Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BMB SpaceKid x Robozee

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #3: Without You by Lapalux

Pragmatic Theory Presents - Weirddough - Conversations


SimonAyEm - The Greatest Gift Series

Time to introduce you folks to a highly recommendable producer from my neck of the woods: Basel, Switzerland.

SimonAyEm is part of the five-headed producer crew Prismatic Beats as well as the hip-hop collective TripleNine, a hold-all for producers, DJs, MCs and graff artists. TripleNine have become one of the more notable hip-hop hotbeds in the local and national scenes and have definitely shaped the arts in the last 14-or-so years, giving their output a recognizeable "Basel" branding. If I was to characterize what makes Basel, I'd say a bit rough and occasionally rude around the edges with tongue firmly placed in cheek--and a lot of heart for the art.

This year, SimonAyEm's decided to do a bit of showing off, going through his immense back catalog of beats, to tie us beat heads a neat package of 13 dope beats each. -- And that on a weekly basis! All year round! Oh, for free, too.
He's currently at installment number 21, and there's more than that where it came from.
So I strongly suggest you head on over to his blog to fill your boots and ears, and read up on the dude who should really get a lot more attention beyond our area.

The Greatest Gift by SimonAyEm


Friday, May 17, 2013

Equalibrum - Twenty Two

Very talented producer, don't sleep -- and check out his production on Intuition's albums as well.

-SPIV / GorillaMic

Wednesday, May 15, 2013