Thursday, February 28, 2008


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01. Wintro/Who's The Boogieman?
02. Id Glue
03. I Forgive 'Em
04. Read Writer
05. Saved
06. Fallen Rome
07. The Cyclops
08. Winterlude
09. Machinegun Monkey
10. Cabin Fever
11. Don Quixote
12. High Tithe
13. The Fourth Reich Of The Rich
14. Elijah The Prophet
15. Practice For Hope

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

edan & el-p & eligh and mr. lif & akrobatik

due to the lack of posts HERE as of late:

note to those that have NO idea about 'EDANs' beat making process : he makes his beats in LO-FI(generally) ON PURPOSE, you are not gonna get some sonic-ly pleasing beat, your gonna get what he intended to make which is GRITTY, "a.m. radio like" "dusty" "dirty" beats... LOL, these are 224 bit kbs, if you can better than quality then post it up!

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EDAN is one of the illest emcees alive.. he's up there with the best of the best like :
gift of gab, pharoemonch, lateef the truth speaker, jay electronica, motion man,
aceyalone, myka9, mr. lif, aesop rock, cage, lyrics born, nas, buck 65, iCON the mic king, zion, last emperor, royce da 5'9, rakim, del, lupe, sage francis, krs-one, mystic, percee p, black thought, and ETC
.. well you get my drift
AND you more than likely don't agree with me.. but now ya know what i think constitues as
"the best of the best" i'll stop droning on/listing them but yeah...hope you get the point

EDAN is dope...

-emcees smoke crack
-fumbling over words that rhyme 2
-i see colours
-i'll come running back to you
-mic manipulator
-science of the two
-torture chamber
-you suck

the above beats came from my personal stash.

thanks to merve (another EDAN instrumental CLICK HERE)

clickhere for Mr. lif beats

-cro magnon
-front on this
-farm hand
-home of the brave
-settle the score
-streets be testin' you
-be out
-the unorthodox
-triangular warfare
-the nothing

(i forget but one of the above beats is from 'cannibal OX'

clickhere for: akrobatik_beats

-remind my soul
-say yes say word
-livin' in the city
-u got it
-don't fear
-militant raw
-no losses
-cosmos (cannibal ox)

both the 'mr. lif' and the 'akrobatik' HAVE a 'cannibal OX' instrumental in the Zipped file... enjoy.

clickhere for:
i'll sleep when your dead-instrumentals_A

clickhere for:
i'll sleep when your dead-instrumentals_B

(el producto)

00. intro
01. Tasmanian Pain Coaster
02. Smithereens
03. Up All Night
04. EMG
05. Drive
06. Dear Sirs
07. Run the Numbers
08. Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)
08 and 1/2. Habeaes Corpses (part II)
09. The Overly Dramatic Truth
10. Flyentology
11. No Kings
12. The League of Extraordinary Nobodies
13. Poisenville Kids No Wins/Reprise (This Must Be Our Time)

A couple weeks ago there was a person or two asking about some Eligh beats. I said I'd upload em what I had the time, but its been a crazy couple weeks. I should be doing more productive things (like studying...!), but I have the links so I'll do this quick post for any of you guys that wanted the beats.

Eligh - Gandalf's Beat Machine [2000]

A1 The Crow (4:06)
A2 I Know Gandalf (3:41)
A3 It's Simple (3:45)
A4 Melancholiest (3:45)
B1 Legendary Slump (3:55)
B2 A Plethra (2:25)
B3 Tundra Dome (4:03)
B4 My House (4:01)
C1 Traveler (4:11)
C2 Sandstone (3:46)
C3 Gandalf's Staff (3:25)
C4 It's Not What I Do (3:16)
D1 Jungles Of City (3:08)
D2 I Can See Threw You (6:36)
D3 Idea Man (3:44)

Eligh - Gandalf's Beat Machine Level 2 [2002]

Track Listings:
1. No Words
2. Hustling Outside a Cafe
3. Alien Travel
4. * of those things....*
5. Dirty Bump (grimey)
6. Trip 2 This
7. Sunset (Future is Now!)
8. Heavy Bass, Heavy Heart (deep)
9. Chakra Light
10. Butterflys
11. Rest in Peace Dedication
12. Staring at the Stars
13. The Monk
14. Riding Water Over Time
15. Bird Race
16. I Am Born
17. On A Mission to Live

props to defjux.blogspot(the def jux stuff), eric sepulveda(eligh)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A quickie

String quartet tribute to 2pac instrumentals:
Evidence/Alchemist - Red Tape Instrumentals:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We do NOT post...

- any Stones Throw (label request)
- Kev Brown (artist request)
- Black Milk (label rep/Fat Beats request)
- Joe Beats (label rep/Bully Records request)
- BlueSkyBlackDeath (label rep/BabyGrande Records request)
- Fat Jon (artist request)
- K-Def (artist request)
- Fat Jazzy Grooves records (label rep/New Breed request)
- Danny! (artist request)
- Tokimonsta/Ramp Recordings (label request)
- Dibiase (artist request)

updated 9/2011

All Natural - Vintage (2005)

From the windy city comes All Natural. MC Capital D and DJ Tone B Nimble. The beats are bananas. Check "Return of the Avenger" for some headphone cinema.
(New album will drop in summer, so start saving up.)

All Natural - Vintage (2005)


Scribbling Idiots - The Have Nots (2007)

An extended supergroup network consisting of 12 gifted emcees/producers are the Scribbling Idiots. This latest album has incredible beats on it, but that doesn't mean the vocal version isn't doper than most stuff I've heard last year. Highly recommended. If you like them, check them out at sphereofhiphop and drop a little ca$h.
Look up the rest on their site and theirspace.

Scribbling Idiots - The Have Nots (2007)

Peace, 9@home

PackFM - WhutduzFMstand4? (2006)

It's the shiznit (re-upped). Production by the whole QN5 camp: Tonedeff, Domingo, Deacon the Villain, Elite, Know, etc. Nuff said.

PackFM - WhutduzFMstand4? (2006)

01 - The Fuck (Instrumental)
02 - Spell It With A K (Instrumental)
03 - I Can't Win (Instrumental)
04 - Click Clack & Spray (Instrumental)
05 - Lessons (Instrumental)
06 - Stomp (Instrumental)
07 - Kilt It (Instrumental)
08 - Excuses (Instrumental)
09 - Free-Esta (Instrumental)
10 - Upclose & Personal (Instrumental)
11 - Token Love Song (Instrumental)
12 - Suzie (Instrumental)
13 - Ugly Woman (Instrumental)
14 - Forevershine (Instrumental)
15 - WhutduzFMstand4 (Instrumental)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

(Beats of High Quality)

What's up, fam? I haven't done a big post like this in awhile so I wanted to make it special (think of it as a late Christmas present) since I haven't made a real post in quite some time (before Christmas break). Nawl and Espiv may have noticed that I had a couple of ideas and drafts up in our "Posts" section, but none that I actually made anything out of. I had a "Best Of Vinyl" idea, which was going to be a compilation of recent classic hip-hop instrumentals I got from vinyl, but I get so much vinyl that the post would have been too huge for my schedule to handle (college). So today I started doing some searching and found that (what the...?) we don't have that much RJD2 uploaded. There are some things, but we're missing the biggest pieces to his collection. So anyways, let's get rolling...

First off, this is a long post, so I uploaded two instrumentals for your listening pleasure, both by RJD2.

Seasons (Instrumental)
Final Frontier (Remix) (Instrumental)

Moving on... I wanted to go above and beyond and include more than just RJD2's mainstream releases like "Deadringer", "The Horror", etc. so I uploaded 3 vinyls and an instrumental mix. All of these vinyls are "missing" tracks, but that's only because I have the "missing" tracks on other releases like "In Rare Form (Unreleased Instrumentals) Volume 2", which is included in this post. But anyways, now that the disclaimer is out of the way... The first vinyl is the "Exotic Talk 12". The "Exotic Talk 12" is really dope. It has an alternate version of the track "Exotic Talk" and two tracks exclusive to this vinyl, "Get Off My Spaceship Bitch" and "The Move".

(Click image to download)

Speaking of dope tracks, the next vinyl is one that includes one of my favorite tracks, "June" by Copywrite. This vinyl is fucked up because it didn't come with two tracks when I got it, but forget that. "June" is so ill. RJD2 is on the boards and he sets the mood, and when Copy gets on the mic, he rips it. iCON the Mic King criticized this track profusely during his beef with Copy, but I don't think iCON was right at all. Copy leaves his punchline approach behind and demolishes the track with introspection. I didn't know Copywrite was this deep, and it made me check his "The High Exalted", which is definitely worth a listen. Two RJD2 instrumentals are included here, both of which deserve as much praise as the vocal versions of "June".

(Click the image to download)

Now for my favorite 12" ever. The "Here's What's Left 12". This includes a lot of epic shit. First of all, the vocal version of "Here's What's Left" is beautiful. I don't know who that is crooning over RJD2's genius instrumental, but it cools the soul. Turn this one up, light a blunt, and kick back. The instrumental version is nice to have, but isn't quite as good as the vocal version. "Bonus Beat" and "Bonus Treat" are like 20 seconds each, but still dope. Those two are exclusive to this 12". Along with this comes a remix for "2 More Dead" that's not as good as the original, but still nice.

(Click image to download)

Okay, that's all of the vinyl. Now it's on to bigger things. First up is an exclusive CD that was included with preorders for "Since We Last Spoke". This only has two tracks, each mixes, each about 15 minutes long. Now, RJD2 is amazing alone, but what if you assign one of the best electronic DJs to mix his work? Diplo mixes a bunch of RJD2's work, and does a damn fine job. He adds his own signature style to some mixes so it's really dope. That is enough to make my mouth water, but for the second track, a mysterious group called the Dakah Hip-Hop Orchestra mixes the second song. All I know about this group is that it's composed of DJ Haul and Mason, and that they do live instrumentation. Either way, whoever the fuck they are, they do a damn good job of mixing RJD2's shit.

(Click image to download)

Alright, so enough of the rare shit. Now we're going into more of RJD2's more well-known releases. These are releases that I consider some of the best instrumental hip-hop period. First is RJD2's first solo release, "Deadringer". I love this release; it has unlimited play value and sounds like a mature release, not a debut. When I first heard this album I was like, "What other albums has this guy done?" But to my surprise, this guy had only been around for about 4 years prior to this release, with only about 5-10 tracks floating around between 1998 and 2002. This is an incredible release in it's own right; but since this is a first release that rivals most instrumental albums today, this album is quite an achievement.

(Click image to download)

So there's RJD2's first release, which came out of left field and made numerous 2002 top ten lists, and then there's RJD2's 2003 release, "The Horror", that stuns everyone again, and puts him on 2003's top ten lists. And what is it that makes this release so stunning? RJD2 did it with b-sides and remixes. He took old material from "Deadringer" and b-sides and remixed them, grabbed a bunch of b-sides and compiled them, released what should have been a small compilation, and made it on to almost every indie top ten list that year. That's how good this guy is; he didn't even try to make it on the top ten lists of 2003 but still did. Holy shit, right?!

(Click image to download)

Let me start off this segment by saying that I love "Since We Last Spoke". But I hate it. It is definitely a different direction than "Deadringer". It's a more rock-influenced direction. But that's not why I hate it. Was it this album that led to "The Third Hand"? I don't know. But take a look at the facts: "Deadringer" (hip-hop and funk-influenced), "The Horror" (hip-hop and funk-influenced), "Since We Last Spoke" (hip-hop, funk, and rock-influenced), and "The Third Hand" (electro-pop influenced
). I think that "Since We Last Spoke" represents a slide, or a change in direction towards different things. Now I will say this... "Since We Last Spoke" is not as good as "Deadringer". But that doesn't mean it isn't a phenomenal album. This album is a step away from his DJ Shadow-esque style, but that gives it a little bit more individuality.

(Click image to download)

Besides releasing a lot of classic albums, and because of classic albums, RJD2 is quite a sought after producer. He has produced for eclectic artists to hardcore rappers to spoken-word artists, matching their vocals with his production beautifully each time. So "In Rare Form (Unreleased Instrumentals)" are instrumentals taken from his productions for artists like The Weatherman, Cannibal Ox, etc. Somewhere I picked up this gem though, "In Rare Form (Unreleased Instrumentals) Volume 2". I would have posted the first part in the series but it was posted on this site before so I figured almost everyone had it. This release is really amazing though. These are vintage instrumentals (no loops) from what it sounds like, and are damn good instrumentals as well. Classics are all over this one. There's a lot of remixes by RJD2, so a lot of goodness.

In Rare Form (Unreleased Instrumentals) Volume 2

"The Third Hand" is a release that got a lot of negative press. No one liked it. No one. I didn't read any positive reviews for it. This is what I fucking meant! Deterioration! "The Third Hand" is possibly the most disappointing album I ever had the misfortune to listen to. I got an advance of it, so I listened to it before anyone could warn me, but I wish someone could've. I almost cried when I heard what happened to RJD2. As explained earlier, he went electro-pop. I don't know if you've ever heard electro-pop, but if you like the boom bap beats on this site, than you will want to throw up if you hear "The Third Hand". That being said, "The Third Hand Instrumentals" isn't a bad album by any means. The mistake people make is that the instrumentals are shitty because they hear RJD2 whining over them. But give this album a listen and tell me what you think. I think of this album as an electronic album. It's different than any of RJD2's other releases, but it has it's moments, and is definitely worth having in your collection. Just please... Don't make the mistake of giving the vocal version, "The Third Hand", a chance. It's not worth it.

(Click image to download)

Discogs Links:
Exotic Talk 12"
June/The Proxy 12"
Here's What's Left 12"
The Mashed Up Mixes
The Horror
Since We Last Spoke
The Third Hand Instrumentals

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Beastie Boys B-boy Breaks [1995]

Big ups to dude at What's in my iPod? for posting this. Dude has really good taste in Afro Beat, Funk, Jazz, and such.

Beastie Boys B-boy Breaks [1995]

1. Idris Mohammed - Lorens Dance
2. Gene Harris - Put On Train
3. Cedar Walton - Jacob's Ladder
4. Eugene Mcdaniels - Headless Heros
5. Funkadelic - I'll Bet You
6. Ballin Jack - Never Let Em Say
7. Jimmy Smith - Root Down
8. Sly Stone - Loose Booty
9. Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy
10. Funk Factory - Rien Ne Va Plus
11. Jimi Hendrix - Gotta Have It
12. The Blues Project - Flute Thing


Friday, February 01, 2008

Diggin' - More Cyne

Here's some more instrumental work by Enoch and Speck of Cyne. There are interludes from CDs here, and instrumentals from vinyl and two EPs. One EP is missing; Running Water EP. If you have this, please upload it. I've been looking everywhere for this but can't find it. It has remixes from Four Tet and Floyd the Locsmif, so yeah. But anyways, there's about 40 minutes of instrumentals here, so enjoy, which you will. Enoch and Speck are the shit.

Boom, Head Shot

Beyond Real Experience Instrumentals

Free Image Hosting at

All tracks produced by DJ Spinna except 3 and 12 produced by joc max and 5 produced by ge-ology.

01. Mr. Akil - How MCs Do It
02. IG Off and Hazadous - The Nicest
03. Basement Khemists - Correct Technique
04. Dynas - Stick Move Strike Back
05. Jet Black Ha - Handlin'
06. Jigmastas - Semi-Precious
07. Old World Disorder - Never Minded
08. IG Off and Hazadous - In The Air
09. Jigmastas - Thief's Theme
10. Old World Disorder - Wasted
11. IG Off And Hazadous - Street Serenade
12. The Jigs & Friends - Lyrical Fluctuation
13. Basement Khemists - I'm Doin' Ya
14. Jigmastas - If