Friday, May 27, 2011

The A3 - The August Files




Be sure to check out his previous projects here!!!

REL x J.Billion “MVMNT Instrumentals” (prod. by REL)


Screw - EP: Come Through


Vanilla - High Life


VA: Instrumental Boutique vol​.1-3




beats beats beats

check out this new samiyam album, 17 bangers. I know most of you are big samiyam fans including me, Go en hit that download because
this "Sam Bakers Album" never disappoints. Shout to jaguar zebra for having me over for a pasta ala jerry and usb stick full of bootleg beats yesterday.

Im sorry for not responding to the submissions emails, I have been sick and there where just to many many many in my inbox,

Here are a couple i did catch...
check out this Weightiness by Outronaut a dope compilation of beats or if you are in the mood for some experimental music check out Bedroom Visionquest by Spooky Cheddar, horny for more download B.O​.​O​.​B​.​S by Reese Jones and don't forget Depakote - Suicide Watch below this post

Samiyam - Sam Bakers Album
Weightiness by Outronaut
Bedroom Visionquest
by Spooky Cheddar

B.O​.​O​.​B​.​S by Reese Jones

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bugseed x ill.sugi - Flipping Formats Beattape

bugseed x ill.sugi collaboration beattape.
ill.sugi is beatmaker/mc from Kanagawa.
we made this tape in one night when i went to his home.
This was made by only fl studio. feel free to enjoy these beats and spread this beattape if you like..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bueller - Homeburger

Check this bueller homeburger tape,couple of realy dope beats. By some weird conicidence i posted the "Bueller - Grimmy Lullabies" last year on 13-05-2010 and posting this new one today on 12-05-2011.

Shout to my brother beat-ape1 who was in the hospital the last couple weeks but he is now at home recuperating, he tells me he wil be posting beats again soon!

Download homeburger

Monday, May 09, 2011

Panacea - 12 Step Program (Instrumentals)

Due to fan demand, we recently made the instrumentals for Panacea's 12 Step Program available for purchase.  I am honored that so many people requested the instros as my approach to this album, like most other Panacea albums, was definitely to create soundscapes through my arrangements and the album is pretty fun to listen to stripped down to just the music, but couldn't have been the album it was without my partner-in-rhyme Raw Poetic's vocal contriubtions.  Shouts to Rodrigo Pradel for the ill artwork; Enjoy & stay tuned for the next Panacean adventure in 2012!


Sunday, May 08, 2011

DJ Ezasscul & Fat Jon - Bassed On Bass

"This here is a free unofficial mini mix tape by me DJ Ezasscul. This mix tape compiles of 8 beats by me and Fat Jon (4 from me, 4 from Fat Jon). I made this mix tape for use as a sleep aid! The bass line on these songs really sing to each other nicely! I hope you enjoy this mini mix tape!
Download link
the songs in this video are Take It Ez by DJ Ezasscul and Ask by Fat Jon."

Aspect One - RANDOM- Beats from the MPC 03-07


Beatmakin Troopa - Search For Peace


El Toro aka Grace Catcher - Mandala of LOVE EP