Saturday, January 31, 2009

Apollo Brown - Skilled Trade

01. Intro - Work
02. Migrate
03. Substance
04. Hold Me Down
05. Down There
06. We Almost Lost Detroit (RIP. J Dilla)
07. Shivers Down My Spine
08. Way Back
09. Legend
10. Spoiled Coffee
11. The Turning Key
12. What You Need
13. Ninety-two (Gone)
14. Without Jan (Mom)
15. Can It Be
16. Invisible
17. To My Establishment
18. Press Ya Luck
19. Custom
20. From One To Won
21. Empty World
22. Poverty's Pair Of Dice
23. The Squeeze
24. Born On Halloween
25. Passin' Time
26. The Question
27. My Steelo (Check My Credentials)
28. Too Much
29. Bang Bang
30. Outro - Change



Anonymous said...

Very Nice

Anonymous said...

This has a lot of really nice cuts. Golden Era type vibe!!! Thanks!

madness3030 said...

Man Banging Drop!!!

Anonymous said...

Dam, I almost slept on this. Glad I downloaded it. This drop is serious bizness!!!!!!!!!!


boogie... peace and blessings.. great post.. bong bong


Eric Spivak said...

I didn't post this because I thought the quality was too good to bootleg.

SHA PRINCE said...

This guy is Filthy!!! BEst beat album I've herd in a looong time!

jba said...

This right here is seriously nice anyone who feels real good music will appreciate !!!

Anonymous said...

some of the samples this guy uses just make me smile. seriously good inst. shit

classictrax said...

Thanks Boogie. Best item posted in 2 months. Love it. Does this guy have a another tape?

Anonymous said...

This whole album is hott!!

Best stuff ive heard in a long time.

I appreciate the post.

SHA PRINCE said...

yea he has another tape called "make due" not out yet will be on itunes this month tho...i kno dude i herd a sneak peak, its even crazier!

Anonymous said...

ill shit

Anonymous said...

Truely dope. Will have to buy this one and use it for one of my next Short Cuts mixes.

Short Cuts - dope instrumental Hip-Hop mixes broadcasted from Cairns, Australia

Thanks a lot and keep feeding this great stuff.

DEXTER, the b-side-junkie

Dudley Mindsweeper said...

way too sick. seriously I've heard beat tapes from established producers -- this makes their shit look amateur at best.

Anonymous said...


purple_Crayons said...

real dope. tahnk you.

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