Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kenlo & Vlooper

Kenlo & VLooper


Vlooper - Neon Blaster Mercure


Sunday, July 26, 2009

j-snyder (beats from the lot)

these are dope. download and enjoy, THERE ARE 2 second AUDIO tags at the beginning of beats, BUT that's it, so you can rap over the beats just fine ...all complaints can be replied with a simple, "if you don't like it then make your own beats."

check more production and his rap steez out here


my man is FRESH FOR REAL!

personally i vouch for j-snyder, known him for about 9 years now... freestyled with him a lot and i know he makes dope beats.. so if he's sharing then it's fire. i don't expect the beats to please everyone and to be honest i don't care because you can't please everyone and it would be a bit ridiculous to try.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Couple Of Mixes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FanuSamurai(a.k.a Fanu) - This Don't Make No Sense(Mix)
Downtempo/Hip Hop

Track List
1. Artemis - Silver Dawn
2. Poets of Thought - Jamming The Session
3. De La Soul - Sunshine
4. V-Love - The Wilderness
5. Dj Cam - Hiphop Opera
6. Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out
7. Danny Breaks - The Octopus (Intergalactic Starfighter)
8. Deejay Punk-Roc - No Meaning
9. Intense - Flashback
10. Dj Shadow - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
(some odd Dj Shadow samples cut in)
(Outro: don't make no f-ing sense...)


FanuSamurai - Galician Girl
I'm really feeling this track!!!!

DJ Synflood - Vienna Beat Experience(Mix)
Hip Hop/Dub-Step/Electronic

Track List
01. Dorian Concept - Sweet Yard Sale
02. fLako - Desert Ride
03. Kan Kick - Herb Honey
04. Mr. Dibiase - Fine Tuning
05. Kan Kick - Enter The Inside (Yeah)
06. Dabrye - That's What's Up
07. Floating Points - Shangrila
08. Julian Abelar - The Bubble Of Perception
09. Quarta330 - ASUTATA50
10. Andy Stott - Drippin
11. J:Kenzo - Cosmo
12. Flying Lotus - Glendale Galleria
13. Kan Kick - Thursdays at the Good Life
14. P.U.D.G.E. - CelLAbrate(06')
15. Electric Egypt - Liquid Space ft. Zig16
16. Julian Abelar - The Second Attention
17. Dam Funk - Chocolate City (Instro)


For more DJ Synflood's mixes click here!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Potencia Incisive/Wizstrumentals

Ever since i started doing my show, "Subsoniq: Instru-mentals", i been getting hit up with links galore from beat-makers and lovers that span the globe. Here are two i wanted to pass off to the SB followers...

(both his FREE instro albums are on his page when u first click the link)

(shouts to Josh for compiling & sending these over)

I will be adding a Soundcloud drop box to my blogspot shortly, so anyone who has dope, instrumental, progressive hip-hop, can submit music to my show!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hydra Beats Vol 2. - E-Boogie

Hydra Beats Vol 2 - E-Boogie

Finally we have the full rip thanks to Debonair_P @ Philaflava


Rock On
And Da Fat Lady Sings
Girl Sings
A Tale From Da Hood
Da Muthafuckin Man
Funny Pussy
And You Don't Stop
Come On
Funky Piano
Together Again
Sad Song
Drama Lord

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beat Maker Beat - Russian Producer

Beat Maker Beat is a 19 year old producer out of St. Petersburg Russia.
Click here for more info. on his music

GUNMAKAZ ALBUM Instrumentals - Produced by Beat Maker Beat - Download

Snippet of his up coming album. Definatley worth a listen!

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Download Here!

Marco Polo Making Beats! The video speaks for itself :-)

King Coz(a.k.a DJ Cozmos) “The Observations of King Coz Vol. I”

King Coz(a.k.a DJ Cozmos) out of Houston, Texas. Mostly instrumentals! Enjoy!

1. The Beast
2. The One featuring Joe The Plumber
3. Feasting On A Luther
4. Never Die featuring H.I.S.D.
5. Dreams featuring D. Rose (The Foundation) & Median
6. Four Men featuring Tanya Morgan & Kay (The Foundation)
7. Barock with Us
8. The Maxwell
9. The Maxwell Part II
10. The Caldwell featuring H.I.S.D.
11. The Caldwell Part II
12. Eddie
13. What U Want featuring D. Rose (The Foundation) & Damien (KO)
14. No Fears featuring D. Rose (The Foundation)
15. Summer So Good featuring H.I.S.D. & KO
16. Spitterlude featuring Scottie Spitten (H.I.S.D.)
17. Lil’ Big Yung
18. A Kimmy J
19. A GM
20. Planet X

Download Here!

Link by http://www.rappersiknow.com/

A couple of vids from the D. Rose & DJ Cozmos - Taster's Choice album

A Beautiful World

Play It Cool

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Haz Solo - "June Bug"

A collection of tracks made in June courtesy of producer Haz Solo. Grab a beer or two, sit outside, and vibe with this one. Spied courtesy

Have a good weekend everyone!

Download it!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Blaq Poet - Tha Blaqprint

01. I-Gittin
02. U Phucc'd Up
03. Ain't Nuttin Changed
04. What's The Deal?
05. Legendary Pt. 1
06. Hood Crazy
07. Voices
08. Hate
10. Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns
11. S.O.S.
12. Let The Guns Blow
13. Don't Give A Fuccc
14. Rap Addiction
15. Never Goodbye

HOO HAAAAA! I have no idea why Poet yells this. Is it his catch phrase ala the Jada laugh? Maybe it's a shoutout to fallen soldier? Did I miss it on the Y2K album?

Anyways, all tracks produced by DJ Premier, except tracks 2 (Easy Mo Bee) and 9 (Gemcrates).


The Are - Dem Damb Jacksons - Instrumentals

1. Intro
2. The Meaning
3. Get Her Interlude
4. Keep On Trying
5. When You’re Down
6. We’ve Come Too Far
7. Oh So Sad
8. Walk On
9. We’ll Be There (Bonus Joint)
10. I Want You Gone
11. Oh
12. Don’t Go (Bonus Joint)
13. ARE Outro

Downlod Here!

King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader

No, not an actual release. The beats are compiled from Doom's Special Herbs series. I just happened to be listening to the the album and remembered that all the beats have been released, so they've been re-tagged and upped here.

01. Fazers
02. Fastlane
03. Krazy World
04. The Final Hour/Take Me To Your Leader
05. Monster Zero
06. Next Level
07. No Snakes Alive
08. Anti-Matter
09. LockJaw/One Smart Nigger
10. I Wonder
11. The Fine Print