Saturday, September 29, 2007

==============Fat Jon Discography==============


So Fat Jon. This dude is easily one of my favorite producers. He's in my Top Ten if not Top Five. He's got this smooth, laid back style, and his basslines hit NICE. He is best known for his work with the Five Deez, but his instrumental work is where it's at. The 3582 stuff is some work he did with J. Rawls, and it is also really nice. "Departure" and "Impression" are instrumental CDs that have Nujabes, Force of Nature, and Minmi on them, but I really don't think you'll mind. But I didn't do this post randomly; I did it to go with Fat Jon's new CD, HUNDRED EIGHT STARS.

I spent a lot of time working on this post, because I really want you guys to hear this guy and get into his stuff; I know you'll like it as much as I do. So yeah... Enjoy!! And handle these Fat Jon beats with care; don't come yelling at me because you've got a broken neck. :)

3582 - The Living Soul (2001)

12. Sound Imaging (Instrumental)
13. No Need to Run (Instrumental)
14. The Collective (Instrumental)
15. 2nd Person (Instrumental)
16. What Could Be (Instrumental)
17. MC² (Instrumental)
18. Yesterday (Instrumental)
19. Vivid Programming (Instrumental)
20. The Living Soul (Instrumental)
21. Bad Form (Instrumental)
22. Empty (Instrumental)

Fat Jon - Humanoid Erotica (2001)

1. At the Bar
2. 14 Years
3. Triple Gold Daytons
4. No
5. Tell Me
6. The Queen and I
7. Backseat Anonymous
8. Change Your Mind
9. Exact Space
10. I. Dee
11. Raindance (Remix Instrumental)
12. Pretty Pussy Killy Kat"
13. Dunno

Fat Jon - Wave Motion (2002)

1. Where?
2. Feel the Void
3. Visual Music
4. Watch Out
5. For Stress
6. 1975
7. Eyes
8. Wet Sectres
9. Depths
10. Automated Life Machines
11. Surrection
12. Disgust
13. Trust You
14. Rain Dance (Instrumental Mix)

3582 - Situational Ethics (2003)

10. The E (Instrumental)
11. Look at You (Instrumental)
12. Loser Type (Instrumental)
13. Take it to the Face (Instrumental)
14. I Would Change (Instrumental)
15. Bad as They Come (Instrumental)
16. Vanessa From Venezuela (Instrumental)

Fat Jon - Lightweight Heavy (2004)

1. Talk to Me
2. Dreamers
3. Day
4. Everywhere
5. Her
6. Far Away
7. Torn Again
8. Mystery God
9. Synopsis
10. You Are
11. Body Language
12. Beyond Love
13. Space Man
14. Point A 2 B

Fat Jon, Nujabes, and Minmi - Departure (2004)

1. Battlecry (Featuring Shing02)
2. The Space Between Two Worlds
3. Aruarian Dance
4. Kujaku
5. Mystline
6. 1st. Samurai
7. Ole
8. 624 Part 2
9. Genome
10. No Way Back
11. Funkin
12. Stay
13. Chambers
14. Ask
15. How You Feel
16. 624 Part 1
17. Shiki No Uta

Fat Jon, Nujabes, Force of Nature, and Minmi - Impression (2004)

1. Just Forget
2. Nightshift
3. Hi Izuru Style (Featuring S-Word and Suiken)
4. The Stroll
5. Death Wish
6. Set it Off
7. The Million Way of Drug
8. A Space in Air in Space in Air (Interlude)
9. Sanctuary Ship
10. Haiku (Interlude)
11. Tsurugi No Mai
12. Dead Season
13. Decade (Interlude)
14. World Without Words
15. Kodama (Interlude)
16. Silver Morning
17. Bracelet
18. In Position
19. Night Out
20. Not Quite Seleah
21. Labyrinth Statistic
22. Here and There
23. Who's Theme (Featuring Minmi)

Fat Jon - Afterthought (2006)

1. Cold Memory
2. Fly Away
3. Risk it All
4. Why We Dream
5. Darkness
6. Just Breathe (No Conscience)
7. All in Your Mind
8. Static Medium
9. Look in My Eyes
10. Your Purpose
11. Romantic Misery
12. Just Breathe (Conscience)

Fat Jon - Hundred Eight Stars (2007)

1. Adhara
2. Tara
3. Chara
4. Naos
5. Kuma
6. Atria
7. Cursa
8. Altais
9. Maia
10. Diadem
11. Sirrah
12. Nashira
13. Vela
14. Mira
15. Turais
16. Rana
17. Pleione
18. Sarin

All tracks are produced by Fat Jon except for "Situational Ethics" and "The Living Soul", which are produced by Fat Jon and J. Rawls, and "Departure" and "Impression"; from "Departure", tracks 1-6 were produced by Nujabes, tracks 8-16 were produced by Fat Jon, and track 17 was produced by Minmi, Nujabes, and Tatamitsu Sato; from "Impression", tracks 1-7 are produced by Force of Nature, tracks 8-16 are produced by Nujabes, and tracks 17-22 are produced by Fat Jon. All tracks are 192 kbps or higher.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

David Axelrod - The Warner Reprise Sessions

Free Image Hosting at

01. Kyrie Eleison (Instrumental) 2:47
02. Gloria (Instrumental) 5:50
03. Credo (Instrumental) 4:41
04. Sanctus (Instrumental) 3:01
05. Benedictus (Instrumental) 5:04
06. Agnus Dei (Instrumental) 4:22
07. Kol Nidre (Instrumental) 2:52
08. Holy Are You (Instrumental) 4:08
09. General Confessional (Instrumental 1) 4:19
10. Individual Confessional (Instrumental 1) 2:23
11. Our Father, Our King (Instrumental 1) 3:24
12. The Adoration (Instrumental 1) 3:50
13. Closing Hymn (Instrumental 1) 2:57
14. Gerneral Confessional (Instrumental 2) 4:18
15. Individual Confessional (Instrumental 2) 2:21
16. Our Father, Our King (Instrumental 2) 3:24
17. The Adoration (Instrumental 2) 3:52
18. Closing Hymn (Instrumental 2) 2:56

David Axelrod; great composer of the 60s and 70s, has also produced for the likes of Lou Rawls, 'Cannonball' Adderley, and David McCallum. He's also had his work sampled in hip hop, most notably a McCallum record for Dr. Dre's The Next Episode.

One of the last works of his not yet anthologized are the the 3rd and 4th albums from The Electric Prunes. Well, they are now, and it looks like they came with instrumentals and some alternate takes.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nubian Crackers "Cracker Beats" (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9)

massincorporated posted a collection of these a while back, but for those who are interested in more formal rips, enjoy (all are vinyl rips at 256 kb/s). Volume 1 was posted a while back, here. If anyone has Volumes 6 or 8, please drop a link...

Cracker Beats Vol. 2

Cracker Beats Vol. 3

Cracker Beats Vol. 4

Cracker Beats Vol. 5

Cracker Beats Vol. 7

Cracker Beats Vol. 9

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers (instrumentals)

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers (instrumentals)
(192 kb/s)

01 Shimmy Shimmy Ya
02 Baby C'mon
03 Brooklyn Zoo
04 Hippa to da Hoppa
05 Raw Hide
06 Damage
07 Don't U Know
08 The Stomp
09 Goin Down
10 Drunk Game
11 Snakes
12 Brooklyn Zoo II
13 Protect Ya Neck II
14 Dirty Dancin
15 Harlem World

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Beatnuts, cause Seven's gotta have it

Beatnuts Instrumental Promo

01.get funky (instrumental) [03:17]
02.yeah you get props (instrumental) [03:36]
03.straight jacket (instrumental) [03:51]
04.hellraiser (remix instrumental) [03:40]
05.hit me with that (instrumental) [03:24]
06.superbad (instrumental) [04:04]
07.are you ready (instrumental) [03:17]
08.fried chicken (instrumental) [03:32]

An 8 track DJ Promo of various instrumentals from the 1st Beatnuts album. There's 1 unreleased track "Hellraiser".


Street Level The Instrumental LP Vol 2

01 03:44 props remix
02 03:24 get funky
03 03:29 hit me with that
04 02:41 you know what
05 02:48 eat the pussy
06 02:36 sandwiches
07 04:38 radio promo
08 01:36 17/smoke that shit
09 03:17 fluid

Some old beatnuts instrumentals


Milk Me

|01| Hot (instrumental) |[03:26]|
|02| Buggin (instrumental) |[04:04]|
|03| Its Nothing (instrumental) |[03:37]|
|04| Find Us (In The Back of the Club) (instrumental) |[03:16]|
|05| U Nomsayin (instrumental) |[02:51]|
|06| We Don't Give A Funk (instrumental) |[02:44]|
|07| Confused Rappers (instrumental) |[04:08]|
|08| All Night (instrumental) |[03:32]|
|09| Madness (instrumental) |[03:22]|
|10| We Getting Paper (instrumental) |[04:12]|
|11| Uh Huh (instrumental) |[03:37]|
|12| Down (instrumental) |[04:00]|
|13| Freak Off (instrumental) |[03:11]|
|14| Ass Hole (instrumental) |[02:38]|

from the limited 2 CD version


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Golden Era Leftovers... THE BEATNUTS

Wassup Fam, these Fools definitely had their place in that period, so here's some Instro's. I'm sure alot of y'all will have some of these already, just thought I'd put 'em up together on here. I'm actually jackin all these links from so go over there and drop comments, homeboys puttin in work, he's got a MASSIVE Sean P collection too, and P always comes correct. Either way, here it is::

Beatnuts - Intoxicated Demons

Beatnuts - Stone Crazy

Beatnuts - Lost Instrumentals

Also, just snagged this from Bossplayer, definately NOT Golden Era, but some Good shit. Semi Jazzy/Laid-Back smooth. Guitars & Horns. Some good Sunny Day type shit right here... A few tracks with vocals, 4 I think, but it's all good. There's some nice shit on here, listenin to it as I type right now. Make sure you hit up the appropriate Blogs to comment. Peace People.

DJ Soulscape - Lovers

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colored Section "Bomb M.C." (instrumentals)

Colored Section "Bomb M.C." (instrumentals)
(256 kb/s)

01 Intro
02 Beat Street
03 Light Skinded
04 Bomb MC (Old Gold Remix)
05 Rat Syndrome
06 Hip Hop Anthem
07 Bar BQ
08 Tabitha
09 Rap Stars
10 Bomb MC (Original Recipe)

Marjen "you are here. so am i." (2006)

Marjen "you are here. so am i."
(192 kb/s)

9 untitled tracks

Solid downtempo, some of y'all will find this worth checking out. If you're feeling it, support the artist by purchasing copies at Non-Existent Recordings.

From the press release:
"After years of hiding in the shadows of the Saskatoon, SK music scene while developing his own musical style, instrumental hip hop producer Marjen has put together his professional debut album 'you are here. so am i.', released on his own independent record label, Non-Existent Recordings. This project has a strong emphasis on melodies that range from dark to dream-like and drums that refuse to stay dull and repetitive and be relegated to the background, opting instead to make their presence known and confidently lead the songs. The result is a short, but powerful album whose songs gently, yet firmly, push aside the sometimes narrow boundaries of hip hop, as a result appealing to fans outside of the traditional hip hop audience as well. This is music made by a man who is not trying to reinvent the wheel of instrumental music, but rather trying to add his own personal piece to the bigger picture."

Beat Society - DC Episode

BeatSociety is a showcase, where producers like Illmind, Oddisee, 88-Keys etc present their beats. They also have a website (under construction?) which "boasts over 350 producers and 4,000 beats from across the Globe."

First of all: the quality of the video isn't that great. It's filmed by a dude in the crowd, so it's all shaky and shit. But the sound is ok and the Beats are just bangin! See for yourself...

Featuring Illmind, Oddisee, Fel Sweetenberg (Da Nuthouse), 9th Wonder and RoddyRod (Maspyke) on the SP 1200, MPC & FruityLoops. Hezekiah, Bahamadia , Asheru, Little Brother and some wack MC's at the beginning on the mic.
Check it out!

Part1 (85 mb, 56 min.)
Part2 (82 mb, 56 min.)
Part3 (50 mb, 31 min.)

88 Keys @ BeatSociety

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kanye West Samples

Big big ups to DJ Soul for hooking this one up.

Included in here are samples for Finding Forever as well as the two songs used for "I Wonder" and (albeit-awful) "Drunk & Hot Girls" off of Graduation.

Download it here.
Check my review for Graduation here, and as always (shameless plug) make sure you keep checking the blog.
Thanks everyone, enjoy the music.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some Riddim Ish...

YO, sounds like some people have been interested in some "Reggaeton". Or not Interested, I couldn't tell. Either way, I like all these Beats, there's only 6, so enjoy if you want. Here's a Vocal Track of one of the Instrumentals included, Warrior King on the Vocals, this shit is TIGHT... Peace.

Warrior King - I Will Sing (Smarties Riddim)

6 Riddim Instrumentals

OH... And while I was diggin around for those cuts, I came across a track that EVERYBODY needs. It Belonged in the Golden Era Post. But I slacked and forgot to put it in... And then forgot about it again until I just barely came across it. Anyway, I present to you this Fine Piece of Pure Uncut Dope.

Buckwild - Married To Marijuana <<-- CRACK CRACK CRACK

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eyedea & Abilities - First Born (Instrumentals)

Eyedea & Abilities - First Born (Instrumentals)


Music Music
...Powdered Water Too (1)
...Powdered Water Too (2)
Liquid Sovereignty
A Murder Of Memories
Big Shots
The Dive (1)
The Dive (2)
Read Wiped In Blue
Void (Internal Theory)
Void (External Theory)
On This I Stand
Before And After

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Madlib still in India

Raw Ground Wire Hump (whatever that means) is the promo 45 affiliated with Madlib's "Beat Konducta in India". Y'all know the drill.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Illmind - The Beat Fanatic

Illmind - The Beat Fanatic

A personal selection of 20 Beats from various Beat Tapes that you can get on slsk. Track names cleaned up and mostly 192 kbps, so enjoy this one!

Grimm Freestyle

WHOA now, so I know this completely breaks the "Rules" of the Blog, but this is something that EVERYBODY needs to hear... I remember a While ago there was a little discussion in the Box about MF Grimm, alot of people hadn't heard too much from him and weren't too familiar with his story, WELL, hearing this Freestyle might help you realize how Truly ILL the man was as a Lyricist. This was recorded before he was Shot, Paralyzed, and Imprisoned, and if you're familiar with Grimm, you will be able to tell the difference, his Pre-Shot stuff was Pure, Smooth & Raw. I mean listen to it, fuckin Kool G Rap backs down like 2/3 of the way through so Grimm can keep rippin it. Who knows where Grimm would have ended up if he hadn't have gotten Blasted. ANYWAY, I got this over at Stretch Armstrong's Blog - - which you may want to check out for Exclusive Gems, this is from the 5 Year Anniversary Show, but I chopped it so it's only the Rhyming, you may want to check the Blog for the rest of the show, it's funny, they get Mad Fools callin in to give Props, and Stretch/Bobb/& Kool G all Diss on pretty much everybody that calls in... Anyway, PEACE.

Grimm & Kool G Rap - Stretch & Bobb. '95

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jackie Mittoo - Showcase (Dub)

It's been awhile since I put up some Island Flavor... Actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Mittoo did most of his Production up in Canada! Anyway, this album is Smooth Dope. Light Up & Lay Back...

Jackie Mittoo - Showcase

01 - Merry Go Round
02 - Hot Blood
03 - Channel One Crash
04 - Brain Mark
05 - Dub Cut
06 - The Ranking King
07 - Death Trap
08 - Rockers Delete
09 - Melodous
10 - The Mistrious
11 - Earthquake
12 - Atom Sounds
13 - Sky King Jack
14 - A Revolting Rockers
15 - In Cold Blood

Myspace Producer Spotlight Ed. 1

Aurelien Atkins formerly known as Free Mind of Babylon

Real real good dude, I've chatted with him via myspace and blogs and even AIM on numerous occasions. He loves what he does, and he makes dope beats. My personal favorite is Beat 20, The Fall of Babylon...
Last I spoke with him, about maybe a week ago, he said he was working on an album, trying to make sure it's done to his standards of perfection. It's not often a post like this is made, so go check the dude some love. I know he'll show it right back.

Check out his myspace here: Aurelien Atkins

Also, if you know any producers that you think deserve a "spotlight", let us know. We know how hard it is to get noticed, no dope producer should be left behind.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Hi everyone. I told you I'd pop in on occasion - I was searching Google for some stuff, and I stumbled across this site.
Lots and lots of beats from various artists, a lot of mainstream radio stuff, but there's some bangers on here.
Enjoy, make sure you check out my blog as well...thanks. :)

Streets United Beats.