M.

Here is a nice little 7 track tape produced and arranged by Freddie Joachim (Organology.



Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time For A DROP!

What up Fam?!? It's been a hot minute since I got up on here, & I finally got enough new tracks put together to do a decent post. Just gonna get right into it with TWO dose's from the Book Of Nawledge series. Straight from my ears to yours, you should know what to expect with these by now. Nothing but new joints from: Mux Mool, Bonobo, Damu TFM, Aether, Onra, Mexicans With Guns, FlyLo...


Book Of Nawledge - Vol.VII

Book Of Nawledge - Vol.VIII

Up next we have another compilation put together from yours truly, except for this one consists of all tracks from the same artist, PRETTY LIGHTS! This is a collection of Older/Live/Unreleased stuff, all of these tracks were pulled from recorded live shows & they sound dope. There are a few tracks with Lyrics, but they are bangers & you want them! Feel free to spread the link around with this one people, none of these tracks are available elsewhere broken up into .mp3's like this to my knowledge, & there is some really good stuff on here...

Pretty Lights - Live & Unreleased

So, August 7th, Pretty Lights is headlining Red Rocks Amphitheater just outside of Denver, CO (Got my VIP Tix, am I going to see any of y'all there?!?) & the 2 opener's for the night are Emancipator, & Mimosa. We are all familiar with Emancipator, but there hasn't been much mention of Mimosa thus far over here on SB. Hailed as a Dubstep producer, I feel his sound is a bit higher than that, falling more into the Dubtronic-Electrostep range of things. His sound is a bit more evolved than the average Dubstep producer, in my opinion, and I have really been feeling this noise! Here are his first 2 albums, which are both equally as good. Definite Massive Things, if you know what I'm saying...

Mimosa - Hostilis & Flux For Life

& Last but not least we have a little joint from Arts The Beatdoctor, a member of the Q4 squad, entitled "Transitions" this album dropped back in 2007 (Maybe this was posted already? Can't remember). It has 4 or 5 tracks with lyrics, but all the rest is Instrumental & it is really good. Super dark & layered. The Q4 just dropped a new EP about a week ago titled "Darker Days", and everybody should check that out as it is REALLY good and shouldn't be missed.

Arts The Beatdoctor - Transitions

Alright, that should hold you over for a while! We have a nice little anniversary of sorts coming up here on SB pretty soon, & I have a few ideas kicking around for it, so I'll be laying low until it is time to do the post... Until then, enjoy these tracks & enjoy your lives. Weather is getting good, temperature's are rising, time to get outside & live. PEACE FAM!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bueller - Grimmy Lullabies

As long as nobody is posting, let me hit you up with some bueller


Friday, May 07, 2010

Clutchy Hopkins - The Story Teller

Clutchy Hopkins - The Story Teller 2010

Vforce Re-Up

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Grip Of Sound.

Jehst - Falling Down Instrumentals

Track List:

01 - Intro (Liquor Soaked Sentiments) (Instrumental)
02 - Run Hard (Instrumental)
03 - Apollo Skit (Instrumental)
04 - Manimals (Instrumental)
05 - Fear Skit (Instrumental)
06 - Citizen Smif (Instrumental)
07 - Brimstone Rock (Instrumental)
08 - Give It Here (Instrumental)
09 - Dirty (Check Me Out) (Instrumental)
10 - Monotony (Instrumental)
11 - ESP (Extra Sensory Perfection) (Instrumental)
12 - Die When U Die (Instrumental)
13 - Move Back (Instrumental)
14 - Falling Down (Instrumental)
15 - China Shop Taurus (Instrumental)

Kool Keith is Dr. Dooom - Dr. Dooom 2

1. Simon (Instrumental) 2:46
2. The Countdown (Instrumental) 3:24
3. RIP Dr. Octagon (Instrumental) 3:17
4. I'm Creepin' (Instrumental) 3:37
5. I Followed You (Instrumental) 3:12
6. Run For Your Life (Instrumental) 3:53
7. Step N Fetchers (Instrumental) 2:56
8. God of Rap (Instrumental) 4:02
9. How Sexy (Instrumental) 3:28
10. That Girl Is A Monster (Instrumental) 3:13
11. Do Not Disturb (Instrumental) 3:35
12. Take That Ride (Instrumental) 3:02
13. Mopped Up (Instrumental) 3:06
14. Always Talkin' Out Your Ass (Instrumental) 3:53
15. Surgery (Instrumental) 4:21


Apathy - Wanna Snuggle (Instrumentals)


01. Hell's Angel (Instrumental)
02. Money Orientated (Instrumental)
03. Gov't Cheese (Instrumental)
04. On and Off the Mic (Instrumental)
05. Back In L.A. (Instrumental)
06. Shoot First (Instrumental)
07. I'm A Demigod (Instrumental)
08. True Love (Instrumental)
09. Mind Ya Business (Instrumental)
10. Thinkin' (Instrumental)
11. This Is The Formula (Instrumental)
12. Guys and Girls (Instrumental)
13. Anyday (Instrumental)
14. Candy (Instrumental)
15. Run, Run Away (Instrumental)
16. No Sad Tomorrow (Instrumental)
17. Rhode Island (Instrumental)
18. What Goes Up (Instrumental)
19. Hard Times On Planet Earth (Instrumental)
20. Slave (Instrumental)
21. Victim (Instrumental)

Concept - Instrumentals Vol.1


Anahata Sacred Sound Current - Pillars of Creation
01 - Enter The Sacred
02 - Invoking The Muse
03 - Feast of Silence
04 - The Juice of Ego
05 - Ancient Reflections
06 - Drops of Emptiness
07 - Roots of Awakening
08 - Karuna
09 - The Scent of Light
10 - The Heart Beat
11 - Nada Brahma
12 - Bya Chakra Meditation
13 - High Planes Shifter

Wisemen - Instrumentals and Illa Dayz Freestyle
1. (00:01:05) Wisemen - Founder of Pain (Instrumental)
2. (00:01:17) Wisemen - Hear What I Say (Instrumental)
3. (00:02:44) Wisemen - Blinded (Instrumental)
4. (00:00:18) Wisemen - Bronze Beat (Snippet)
5. (00:03:04) Wisemen - To the Table (Instrumental)
6. (00:00:52) Wisemen - Iconoclasts (Instrumental)
7. (00:01:11) Wisemen - Illa Dayz (Freestyle)

Nomak - Dynamic Meditation

01. Next Dimension
02. Soarer
03. Feel It All
04. Open Out
05. Never Lost Control
06. Rise Up
07. High Grade Standard
08. The Universe
09. Fluffy Cloud
10. Heartful Memories

This post consists of lifted stuff from another blog I work on.
Be sure to support the artists and buy what you like. Without you, theres no them.

Saturday, May 01, 2010