Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Kid Called Roots + Kero One

Hydra Beats Volume 9 - A Kid Called Roots

A1 Elbow My Way..
A2 Spring Action
A3 I'll Kill You
A4 Black Italians?
A5 Psuedo Mo Bee
B1 In Your Wisdom
B2 East Indian Hop
B3 Don't Question It!
B4 Over And Over A Fuckin' Gain!
B5 Psuedo Muff Daddy!


also be sure to check out Wake Your Daughter Up. Trav is re-upping all the Hydrabeats series plus it's motherfucking 45 King Tribute Week bitches.

Kero One - Windmills Of Soul [2007]

A1 Windmills Beats (Extended)
A2 Give Thanks
A3 Musical Journey
A4 My Story
B1 In A Dream
B2 Tempted
B3 In All The Wrong Places
C1 Keep It Alive
C2 The Cycle Repeats
C3 Fly Fly Away
D1 Check The Blueprints
D2 Space Cadets (Bonus Track)
D3 Just Groovin' Homes (Bonus Track)


Requests (re-post)

I've finally found a better version of the CNN album. Now with 12 tracks (as opposed to just 10 in the earlier version) and better sound quality, too. All other files are still up as well. Dig in.

I'm in a sharing mood tonight, and I just got a faster internet hookup, so here I go.
Some of the requests I've seen in the c-box today:

DITC - Worldwide

El-P presents: Cannibal Ox - Oxtrumentals

Capone n Noreaga - War Report (new file - now complete album! 192 kbps)

Pete Rock - The Surviving Elements From Soul Survivor II Sessions

Quick and dirty... (as if you cared...)

And kids... always remember: search. THEN request. ;)

Peace, 9@home

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Stumbled upon this one day, and I normally don't like this type of stuff, but this album is excellent. By a "digital" group - Triplexity - they've never met face to face - their newest album is called "Between Light and Shadow". Released under the Creative Commons License! (Yay for legal free stuff

Jazzy trip hop, and it's wonderful music all around. Highly recommended.

1. Between Light & Shadow
2. Coal Train
3. Three 4 Ten
4. Love Supreme
5. Honky Fonky
6. Reflections
7. Lucky Number Seven
8. Dream
9. Calleso
10. Al Gore
11. 1000 and 1 Nights
12. When Everybody's Gone

Download this legally, for free. You can also donate to the group if you so wish. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So yeah. . . This may take awhile for some of yall to get through. . . Some of these are dead, some live, dont complain, just copy/paste and DL whatcha can.

This post, much like all of the rest of mine, I ask of you nothing more but to click this link:

Whether you do it once a day, or once a week, it helps me out (no financial gain here either)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Next post I make will have the listing of E through K, then so on and so on.

Eminem Instrumental off Infinite, his album in 95'. or

9th Wonder- The Listening instrumentals
9th Wonder- Minstrel Show instrumentals
Alchemist - Action Drama
Alchemist - Gangster Theme Music
Alchemist - Lab Tested Street Approved
Alchemist - The Ultimate Music Machine
J-Zone - A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work Instrumentals
MF Doom - Special Herbs & Spices 1
MF Doom - Special Herbs 9+0
Questlove - Instrumental Album
9th Wonder - Black Album Rejects
9th Wonder - God’s Stepson (Disc Two)
9th Wonder - The Listening Instrumentals
9th Wonder - The Minstrel Show Instrumentals
9th Wonder - Unreleased Instrumentals Vol. 1
9th Wonder - Unreleased Instrumentals Vol. 3
9th Wonder & Spectac - Shake-N-Beats
Al' Tariq - God Connections Instrumentals
Artifacts - Between a Rock and a Hard Place Instrumentals
The Avalanches - El Producto EP
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
AZ - A.W.O.L. Instrumentals
Big Punisher - Capital Punishment Instrumentals
Boom Bip - Corymb
Crooklyn Clan - Eargasmz
Dan the Automator - Deltron 3030: The Instrumentals
Dan the Automator - Instrumentalyst
Dan the Automator & DJ Shadow - Bombay the Hard Way: Guns, Cars & Sitars
Das EFX - Hold it Down Instrumentals
De La Soul - Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump Instrumentals
Declaime - Andsoitisaid Instrumentals
Decompoze - Decomposition (Disc Two)
Diamond D - Hatred, Passions and Infidelity Instrumentals
Diamond D - Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop Instrumentals
Diverse - One A.M. Instrumentals
DJ Babu - The L.J.’s Instrumentals
DJ Babu - Unreleased Instrumentals
DJ Design - Gather Round
DJ Muggs - Cypress Hill Instrumentals
DJ Muggs - Grandmasters Instrumentals
DJ Premier - Livin’ Proof Instrumentals
DJ Premier - The Ownerz Instrumentals
DJ Premier - Step in the Arena Instrumentals
DJ Rels - DJ Rels Mix
DJ Rels - Theme for a Broken Soul
DJ Revolution - In 12s We Trust Instrumentals
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... (Disc One)
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... (Disc Two)
DJ Shadow - Funky Skunk
DJ Shadow - One Night in Bangkok
DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike (Disc One)
DJ Shadow - The Private Press
DJ Shadow - The Private Repress
DJ Shadow - You Can't Go Home Again 12"
DJ Spinna - The Beyond Real Experience Instrumentals
DJ Spinna - Compositions 1
DJ Spinna - Compositions 2 12”
DJ Spinna - Compositions 3
DJ Stix - Different Worlds

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Like Sirens" by Cloud...

Yea People, Nawledge here... Been absent from this Bitch for a bit now, so apologies if anybody has been tryin to hit me up in the C-Box or anything. Been up in Vancouver, BC for the last week to chill with some Old Friends, and enjoy the 4/20 Celebration that goes OFF up here. It's been good. Anyway...

Alright, onto this new Beat from Cloud called "Like Sirens". Real Hard shit here people, definately gets the Head Noddin'. If he's gonna shout us out, I'm gonna Shout right back and do a Post. And everybody should roll over to his Myspace to help him spread his shit out, the Kid's got game and he's no Dummy on Samples/Production. Get over there & give him some Love.

On another note, Blue Sky Black Death WILL be releasing "The Holocaust" Instrumentals. FUCK YEA. June 24th is the release Date I'm pretty sure... And with "Late Night Cinema" dropping in a Few days, we'll have plenty of shit to jam until that Disc drops. Now we just need "Razah's Ladder" Instro's...

Blue Sky Black Death = CRACK.

Alright, here's Cloud's new Beat Vid: (Along with his other Two, Fuck It, I'm puttin all his shit up)

"Like Sirens"

March 30th Beat:

March 10th Beat: (This is my Favorite track from the Man... Shit is NICE right here. I think Pete Rock helped the kid out for a bit on this one, haha.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Fucking Funk Shit. MRR-ADM feat. Malcolm Catto

These guys are a bit of a mystery - something to do with Malcolm Catto, something to do with Heliocentrics? But maybe not? - but this came out a few weeks back as an amazing 10" with no info/label/track list on the record, just a cool red & tin paste-on sleeve (old school) and red vinyl.


The 10" is still available in some stores I've seen online. This, however, is not a rip of the vinyl, it's a rip of the CD version, which I have not seen selling anywhere.

Mysterious info without much info:
Possibly related: The Heliocentrics

And: The Download

Ayatollah - Louder

Haven't got to keep up here lately, so one of you c-boxers might've beat me to it.

01. Intro
02. Circulate
03. Louder
04. Other Worlds
05. Into Space
06. Naturally Born
07. Chariots Of The Gods
08. Music To My Ears
09. Eye Pod
10. Pound Cake
11. A Soul Prayer
12. Coonskin
13. In Time My Brother
14. Charlie Is Brown
15. Nature Sound
16. Baisley Park
17. A Cold Feelin
18. Give The Woman A Chance


Sunday, April 20, 2008

flaming lips-at war with the mystics-LP and two random tracks(instrumentals ofcourse)



and what i think is the gem of the post is below.


for those that don't know about the flaming lips... i suggest you use google or ask a friend and make up your own mind about them.

i'll be releasing (for free) what i've done with these beats in 1 week, at the following link click here

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bullion - Pet Sounds (In The Key of Dee)

UK producer Bullion fuses The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, and J Dilla's beats. Very original sounding to say the least.
Big ups to all of those who have mentioned the album in the C-Box.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

James Pants - We're Through (Single)

I thought this whole single was instrumental, but I was 2/5ths wrong. “We're Through” is a vocal track (taken from James' upcoming album), so I'm just including the instrumental version. Side B, which says “Some other songs (not on the album” on the label, is three songs, two of which are instrumental. I'm including those two here. That brings us to a grand total of three instrumentals. You following me? Cool.

DOWNLOAD | We're Through @ TTLab | James Pants @ Stones

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beats & Instrumentals Mega Drop!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohrackraim - 3ple Vibe EP - 2006

Odetta - Cut & Paste Soul

Buddy Maxwell - Bollyhood (Beat Tape)

A couple of really dope instrumental mixes by DJ Synflood!

DJ SYNFLOOD - instrumental sessions #1 for Operation Hotcombs
-55:23- min
01. Kankick - Better Waze (ft. Dudley Perkins)
02. Black Pocket - The Road
03. Dr. Who Dat - Pharaoahe's Dream (ft. Capital Peoples)
04. Quasimoto - Loopdigga (nickstrumental)
05. Flying Lotus - Bad Actors
06. Jay Dilla - Prince (instrumental)
07. Bobby Hutcherson - Montara (Madlib remix)
08. Reflection Eternal 2000 Seasons (Instrumental)
09. Madlib - Chrome Dreams
10. J-Dilla - B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)
11. The Jackal - The Jackal Instrumental
12. Flying Lotus - 1983
13. Kutmah - She Flew Away (In Baby Steps)
14. Questlove - Outro
15. Noel Zancanella - From The Ground Up
16. Kankick - S.O.S.
17. Madvillain - Raid
18. Steve Spacek - Urub (instrumental)
19. MF Doom - Passion Flower
20. Count Bass D - 110 Bridge St.
21. Flying Lotus - Sao Paulo
22. Steve Spacek Presents Sta Simonez - Want Yu
23. Kraftwerk - Abzug

DJ SYNFLOOD - instrumental sessions #2
-55:59- min
01. Waajeed And The Jazz Katz - Want U 2
02. Flying Lotus - 1983 (Daedelus Odd-Dance Party Remix)
03. Roddy Rod - Cuba Revolt
04. Dimlite & Ill Dubio - Searching It
05. Junor Mafia - Get Money (instrumental)
06. Ta'raach - Girlz?!?
07. Phife Dawg - Lemme Find Out (Remix) (instrumental)
08. Yesterdays New Quinted - Sunrays
09. Emmanuel - Still Working
10. D'nell - The Slide (interlude)
11. Madvillain - Monkey Suite (instrumental)
12. GB - Cosmic Water Torture
13. Coleman - Home
14. Lonnie Liston Smith - Aspirations
15. J Dilla - E=MC2 (instrumental)
16. Visioneers - Funkbox (Denz instrumental)
17. JBless - Speaking With Rhymes (Dub)
18. Kamara ft. Deborah Jordan - Namaste
19. Count Bass D - Apology
20. Oh No - Get Away (instrumental)
21. Kankick - 45's World (Tribute To The 45king)
22. Oh No - On My Way (instrumental)
23. Keith Murray - The Ryhme (Jay Dee Remix instrumental)
24. MF Doom - Licorice
25. Madlib - Pyramids

Schizoid Bass - Free Juke Box

A little something different, but definitely worth the listen.

"The creation of his "Schizoïd Bass" can hardly be considered an accident to begin with. Rather, it's quite a successful experiment, which shows that the upright bass has a wider range than most people may give it credit for. In Vincent Guerin's hands, it has a monstrous voice, and it sometimes strikes the listener with a brute low end force as it roars, screams, loops, and pounds its way through the tracks on Free Juke Box. Yet, this monster has a broader emotional range than its muscular stature may lead one to believe at a first glance. It can and does whisper gently, and sometimes it even caresses the listener lovingly. The "Schizoïd Bass" may be a monster, but it's a monster with a big, percussively pounding heartbeat - loud as a jackhammer, yet gentle as a breeze." - Peter Stenberg

1. A Tree Story
2. Free Juke Box
3. Who Never Ends
4. Souls
5. Kimono Ghost
6. Hot Summer, Are You Kidding?
7. Tools
8. Garden Under Storm

Download them all direct from the artist.

Blue Sky Black Death Interview

"Late Night Cinema" is going to be one of the Best Instrumental Releases of 2008, without a doubt, I'm callin it out now. There's only a few other albums that I'm looking forward to: "Rooted From Within" from Leaf, is going to be fucking insane. "The Lucid Effect" from 40 Winks will be Hot of course, I heard Nujabes is working on some new shit, and Beatmakin Troopa is probably going to drop some shit over the summer... ANYWAY, at least we'll have this BSBD album to Bump in the meantime while we're waitin for the other Heat to drop. Peep the Interview. PEACE.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TeV-instrumentals-powerful music for the people

TeV-instrumentals-powerful music for the people

some words from TeV himself

"Im putting this instrumental album for free for the people! A lot of producers don't put out their beats, they want to sit on them and see who they can sell it to. That aint my plan. I dont sweat the bootleggers... cause that only gives me more exposure. Eventually it will come back around. If the people like what they hear and wanna use these beats then they will holla at me and purchase the tracks or hire me ... I got 1000's of beats!

its always gonna be Powerful and from the heart."

you can also download it from his myspace...

pelican city (danger mouse)-instrumentals

pelican city(danger mouse)

1 Over From the Start (Intro/Outro)
2 The City
3 The Bleeding Fader
4 Still Alone
5 The Search
6 The Fool (Neutral Milk Hotel)
7 Danger's Theme Part I
8 Danger's Theme Part II
9 Calling the Birds
10 The Chase
11 Come On Air (Wunderkind)
12 The Bedroom
13 The Rainstorm
14 The End of Life
15 An Exodus

Monday, April 14, 2008

40winks' SoundClick & Two Mixes

Hopefully everybody got the post I did the other day. If so, you're probably pretty close to completing your Dday One and 40winks discographies. That being said, I wanted to make sure that I had all of 40winks' stuff so I started digging around on their website, and I found a considerable amount of material. I found snippets for each album, remixes, and oh my God, their SoundClick. For those of you who don't know, SoundClick is a website designed to give up-and-coming musicians a place to store, share, and build with other artists. So 40winks' SoundClick essentially has all of their old material (stuff like remixes they did for contests, their first two albums "Hit the Hay" and "April to July", random remixes like their remix of Nas's "Blaze a 50", titled "Blazed By 40", and a bunch of other random goodies.) SoundClick's file naming process is pretty fucked up though, so I took the liberty of retitling everything and whatnot, and separated everything into separate folders. In total, this adds up to about 3 hours and 20 minutes of new 40winks material. And I'm not even done.

SoundClick Madness

In my search for new 40winks material, I found two mixes they did for two different radio shows. The mixes add up to roughly 3 hours of 40 winks, making it a grand total of 6 hours and 20 minutes of new 40winks shit. You're welcome.

Two 40winks Mixes

Sunday, April 13, 2008

handsome boy modeling school-instrumentals

i coulda' sworn this was posted on this blog before, but i can't find it.


track list:
1. Intro -
2. If It Wasn't For You
3. Are You Down With It
4. World's Gone Mad
5. Dating Game
6. Breakdown
7. It's Like That / I Am Complete
8. I've Been Thinking
9. Rock And Roll
10. Hours, The
11. Class System
12. First... And Then
13. A Day In The Life / Good Hygiene
14. Greatest Mistake
15. Dating Game Part 2
\16. Outro

Filling in Gaps

I feel like a lot of my posts piggyback Nawledge's previous posts (or they used to due to my recent constant insistence that everything has been posted) but as long as I'm dropping (new) fire I guess it doesn't matter. I should probably explain myself because I feel kind of bad. I've been posting less and my usual post every 2-3 days is kind of being dumped onto everyone else, possibly making them feel like they need to post to fill empty space. At least that's how I know it's time to post, when no one has posted for awhile. But anyways, my first year of college is coming to a close so I'm trying to keep my grades up. That and a lot of working out in preparation for summer and beaches. But yeah, so I'm listening to a lot of Slum Village and Royce Okay, so I was thinking that I wanted to do a post because I've got a bunch of new stuff that I want you guys to hear (which is rare). I feel like a lot of my posts piggyback on Nawledge'sDa 5'9" these days, less downtempo. I'm really influenced by what Dilla did for Slum, and so I really don't listen to much else these days. And Royce is well, a beast (Royce zipping Mistah F.A.B. in a body bag). And I'm anticipating The Bar Exam 2 and hyping it up. But Nawl, indirectly, is getting me into a lot of his music. 40winks, O.S.T.R., Damu the Fudgemunk (someone posted this in the C-Box, but Nawl blogged it), and now Dday One and some MySpace producers. For instance, Nawl posted some 40winks awhile back and Dday One which is basically what inspired this post. After seeing Nawl hype 40winks I listened to some stuff but never really got into them until now (which is a shame because this Belgian production duo is amazing). This was the first 40winks I got, and I dunno where I got it, but it's called "Extended Pleasure". This is a 12" but it's really fuckin' dope. I'm surprised to find that it wasn't posted on this site, but anyways, enjoy this little gem. It's probably my favorite 12" next to Analyze 12". But moving on, "Melancholia" will blow your mind.

A1 Intro
A2 Producers Beware
A3 The Nightowl's Theme
A4 City Dweller Pt. 2
B1 Melancholia
B2 Wishing Upon a Beat
B3 Melancholia - Outro

I got this 12" probably right around the same time all the C-Box hype was going on for 40winks and kind of neglected this 12". I liked it but didn't give it credit. Now I pump it all the time. It was after hearing "Change the Channel" by Padmo' that I knew that I had to find more 40winks and so I did some research. I found the "M.anifest EP", did some more searching, and found a mix they did for some show. The mix is called "Laid Back" and it's pretty tight. Here's the tracklist. You can download it here.

I wanted to tie up the loose ends to my 40winks collection so I did some Google searching and found 3 full length releases, "More Than Loops", "Sound Puzzle", and "The Lucid Effect". I'll have that stuff in a month or two because I have no money. But I'm going to Hong Kong on an internship so I'm going to be digging so I'm going to rain instrumental hip hop on you guys when I get back. But anyways, in my effort to complete my 40winks collection I got this album they did a song for. The album is called "The Heart on the Right Spot" and features a lot of good producers like Mr. Cooper (who Nawl covered), Glen Porter (who Nawl covered...), Pablie (who Nawl covered......), Dday One (whose newest album Nawl posted this morning.........), and a lot of other dope artists (who Nawl probably covered). There are some vocals here but I think you'll live. Tracklist here.

After I got home this morning I downloaded Dday One's "Heavy Migration" and was amazed. I started digging around for more and I actually found a large amount of material. The first thing I found was his first album, "Loop Extensions". I haven't listened to it yet, but after "Heavy Migration" I'm sure it's of high quality. It has received considerable praise from numerous websites so it should be good.

1. If Eyes Were Ears
2. Dust Ritual
3. Distant Memory
4. Unstable Material 2 (featuring Awol One, Existereo, Metfly, and Subtitle)
5. Mixing Paint
6. Second Set
7. Seeds of Revolution
8. Nigerian Soil
9. MC's on Strike
10. Originality
11. Sea Change
12. Distant Memory (2Tall Remix)

In my search for "Loop Extensions", I stumbled across 3 mixes by Dday, and 1 by 2Tall, 2 of them mixing Dday's material. The first megamix was intended to hype "Loose Extensions" and was mixed by 2Tall. If the album is supposed to be dope, then I think the same should be true for the megamix. It's only 10 minutes, but I'll take whatever Dday I can get. Get it.

Props to Anon for this next mix. He hooked it up in the C-Box. Alright, now I'm really excited about this next mix for two reasons. First of all, it's an hour of Dday chopping. Second, it's from a really sick website. The website is called Mondayjazz. The concept is that because Monday's are always shitty, Mondayjazz posts a jazz mix to better them. There are mixes from Dday One, Jon Kennedy, and Joe Beats, to name a few. This weeks' was Dday's, and was called "Monday Sermon", and I have to say that this is really impressive. It's a creative concept for a website as well. And we could all use more jazz in our collection, so drop by the site and have a look around.

Now this next mix is from It's called "Blend Meditation", and like "Monday Sermon", "Blend Meditation" is about an hour-long mix. It's got some really good stuff on there like Das EFX and Del. Anyways, this isn't as conceptual as "Monday Sermon" but it's a pretty consistent list of music with a loose theme. Click the album artwork for the tracklist and mix.

Okay, whew, two more mixes to go. I'm not sure if this mix was done live (the name of the mix is misleading. It's called "Back to the Stage Set".) or what but I really like it. It's a 24 minute mix and has a very dark theme. But does anyone know the name of the instrumental at 19:49? I know I have it in my collection but I forget the name of it. The first cut sends chills down my spine. I found one other mix of Dday's on the Samplist website, plus four remixes Dday did. Here's the link to that stuff. But anyways, this post has taken me roughly 3 hours to collect, upload, and write, so I hope you enjoyed the music and my rambling. Drop a comment or two, tell me what you think of the music. One.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dday One - Heavy Migration

We got another little gem here... Posted it in the C-Box, but it's too fuckin dope to be missed up. Dday One, out of Los Angeles, this guy is on some Heavy Beat-Making shit. Real Layered altering Beats throughout each track, alot of work put in here. I HIGHLY recommend it, Seriously, don't miss out on this piece. Everybody should head over to the Blog where I originally picked it up from and give 'em some props, they've been puttin up a lot of good shit lately.

Highing Fly Blogspot

Dday One - Heavy Migration << Password = flyhigh

Head In The Cloud(s)

Okay, now we don't normally don't do things like this...but someone mentioned this guy in the c-box, and he's all kinds of dope.
He goes by the name of "Cloud", and his beats are absolutely crazy. I sent him a message over myspace, asking if he'd be willing to share some stuff with everyone:

" i appreciate the love but you know it is.... i'm tryin to get legit with this thing and you can't be too careful in the game these days. i'm extremely hesitant to have any hard copies of my beats out there, you understand. but if you'd wanna give me a shout on your blog, i'd do something similar on my myspace blog. i'm also going to be setting up a soundclick or rocbattle account very soon.... something where people can listen to several beats in one spot without being able to download them. if someone wants their hands on a beat they have to talk business, word? so i'd give you the code to one of those streaming media players when that comes to fruition, that would be the other option. if you're still interested lemme know. and thanks again. stay up, 1 . -cloud"

However slightly unfortunate that news may be, y'all need to check him out regardless. He's nice with it, (my personal favorite being "the wait") and we'll keep you posted if he gets a Soundclick or something up and runnin'.
Check Cloud out on myspace now!

ps. Dope myspace producers are few and far inbetween, so the comments about how your man needs one of these spotlight posts isn't necessary..thanks. if you'd like to comment about how dope Cloud is, then go ahead.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pharoahe Monch - Internal Affairs

Image Hosted by

01. Intro
02. Behind Closed Doors
03. Queens
04. Rape
05. Simon Says
06. Official
07. Hell
08. No Mercy
09. Right Here
10. The Next Shit
11. The Ass
12. The Light
13. God Send
14. The Truth

One of those things where I coulda sworn the beats were posted, but nothing came up in the search. Anyway, enjoy.

Chief Xcel - A2G EP Instrumentals

1. A to G (Instrumental)
2. Clockwork (Instrumental)
3. Rock the Spot (Instrumental)
4. Back to the Essence (Instrumental)
5. Deception (Instrumental)
6. Making Progress (Instrumental)
7. Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2½ Minute Workout) (Instrumental)

For while you download...

What a gem... I'm going to be doing more posts like this because I heard complaints, so get ready.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Verbal Kent - Fist Shaking & Move With The Walls

Verbal Kent - Fist Shaking Instrumentals(below)

Move With The Walls Instrumentals(click this text)

Thank HHB for this gem.
0101:32 First 3 Instrumental
0201:39 Brand New Style Instrumental
0301:56 Remain Psycho Instrumental
0402:42 The Dagger Instrumental
0502:57 A Rapper Who Quit Part 1 Instrumental
0603:19 Underdogs Instrumental
0703:27 Game Face Instrumental
0802:37 I'm A Rapper Instrumental
0903:41 You Can't Rap Instrumental
1002:11 Tim Hardaway Hates You Instrumental
1102:38 Fist Shaking Instrumental
1202:16 Users and Pushers Instrumental
1302:37 Man Down Instrumental
1403:14 Snakes On A Stage Instrumental
1503:24 Another Masterpiece Instrumental
1603:19 Get A Job 2 Instrumental

Click the picture to download. . . dope album aswell, buy the album, dl the instrumentals. Support your artists.

If you got a minute, peep aswell, the world's FIRST, ONE, & ONLY 100% LIVE Open Mic On The Internet.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


There hasn't been a post here in a while it seems, and although I don't have much today, I figured it's better than nothing.

A lot of people (myself included) have been looking for instrumentals from Blu & Exile's "Below The Heavens" album. I've tracked down two of them:
Party of Two and The Narrow Path

If anyone can get any of the other ones, please share with us. These were found off The Narrow Path VLS.

Grab them both here.