Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jazzmatazz Volume One

1. loungin'
2. when you're near
3. transit ride
4. no time to play
5. down the backstreets
6. take a look
7. trust me
8. slicker than most
9. le bien le mal
10. sights in the city


originally from Biifhop, re-upped by Andrew.

De La Soul - AOI Bionix Instrumentals (2001)

192 kbps

De La Soul - AOI Bionix Instrumentals

  1. Intro
  2. Bionix
  3. Baby Phat
  4. Simply
  5. Simply Havin
  6. Held Down
  7. Watch Out
  8. Special
  9. The Sauce
  10. Am I Worth You
  11. Pawn Star
  12. What We Do (For Love)
  13. Peer Pressure
  14. Trying People

De La Soul - AOI Mosaic Thump Instrumentals (2000)

128 kbps

De La Soul - AOI Mosaic Thump Instrumentals

  1. All Good
  2. Copa (Cabanga)
  3. Declaration
  4. Foolin'
  5. I.C. Y'all
  6. My Writes
  7. Oooh
  8. Set The Mood
  9. Squat!
  10. The Art Of Getting Jumped
  11. Thru Ya City
  12. U Can Do (Life)
  13. U Don't Wanna B.D.S
  14. View
  15. With Me
  16. Words From The Chief Rocker

Friday, January 26, 2007

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Buy this.

1. What Up Gangsta
2. Patiently Waiting
3. Many Men (Wish Death)
4. In Da Club
5. High All The Time
6. Heat
7. If I Can't
8. Blood Hound
9. Back Down
10. P.I.M.P.
11. Like My Style
12. Poor Lil Rich
13. 21 Questions
14. Don't Push Me
15. Gotta Make It To Heaven
16. Wanksta
17. U Not Like Me
18. Life's On The Line

download it here.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ugly Duckling - Bang For The Buck Instrumentals (2006)

Ugly Duckling - Bang For The Buck Instrumentals (2006)

A1 Bang For The Buck
A2 Yudee!
A3 The Breakdown

B1 Left Behind
B2 Smack
B3 Einstein's On Stage

C1 Let It Out
C2 Lower The Boom
C3 Andy Vs Dizzy

D1 Slow The Flow
D2 Shoot Your Shot
D3 The End Of Time

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Upped by Swann

Non-Phixion - The Future is Now Instrumentals (2003)

Non-Phixion - The Future is Now Instrumentals (2003)

A1 Futurama (4:07)
Producer - Necro

A2 Drug Music (3:28)
Producer - Large Professor

A3 The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me (4:21)
Producer - Necro

B1 If You Got Love (3:50)
Producer - Pete Rock

B2 There Is No Future (4:09)
Producer - Necro

B3 Rock Stars (4:00)
Producer - DJ Premier

C1 Say Goodbye To Yesterday (3:55)
Producer - Necro

C2 Black Helicopters (4:07)
Producer - Necro

C3 Strange Universe (2:05)
Producer - Necro

C4 Cult Leader (4:08)
Producer - Dave One

D1 It's Us (3:58)
Producer - Large Professor

D2 Suicide Bomb (3:33)
Producer - Juju (3)

D3 We Are The Future (4:15)
Producer - Large Professor

D4 The C.I.A. Is Still Trying To Kill Me (4:39)
Bass - Christian Olde Wolbers
Drums - Raymond Herrera
Guitar - Steph Carpenter*
Producer - Necro , T-Ray

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Upped by Swann

Atmosphere - Sevens Travels (2003)

Atmosphere - Sevens Travels Instrumentals (2003)


2)trying to tind a balance
3)bird sings why the caged I know
4)always coming back home to you
5)keys to life vs 15 minutes of fame
8)lifter puller
10)national disgrace
12)liquor lyles cool july
13)gotta lotta walls
14)good times (sick pimpin)
15)in my continental
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Upped by Swann

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Sup Again Fam... Some more Bangin Beat's from Panik for your domes to enjoy. What can I say, nothin but ill classic shit here. One thing to mention, listen to the difference between Vol.10 & Vol.11, like the sample difference. As I post Vol.12 & 13 later you'll hear a Noticeable difference in sound. It's like he started using a different sample library, or switched from MPC to computer or some shit... You'll have to hear Vol.12 & 13 to know what I'm sayin fully, but there's definately a difference. I prefer Vol.10 and earlier, they have a more dusty sound, whereas Vol.11-13 have a more sharp/commercial sound. Post some comments, if you prefer older to newer. Peace...

Panik Vol.10 Inst.
(36 Beats)

Panik Vol.11 Inst.
(28 Beats)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've Got a Bounty Out

If you saw my post as of late, you know I've got a lot of Premo (646 tracks in total). 646 is a hella lot, but since Premo is my favorite producer, I'm always looking for more of his work. So, I'm going to propose a deal. If you give me five tracks of the 52 posted, I will give you the rest of my DJ Premier collection (assuming you downloaded the instrumental collection). That's 545 tracks (1 day, 8 hours, 56 minutes, and 52 seconds) (total subject to change :P) tracks of DJ Premier goodness. Happy Hunting. :)


All City - Afta Hourz
Anisha Nicole - One Track Mind
AZ - Love Me In Your Special Way
AZ - Don't Give a Fuck Now
Big Shug featuring T-Wes and Singapore Cane - We Gangsta
Blahzay Blahzay - Danger (DJ Premier Remix)
Born Unique - Call Waiting
Boss - Deeper
Byata - The Illest
Choclair - 21 Years
Cormega - Days of Reality
EZD featuring Gang Starr - For Da Love
EZD featuring O.C. - Return to It
EZD - War & Position
Fabidden featuring Boy Big - Proper Dosage
Fabidden - F.A.B.I.D./Family Art
Flipsyde - It's Been a Long Time Coming
Freddie Foxxx - The Life
Freshco - Planet Brooklyn
Hasstyle - I Love When
Janet Jackson - All for You (DJ Premier Remix)
Jojo Pelligrino - Real Simple
Just Ice - I'm a Gangsta
Just Ice featuring Big Daddy Kane - Just Rhymin' Wit Kane
Keith Murray - My Style is Incredible
KRS-One - Gettin Hectic
Lady of Rage - Back on the Block
Madonna - Don't Tell Me (DJ Premier Remix)
M.O.P - 4 Life
M.O.P. - Breakin The Rules (DJ Premier Remix)
Masta Ace Incorporated - Saturday Night Live (DJ Premier Remix)
Nas featuring Gang Starr and 50 Cent - Ridin' Time
Neneh Cherry - Sassy
Nice & Smooth - Down the Line
Nut - Hands In the Air
NYG'z - Get to the Point
NYG'z featuring Rave Roulette - It'z On
Pitch Black - Rep Da Hardest
Pitch Black - Revenge
Planet Asia - Bringin' It Back
Queen Latifah - Wrath Of My Madness (New Remix)
Rise - Wickedest (DJ Premier Remix)
Royce Tha 5'9" - My Friends
Sinead O' Connor - Famine (DJ Premier Remix)
Special Teamz - Main Event
Teflon - For the Love
Teflon featuring Krumb Snatcha - Just Rhymin' With Krumb
Tony Touch featuring Tego Calderon - Gangsta Gangsta
Troy Slugs - Gotta Shine (Lock Da Game)
Truck Turner featuring KRS-One - Bring It To Tha Cypha
Verbal Threat - Reality Check
Wyclef Jean featuring - 911 (DJ Premier Remix)

train of thought (re-up)

im feeling lazy, so im not posting a tracklisting/cover.

This is the TOT lp, includes also:
chaos, fortified live, express, and on misson.

enjoy it.
(no rapidshare, take advantage) lol

I've Got Somethin' Special for Y'all!

So around Christmas time I had planned to do something special for y'all. Give y'all a Christmas present, if you will, but my computer broke down. It didn't cost me anything thanks to a wisely-bought warranty, but it was a bitch. Not having a computer for a week drove me nuts. But anyways, being away from the computer for three weeks gave me some time to think about what I was gonna give y'all... and here it is...

I give you 131 instrumentals from the greatest producer to ever turn the tables. The man of few words, the muthafuckin' man, DJ Premier. A guy who has never scored lower than a "9" on rapreviews. This guy is so damn good that artists show his name as a feature, on the songs he produces. Throw away your old DJ Premier loops, 'cause this shit is vinyl (except for the "Unreleased Instrumentals" Series).

Visit discogs for covers.

All I can say is, Merry Christmas!

DJ Premier - Planet of the Beats
DJ Premier - Time 2 Chill
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 1
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 2
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 3
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 4
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 10
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 11
His-Panik - Molemen Instrumentals Vol. 12

Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms (2006)

Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms Instrumentals (2006)

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Beware
03 Black
04 Get Mines
05 Interlude
06 To Be an MC
07 To Be an MC Reprise

08 Keep Tryin'
09 Know Better
10 Second Change
11 Low Coastin'

12 Hank
13 No Aire
14 Cut Session
15 Smile a Lit Bit
16 Keep it Lit

17 Skit: Callin' in T for Some Food
18 T. Biggums
19 In This
20 Lights Out
21 Basement Interlude
22 Coffee Cold
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Upped by Swann

Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib) - Madvillainy (2004)

Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib) - Madvillainy (2004)

1. Accordion
2. Meat Grinder
3. Raid feat. Medaphoar
4. America's Most Blunted
5. Rainbows
6. Curls
7. Money Folder
8. Shadows of Tomorrow
9. Operation Lifesaver a.k.a. Mint Test
10. Figaro
11. Hardcore Hustle
12. Strange Ways
13. Fancy Clown
14. Eye
15. All Caps
16. Great Day
17. Rhinestone Cowboy

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Upped by Swann

Boss Hog Barbarians (J-Zone + Celph Titled) - Every Hog Has It's Day (2006)

Boss Hog Barbarians (J-Zone + Celph Titled) - Every Hog Has It's Day (2006)

1. "Hog Hop"
2. "Giva Hog A Bone"
3. "Bitch, That Ain't Luv!"
4. "Cocksucka"
5. "You Got Mail"
6. "Hog Luv"
7. "113th Precinct"
8. "Rev. Getright"
9. "Bo$$ Hog Malt Liquor"
10. "Dog Show Pageant"
11. "$teady $mobbin"
12. "The Weight Debate"
13. "Celph Destruction"
14. "Hell No, Ho!"
15. "J-Zone Hoggamix"
16. "Bo$$ Hoggin'"

Buy this SHIT

Upped by Swann

RJD2 & Aceyalone - Magnificent City (2006)

RJD2 & Aceyalone - Magnificent City (2006)

1. All For U click to listen
2. Fire
3. Cornbread, Eddy And Me click to listen
4. Mooore
5. Supahero
6. High Lights
7. Disconnected click to listen
8. Caged Bird
9. Solomon Jones
10. A Sunday Mystery
11. Junior click to listen
12. Heaven
13. Here & Now click to listen
14. A Beautiful Mine

If you like this shit then buy it you wino.

Upped by Swann

Sunday, January 21, 2007


By Request :)
This is ill, so if you're still sleeping on him, cut that bullshit out right now. Highly recommended.

1. "Intro"
2. "Too Real - Rapper Big Pooh"
3. "Non Sense - Jean Grae"
4. "Watch Me - Little Brother"
5. "I'm A Star - L.E.G.A.C.Y."
6. "Now - Big Pooh"
7. "Praises Due - Ceasar Comanche"
8. "Da Grind - Masta Ace"
9. "Onion Head - Sean Price"
10. "Bye Bye - Sean Price"
11. "Door To My Life - Joe Scudda"
12. "Live Life - Rapper Big Pooh"
13. "Too Long - L.E.G.A.C.Y."
14. "Let's Go - Chaundon"
15. "Who's That - HOJ"
16. "Rockin It - Ceasar Comanche"
17. "Freestyle Shit - Jean Grae"
18. "PX2 Intro - THETHYRDAY"
19. "Lights Out - The Away Team"
20. "Pure - L.E.G.A.C.Y."
21. "Turn It Up - Skyzoo"
22. "Doin Me - Little Brother"
23. "The End Of The Day - The Away Team"
24. "2 Sided Coin Remix - Median"
25. "Back In Time - Edgar Allen Floe"
26. "Real Good - Yahzarah"
27. "The Jam - Jean Grae"
28. "The Grind - Ceasar Comanche"
29. "On The Line - The Away Team"
30. "Come On Down - The Away Team"
31. "Fuck Everybody - Chaundon"
32. "I Don't Care - Rapper Big Pooh"
33. "Bad Habbits - Joe Scudda"
34. "The Death List - L.E.G.A.C.Y."
35. "The Shining - The Away Team"
36. "The Game - Jean Grae, Jeanius"
37. "Tour of Duty - HOJ"
38. "Monkey See Monkey Do - The A.L.L.I.E.S."
39. "Just Friends - Rapper Big Pooh"
40. "The Fever - Rapper Big Pooh"
41. "Outro"

Try to buy it, the artist's gotta eat too.
In the meantime, download it here.

GangStarr - Moment Of Truth (1998)

Four Album Tracks + Instrumentals from 12"s for the Album. Enjoy!

192 kbps

GangStarr - Moment Of Truth Instrumentals

01 - You Know My Steez
02 - Work
03 - Royalty
04 - The Militia

Bonus Beats

05 - The Militia Remix
06 - Discipline
07 - 1-2 And 1-2
08 - All 4 Tha Cash
09 - Full Clip
10 - The Question Remainz
11 - So Wassup


Wassup Y'all... Finally I present to you what I consider to be the 2 best Discs from Panik's Inst. series. Vol.8 & Vol.9. This is the first Molemen stuff I ever heard, so maybe that's why I feel these discs so much, but one thing's for sure, EVERY BEAT IS FUCKIN BANGIN. I had these on LOOP for weeks... I hope everybody else feels 'em as much. Some Proper shit here. More on the way. Vol.10 - Vol.13 COMING SOON... Peace.

(36 Beats -- 2 tracks are missing, but they're just vocal Interludes...)

(40 Beats)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pete Rock - Soul Survivor Instrumentals (1998)

The only instrumentals for this classic and best album ever made!
From the 12"s for "Take Your Time" & "Tha Game/One Life To Live"

192 kbps

Pete Rock - Soul Survivor Instrumentals

  1. Tru Master
  2. Tha Game
  3. One Life To Live
  4. Take Your Time
Bonus Beats (Produced By Pete Rock)

5. All City - Priceless
6. Blackstar - Respiration Remix
7. GangStarr - Militia Remix

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thes One - Lifestyle Marketing

If y'all are frequent visitor's of Bossplayer's page then I'm sure that you got this over there. So I have to give props to Arnie for this one. This disc needs some coverage though, it is DOPE. Set for release sometime in '07, Thes One comes thru on his highly anticipated Full Inst. release. I've had this shit on repeat since I got it... I think PUTS should do a collabo joint where Thes does beats for Double K and Double does beats for Thes, and then make 'em like separate albums... Just an idea. Either way, leave some comments on this one if ya want. Peace.

01. Gate City Savings And Loan
02. Northwestern Bell
03. Target
04. Hy - Vee
05. F&F Daily C
06. Hart Ski
07. Grainbelt Beer
08. Bobcat
09. Cheetah
10. GBX Malt Liqour
11. Crystal Sugar
12. Northwestern Bell 2
13. Pan-Am 1
14. Pan-Am 2
15. Outro


Once again I present to you a fine collection of beats from PNS. Well, I guess I should say Mixed by PNS... The Nothing New Vol.'s 1 & 2 are both a mix of old samples brought together by DJ's PNS & Presyce. It's definately Dope. A good listen. My Vol.2 isn't full length though it's missing a few cuts, if someone else has it please let us know... And then is a mix from PNS called Slow Roll, it's super hot. 30 Instrumentals from various Top Producers. Super Dope. Refer to the Molemen. com Website for the Track-List. Plus a Re-Up of Soundtrack To The Underground from a while back. Sorry about the delay on this one... Let me know what you think. OH, I got somethin SUPER HOT comin' for tomorrow. WATCH OUT. And then we'll have some Panik after that. Peace.

PNS - Nothing New Vol.1... No Track-List for these. Just a mix.

PNS - Nothing New Vol.2

PNS - Slow Roll

Molemen - Soundtrack To The Underground

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beyond Real Experience (1998)

192 kbps

Beyond Real Experience Instrumentals

  1. How Mcs Do it (Intro)
  2. IG Off and Hazadus - the Nicest
  3. Basement Khemists - Correct Technique
  4. Dynas - Stick Move Strick Back
  5. Jet Black Ha - Handlin
  6. Jigmastas - Semi Precious
  7. Old World Disorder - Never Minded
  8. IG Off and Hazadus - in the Air
  9. Jigmastas - Thiefs Theme
  10. Old World Disorder - Wasted
  11. IG Off and Hazadus - Street Serenade
  12. The Jigs and Friends - Lyrical Fluctuation
  13. Basement Khemists - Im Doin Ya
  14. Jigmastas- if
All tracks produced by dj spinna except 3 and 12
produced by joc max and 5 produced by ge-ology

The lp was realeased on beyond real/mary joy
recordings but the instrumental lp is a test
press no label 14 tracks in all

Support Dj Spinna

Jigmastas - Instrumentals ('96 - '03)

192 kbps

Jigmastas - Instrumentals Part 1

Jigmastas - Instrumentals Part2

19 Beats, Productions by Dj Spinna

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Instrumentals Vol. 1

Various Vinyl Rips. If yall like it, then Vol.2 is on the way...

192 kbps

The Instrumentals Vol. 1

  1. Artifacts - Art Of Facts
  2. Big Shug - Official
  3. Camp Lo - Luchini (This Is It)
  4. Common - Reminding Me (Of Sef)
  5. D.I.T.C. - Day One
  6. Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
  7. J-88 - Look Of Love Pt.2
  8. Jay-Z - Imaginary Player
  9. Keith Murray - Get Lifted (LP Version)
  10. Lord Finesse - Soul Plan
  11. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)
  12. Method Man & Redman - How High
  13. Mos Def & Talib Kweli - Another World
  14. Ras Kass - Marinatin'

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Ultimate J-Zone Post

Here You Go With
Four Volumes Of Beats
44 Tracks
Released Between 2000 and 2003
Made By One Of The Most Talented Producer Ever
J-Zone (Yep,That's Him On The Picture)

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Al' Tariq - God Connections Instrumental EP (1996)

~192 kbps (VBR)

Al' Tariq - God Connections Instrumental EP

1- Crime Pays
2- Think Not
3- Foxxy Brown
4- Do Yo Thang
5- All Over The Track
6- No Question
7- Peace Akki
8- Get Down Baby

Dj Revolution - In 12's We Trust (2000)

192 kbps

Dj Revolution - In 12's We Trust Instrumentals

1 - Work Of A Master
2 - The Backbone
3 - Communication
4 - Evolution
5 - Take Over
6 - Copycat Killers
7 - The Revolution
8 - Ring Side
9 - Head 2 Head
10 - Juggle Me
11 - 4 + 1
12 - Dynamic Duo
13 - Ultimate Weapon
14 - Rhythm Control

Dj Revolution on MySpace

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dj Babu - Unreleased Instrumentals (2005)

192 kbps

Dj Babu - Unreleased Instrumentals

Missing Track 5 & 8

1. Escusha
2. Clik Clak
3. Tapdancer
4. Thizzle
5. Rat
6. David P. 1
7. Give Me A Try
8. Snakecharmer

Quannum Spectrum - Instrumentals (1999)

01 - Lyrics Born - Concentration
02 - Chief Xcel - One Of A Kind
03 - DJ Shadow - Storm Warning
04 - DJ Shadow - Divine Intervention
05 - Chief Xcel - Golden Rule
06 - Lyrics Born - People Like Me
07 - The Soul-Saints - I Changed My Mind
08 - Lyrics Born - The Extravaganza
09 - DJ Shadow - Hott People
10 - El-P - Lookin' Over A City
11 - Chief Xcel - Jada's Vengeance
12 - DJ Shadow - Bombonyall

Quannum Spectrum - Instrumentals (1999)

Quannum site


Saturday, January 06, 2007


PNS - Showcase Production - 22 Beats

PNS - Bibliotheque - 27 Beats

Here we go... Some more PNS for your domes. Well rounded shit here. I enjoy both, but I prefer Showcase. You be the judge. Peace.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back To The Beat

Shaman Work Presents - Beatology Vol.1 & 2 (2005)

What was this blog all about? ...ahh yeah, strictly beats...

Grab It From Arnie-Bossplayer

Buy The Music Here !

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Original Jedi Mind Tricks

Here We Go Again With Three Volume
Of Original Versions Of Jedi Mind Tricks Beats
Tons Of Them
66 To Be Precise

Jedi Mind Tricks Dig And sample
In All Type Of Music
Really All Type
From Latin To Gypsie
Passin By OST and even pop rock
Hope you'll enjoy

Here You Go
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3


MUTHAFUCKA... Lemme jus say one thing right quick: NO INTERNET FOR A MONTH WILL FUCK YOUR HEAD UP! haaa, jus playin. But Fa Real, this pointless online business has really become a staple of our daily lives. I've been on a ski trip since this time last month and the middle of nowhere resort I was stayin at had their internet all busted the entire time I was there. It was fucking with their business big time, and it fucked mine too... It's all good though, the Net break was pretty dope actually... ANYWAY, jus want to say sorry for my lack of posts and I hope y'all haven't been bitin ya nails waitin for Molemen. Looks like there's been plenty of dope posts in the meantime... Aight, well back to it. This time around I present to you: PNS. My favorite Molemen producer, easily the most versatile out of the 3. This is a double disc of Beats, ... More on the way soon. PEACE.

PNS - 12 Bit Soul

Vol. 1 ---

Vol. 2 ---

Original Rza

Since It Seems That You're Diggin
Original Breaks and Samples

Here Are Three Volumes Of
Original Samples Used By The Rza
For Anyone
From Odb to Meth Passin' By Cappadonna

By The Way If You Like Originals Go Check My Blog
and You'll Find Lots Of Originals Trax Mixed By Djs,
Dig In The Archive
I've Posted A Lot

But For Now Here Are The Rza Originals
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Sample Collection: Parts 2, 3, & 4

My collection is still growing, so I will update as I continue to acquire more stuff.
Here's the tracklisting for all the volumes:
here it is.

The download links are as follows
volume two
volume three
volume four

Hope y'all enjoy it. Still taking requests so get them in.

Lyricist Lounge 2 (2000)


Lyricist Lounge 2 Instrumentals

1. Mos Def feat. Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg - Oh No
2. Q-Tip feat. Wordsworth - Makin' It Blend
3. Cocoa Brovaz - Get Up
4. Beanie Siegel - Get That Dough
5. Royce Da 5'9 - Let's Grow
6. Mos Def & Ghostface Killah - Ms. Fat Booty 2
7. Saukrates feat. Redman - W.K.Y.A.
8. Talib Kweli & Dead Prez - Sharpshooters
9. Kool G Rap & M.O.P. - Legendary Street Team
10. Big Noyd & Prodigy - The Grimy Way
11. Erick Sermon & Sy Scott - Battle
12. Dilated Peoples - Right And Exact
13. Master Fuol feat. JT Money & Pastor Troy - Watcha
14. Macy Gray feat. Mos Def - I've Committed Murder (GangStarr Remix)
15. Kool G Rap & M.O.P. Legendary Street Team (Remix)

8 Millions Ways To Start 2007

This Is The Instrumental Version Of
Soul Position's 8 Millions Stories Album
Fat Tracks By RjD2
Made In 2003

01 Soul Position (Intro)
02 Printmatic.
03 Inhale
04 Jerry Springer Episode
05 Candyland (part 1)
06 Just Think
07 Fuckajob
08 Look Of Pain
09 Survival
11 Share This
12 Run
13 Right Place Wrong Time
14 Candyland (part 3)
15 No Excuse For Lovin'
16 1 Love
17 Inhale (remix)

8 Millions Instrumental

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Sample Collection, Part One

I'm not sure if you guys are totally interested in this, but I figured I'd give it a try. What we got today is the original songs that are sampled in many popular songs. The top song is the original song, and the below song is the song that sampled the original. If you'd like, I have plenty more of these, so ask, and you shall receive. If you don't like it, please let me know (be nice though haha), and you won't get any more of these types of posts. Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year.

The Sample Collection: Part One

01. Aretha Franklin - "One Step Ahead"
Mos Def - "Ms. Fat Booty"
02. Billy Paul - "War With The Gods"
Ludacris - "War With God
03. Bobby Caldwell - "Open Your Eyes"
Common - "The Light"
04. Cora - "Istanbul"
RJD2 - "1976"
05. Cornelius Bros. - "Since I Found My Baby"
Common - "Chi-City"
06. Creative Source - "I'd Find You Anywhere"
Game - "Wouldn't Get Far" / Jadakiss - "By Your Side"
07. Cris Williamson - "Shine On Straight Arrow"
Jaylib - "The Red"
08. David Axelrod - "The Warning"
Mos Def - "Hip Hop"
09. David Matthews - "Space Oddity"
MF Doom - "Rapp Snitch Knishes"
10. Gary Bartz - "Gentle Smiles"
A Tribe Called Quest - "Butter"

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead: Samples
get it here

(thanks to smokingsection)
Bill Withers – Use Me (Still Dreamin’)
Carmine Coppola – Marcia Religiosa (Black Republican)
Diana Ross – The Interim (Still Dreaming)
Eric B. & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke (Who Killed It?)
Herbie Hancock – Sly (You Can’t Kill Me)
Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (Hip Hop Is Dead)
Incredible Bongo Band – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Hip Hop Is Dead)
James Brown – Get Up, Get Into It And Get Involved (Where Are They Now?)
Marvin Gaye – After The Dance (Play On Playa)
Nat King Cole – Unforgettable (Can’t Forget About You)
Steve Miller Band – Take The Money & Run (Let There Be Light)
Bob Marley – War (White Man’s Paper)
Minnie Ripperton – Rainy Day In Centreville (Where Y’all At)